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2000 World Road Cycling Championships

67th Edition: October 15, 2000
Plouay, France

Pro World Championship podium history | 2001 edition | 1999 edition |

Elite Men's Road Race: 156 starters, 109 classified finishers

19 laps of 14.16 km for a total of 268.9 km

Romans Vainsteins wins the 2000 World Road Championships

Romans Vainsteins is the 2000 World Road Champion

Complete results:

  1. Romans Vainsteins (Latvia) 6hr 15min 28sec. 42.678 km/hr
  2. Zbigniew Spruch (Poland) s.t.
  3. Oscar Freire (Spain) s.t.
  4. Michele Bartoli (Italy) s.t.
  5. Tobias Steinhauser (Germany) s.t.
  6. Niki Aebersold (Switzerland) s.t.
  7. Scott Sunderland (Australia) s.t.
  8. Chann McRae (USA) s.t.
  9. Paolo Bettini (Italy) s.t.
  10. Francesco Casagrande (Italy) s.t.
  11. Michgael Boogerd (Netherlands) s.t.
  12. Axel Merckx (Belgium) s.t.
  13. Gorazd Stangelj (Slovenia) s.t.
  14. Niklas Axelsson (Sweden) s.t.
  15. Oscar Camenzind (Switzerland) s.t.
  16. Dave Bruylandts (Belgium) s.t.
  17. Maximilian Sciandri (Great Britain) s.t.
  18. Jean-Cyril Robin (France) s.t.
  19. Andrei Tchmil (Belgium) s.t.
  20. Nico Mattan (Belgium) s.t.
  21. Mauro Gianetti (Switzerland) s.t.
  22. Bo Hamburger (Denmark) s.t.
  23. Chris Peers (Blgium) s.t.
  24. Raimondas Rumsas (Lithuania) s.t.
  25. Davide Rebellin (Italy) @ 2sec
  26. Stéphane Heulot (France) 2 52sec
  27. Beat Zberg (Switzerland) s.t.
  28. Gianni Faresin (Italy) s.t.
  29. José Luis Rubiera (Spain) @ 53sec
  30. Manuel Beltran (Spain) s.t.
  31. Gilberto Simoni (Italy) s.t.
  32. Richard Virenque (France) s.t.
  33. Francisco Javier Cerezo (Spain) @ 1min 21sec
  34. Piotr Wadecki (Poland) @ 3min 17sec
  35. Serguei Ivanov (Russia) s.t.
  36. Rolf Aldag (Germany) s.t.
  37. Miguel Angel Martin Perdiguero (Spain) s.t.
  38. Andrej Hauptman (Slovenia) s.t.
  39. Luca Scinto (Italy) s.t.
  40. Jochen Summer (Austria) s.t.
  41. Nicki Sorensen (Denmark) s.t.
  42. Marc Wauters (Belgium) s.t.
  43. Serge Baguet (Belgium) s.t.
  44. Fabian Jeker (Switzerland) s.t.
  45. Rolf Huser (Switzerland) s.t.
  46. Marc Lotz (Netherlands) s.t.
  47. Laurent Brochard (France) s.t.
  48. Igor Pugaci (Moldova) s.t.
  49. Marcus Zberg (Switzerland) s.t.
  50. Peter van Petegem (Belgium) @ 3min 20sec
  51. Denis Zanette (Italy) @ 8min 20sec
  52. Sergio Barbero (Italy) s.t.
  53. Zbigniew Piatek (Poland) s.t.
  54. Alexandre Vinokourov (Kazakhstan) s.t.
  55. Frédéric Guesdon (France) s.t.
  56. Daniel Schnider (Switzerland) s.t.
  57. Janek Tombak (Estonia) s.t.
  58. Mirko Celestino (Italy) s.t.
  59. Jaan Kirsipuu (Estonia) s.t.
  60. Maarten den Bakker (Netherlands) @ 11min 34sec
  61. Harald Morscher (Austria) s.t.
  62. Michael Steen Nielsen (Denmark) s.t.
  63. Rolf Sorensen (Denmark) s.t.
  64. Roberto Laiseka (Spain) s.t.
  65. Bert Dietz (Germany) s.t.
  66. Christopher Jenner (New Zealand) @ 12min 20sec
  67. Ralf Grabsch (Germany) s.t.
  68. Dominique Perras (Canada) s.t.
  69. Gerrit Glomser (Austria) s.t.
  70. Björnar Vestöl (Norway) s.t.
  71. Danny Jonasson (Denmark) s.t.
  72. Glenn Magnusson (Sweden) s.t.
  73. Tom Leaper (Austria) s.t.
  74. Oleg Kozlitine (Kazakhstan) s.t.
  75. Gerhard Trampusch (Austria) s.t.
  76. Marcus Ljungqvist (Sweden) s.t.
  77. Aart Vierhouten (Netherlands) s.t.
  78. Steven de Jongh (Netherlands) s.t.
  79. Oleg Joukov (Russia) s.t.
  80. Charles Wegelius (Great Britain) s.t.
  81. Christophe Mengin (France) s.t.
  82. Kam Po Wong (Hong Kong) s.t.
  83. Jörg Ludewig (Germany) s.t.
  84. Pierre Bourquenoud (Switzerland) s.t.
  85. Ruslan Ivanov (Moldova) s.t.
  86. Karsten Kroon (Netherlands) s.t.
  87. Dmitri Fofonov (Kazakhstan) s.t.
  88. Grischa Niermann (Germany) s.t.
  89. Jan Schaffrath (Germany) s.t.
  90. Patrice Halgand (France) s.t.
  91. Ondrej Sosenka (Czech Republic) s.t.
  92. Jens Voigt (Germany) s.t.
  93. Milan Kadlec (Czech Republic) s.t.
  94. Wilfried Peeters (Belgium) s.t.
  95. Max van Heeswijk (Netherlands) s.t.
  96. Alexei Sivikov (Russia) s.t.
  97. Artour Babaitsev (Russia) s.t.
  98. Carlos Sastre (Spain) s.t.
  99. Rik Verbrugghe (Belgium) s.t.
  100. Thierry Marichal (Belgium) s.t.
  101. Stuart O'Grady) s.t.
  102. Serguei Smetanine (Russia) @ 16min 58sec
  103. Serguei Lelekin (Russia) s.t.
  104. Martin Johansson (Sweden) s.t.
  105. Matthé Pronk (Netherlands) s.t.
  106. Michael Barry (Canada) s.t.
  107. Vladimir Miholjevic (Coratia) s.t.
  108. Ruslan Podgorny (Ukraine) s.t.
  109. Thor Hushovd (Norway) s.t.