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2016 Nationale Sluitingsprijs Putte-Kapellen
(1.1), Belgium

83rd edition: Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Nationale Sluitingsprijs Putte-Kapellen podium history | 2015 edition | 2017 edition | Course map

Tuesday, October 11: Putte-Putte, 11 laps of 16.25 km + plus some extra...= 183.59 km

Roy Jans

Roy Jans wins in Putte

The Race: Here the report from winner Roy Jans' Wanty-Groupe Gobert team.

On Tuesday, October 11, Wanty-Groupe Gobert lined up in the last race of the season, Putte-Kapellen divided into 11 laps of 16.5 km with Roy Jans, Jérôme Baugnies, Kenny Dehaes, Danilo Napolitano, Robin Stenuit, Dimitri Claeys, Mark McNally and Boris Dron in a sunny Putte-Kapellen. Our rider Roy Jans sprinted to his first victory of the season.

"What a relief! I'm so happy to conclude this difficult season with a great victory", Roy Jans said.

The team Wanty-Groupe Gobert rode a perfect race in Putte-Kapellen. The Italian rider Danilo Napolitano was part of the leading group with seven other riders. The breakaway was caught with three laps to go.

A massive crash including Dimitri Claeys, Robin Stenuit and Kenny Dehaes had split the peloton to pieces, leaving just 20-30 riders in the main group. Our riders Jérôme Baugnies and Boris Dron attacked in the last kilometres but it was impossible to get clear. Our sprinter Roy Jans was the fastest in the Ertbrandstraat. "I was on Kevin Ista's wheel. I tried to move up. I launched my sprint with 200-250 metres to go. I knew I could finish it off today because I had very good legs."

Roy Jans confirms his good form of the last weeks. "Since the Tour de Poitou-Charentes I'm back to a good level. It was a difficult season for me. It is a beautiful farewell gift for Wanty-Groupe Gobert. Next year I'l ride in another team", he concluded.

Complete Results:

