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1934 Paris - Roubaix

35th edition: Sunday, April 1, 1934

Paris-Roubaix podium history | 1935 edition | 1933 edition

255 km. 120 starters and 54 classified finishers.

With ten kilometers to go, four riders had broken away: René Le Grevès, Roger Lapébie, Gaston Rebry and Jean Wauters. Le Grevès broke his handlebars and Lapébie got a flat tire. Lapébie jumped on a women's bike and then a short while later traded it for a racing bike. He chased, caught and passed Rebry and Wauters and seemed to have won the race. But he didn't. Before the start each rider's bike had been hallmarked and it was easily proven that Lapébie had not finished on the bike he started with, as the rules required. Lepébie was disqualified and Gaston Rebry was awarded his second Paris-Roubaix victory.

Gaston Rebry

Gaston Rebry

Complete Results:

  1. Gaston Rebry (Alcyon-Dunlop) 7hr 52min 7sec. 32.41 km/hr
  2. Jean Wauters (Thomann-Dunlop) @ 5sec
  3. Frans Bonduel (Dilecta-Wolber) @ 3min 32sec
  4. René Le Grevès (Armor-Dunlop) @ 4min21sec
  5. André Godinat (Dilecta-Wolber) s.t.
  6. Alfons Schepers (La Française-Dunlop) @ 8min 2sec
  7. Romain Maes s.t.
  8. Louis Hardiquest (La Française-Dunlop) s.t.
  9. Raymond Louviot (Génial Lucifer-Hutchinson) @ 8min 13sec
  10. Alfred Haemerlinck (Dilecta-Wolber) @ 8min 30sec
  11. Gustave Danneels (Alcyon-Dunlop) s.t.
  12. Edgard De Caluwé (Dilecta-Wolber) s.t.
  13. Emile Joly (Génial Lucifer-Hutchinson) s.t.
  14. Gérard Desmet (Génial Lucifer-Hutchinson) s.t.
  15. Jean Bidot (Helyett-Hutchinson) s.t.
  16. Alfons Deloor s.t.
  17. Georges Speicher (Alcyon-Dunlop) s.t.
  18. Jef Demuysere (Génial Lucifer-Hutchinson) @ 9min 54sec
  19. Romain Gijssels (Dilecta-Wolber) @ 10min 26sec
  20. Bernard Van Rysselberghe (Dilecta-Wolber) s.t.
  21. Louis Willems (Delangle-Wolber) s.t.
  22. Leander Gijssels s.t.
  23. Sylvère Maes (Alcyon-Dunlop) s.t.
  24. Constant Dyzers (De Dion-Bouton) s.t.
  25. Gerhard Esser (Seidel & Naumann) @ 12min 13sec
  26. Antonin Magne (France Sport-Wolber) s.t.
  27. Auguste Van Tricht (Bury) s.t.
  28. Constant Struyven s.t.
  29. André Leducq s.t.
  30. Paul Egli (Oscar Egg-Hutchinson) @ 16min 10sec
  31. Yves Le Goff @ 16min 41sec
  32. Alfons Ghisquière s.t.
  33. Constant Huys (Génial Lucifer-Hutchinson) s.t.
  34. Léon Louyet (Génial Lucifer-Hutchinson) @ 17min 7sec
  35. Emile Decroix @ 18min 12sec
  36. Henri Garnier (Thomann-Dunlop) @ 20min 37sec
  37. Léo De Rijcke @ 22min 31sec
  38. Josef Moerenhout (Dilecta-Wolber) @ 24min 45sec
  39. Richard Noterman (La Française-Dunlop) s.t.
  40. Ernest Mottart s.t.
  41. Joseph Kalmes @ 25min 11sec
  42. René Bernard (Automoto-Hutchinson) @ 27min 30sec
  43. André Dumont (Helyett-Hutchinson) @ 28min 31sec
  44. Rémy Royer (Dilecta-Wolber) s.t.
  45. Angelo Rinaldi (Maino-Clement) s.t.
  46. Roger Bisseron (Dilecta-Wolber) s.t.
  47. Vincent Carrara (La Perle-Hutchinson) s.t.
  48. Théodore Ladron s.t.
  49. Pierre Magne (France Sport-Dunlop) s.t.
  50. Achille Souchard s.t.
  51. Alfons Corthout s.t.
  52. Manuel Morand s.t.
  53. Rémy Van der Steen (Génial Lucifer-Hutchinson) s.t.
  54. Edmond Champagnat (Delangle-Wolber) s.t.