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1996 Tour of Flanders - Ronde van Vlaanderen (World Cup)

80th edition: Sunday, April 7, 1996

Podium history of the Tour of Flanders | Photos | 1995 edition | 1997 edition

Sint Niklaas - Meerbeke: 269 km. 185 starters, 111 classified finishers

Ascents: Tiegemberg, Kluisberg, Knokteberg, Oude Kwaremont, Paterberg, Kortkeer, Taaienberg, Eikenberg, Volkegemberg, Varent, Leberg, Molenberg, Berendries, Valkenberg, Muur van Geraardsbergen, Bosberg

The race: The eleven leading riders reached the Muur van Geraardsbergen (Mur de Grammont) together. They were roughly 23 kilometers from the finish. That's where Michele Bartoli escaped and headed for home. He arrived with nearly a minute in hand. Fabio Baldato won the field sprint.

Michele Bartoli wins the 1996 Tour of Flanders

Complete results:

  1. Michele Bartoli (MG-Technogym) 6hr 27min 0sec. 47.71 km/hr
  2. Fabio Baldato (MG-Technogym) @ 55sec
  3. Johan Museeuw (Mapei-GB) s.t.
  4. Viatcheslav Ekimov (Rabobank) s.t.
  5. Fabio Fontanelli (MG-Technogym) s.t.
  6. Andrei Tchmil (Lotto) s.t.
  7. Laurent Brochard (Festina) s.t.
  8. Alexandre Gontchenkov (Roslotto) s.t.
  9. Rolf Sorensen (Rabobank) s.t.
  10. Peter Van Petegem (TVM) s.t.
  11. Gabriele Missaglia (San Marco) s.t.
  12. Gianluca Pianagonda (Polti) s.t.
  13. Beat Zberg (Carrera) s.t.
  14. Gabriele Colombo (Gewiss) s.t.
  15. Andrea Tafi (Mapei-GB) s.t.
  16. Maximilian Sciadri (Motorola) s.t.
  17. Cédric Vasseur (Gan) s.t.
  18. Franco Ballerini (Mapei-GB) @ 57sec
  19. Maurizio Fondriest (Roslotto) @ 1min 0sec
  20. Erik Zabel (Telekom) s.t.
  21. Marco Serpellini (Panaria) s.t.
  22. Mario Scirea (Saeco) s.t.
  23. Johan Capiot (Collstrop) s.t.
  24. Rolf Jaerman (MG-Technogym) s.t.
  25. Fabio Roscioli (Refin) s.t.
  26. Edwig Van Hooydonck (Rabobank) s.t.
  27. Carlo Bomans (Mapei-GB) s.t.
  28. Lance Armstrong (Motorola) @ 4min 3sec
  29. Brian Holm (Telekom) s.t.
  30. Rolf Aldag (Telekom) s.t.
  31. Mario Cipollini (Saeco) s.t.
  32. Olaf Ludwig (Telekom) @ 5min 31sec
  33. Bruno Boscardin (Festina) s.t.
  34. Lars Michaelsen (Festina) @ 5min 32sec
  35. Laurent Desbiens (Gan) s.t.
  36. Frank Corvers (Lotto) s.t.
  37. Marc Sergeant (Lotto) s.t.
  38. Philippe Gaumont (Gan) s.t.
  39. Gianluca Gorini (Aki-Gipiemme) @ 5min 34sec
  40. Marco Milesi (Brescialat) @ 11min 22sec
  41. Eddy Mazzoleni (Saeco) s.t.
  42. Andrea Peron (Motorola) s.t.
  43. Giorgio Furlan (Saeco) s.t.
  44. Emmanuel Mangien (Festina) s.t.
  45. Djamolidine Abdoujaparov (Refin) s.t.
  46. Marc Wauters (Lotto) s.t.
  47. Mauro Bettin (Refin) @ 12min 31sec
  48. Giovanni Fidanza (Carrera) s.t.
  49. Frédéric Guesdon (Polti) s.t.
  50. Rossano Brasi (Polti) s.t.
  51. Marco Artunghi (Carrera) s.t.
