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La Route du Sud - la Dépêche du Midi (2.1), France

Winners, podium, distance, average speed

La Route du Sud - la Dépêche du Midi is short stage race is held in Southwest France during the second and/or third week of June. Since it comes just before the week of national championships and then the Tour de France, it can be an especially important race for those riders looking for one last chance to prove themselves.

The Route du Sud was created in 1977 as the Tour du Tarn at the initiative of racer (noted for his sprinting prowess) Jacques Esclassan. Esclassan himself won that first edition. In 1982 the name was changed to Tour Midi-Pyrénées and then in 1988 it was given its current name, La Route du Sud.

It is currently organized by La Dépêche du Midi, a French regional daily paper.

Since 2005 the Route du Sud has been rated 2.1 by the UCI and is part of the UCI Europe Tour.

Recent podium history:


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place


Average Speed

1990 Yves Bonnamour
23hr 0min 31sec
Frédéric Vichot
@ 1min 14sec
Luc Suykerbuyk
@ 1min 31sec
852.9 km 37.07
1991 Laurent Dufaux
22hr 47min 15sec
Philippe Louviot
@ 34sec
Carlos Galaretta
@ s.t.
881.9 km 38.70
1992 Arturas Kasputis
23hr 3min 48sec
Fabian Jeker
@ 19sec
Laurent Biondi
@ 54sec
881.9 km 38.24
1993 Eric Boyer
18hr 41min 11sec
Laurent Brochard
@ 10sec
Eric van Lancker
@ 8min 50sec
701.7 km 37.55
1994 Alvaro Mejia
18hr 11min 25sec
Richard Virenque
@ 9sec
Charly Mottet
@ 12sec
669.6 km 36.81
1995 Laurent Dufaux
19hr 14min 13sec
Carmelo Miranda
@ 27sec
Laurent Madouas
@ 1min 20sec
706.6 km 36.73
1996 Laurent Jalabert
18hr 51min 12sec
Giuseppe Guerini
@ 5sec
Joona Laukka
@ 36sec
711.3 km 37.728
1997 Patrick Jonker
17hr 10min 59sec
Massimo Donati
@ 34sec
François Simon
@ 1min 21sec
697.4 km 35.35
1998 Armand de las Cuevas
17hr 30min 57sec
Michael Boogerd
@ 1min 4sec
Santiago Blanco
@ 1min 7sec
648.6 km 37.03
1999 Jonathan Vaughters
16hr 14min 38sec
Patrick Jonker
@ 1min 51sec
Mario Aerts
@ 2min 16sec
2000 Tomasz Brozyna
16hr 46min 57sec
Francisco Mancebo
@ 12sec
Parice Halgand
@ 37sec
639.9 km 38.129
2001 Andrei Kivilev
16hr 37min 2sec
Jens Voigt
@ 1min 14sec
Raimondas Rumsas
@ 1min 56sec
702.7 km 42.287
2002 Levi Leipheimer
14hr 27min 29sec
Aitor Kintana
@ 44sec
Andrei Kivilev
@ 57sec
576.4 km 39.867
2003 Michael Rogers
13hr 38min 2sec
Pietro Cauccholi
@ 1min 3sec
Nicolas Vogondy
@ 1min 46sec
529.6 km 38.844
2004 Bradley McGee
13hr 32min 49sec
Sandy Casar
@ 22sec
Torstein Kiekmann
@ 40sec
542.9 km 40.075
2005 Sandy Casar
12hr 23min 18sec
Przemyslaw Niemiec
@ 40sec
Benoît Salmon
@ 2min 29sec
517.7 km 41.789
2006 Thomas Voeckler
14hr 19min 51sec
Pierrick Fedrigo
@ 1min 32sec
Julien Mazet
@ 1min 47sec
560.1 km 39.083
2007 Oscar Sevilla
17hr 6min 51sec
Massimo Giunti
@ 1min 6sec
Markus Eibegger
@ 1min 56sec
665.8 km 37.079
2008 Daniel Martin
16hr 44min 21sec
Christophe Moreau
@ 1min 42sec
Luca Pierfelici
@ 2min 58sec
610.6 km 36.477
2009 Przemyslaw Niemiec
16hr 44min 48sec
Julien Loubet
@ 1min 51sec
Giampaolo Caruso
@ 1min 59sec
678.2 km 40.497
2010 David Moncoutié
12hr 14min 10sec
Alexandre Geniez
@ 10sec
Fortunato Baliani
@ 31sec
496.9 km 40.609
2011 Vasil Kiryienka
19hr 12min 36sec
Davide Rebellin
@ 40sec
Peter Kennaugh
@ 43sec
720 km 37.480
2012 Nairo Quintana
18hr 18min 28sec
Hubert Dupont
@ 48sec
Anthony Charteau
@ 3min 55sec
720.5 km 39.355
2013 Thomas Voeckler
17hr 56min 2sec
Franco Pellizotti
@ 4sec
John Gadret
@ 6sec
716.3 km 39.941
2014 Nicolas Roche
13hr 47min 7sec
Alejandro Valverde
@ 45sec
Michael Rogers
@ 49sec
529.7 km 38.425
2015 Alberto Contador
16hr 53min 22sec
Nairo Quintana
@ 17sec
Pierre-Roger Latour
@ 41sec
692.0 km 40.91
2016 Nairo Quintana
16hr 34min 57sec
Marc Soler
@ 36sec
Nicolas Edet
@ 1min 6sec
641.5 km 38.685
2017 Silvan Dillier
17hr 11min 9sec
Richard Carapaz
@ 7sec
Kenny Elissonde
@ 1min 44sec
672.2 km 39.114 km/hr