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Training, Fitness and Health

Stuck indoors? You can jump to our list of Winter/Indoor training articles

Paris–Roubaix: The Inside Story

Les Woodland's book Paris-Roubaix: The Inside Story - All the bumps of cycling's cobbled classic is available in print, Kindle eBook & audiobook versions. To get your copy, just click on the Amazon link on the right.

We are lucky to have several superb contributors to this section of the site.

Marcia Homer holds a Master of Applied Exercise Science degree from Concordia University, Chicago. She is also an ACE certified Health Coach as well as a Certified Sports Nutritionist through the International Society of Sports Nutrition

Hunter Allen, the man who literally wrote the book on power training is a USA Cycling Level 1 coach and former Professional Cyclist. He is the co-author of Training and Racing with a Power Meter, co-developer of CyclingPeaks Software, and is the CEO and founder of the Peaks Coaching Group.

Larry Theobald of CycleItalia has kindly started contributing training articles as well.

If you don't find what you're looking for here, we also have a lot of bicycle tech articles.


Performance enhancing nutritional supplements, a 6-part series

Caffeine, a safe, effective performance aid
Creatine, what it is and how it can help
Chocolate milk as recovery drink: the science is surprising
Protein: Endurance Athletes Need It to Rebuild Muscle Tissue
To GU or not to GU: A look at the science of the popular race food
Sleep: The most obvious performance enhancer of all

Other nutrition topics:

The Pitfalls of the Quest for Perfect Nutrition
Nutritionist Kate Barbieri interviewed
Off-season nutrition is more important than ever
Focus on the Finish with Optimized Nutrition
Recovery Nutrition
Carbohydrates and Glycogen for the Endurance Athlete
Healthy Snacking Made Easy
Fats and Why Endurance Athletes Need Them in Their Diets
Hydrate to Win: Hydration and Performance

Optimizing Equipment and Staying Healthy

Chicken admits to doping
A Cure for Back Pain

Some Thoughts on fixed gear bikes, Running vs. Cycling
How to come back from injuries as a Masters Athlete: 5 Tips
Indoor trainer use requires different bike maintenance schedule
Combating Saddle Sores
Saddle choice affects comfort, power and control

Can A Mouth Rinse Make You Time Trial Faster?
Racing Weight and Healthy Weight Loss
A Guide to Staying Healthy
Keep Your Head About You: Helmet Check Time

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Melanoma: It started with a freckle Schwab Cycles South Salem Cycleworks frames


Functional Threshold Power (FTP)
Threshold Power explained
Increase the size of Your Bathtub of Fitness: A metaphor to help understand training

Your First FTP (Functional Threshold Power) Test: What To Expect
How to Do Your Own Functional Threshold Power (FTP) Test
What to Do Next: A VO2Max Intensive Training Plan
Higher Threshold Power: Going to the Next Level
Using Zwift to improve your Functional Threshold Power
The Power of Cyclo-Cross; Get better and have fun!
Training, fitness and aging
More Power from a Good Bike Fit
Power to Weight Ratio: Why It's Important in Cycling
Workouts to Rebuild Your Power Foundation
How to Set Up a Training Plan with a Power Meter
Body Weight and Climbing, or How Much Do you Want That Donut?
How to Use a Power Meter to Go Faster
Indoor Trainer High Rewards
Power Training Frequently Asked Questions

Other Training Topics
Put Some Training in Your Training Races
How to Successfully Train for a Stage Race
Activating, Engaging & Firing the Glutes When Cycling
Intervals: Why Do We Use Them
What is a "Match"?
Workout: Make it to the top! Short climb repeats to gain overall fitness

Winter/Indoor Training
3 Tips for Winter
6 Ways to Stay Fit and Lean During Winter
Maintain your fitness during COVID-19
How to plan your peak for next year
Start training now - Use the bad weather to your advantage
Winter will make your next season - winter power training
Making the Most of Your Off Season
Building a powerful foundation of fitness in the off-season
Planning for the Coming Season - ‘Classic’ or ‘Reversed Periodization’?
600 words in Praise of the Fixed Gear
Fixed-Gear Winter Training
Train in the Winter, Win in the Spring
Four Powerful keys to Winter Training

Strength Training
Be a faster, stronger cyclist: Strength training explained, plus some good workouts to get you there
A case for strength training for cyclists, Part 1
A case for strength training for cyclists, Part 2: A leg-exercises training plan
Straight to the Core: How a few minutes of weekly strength work will pay off

How much training is right for you?
Ride Harder on Hard Days and Easier on Easy Days
What is Training Stress Balance and How do I Maintain It?
Recovery and Avoiding Overtraining
How to Avoid Overtraining
How Much Training is Enough
Efficient Use of Recovery Time

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Neugent Cycling Wheels Peaks Coaching: work with a coach!

Effective Cycling and Racing
Cyclo-cross Racing & Training with a Power Meter
Top 10 Gravel Riding Technique Tips
Starting Racing: Part 1, Your First Race
Preparing for the Main Event
Time Trialing: Race Prep & Race Execution
So You are Fit, But Do You Know How to Win?
Successful Sprinting
A Criterium Primer
Better your odds of winning: learn the course
Descending Skills - How to Go Downhill
Descending Confidently with Skill and Speed
Three Common Racing Mistakes and How to Fix Them
The Four Kinds of Pacelines and How to Ride them
Three Secrets to Faster Time Trialing
Pedal Less, Win More
Why fast pedaling makes cyclists more efficient
Should Every Cyclist Change his Cadence?

Women's Cycling
Effects of Regular Cycling on Women: 5 Reasons to Ride a Bike


Coaching and Motivation
Commit to a Determined Practice - The Pursuit Is Happiness
Five Favorite Cycling Coaching Tips from Five Cycling Coaches

Avoiding the mid-season blahs, stay motivated all season
Finding Self-Motivation
A Three Legged Stool: Essential Skills to Master
Chris Anker Sorensen: An Analysis of 4 Years of Data
Why a Dynamic Bike Fit Can Prevent Injuries
Developing Talent
How fit are you? Don't trust your legs on the stairs

Skills, Tactics and Strategy
Dollar Bills, Bacon, and Beer: The Extracurricular Skills of Cyclocross
Criterium Racing Tips

Racing and riding in the rain
Course Strategy
How to use a Power Meter in a Triathlon
Time trial training, preparation and race-day strategy
Five Time Trialing Commandments

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