183.59 kilometers raced at an average speed of 47.07 km/hr

1 Roy JANS Wanty-Groupe Gobert 3hr 54min 1sec
2 Timothy DUPONT Verandas Willems s.t.
3 Moreno HOFLAND LottoNL-Jumbo s.t.
4 Arvid DE KLEIJN Jo Piels s.t.
5 Timothy STEVENS Crelan-Vastgoedservice s.t.
6 Amaury CAPIOT Topsport Vlaanderen s.t.
7 Baptiste PLANCKAERT Wallonie Bruxelles s.t.
8 Jasper DE BUYST Lotto-Soudal s.t.
9 Michael GOOLAERTS Lotto-Soudal s.t.
10 Tosh VAN DER SANDE Lotto-Soudal s.t.
11 Kevin DELTOMBE Lotto-Soudal s.t.
12 Reinier HONIG Roompot Oranje Peloton s.t.
13 Gianni MARCHAND Cibel-Cebon s.t.
14 Christophe MASSON Veranclassic-AGO s.t.
15 Matthias LEGLEY Veranclassic-AGO s.t.
16 Joey VAN RHEE Jo Piels s.t.
17 Stephan BAKKER Jo Piels s.t.
18 Gediminas KAUPAS Differdange-Losch s.t.
19 Kenneth VAN BILSEN Cofidis s.t.
20 Boris DRON Wanty-Groupe Gobert s.t.
21 Johnny HOOGERLAND Roompot Oranje Peloton s.t.
22 Zhi Hui JIANG LottoNL-Jumbo s.t.
23 Zdenek STYBAR Etixx-Quick Step s.t.
24 Bert VAN LERBERGHE Topsport Vlaanderen s.t.
25 Frederik FRISON Lotto-Soudal 7
26 David BOUCHER Crelan-Vastgoedservice 10
27 Jérôme BAUGNIES Wanty-Groupe Gobert 12
28 Gregory HABEAUX Wallonie Bruxelles s.t.
29 Kevin ISTA Wallonie Bruxelles 15
30 Arjen LIVYNS Verandas Willems 20
31 Brecht DHAENE Verandas Willems s.t.
32 Tom DERNIES Wallonie Bruxelles 24
33 Tom VAN ASBROECK LottoNL-Jumbo 44
34 Pim LIGTHART Lotto-Soudal s.t.
35 Niels DE ROOZE Veranclassic-AGO 47
36 Jelle MANNAERTS Superano Ham-Isorex +1:05
37 Emiel VERMEULEN 3M s.t.
38 Grischa JANORSCHKE Team Roth s.t.
39 Ciske ANECA Superano Ham-Isorex s.t.
40 Jordi VAN DINGENEN Crelan-Vastgoedservice s.t.
41 Axel FLET Veranclassic-AGO s.t.
42 Guillaume DELVAUX T. Palm-Pole s.t.
43 Maarten VAN TRIJP Metec TKH s.t.
44 Tom THILL Differdange-Losch s.t.
45 Wim REYNAERTS Cibel-Cebon s.t.
46 Tim KERKHOF Roompot Oranje Peloton s.t.
47 Matthias KRIZEK Team Roth s.t.
48 Dries VAN GESTEL Topsport Vlaanderen s.t.
49 Dennis BAKKER Parkhotel Valkenburg s.t.
50 Auxence BUNTINX T. Palm-Pole s.t.
51 Dimitri PEYSKENS Veranclassic-AGO s.t.
52 Cedric RAYMACKERS Differdange-Losch s.t.
53 Jelle WOLSINK Jo Piels s.t.
54 Frederique ROBERT Crelan-Vastgoedservice s.t.
55 Kurt GEYSEN Crelan-Vastgoedservice s.t.
56 Etienne VAN EMPEL Roompot Oranje Peloton s.t.
57 Sjoerd KOUWENHOVEN Metec TKH +1:05
58 Michael VAN STAEYEN Cofidis +1:08
59 Berden DE VRIES Roompot Oranje Peloton s.t.
60 Gert JOEAAR Cofidis s.t.
61 Gert DOCKX Lotto-Soudal s.t.
62 Joeri STALLAERT Cibel-Cebon s.t.
63 Jonathan DUFRASNE Wallonie Bruxelles s.t.
64 Remco TE BRAKE Parkhotel Valkenburg s.t.
65 Raymond KREDER Roompot Oranje Peloton s.t.
66 Andrea PASQUALON Team Roth s.t.
67 Lawrence NAESEN Cibel-Cebon s.t.
68 Gianni MEERSMAN Etixx-Quick Step s.t.
69 Jelle GODERIS 3M s.t.
70 Jelle WALLAYS Lotto-Soudal +1:11
71 Jelle DONDERS Superano Ham-Isorex s.t.
72 Johannes DE PAEPE Cibel-Cebon s.t.
73 Dion BEUKEBOOM Parkhotel Valkenburg s.t.
74 Michel KREDER Roompot Oranje Peloton s.t.
75 Joris BLOKKER Parkhotel Valkenburg s.t.
76 Nico BRÜNGGER Team Roth s.t.
77 Julien STASSEN Wallonie Bruxelles s.t.
78 Mike TEUNISSEN LottoNL-Jumbo +1:21
79 Ludwig DE WINTER Wallonie Bruxelles +1:35
80 Guillaume HAAG T. Palm-Pole +1:52
81 Jordy VAN LOON Metec TKH +1:53
82 Jimmy JANSSENS 3M +1:57
83 Mike DIENER Differdange-Losch +2:27
84 Dylan BODCHON T. Palm-Pole +2:41
85 Koen BOUWMAN LottoNL-Jumbo +2:51
86 Kevin VERWAEST Superano Ham-Isorex +5:40
87 Preben VAN HECKE Topsport Vlaanderen +5:42
88 Andrew LEIGH Superano Ham-Isorex s.t.
89 Alexander GEUENS Crelan-Vastgoedservice s.t.
90 Kenny GOOSSENS Cibel-Cebon s.t.
91 Stéphane ROSSETTO Cofidis +5:53
92 Anthony PEREZ Cofidis s.t.
93 Florian SENECHAL Cofidis s.t.
94 Dries DE BONDT Verandas Willems +6:14
95 Twan CASTELIJNS LottoNL-Jumbo s.t.
96 Jasper HAMELINK Metec TKH s.t.
97 Laurent EVRARD 3M s.t.
98 Wayne STIJNS Differdange-Losch +6:35
99 Martin KOHLER Team Roth +6:39
100 Gert-Jan BOSMAN Jo Piels s.t.
DNF Davide MARTINELLI Etixx-Quick Step
DNF Guillaume VAN KEIRSBULCK Etixx-Quick Step
DNF Stijn VANDENBERGH Etixx-Quick Step
DNF Dennis VAN WINDEN LottoNL-Jumbo
DNF Maarten WYNANTS LottoNL-Jumbo
DNF Sander HELVEN Topsport Vlaanderen
DNF Thomas SPRENGERS Topsport Vlaanderen
DNF Pieter VANSPEYBROUCK Topsport Vlaanderen
DNF Jens WALLAYS Topsport Vlaanderen
DNF Dimitri CLAEYS Wanty-Groupe Gobert
DNF Kenny DE HAES Wanty-Groupe Gobert
DNF Danilo NAPOLITANO Wanty-Groupe Gobert
DNF Robin STENUIT Wanty-Groupe Gobert
DNF Mark MCNALLY Wanty-Groupe Gobert
DNF Brian VAN GOETHEM Roompot Oranje Peloton
DNF Dylan PAGE Team Roth
DNF Frank PASCHE Team Roth
DNF Roland THALMANN Team Roth
DNF Gerry DRUYTS Crelan-Vastgoedservice
DNF Didier BATS Verandas Willems
DNF Joeri CALLEEUW Verandas Willems
DNF Thomas DERUETTE Wallonie Bruxelles
DNF Michiel DIELEMAN Cibel-Cebon
DNF Benjamin VERRAES Cibel-Cebon
DNF Adriaan JANSSEN Jo Piels
DNF Peter SCHULTING Parkhotel Valkenburg
DNF Marco ZANOTTI Parkhotel Valkenburg
DNF Gorik GARDEYN Superano Ham-Isorex
DNF Kevin SUAREZ MARTINEZ Superano Ham-Isorex
DNF Thomas PETIT T. Palm-Pole
DNF Alexandre TOUBEAU T. Palm-Pole
DNF Victor VAN BOST T. Palm-Pole
DNF Christophe SLEURS 3M
DNF Charly PETELIN Differdange-Losch
DNF Alexis CARESMEL Veranclassic-AGO

Course map:

Putte-Kapellen map