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1994 Tour of Flanders - Ronde des Vlaanderen

78th edition: Sunday, April 3, 1994

Podium history of the Tour of Flanders | Photos | 1995 edition | 1993 edition

268 km. 39.671 km/hr average speed

199 riders started, 99 finished

De Ronde van Vlaanderen starts at St. Niklaas, winding around Belgium ending up at Meerbeke, just west of Brussels. The first 125 km are flat, followed by 16 climbs, some cobbled, including the 20% Grammont.

Ascents: Tiegemberg, Kluisberg, Knokteberg, Oude Kwaremont, Paterberg, Hoogberg-Hotond, Kruisberg, Taaienberg, Eikenberg, Volkegemberg, Varent, Leberg, Molenberg, Berendries, Muur van Geraardsbergen, Bosberg

Weather: cold, with rain and snow at the start, wind from the west blew the precipitation out, sunny and warmer from the hills onward.

The Race: Constant attacks, especially after km 183, at the Taaienberg climb, whittled the field away. Bugno led a 4-man break over the final climb, the Bosberg. He then led the sprint out from 350 meters and raised his hands almost too soon, beating the fast-moving Meseeuw by half a tire width in a real photo-finish. It took the officials ten minutes to decide the winner.

Gianni Bugno beats johan museeuw to win the 1994 Tour of Flanders

Complete results:

