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1995 Tour of Flanders - Ronde van Vlaanderen (World Cup)

79th edition: Sunday, April 2, 1995

Podium history of the Tour of Flanders | 1996 edition | 1994 edition

Sint Niklaas - Meerbeke, 261 km. 192 starters, 98 classified finishers

climbsAscents: Tiegemberg, Kluisberg, Knokteberg, Oude Kwaremont, Paterberg, Kortekeer, Taaienberg, Eikenberg, Volkegemberg, Varent, Leberg, Molenberg, Berendries, Muur van Geraardsbergen, Bosberg

The race: Fabio Baldato attacked with 41 kilometers to go. Johan Museeuw flatted but was back on the road quickly and went after the fleeing Baldato. He made it up to Baldato with 31 kilometers left and at the Muur van Geraardsbergen (Mur de Grammont, photo of the attack below the results), Museeuw left the Italian to win "de Ronde" for a second time.

Johan Museeuw wins the 1995 Tour of Flanders

Complete results:

  1. Johan Museeuw (Mapei-GB) 6hr 36min 24sec. 39.51 km/hr
  2. Fabio Baldato (MG-Technogym) @ 1min 27sec
  3. Andrei Tchmil (Lotto) s.t.
  4. Claudio Chiappucci (Carrera) @ 2min 3sec
  5. Gianluca Bortolami (Mapei-GB) s.t.
  6. Jesper Skibby (TVM) s.t.
  7. Michele Bartoli (Mercatone Uno) @ 2min 5sec
  8. Viatcheslav Ekimov (Novell) @ 3min 25sec
  9. Maximilian Sciandri (MG-Technogym) s.t.
  10. Franco Ballerini (Mapei-GB) @ 3min 28sec
  11. Stefano Zanini (Geweiss-Ballan) @ 5min 9sec
  12. Maurizio Fondriest (Lampre) s.t.
  13. Hendrik Redant (TVM) @ 5min 17sec
  14. Giovanni Lombardi (Polti) s.t.
  15. Wilfried Peeters (Mapei-GB) s.t.
  16. Herman Frison (Lotto) s.t.
  17. Marc Sergeant (Lotto) s.t.
  18. Maarten Den Bakker (TVM) s.t.
  19. Johan Capiot (Refin) s.t.
  20. Rolf Aldag (Telekom) s.t.
  21. Mario Scirea (Polto) s.t.
  22. Rolf Sørensen (MG-Technogym) @ 8min 8sec
  23. Lars Michaelsen (Festina) s.t.
  24. Mario Cipollini (Mercatone Uno) s.t.
  25. Giovanni Fidanza (Polti) @ 8min 39sec
  26. Djamolidine Abdoujaparov (Novell) s.t.
  27. Fabrizio Bontempi (Brescialat) s.t.
  28. Bert Dietz (Telekom) s.t.
  29. Kei Hundertmarck (Telekom) s.t.
  30. Gianluca Pianegonda (Polti) s.t.
  31. Rob Mulders (Novell) s.t.
  32. George Hincapie (Motorola) s.t.
  33. Beat Zberg (Carrera) s.t.
  34. Brian Holm (Telekom) s.t.
  35. Andrea Tafi (Mapei-GB) s.t.
  36. Guido Bontempi (Gewiss-Ballan) s.t.
  37. Gianni Bugno (MG-Technogum) s.t.
  38. Wilfried Nelissen (Lotto) s.t.
  39. Alexandre Gontchenkov (Lampre) s.t.
  40. Sammie Moreels (Lotto) s.t.
  41. Ludwig Willems (Mapei-GB) s.t.
  42. Edwig Van Hooydonck (Novell) s.t.
  43. Fabio Roscioli (Refin) @ 11min 57sec
  44. Frankie Andreu (Motorola) s.t.
  45. Lance Armstrong (Motorola) s.t.
  46. Leon Van Bon (Novell) s.t.
  47. Tristan Hoffman (TVM) s.t.
  48. Johan Verstrepen (Vlaanderen 2002) s.t.
  49. Gabriele Colombo (Gewiss-Ballan) s.t.
  50. Geert Van Bondt (Asfra-Orlans) @ 13min 21sec
  51. Marco Serpellini (Lampre) @ 13min 53sec
  52. Alessandro Bertolini (Carrera) s.t.
  53. Mario de Clercq (Lotto) s.t.
  54. Eric Vanderaerden (Brescialat) s.t.
  55. Thierry Marie (Castorama) s.t.
  56. Nico Verhoeven (Palmans-Ipso) s.t.
  57. Andrea Ferrigato (ZG-Mobili) s.t.
  58. Adrie Van der Poel (Collstrop) s.t.
  59. Gabriele Missaglia (Brescialat) s.t.
  60. Joone Laukka (Festina) s.t.
  61. Paolo Fornaciari (Mercatone Uno) s.t.
  62. Cédric Vasseur (Gan) s.t.
  63. Gérard Rué (Banesto) s.t.
  64. Angel Edo (Kelme) s.t.
  65. Heinz Imboden (Refin) s.t.
  66. Peter Van den Abbeele (Espace Card) s.t.
  67. Bjorn Stenersen (Motorola) s.t.
  68. Marcos Antonio Serrano (Kelme) s.t.
  69. Erik Zabel (Telekom) s.t.
  70. Eric De Clercq (Collstrop) s.t.
  71. Zbigniew Spruch (Lampre) s.t.
  72. Steffen Wesemann (Telekom) s.t.
  73. Peter Roes (Vlaanderen 2002) s.t.
  74. Stephen Hodge (Festina) s.t.
  75. Bart Leysen (Mapei-GB) s.t.
  76. Steven Bauer (Motorola) s.t.
  77. Yvan Martin (Festina) s.t.
  78. Gilbert Duclos-Lassalle (Gan) @ 15min 26sec
  79. Hans De Meester (Palmans-Ipso) s.t.
  80. Ronny Assez (Asfra-Orlans) s.t.
  81. Marco Zen (Lampre) s.t.
  82. Servais Knaven (TVM) s.t.
  83. Michael Nottebart (Pamans-Ipso) s.t.
  84. Jan Van Camp (Palmans-Ipso) s.t.
  85. Jacky Durand (Castorama) s.t.
  86. Frank Van den Abbeele (Refin) s.t.
  87. Uwe Raab (Telekom) s.t.
  88. Nico Mattan (Lotto) s.t.
  89. Olaf Ludwig (Telekom) s.t.
  90. Laurent Desbiens (Castorama) s.t.
  91. Raymond Meijs (Asfra-Orlans) s.t.
  92. Christophe Cappelle (Gan) s.t.
  93. Wim Feys (Vlaanderen 2002) s.t.
  94. Erwin Thijs (Vlaanderen 2002) s.t.
  95. Stefano Cattai (ZG-Mobili) s.t.
  96. Rossano Brasi (Polti) s.t.
  97. Davide Bramati (Lampre) s.t.
  98. Michael Dernies (Motorola) s.t.

Johan Museeuw attacks Fabio Baldato on the Grammont

Johan Museeuw attacks Fabio Baldato on the Grammont.