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2023 Veenendaal-Veenendaal Classic (1.1), Netherlands

36th edition: Saturday, May 20, 2023

Veenendaal-Veenendaal Classic podium history | 2022 edition | Course map & profile

Veenendaal - Veenendaal, 175.8 kilometers

Dylan Groenewegen wins this race for the fifth time.

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Weather at the start/finish city of Veenendaal at 2:20 PM, local time: 19C (67F), mostly cloudy, with the wind from the east at 23 km/hr (14 mph). No rain is forecast.

The race: Here's the report from winner Dylan Groenewegen's Team Jayco-AlUla.

Dylan Groenewegen delivered a five-star sprint performance as he powered to his fifth victory in Veenendaal-Veenendal in dominant fashion.

The Dutchman, racing on local roads, demonstrated his blistering speed once again as he timed his sprint to perfection to make it back-to-back wins in the one-day Dutch race, following his 2022 triumph.

Team Jayco-AlUla worked tirelessly all day to control the peloton and tee Groenewegen up for a sprint finish. The early breakaway was swept up as the race moved into the final 10km and the focus soon switched to the battle for the upcoming fast finish.

After a big fight for position, Australian Kell O’Brien was the last man to swing off the front inside the final kilometre, leaving teammate Groenewegen to surf the wheels through the final corner before launching his fierce sprint for the line. The powerful kick from the Dutchman saw him race away from his rivals and to a historic fifth victory at Veenendaal-Veenendaal.

Dylan Groenewegen:
“I didn’t really have those good legs, but in the sprint I was positioned perfectly and the team did a really good job, they were really strong today. It was not an easy race, there was a lot of wind, it was hectic out there, but I’m really grateful to the team.

"It's a really nice win, this is always a hectic time, a lot of time away from home with training camps and everything with races, so it’s nice to ride in your home country. I live not so far from here, it’s only 70km and it’s nice that my wife is here and also my kid, so it makes the win really special.

"It was a good win and also my fifth one here in Veenendaal and hopefully next year I can get a sixth one, but for now we have a really nice one today and we will celebrate it tonight.”


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Melanoma: It started with a freckle Schwab Cycles South Salem Cycleworks frames

Complete Results:

