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Binche-Chimay-Binche/Memorial Frank Vandenbroucke (1.1), Belgium

Winners, podium, distance, average speed.

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The race:

Binche-Chimay-Binche/Memorial Frank Vandenbroucke is a single-day road race held in Wallonia, Belgium.

It is an old race, first run in 1911, but it has had an intermittent history, not being held from 1931-1983 and 1997-2009. The 1984 and 1985 editions were criteriums

When it was reorganized in 2010, it was also made a commemoration of Belgian racer Frank Vendenbroucke, who had been the race's last winner and had died in 2009 at just 34 years of age.

In 2010 the UCI ranked it a 1.1 race and made it part of the Europe Tour.

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Complete podium history:


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place


Average Speed

1911 Jean van Ingelghem Hubert Noel Camille Botte    
1912 Félix Sellier Jean Rossius Dieudonné Gauthy    
1913-1921: Race not held
1922 Omer Taverne Schroeven Jan Mertens    
1923 Achille Vermandel Joseph Pe A. Speeckaert    
1924 Hector Martin August Mortelmans Aimé Dossche    
1925 Arthur Dewit Jean Dewaerheydt Léon Parmentier    
1926 Omer Taverne Alfred Sira Michel Schouleur    
1927 Jean Hans Maurice Houyoux Aimé Deravet    
1928 Désire Louesse Leander Ghyssels Rémi van Impe    
1929: Race not held
1930 Alfons Kindt Léon Louyet Gustaaf Reyns    
1931-1941: Race not held
1942 Roger Dujardin
5hr 24min
Thé van Oppen
@ 4 bike lengths
Désiré Keteleer
@ s.t.
188 km 34.81
1943-1944: Race not held
1945 Georges Hardiquest
4hr 22min
René Decock
@ 1 bike length
Albert Rely
@ s.t.
140 km 32.06
1946-1983: Race not held


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1984 Benny van Brabant
3hr 39min
Yves Godimus
@ s.t.
Martin Durant
@ 20sec
150 km 41.10
1985 Adri Van der Poel
5hr 11min
William Tackaert
@ 12sec
Michel Dernies
@ s.t.
206 km 39.74
1986 Ronny van Holen Yves Godimus Walter Dalgal    
1987 Willem van Eynde Paul Haghedooren Werner Devos    
1988 Nico Emonds Jan Goessems Yves Godimus    
1989 Dominique Gaigne Carlo Bomans Martial Gayant    
1990 Jelle Nijdam
5hr 7min
Corneille Daems
@ s.t.
Eric Vanderaerden
@ s.t.
196 km 38.31
1991 Michel Dernies
5hr 23min
Stefan van Leeuwe
@ 20sec
Michel Vermote
@ 44sec
207 km 38.45
1992 Jean-Marie Wampers
4hr 37min
Pierre Herinne
@ 2sec
Paul Haghedooren
@ 31sec
167 km 36.17
1993 Patrick van Roosbroeck
5hr 7min
Marcel Wüst
@ s.t.
Paul Haghedooren
@ s.t.
204 km 39.87
1994 Wilfried Nelissen
5hr 23min
Johan Museeuw
@ s.t.
Carlo Nomans
@ s.t.
204 km 37.89
1995 Jelle Nijdam
5hr 22min
Edwig van Hooydonck
@ 2sec
Erwin Thijs
@ 3sec
207 km 38.57
1996 Frank Vandenbroucke
5hr 8min 0sec
Jean-Pierre Heynderickx
@ 29sec
Tom Steels
@ s.t.
213 km 41.494
1997-2009: Race not held
2010 Elia Viviani
4hr 36min 14sec
Jakob Fuglsang
@ 1sec
Rob Ruijgh
@ s.t.
200 km 43.442
2011 Rüdiger Selig
4hr 21min 35sec
Baden Cooke
@ s.t.
Adrien Petit
@ s.t.
202.1 km 46.356
2012 Adam Blythe
4hr 16min 50sec
Adrien Petit
@ s.t.
John Degenkolb
@ s.t.
202.1 km 47.213
2013 Reinhardt Janse Van Rensburg
4hr 10min 24sec
Björn Leukemans
@ 1sec
Greg van Avermaet
@ s.t.
187.6 km 44.952
2014 Zdenek Stybar
4hr 25min 17sec
John Degenkolb
@ 2sec
Jens Debusschere
@ s.t.
194.5 km 43.991


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2015 Ramon Sinkeldam
4hr 24min 24sec
Pim Ligthart
@ 2sec
Tom van Asbroeck
@ 4sec
194.5 km 44.138
2016 Arnaud Demare
4hr 43min 28sec
Zdenek Stybar
@ s.t.
Jurgen Roelandts
@ 2 sec
194.5 km 41.169
2017 Jasper de Buyst
4hr 11min 23sec
Matteo Trentin
@ s.t.
Tom Devriendt
@ s.t.
195.2 km 46.590
2018 Danny van Poppel
4hr 33min 2sec
Yves Lampaert
@ 3sec
Oliver Naesen
@ s.t.
197.4 km 43.379
2019 Tom Van Asbroeck
4hr 32min 37sec
Oliver Naesen
@ s.t.
Jos Van Emden
@ s.t.
198.6 km 43.710
2020 Race cancelled because of Covid-19 pandemic
2021 Danny van Poppel
4hr 44min 45sec
Rasmus Tiller
@ 3sec
Lionel Taminiaux
@ 5sec
198.6 km 41.847
2022 Christophe Laporte
4hr 26min 16sec
Rasmus Tiller
@ 3sec
Hugo Page
@ 8sec
198.6 km 44.752
2023 Luca Mozzato
4hr 22min 54sec
Edward Theuns
@ s.t.
Søren Kragh Andersen
@ s.t.
198.6 km 45.325 km/hr