Gianni Bugno (Ita) Polti 6 hr 45 min 20 sec
2 Johan Museeuw (Bel) GB-MG s.t.
3 Andrei Tchmil (Mol) Lotto s.t.
4 Franco Ballerini (Ita) Mapei s.t.
5 Johan Capiot (Bel) TVM @ 1 min 11 sec
6 Fabio Baldato (Ita) GB-MG @ 1 min 54 sec
7 Guido Bontempi (Ita) Gewiss-Ballan s.t.
8 Marc Sergeant (Bel) Novemail s.t.
9 Edwig Van Hooydonck (Bel) WordPerfect s.t.
10 Frank Corvers (Bel) Collstrop s.t.
11 Jesper Skibby (Denmark) TVM s.t.
12 Dmitri Konyshev (Rus) Jolly-Cage s.t.
13 Djamolidin Abdujaparov (Uzb) Polti s.t.
14 Carlo Bomans (Bel) GB-MG s.t.
15 Zbigniew Spruch (Pol) Lampre s.t.
16 Laurent Jalabert (Fra) ONCE s.t.
17 Peter Van Petegem (Bel) Trident-Schick s.t.
18 Bruno Cenghialta (Ita) Gewiss-Ballan s.t.
19 Eddy Schurer (NL) Novemail @ 4 min 3 sec
20 Rob Harmeling (NL) TVM s.t.
21 Andrea Peron (Ita) Polti s.t.
22 Erik Zabel (Ger) Telekom @ 4 min 35 sec
23 Tristan Hoffman (NL) TVM s.t.
24 Jan Schur (Ger) Motorola s.t.
25 Francois Simon (Fra) Castorama s.t.
26 Adri Van Der Poel (NL) Collstrop s.t.
27 Andreas Kappes (Ger) Tirdent-Schick s.t.
28 Mario De Clercq (Bel) Lotto s.t.
29 Nico Verhoeven (NL) Novamail s.t.
30 Angelo Citracca (Ita) Navigare s.t.
31 Frans Maassen (NL) WordPerfect s.t.
32 Guy Nulens (Bel) Histor-Laser s.t.
33 Bruno Leali (Ita) Brescialat s.t.
34 Dario Bottaro (Ita) Gewiss-Ballan s.t.
35 Emmanuel Mangien (Fra) Castorama s.t.
36 Silvio Martinello (Ita) Mercatone-Uno s.t.
37 Jo Planckaert (Bel) Novemail s.t.
38 Frankie Andreu (USA) Motorola s.t.
39 Rik Van Slycke (Bel) Collstrop s.t.
40 Peter Farazijn (Bel) Lotto s.t.
41 Michele Bartoli (Ita) Mercatone-Uno s.t.
42 Maarten Den Bakker (NL) TVM s.t.
43 Rolf Jarmann (Switz) GB-MG s.t.
44 Marrio Scirea (Ita) Polti s.t.
45 Laurent Desbiens (Fra) Castorama s.t.
46 Sean Yates (UK) Motorola s.t.
47 Fabio Roscioli (Ita) Brescialat @ 8 min 06 sec
48 Viatscheslav Ekimov (Rus) WordPerfect @ 10 min 28 sec
49 Jelle Nijdam (NL) Wordperfect s.t.
50 Marc Wauters (Bel) WordPerfect s.t.
51 Dag-Otto Lauritzen (Nor) TVM @ 11 min 23 sec
52 Stefano Zanatta (Ita) Jolly-Cage s.t.
53 Stefano Colage (Ita) ZG s.t.
54 George Hincapie (USA) Motorola s.t.
55 Jean-Pierre Heynderickx (Bel) Collstrop s.t.
56 Christophe Capelle (Fra) GAN s.t.
57 Alessandro Bertolini (Ita) Carrera @ 14 min 13 sec
58 Bart Leysen (Bel) Vlaanderen 2000 s.t.
59 Cezary Zamana (Pol) Kelme s.t.
60 Nicola Miceli (Ita) Carrera s.t.
61 Rudy Verdonck (Bel) Lotto s.t.
62 Beat Zberg (Switz) Carrera s.t.
63 Gilbert Duclos-Lassale (Fra) GAN s.t.
64 Jean-Claude Colotti (Fra) GAN s.t.
65 Wilfried Peeters (Bel) GB-MG s.t.
66 Herminio Diaz-Zabala (Sp) ONCE s.t.
67 Alexander Gontchenkov (Ukr) Lampre s.t.
68 Brian Holm (Denmark) Telekom s.t.
69 Stefano Zanini (Ita) Navigare s.t.
70 Stephen Hodge (Australia) Festina s.t.
71 Kai Hundertmarck (Ger) Motorola s.t.
72 Steve Bauer (Canada) Motorola s.t.
73 Theo Akkermans (NL) Trident-Schick s.t.
74 Hendrik Redant (Bel) ZG s.t.
75 Jan Van Camp (Bel) Palmans s.t.
76 Rolf Aldag (Ger) Telekom s.t.
77 Geert Van Bondt Bel) Trident-Schick s.t.
78 Fabrizio Bontempi (Ita) Brescialat @ 21 min 02 sec
79 Roberto Pelliconi (Ita) Brescialat s.t.
80 Mirko Gualdi (Ita) Lampre s.t.
81 Patrick Van Roosbroeck (Bel) Trident-Schick s.t.
82 Roberto Sierra (Sp) ONCE s.t.
83 Paolo Pornaciari (Ita) Mercatone-Uno s.t.
84 Gianluca Gorini (Ita) Jolly-Cage s.t.
85 David Garcia (Sp) Banesto s.t.
86 Uwe Raab (Ger) Telekom s.t.
87 Gianni Vignacuzzi (Ita) Amore & Vita s.t.
88 Nicola Minali (Ita) Gewiss-Ballan s.t.
89 Alexander Shefer (Rus) Navigare s.t.
90 Roberto Caruso (Ita) ZG s.t.
91 Bernd Grone (Ger) Telekom s.t.
92 Danny Van Looy (Bel) Trident-Schick s.t.
93 Danny Daelman (Bel) WordPerfect s.t.
94 Bruno Thibout (Fra) Castorama s.t.
95 Inaki Ayarzaguena (Sp) ONCE s.t.
96 John Talen (NL) Mercatone-Uno s.t.
97 Tom Desmet (Bel) Lotto s.t.
98 Peter De Clercq (Bel) Lotto s.t.
99 Marco Milesi (Ita) Brescialat @ 21 min 15 sec


Old Kwaremont panorama

Old Kwaremont panorama

Peter van Petegem and Jesper Skibby on the Old Kwaremont

Peter van Petegem and Jesper Skibby on the Old Kwaremont

Alexandre Gontchenkov and Greg LeMond (3rd) on the Old Kwaremont

Alexandre Gontchenkov on the Old Kwaremont. Greg Lemond in in the white Gan jersey.

Bjarne Riis leads Tristan Hoffman and moreno Argentin on the Fold Kwaremont

Bjarne Riis leads Tristan Hoffman and Moreno Argentin on the Old Kwaremont

Gianluca Bortolami

Gianluca Bortolami

1994 Tour of Flanders podium

The podium, from left: Johan Museeuw, Gianni Bugno and Andrei Tchmil