175.8 kilometers raced at an average speed of 48.102 km/hr

1 Dylan Groenewegen Jayco-AlUla 3hr 39min 17sec
2 Arvid De Kleijn Tudor Pro Cycling s.t.
3 Sam Welsford Team DSM s.t.
4 Jakub Mareczko Alpecin-Deceuninck s.t.
5 Matteo Moschetti Q36.5 Pro Cycling s.t.
6 Jarne Van De Paar Lotto Dstny s.t.
7 Timothy Dupont Tarteletto-Isorex s.t.
8 Jesper Rasch ABLOC CT s.t.
9 Alexander Salby Bingoal-WB s.t.
10 Martijn Budding TdT-Unibet s.t.
11 Robbe Ghys Alpecin-Deceuninck s.t.
12 Tom Van Asbroeck Israel-Premier Tech s.t.
13 Jules Hesters Team Flanders-Baloise s.t.
14 Giacomo Nizzolo Israel-Premier Tech s.t.
15 Rory Townsend Bolton Equities-Black Spoke s.t.
16 Joren Bloem TdT-Unibet s.t.
17 Davide Bomboi TdT-Unibet s.t.
18 Kenneth Van Rooy Bingoal-WB s.t.
19 Taj Jones Israel-Premier Tech s.t.
20 Oded Kogut Israel-Premier Tech s.t.
21 Mike Teunissen Intermarché-Circus-Wanty s.t.
22 Gianluca Pollefliet Lotto Dstny s.t.
23 Lucas Janssen BEAT Cycling Club s.t.
24 Thibau Verhofstadt Tarteletto-Isorex s.t.
25 Bram Dissel BEAT Cycling Club s.t.
26 Lars Oreel Metec-Solarwatt s.t.
27 Daan Van Sintmaartensdijk VolkerWessels Cycling Team s.t.
28 Nathan Vandepitte Bingoal-WB s.t.
29 Jan-Willem Van Schip ABLOC CT s.t.
30 Mathias Larsen Restaurant Suri-Carl Ras s.t.
31 Ward Vanhoof Team Flanders-Baloise s.t.
32 Corey Davis Q36.5 Pro Cycling s.t.
33 Blake Quick Jayco-AlUla s.t.
34 Luke Verburg ABLOC CT s.t.
35 Luca De Meester Bingoal-WB s.t.
36 Hidde Van Veenendaal Metec-Solarwatt s.t.
37 Lars Rouffaer Allinq Continental s.t.
38 Nick Van Der Meer VolkerWessels Cycling Team s.t.
39 Nacer Bouhanni Arkéa-Samsic s.t.
40 Wessel Mouris Scorpions Racing Team s.t.
41 Andrii Ponomar Arkéa-Samsic s.t.
42 Jakob Egholm Restaurant Suri-Carl Ras s.t.
43 Jord Baak VolkerWessels Cycling Team s.t.
44 Jonas Rickaert Alpecin-Deceuninck s.t.
45 George Jackson Bolton Equities-Black Spoke s.t.
46 Dennis Van Der Horst Allinq Continental s.t.
47 Emiel Vermeulen BEAT Cycling Club s.t.
48 Stijn Appel ABLOC CT s.t.
49 Bo Godart Tarteletto-Isorex @ 11sec
50 Abram Stockman TdT-Unibet s.t.
51 Mitchel Fitzsimons Bolton Equities-Black Spoke s.t.
52 Gerben Kuypers Intermarché-Circus-Wanty s.t.
53 Aaron Van Der Beken Bingoal-WB s.t.
54 Louis Blouwe Bingoal-WB s.t.
55 Reto Hollenstein Israel-Premier Tech s.t.
56 Rasmus Bøgh Wallin Restaurant Suri-Carl Ras s.t.
57 Hartthijs De Vries TdT-Unibet s.t.
58 Victor Broex Metec-Solarwatt s.t.
59 Lukasz Owsian Arkéa-Samsic s.t.
60 Donavan Grondin Arkéa-Samsic s.t.
61 Maikel Zijlaard Tudor Pro Cycling 0:15
62 Hugo Page Intermarché-Circus-Wanty s.t.
63 Lionel Taminiaux Alpecin-Deceuninck s.t.
64 Elmar Reinders Jayco-AlUla 0:17
65 Jacopo Guarnieri Lotto Dstny s.t.
66 Kelland O'Brien Jayco-AlUla s.t.
67 Luca Mozzato Arkéa-Samsic s.t.
68 Kamil Malecki Q36.5 Pro Cycling 0:19
69 Nils Wolfenbuttel Allinq Continental s.t.
70 Baptiste Planckaert Intermarché-Circus-Wanty s.t.
71 Alex Edmondson Team DSM 0:22
72 Tijmen Eising VolkerWessels Cycling Team 0:28
73 Bert-Jan Lindeman VolkerWessels Cycling Team 0:44
74 Antonio Puppio Q36.5 Pro Cycling 0:45
75 Casper Van Uden Team DSM s.t.
76 Pavel Bittner Team DSM 0:47
77 Maurice Ballerstedt Alpecin-Deceuninck s.t.
78 Wouter Van De Weerdhof Allinq Continental 0:54
79 Michael Schwarzmann Lotto Dstny 1:02
80 Jarrad Drizners Lotto Dstny s.t.
81 Max Kroonen VolkerWessels Cycling Team 1:05
82 Joshua Giddings Lotto Dstny 1:13
83 Sebastian Kolze Changizi Tudor Pro Cycling 1:20
84 Luke Durbridge Jayco-AlUla 1:27
85 Joran Wyseure Alpecin-Deceuninck 1:29
86 David Van Der Poel Alpecin-Deceuninck s.t.
87 Petr Kelemen Tudor Pro Cycling 1:46
88 Rick Pluimers Tudor Pro Cycling s.t.
89 Robin Froidevaux Tudor Pro Cycling s.t.
90 Björn Bakker Scorpions Racing Team 2:36
91 Bodi Del Grosso ABLOC CT 2:40
92 Jan Maas Jayco-AlUla s.t.
93 Rick Ottema Allinq Continental s.t.
94 Thijs De Lange Metec-Solarwatt s.t.
95 David Dekker Arkéa-Samsic s.t.
96 Len De Pauw Tarteletto-Isorex 3:02
97 Luuk Schuurmans Universe Cycling Team 3:09
98 Hugo Kars Scorpions Racing Team s.t.
99 Lars Loohuis ABLOC CT s.t.
100 Philip Heijnen ABLOC CT s.t.
101 Guy Sagiv Israel-Premier Tech s.t.
102 Yoeri Havik BEAT Cycling Club s.t.
103 Tsgabu Grmay Jayco-AlUla s.t.
104 Nils Brun Tudor Pro Cycling s.t.
105 Tim Naberman Team DSM s.t.
106 Arno Claeys Team Flanders-Baloise 5:14
107 Harry Tanfield TdT-Unibet s.t.
108 Guillaume Visser BEAT Cycling Club s.t.
109 Jasper Schouten Allinq Continental s.t.
110 Filippo Conca Q36.5 Pro Cycling s.t.
111 Marien Bogerd Allinq Continental s.t.
112 Obie Vidts Intermarché-Circus-Wanty s.t.
113 Lars Hohmann Metec-Solarwatt s.t.
114 Madis Mihkels Intermarché-Circus-Wanty s.t.
115 Coen Vermeltfoort VolkerWessels Cycling Team s.t.
116 Bailey O'Donnell Bolton Equities-Black Spoke s.t.
117 Thijs Aerts Intermarché-Circus-Wanty 5:16
118 Axel Van Der Tuuk Metec-Solarwatt s.t.
119 Christian Ingemann Lindquist Restaurant Suri-Carl Ras s.t.
120 Kristian Egholm Restaurant Suri-Carl Ras s.t.


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Course map & profile:

2022 Veenendaal - Veenendaal map & profile

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