  52. Georges Hincapie (Motorola) s.t.
  53. Maarten Den Bakker (TVM) s.t.
  54. Denis Zanette (Aki-Gipiemme) .t.
  55. Geert Verheyen (Vlaanderen 2002) s.t.
  56. Stefano Casagranda (MG-Technogym) s.t.
  57. Jo Planckaert (Refin) s.t.
  58. Mario Manzoni (Roslotto) s.t.
  59. Francis Moreau (Gan) s.t.
  60. Adrie Van der Poel (Rabobank) s.t.
  61. Wim Vansevenant (Vlaanderen 2002) s.t.
  62. Ivan Luna s.t.
  63. Zbigniew Spruch (Panaria) s.t.
  64. Bart Leysen (Mapei-GB) s.t.
  65. Stefano Zanini (Gewiss) s.t.
  66. Eros Poli (Saeco) s.t.
  67. Tristan Hoffman (TVM) s.t.
  68. Wilfried Peeters (Mapei-GB) s.t.
  69. Arvis Piziks (Rabobank) s.t.
  70. Steffen Wesemann (Telekom) s.t.
  71. Peter Farazijn (Lotto) s.t.
  72. Ludwig Willems (Mapei-GB) s.t.
  73. Dario Bottaro (Gewiss) s.t.
  74. Tom Desmet (Collstrop) @ 16min 28sec
  75. Nicola Loda (MG-Technogym) s.t.
  76. Rob Mulders (Collstrop) s.t.
  77. Serge Baguet (Vlaanderen 2002) s.t.
  78. Nico Mattan (Lotto) s.t.
  79. Leon Van Bon (Rabobank) s.t.
  80. Francisco Cabello (Kelme) s.t.
  81. Hendrik Redant (TVM) s.t.
  82. Kai Hundertmarck (Telekom) s.t.
  83. Hans De Clercq (Palmans-Boghemans) s.t.
  84. Geert Van Bondt (Vlaanderen 2002) s.t.
  85. Michelangelo Cauz (Aki-Gipiemme) s.t.
  86. Mario De Clercq (Palmans-Boghemans) s.t.
  87. Maurizio Molinari (MG-Technogym) @ 17min 2sec
  88. Alexei Sivakov (Roslotto) @ 17min 47sec
  89. Marcus Zberg (Carrera) s.t.
  90. Gianluca Pierobon s.t.
  91. Ermanno Brignoli (Gewiss) s.t.
  92. Robby Van Daele (Palmans-Boghemans) s.t.
  93. Bruno Cenghialta (Gewiss) s.t.
  94. Oskar Camenzind (Panaria) s.t.
  95. Steven De Jongh (TVM) s.t.
  96. Martin Van Steen (TVM) s.t.
  97. François Lemarchand (Gan) s.t.
  98. Wim Feys (Vlaanderen 2002) s.t.
  99. Viatcheslav Djavanian (Roslotto) s.t.
  100. Michael Vanhaecke (Vosschemie-Zetelhallen) s.t.
  101. Paolo Salvoldelli (Roslotto) s.t.
  102. Pascal Lino (Roslotto) s.t.
  103. Luca Colombo (Aki-Gipiemme) s.t.
  104. José-Angel Vidal (Kelme) s.t.
  105. Silvio Martinello (Saeco) s.t.
  106. Claudio Camin (Brescialat) s.t.
  107. Gianluca Bortolami (Mapei-GB) s.t.
  108. Mario Moermans (Vosschemie-Zetelhallen) s.t.
  109. Jérôme Chiotti (Festina) s.t.
  110. Giovanni Lombardi (Polti) s.t.
  111. Davide Bramati (Panaria) s.t.


Michele Bartoli at the start

Michele Bartoli at the start

Michele Bartoli attacks on the Grammont

Michele Bartoli attacks on the Grammont

Michele Bartoli makes his attack stick

He's getting away...

Bartoli's attack on the Grammont

The gap grows...

Michele Bartoli wins 1995 Tour of Flanders

Michele Bartoli wins the 1995 Ronde van Vlaanderen

1996 Tour of Flanders podium

The podium, from left: Fabio Baldato, Michele Bartoli and Johan Museeuw