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Paris-Bourges (1.1), France

Winners, podium, distance, average speed.

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The race:

Paris-Bourges is a single-day road race held in Centre region of France in October.

It is an old race, first run in 1913, and it has had an intermittent history. It was not held from 1914-1916 (that's not surprising), 1918-1921, 1926-1946, 1958-1970 and 1989.

From 1949 through 1957 Paris-Bourges was for both professional and independent racers. Since 1958 it has been a competition reserved for professionals.

In 1980 (won by Yves Hezard) and 1992 (won by Wilfried Nelissen) Paris-Bourges was a stage race.

In 2005 the UCI ranked it a 1.1 race. It is part of the Coupe de France season-long competition. It currently (2016) begins in the city of Gien, about 65 km south of Paris.

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Complete podium history:


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place


Average Speed

1913 René Pichon Bonnet Charles Juseret    
Race not held
1917 Charles Juseret Hubert Noel Eugène Platteau    
Race not held
1922 Marcel Godard
10hr 32min
Jean Hillarion
@ 3min
Omer Beaugendre
@ 5min
271 km 27.73
1923 Jean Brunier Charles Juseret Georges Detreille    
1924 Marcel Bidot Marcel Gobillot Paul Leseault    
1925 Gaston Deschamps Hector Denis Robert Souderes    
1926 Race not held
1928 Fernand Bruynooghe André Sauvage René Wetzel    
1929 Théodore Ladron André Dumont Leon Le Calvez    
Race not hled
1932 Narcisio Mattuizi Raymond Prod'homme Riccardo Rodighiero    
1933 René Petit Albert Carapezzi Louis Thiétard    
Race not held


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1947 Albert Bourlon Georges Barré François Person    
1948 Marcel Dussault Maurice Hougron Gino Sciardis    
1949 Marcel Dussault Nello Sforacchi Jacques Marinelli    
1950 Amand Audaire Galliano Pividori Marius Bonnet    
1951 Jean-Marie Goasmat Jacques Marinelli Pierre Mancisidor    
1952 Stanislaus Bober André Brulé Amand Audaire    
1953 Robert Varnajo Andrrigade Pierre Molineris    
1954 Jean Stablinski Norbert Esnault Gilbert Loof    
1955 Jean-Marie Cieleska Fernand Picot Gilbert Bauvin    
1956 Joseph Morvan Maurice Pelé André Dupre    
1957 Raymond Guegan Michel Salle Seamus Elliott    
Race not held
1971 Walter Ricci Guy Santy Francis Ducreux    
1972 Cyrille Guimard
5hr 20min 21sec
Jean-Pierre Danuillaume
@ s.t.
José Catieau
@ s.t.
220 km 41.205
1973 Roland Berland Yves Hezard Jean-Pierre Genet    
1974 Barry Hoban Régis Ovion Charly Rouxel    
1975 Jean-Pierre Danguillaume Bernard Hinault Raymond Poulidor    
1976 Jean-Luc Molineris Raymond Martin André Gevers    
1977 Régis Delepine Pierre-Raymond Villemiane Patrick Perret    
1978 Régis Ovion Joop Zoetemelk Patrick Friou    
1979 Jena-René Bernaudeau Régis Ovion René Bittinger    
1980 Yves Hezard Gilbert Duclos-Lassalle Phil Anderson    
1981 Francis Castaing Didier Vanoverschelde Marc Madiot    
1982 Didier Vanoverschelde Jean-François Chaurin Pierre-Raymond Villemiane    
1983 Stephen Roche Marc Madiot Phil Anderson    
1984 Sean Kelly Francis Castaing Laurent Biondi    
1985 Niki Rüttimann Charly Mottet Gilbert Duclos-Lassalle    
1986 Dominique Lecrocq Sean Kelly Francis Castaing    
1987 Kim Andersen Jean-Marc Manfrin Régis Simon    
1988 Patrice Esnault Charly Mottet Jean-Claude Colotti    
1989 Race not held
1990 Laurent Jalabert Steffen Wesemann Dan Radtke    
1991 Andrei Tchmil Marek Kulas Tom Desmet    
1992 Wilfried Nelissen Bruno Cornillet Peter van Petegem    
1993 Bruno Cornillet Herman Frison Laurent Desbiens    
1994 Lars Michaelsen Peter Meinert Edwig van Hooydonck    
1995 Daniele Nardello Lars Michaelsen Jean-Pierre Heynderickx    
1996 Tristan Hoffman
4hr 37min 48sec
Pascal Chanteur
@ 2sec
Gérard Rué
@ 25sec
203.3 km 43.908
1997 Laurent Roux Peter van Petegem Ludo Dierckxsens    
1998 Ludo Dierckxsens
4hr 53min 1sec
Laurent Brochard
@ 20sec
Maarten den Bakker
@ s.t.
205.6 km 42.099
1999 Daniele Nardello Andrei Tchmil Laurent Brochard    
2000 Laurent Brochard Chris Peers Bo Hamburger    
2001 Florent Brard Nico Mattan Scott Sunderland    
2002 Allan Johansen Geert van Bondt Charles Guilbert    
2003 Jens Voigt Florent Brard Nicolas Fritsch    
2004 Jérôme Pineau Martin Elmiger Davide Rebellin    
2005 Lars Ytting Bak Benoît Vaugrenard Grégory Rast    
2006 Thomas Voeckler
4hr 38min 1sec
Alexandre Usov
@ 3sec
Stuart O'Grady
@ s.t
194.3 km 41.933 km/hr
2007 Romain Feillu
4hr 46min 57sec
Aurélien Clerc
@ s.t.
Alexandre Usov
@ s.t.
194.3 km 40.627
2008 Bernhard Eisel
4hr 35min 54sec
Cédric Pineau
@ s.t.
Anthony Charteau
@ s.t.
194.3 km 42.253
2009 André Greipel
4hr 11min 55sec
Juan José Haedo
@ s.t.
Alexandre Usov
@ s.t.
193.5 km 46.087


