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Clásica de Almería (1.Pro), Spain

Winners, podium, distance, average speed

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The race:

The Clásica de Almería is a single-day road race held in Andalusia (southeast Spain). The race currently (2019) starts in Almería.

Originally an amateur race, first run in 1986, the event became a professional event in 1992. Over the years it was upgraded from 1.4 until it was classed 1.1 in 2005. Im 2012 it was classed "HC" but was dowgraded to 1.1 for 2014. In 2015 it was again given "HC" status and currently (2017) it is a 1.1 competition.

In 2020 it was made a 1.Pro race.

The race has traditionally been run in late February or early March. In 2015 it was moved to mid-February.

In 2007, winner Giuseppe Muraglia was later in the year found positive for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. To the best of my knowledge the 2007 event has no winner.

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Complete professional podium history:


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place


Average Speed

1992 Johnny Weltz Alfonso Gutierrez Abraham Olano    
1993 Viatcheslav Ekimov Eduardo Chozas Romes Gainetdinov    
1994 Johan Capiot Asiate Saitov Jans Koerts    
1995 Jean-Pierre Heynderickx Jo Plansckaert Edwig van Hooydonck    
1996 Wilfried Nelissen Asier Guenetxea Jesper Skibby    
1997 Massimo Strazzer Max van Heeswijk Jan Svorada    
1998 Mario Traversoni Francesco Arazzi Oscar Freire    
1999 Jan Svorada Nicola Minali Angel Edo    
2000 Isaac Galvez
4hr 36min 51sec
Jan Svorada
@ s.t.
Markus Zberg
@ s.t.
176 km 38.143 km/hr
2001 Tayeb Braikia
4hr 33min 12sec
Markus Zberg
@ s.t.
Endrio Leoni
@ s.t.
193 km 42.386 km/hr
2002 Massimo Strazzer
3hr 54min 36sec
Markus Zberg
@ s.t.
Marc Lotz
@ s.t.
174 km 44.501 km/hr
2003 Luciano Pagliarini
4hr 1min 30sec
Massimo Strazzer
@ s.t.
Alexei Markov
@ s.t.
187 km 46.459 km/hr
2004 Jérôme Pineau
4hr 50min 37sec
Thomas Voeckler
@ s.t.
Benjamin Noval
@ 13sec
187.2 km 38.649 km/hr
2005 José Ivan Gutierrez
4hr 23min 3sec
Sergi Escobar
@ s.t.
David Muñoz
@ s.t.
173.4 km 39.55
2006 Francisco Perez
4hr 16min 41sec
Ricardo Serrano
@ 7sec
Adolfo Garcia
@ s.t.
173.1 km 40.462 km/hr
2007 Giuseppe Muraglia
4hr 18min 40sec
DQ'd for dope
Eduard Vorganov
@ s.t.
Vicente Ballester
@ s.t.
186 km 43.116 km/hr
2008 Juan José Haedo
4hr 22min 46sec
Oscar Freire
@ s.t.
Graeme Brown
@ s.t.
187.9 km 42.904 km/hr
2009 Greg Henderson
4hr 2min 45sec
Graeme Brown
@ s.t.
Stefano Garzelli
@ s.t.
169.4 km 41.87
2010 Theo Bos
4hr 22min 53sec
Mark Cavendish
@ s.t.
Graeme Brown
@ s.t.
178.2 km 40.672 km/hr
2011 Matteo Pelucchi
4hr 22min 56sec
José Joaquin Rojas
@ s.t.
Pim Ligthart
@ s.t.
177.6 km 40.527 km/hr
2012 Michael Matthews
4hr 24min 17sec
Borut Bozic
@ s.t.
Roger Kluge
@ s.t.
185.6 km 42.137 km/hr
2013 Mark Renshaw
4hr 30min 14sec
Reinhardt Janse van Rensburg
@ s.t.
Francesco Lasca
@ s.t.
182.3 km 40.476 km/hr
2014 Sam Bennett
4hr 21min 33sec
Juan José Lobato
@ s.t.
Davide Vigano
@ s.t.
178 km 40.833 km/hr

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2015 Mark Cavendish
4hr 36min 19sec
Juan José Lobato
@ s.t.
Mark Renshaw
@ s.t.
185.9 km 40.376 km/hr
2016 Leigh Howard
28min 29sec
Aleksei Tcatevich
@ s.t.
Aleksejs Saramotins
@ s.t.
21 km 44.236 km/hr
2017 Magnus Cort Nielsen
4hr 31min 22sec
Rudiger Selig
@ s.t.
Jens Debusschere
@ s.t.
190.9 km 42.209 km/hr
2018 Caleb Ewan
4hr 35min 28sec
Danny van Poppel
@ s.t.
Timothy Dupont
@ s.t.
185.1 km 40.317 km/hr
2019 Pascal Ackermann
4hr 27min 58sec
Marcel Kittel
@ s.t.
Luka Mezgec
@ s.t.
192.5 km 43.102 km/hr
2020 Pascal Ackermann
4hr 24min 4sec
Alexander Kristoff
@ s.t.
Elia Viviani
@ s.t.
187.6 km 42.626 km/hr
2021 Giacomo Nizzolo
4hr 18min 44sec
Florian Sénéchal
@ s.t.
Martin Laas
@ s.t.
183.3 km 42.507 km/hr
2022 Alexander Kristoff
4hr 22min 39sec
Nacer Bouhanni
@ s.t.
Giacomo Nizzolo
@ s.t.
188.2 km 42.993 km/hr
2023 Matteo Moschetti
4hr 43min 16sec
Arnaud De Lie
@ s.t.
Jordi Meeus
@ s.t.
190.3 km 40.308
2024 Olav Kooij
4hr 11min 29sec
Matteo Moschetti
@ s.t.
Matteo Trentin
@ s.t.
192.3 km 45.880


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