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ZLM Toer,
Formerly Ster ZLM Toer (2.Pro), Netherlands

Winners, podium, distance, average speed

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The race:

The ZLM Tour is a Dutch stage race that ventures into Belgium. In 2009 it had five stages with the first leg being a 6.9 km individual time trial. It's had several name changes over the years. The race is generally run in the Limburg region of The Netherlands with some trips into the Belgian Ardennes.

From 1987 to 1989 it was the Rondom Schijndel and was for amateurs

1990 to 1997 it was the Teleflex Tour. In 1996 it was made a professional race.

1998 to 2000 the name was Ster der Beloften.

In 2001 it was given a new name, Ster Elektrotoer.

The Ster Elektrotoer is currently (2009) held in mid-June. It was a September race until 2004.

In 2017 the name was Ster ZLM Toer.

After the 2018 edition was cancelled, the race got a new organization and a new name: ZLM Tour

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ZLM Tour Professional podium history:


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place


Average Speed

1996 Tyler Hamilton
24hr 30min 57sec
Nate Reiss
@ 13sec
Danny Nelissen
@ 25sec
1022.1 km 41.691
1997 Eddy Bouwmans
24hr 32min 29sec
Bert Hiemstra
@ 10sec
Wim Van De Meulenhof
@ 38sec
1010.5 km 41.175
1998 Karsten Kroon
15hr 28min 48sec
Ralf Grabsch
@ 3sec
Bjørnar Vestøl
@ 9sec
639.9 km 41.337
1999 Ralf Grabsch
16hr 50min 57sec
Frank McCormack
@ 6sec
Erwin Thijs
@ 16sec
703.3 km 41.741
2000 Andy De Smet
18hr 15min 39sec
Bram Tankink
@ 17sec
Andrei Kashechkin
@ 35sec
718 km 39.319
2001 Xavier Jan
20hr 1min 30sec
Marcel Strauss
@ 4sec
René Haselbacher
@ 19sec
841.3 km 42.012
2002 Bart Voskamp
21hr 8min 16sec
Bram Schmitz
@ 2sec
Michael Boogerd
@ 3sec
894.9 km 42.337
2003 Gerben Löwik
18hr 1min 42sec
Niels Scheuneman
@ 48sec
Rik Reinerink
@ 1min 32sec
766.8 km 42.533
2004 Nick Nuyens
19hr 9min 33sec
Paul Van Hyfte
@ 35sec
Philippe Gilbert
@ 55sec
776.1 km 40.508
2005 Stefan Schumacher
15hr 15min 6sec
Nick Nuyens
@ 1sec
Laurens Ten Dam
@ 25sec
639.2 km 41.910
2006 Kurt-Asle Arvesen
14hr 38min 21sec
Jurgen Van De Walle
@ 20sec
Paolo Bossoni
@ 36sec
638.4 km 43.609
2007 Sebastian Langeveld
16hr 55min 22sec
Paul Martens
@ 2sec
Kurt-Asle Arvesen
@ 6sec
709.2 km 41.908
2008 Enrico Gasparotto
16hr 49min 14sec
Vasili Kiryienka
@ 17sec
Nikolai Trusov
@ 23sec
695.2 km 41.389
2009 Philippe Gilbert
17hr 23min 33sec
Niki Terpstra
@ 2sec
Borut Bozic
@ 9sec
728.9 km 41.908
2010 Adam Hansen
16hr 33min 43sec
Johan Coenen
@ 15sec
Thomas De Gendt
@ 16sec
698.8 km 42.193
2011 Philippe Gilbert
19hr 2min 16sec
Niki Terpstra
@ 3sec
Ramunas Navardauskas
@ 15sec
754.8 km 40.015
2012 Mark Cavendish
16hr 11min 55sec
Lars Boom
@ 8sec
Jürgen Roelandts
@ 14sec
668.1 km 41.244
2013 Lars Boom
17hr 23min 25sec
André Greipel
@ 16sec
Mark Cavendish
@ 25sec
733.5 km 41.179
2014 Philippe Gilbert
17hr 33min 17sec
Tim Wellens
@ 12 seconds
Gianni Meersman
@ 17 seconds
742.0 km 42.268


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2015 André Greipel
17hr 39min 5sec
Yves Lampaert
@ 16sec
Moreno Hofland
@ s.t.
746.7 km 42.303
2016 Sep Vanmarcke
17hr 51min 37sec
Sean De Bie
@ 6sec
Jos van Emden
@ 16sec
775.5 km 43.420
2017 José Goncalves
18hr 17min 59sec
Primoz Roglic
@ 11sec
Laurens de Plus
@ 13sec
768.5 km 41.995
2018 Race not held
2019 Mike Teunissen
16hr 0min 47sec
Amund Jansen
@ 14sec
Mads Wurtz
@ 16sec
705.3 km 44.053
Race not held because of Covid-19 pandemic
2022 Olav Kooij
18hr 1min 39sec
Jakub Mareczko
@ 28sec
Aaron Van Poucke
@ 34sec
839 km 45.540
2023 Olav Kooij
16hr 18min 37sec
Sam Welsford
@ 13sec
Nils Eekhoff
@ 15sec
745.9 km 45.732


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