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1932 Paris - Roubaix

33rd edition: Sunday, March 27, 1932

Paris-Roubaix podium history | 1931 edition | 1933 edition

255 km. 129 starters and 69 classified finishers. No time splits after 11th place.

Herbert Sieronski was alone off the front when he was joined by four Belgians: Romain Gijssels, Jean Aerts, Alfons Schepers and Georges Ronsse. The five arrived on the Avenue des Villas in Roubaix together for the sprint. Turning a large gear (by the era's standards), a 47 x 16, Romain Gijssels came past Georges Ronsse. It took the judges five minutes to sort out the sprint order. This a great year for Gijssels, who had just won the Tour of Flanders and would go on to win Bordeaux-Paris a few months later.

romain Gijssels

Romain Gijssels

Complete Results:

  1. Romain Gijssels (Dilecta-Wolber) 6hr 49min 58sec. 37.32 km/hr
  2. Georges Ronsse (La Française-Dunlop) s.t.
  3. Herbert Sieronski (Oscar Egg-Wolber) s.t.
  4. Jean Aerts (Alcyon-Dunlop-Armor) s.t.
  5. Alfons Schepers (La Française-Dunlop) @ 32sec
  6. Jef Demuysere (Génial-Lucifer) @ 1min 15sec
  7. Alfons Ghisquière @ 1min 47sec
  8. Emile Decroix (Génial Lucifer-Hutchinson) @ 1min 49sec
  9. Julien Vervaecke (Labor) @ 2min sec
  10. Alfons Deloor s.t.
  11. Maurice Archambaud @ 2min 58sec
  12. Léon Tommies (Alcyon-Dunlop)
  13. Jean Maréchal (Lutetia-Wolber)
  14. Hector Martin
  15. Gaston Rebry (Alcyon-Dunlop-Armor)
  16. Félicien Vervaecke (Labor)
  17. Louis Péglion
  18. Marcel Bidot (Alcyon-Dunlop-Armor)
  19. Léopold Roosemont (Alcyon-Dunlop-Armor)
  20. Elias Carrein (Ratly)
  21. Herman Buse (Opel)
  22. André Leducq (Alcyon-Dunlop-Armor)
  23. Antonin Magne (France Sport-Dunlop)
  24. Emile Joly (Génial Lucifer-Hutchinson)
  25. Jan Jozef Horemans (Dilecta-Wolber)
  26. Henri Deudon
  27. Pierre Magne (France Sport-Dunlop)
  28. Kurt Stöpel (Opel)
  29. Auguste Verdijck (Alcyon-Dunlop-Armor)
  30. Julien Moineau (France Sport-Dunlop)
  31. Ernest Neuhard (Génial Lucifer-Hutchinson)
  32. François Moreels (Génial Lucifer-Hutchinson)
  33. Karl Oböter
  34. Walter Blattmann (Colin-Wolber)
  35. Georges Speicher (Thomann-Dunlop)
  36. René Bernard (Lutetia-Wolber)
  37. Julien Perrain
  38. August Erne
  39. Ludwig Geyer (Opel)
  40. Willi Kutschbach (Oscar Egg-Wolber)
  41. Sylvain Marcaillou (France Sport-Dunlop)
  42. Aloïs Meerschaert (Labor)
  43. Gérard Loncke (Dilecta-Wolber)
  44. Frans Bonduel (Dilecta-Wolber)
  45. Bernard Van Rysselberghe (Dilecta-Wolber)
  46. Gustave Reyns
  47. Jean Wauters
  48. Jean Naert
  49. André Aumerle (Thomann-Dunlop)
  50. Léon Rabitaille
  51. August Van Tricht
  52. Francis Bouillet
  53. Adrien Buttafocchi
  54. Nicolas Frantz
  55. Desiré Goossens
  56. Fernand Cornez
  57. Robert Rigaux
  58. Godfried Devoght
  59. Karl Thallinger
  60. Kurt Nietzschke
  61. Alfred Haemerlinck
  62. Léon Louyet
  63. Achiel Viaeme
  64. Constant van Impe
  65. Karl Koch
  66. Pol Mertens
  67. Maurice Van Hee
  68. Félix Baud
  69. Marcel Maurel