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2010 Anthony Ravard
4hr 36min 52sec
Romain Feillu
@ s.t.
Matti Breschel
@ s.t.
198.3 km 42.974
2011 Mathew Hayman
4hr 30min 29sec
Baden Cooke
@ s.t.
Gregory Henderson
@ s.t.
186.9 km 41.459
2012 Florian Vachon
4hr 41min 59sec
Nacer Bouhanni
@ 3sec
John Degenkolb
@ s.t.
190.9 km 40.619
2013 John Degenkolb
4hr 38min 0sec
Arnaud Démare
@ s.t.
Samuel Dumoulin
@ s.t.
193.3 km 41.719
2014 John Degenkolb
4hr 25min 58sec
Yauheni Hutarovich
@ s.t.
Giacomo Nizzolo
@ s.t.
190.3 km 42.931
2015 Sam Bennett
4hr 20min 57sec
Nacer Bouhanni
@ s.t.
Giacomo Nizzolo
@ s.t.
190.3 km 43.756
2016 Sam Bennett
4hr 38min 55sec
Alexander Porsev
@ s.t.
Rudy Barbier
@ s.t.
193.7 km 41.668
2017 Rudy Barbier
4hr 34min 36sec
Marc Sarreau
@ s.t.
Jeremy Lecroq
@ s.t.
190.3 km 41.580
2018 Valentin Madouas
4hr 20min 27sec
Bryan Coquard
@ s.t
Christophe Laporte
@ s.t.
193.7 km 44.623
2019 Marc Sarreau
4hr 46min 54sec
Tom Van Asbroeck
@ s.t.
Amaury Capiot
@ s.t.
193.9 km 40.551
2020 Race cancelled because of Covid-19 pandemic
2021 Jordi Meeus
4hr 20min 58sec
Arnaud Démare
@ s.t.
Niccolo Bonifazio
@ s.t.
198 km 45.523
2022 Jasper Philipsen
4hr 19min 28sec
Arnaud Démare
@ s.t.
Bryan Coquard
@ s.t.
198 km 45.786
2023 Arnaud Démare
4hr 25min 56sec
Arnaud De Lie
@ s.t.
Jordi Meeus
@ s.t.
198 km 44.673