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1993 Giro d'Italia

76th edition: May 23- June 13

Results, stages with running GC, photos and history

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1993 Giro Quick Facts:

3,702 km raced at an average speed of 37.71 km/hr

180 starters and 132 classified finishers

Returning Giro champion Miguel Indurain won the 1993 Giro his standard way, he contained his opponents in the mountains and crushed them in the time trials. Piotr Ugrumov refused to accept Indurain's hegemony and repeatedly attacked the Spaniard. In the penultimate stage Indurain finally cracked under Ugrumov's hammer blows, but didn't lose enough time to give up the lead. A second Giro d'Italia was his and in July he would win the Tour, giving him two consecutive Giro/Tour victories.

1993 Giro d'Italia Complete Final General Classification:

  1. Miguel Indurain (Banesto): 98hr 9min 44sec
  2. Piotr Ugrumov (Mecair-Ballan) @ 58sec
  3. Claudio Chiappucci (Carrera) @ 5min 27sec
  4. Massimiliano Lelli (Ariostea) @ 6min 9sec
  5. Pavel Tonkov (Lampre) @ 7min 11sec
  6. Moreno Argentin (Mecair-Ballan) @ 9min 12sec
  7. Vladimir Poulnikov (Carrera) @ 11min 30sec
  8. Maurizio Fondriest (Lampre) @ 12min 53sec
  9. Stephen Roche (Carrera) @ 13min 31sec
  10. Zenon Jaskula (GB-MG-Technogym) @ 13min 41sec
  11. Flavio Giupponi (Mercatone Uno) @ 14min 59sec
  12. Giorgio Furlan (Ariostea) @ 16min 57sec
  13. Wladimir Belli (Lampre) @ 18min 45sec
  14. Andrew Hampsten (Motorola) @ 19min 25sec
  15. Bruno Leali (Mercatone Uno) @ 19min 34sec
  16. Enrico Zaina (Mercatone Uno) @ 24min 0sec
  17. Heinz Imboden (Mecair-Ballan) @ 25min 18sec
  18. Gianni Bugno (Gatorade) @ 27min 1sec
  19. Franco Chioccioli (GB-MG-Technogym) @ 29min 49sec
  20. Nelson Rodriguez (ZG Mobili) @ 30min 41sec
  21. Stefano Della Santa (Mapei) @ 30min 49sec
  22. Abelardo Rondon (Gatorade) @ 34min 50sec
  23. Gianni Faresin (ZG Mobili)@ 37min 46sec
  24. Alberto Volpi (Mecair-Ballan) @ 38min 43sec
  25. Thierry Bourguignon (Catorama) @ 39min 22sec
  26. Dimitry Konyshev (Jolly Componibili-Club 88) @ 39min 49sec
  27. Laurent Brochard (Castorama) @ 49min 59sec
  28. Marco Giovannetti (Mapei) @ 52min 44sec
  29. Fabio Bordonali (Mercatone Uno) @ 55min 2sec
  30. Alvaro Mejia (Motorola) @ 55min 47sec
  31. Gérard Rué (Banesto) @ 58min 24sec
  32. Eduardo Chozas (Artiach) @ 1hr 2min 14sec
  33. Udo Bölts (Telekom) @ 1hr 3min 8sec
  34. Laurent Madouas(Castorama) @ 1hr 9min 9sec
  35. Walter Bonca (Jolly Componibili-Club 88) @ 1hr 9min 37sec
  36. Luca Gelfi (Mapei) @ 1hr 10min 47sec
  37. Nestor Mora (Kelme) @ 1hr 13min 5sec
  38. Federico Muñoz (Kelme) @ 1hr 13min 59sec
  39. Leonardo Sierra (ZG Mobili) @ 1hr 14min 31sec
  40. Francesco Casagrande (Mercatone Uno) @ 1hr 14min 49sec
  41. Laurent Pillon (GB-MG-Technogym) @ 1hr 15min 24sec
  42. Santos Hernandez (Mapei) @ 1hr 15min 25sec
  43. Armand de las Cuevas (Banesto) @ 1hr 15min 39sec
  44. Jérôme Simon (Gan) @ 1hr 16min 14sec
  45. Roberto Gusmeroli (MG-GB-Technogym) @ 1hr 17min 15sec
  46. Rames Gainetdinov (Festina) @ 1hr 17min 24sec
  47. Bruno Cenghialta (Ariostea) @ 1hr 18min 19sec
  48. Kai Hundertmarck (Motorola) @ 1hr 22min 26sec
  49. Luis Filipe Moreno (Kelme) @ 1hr 24min 5sec
  50. Oscar Pellicioli (Gatorade) @ 1hr 34min 6sec
  51. Julio-Cesar Cadena (Kelme) @ 1h 34min 57sec
  52. Marco Saligari (Ariostea) @ 1hr 40min 48sec
  53. Massimo Podenzana (Navigare-Blue Storm) @ 1hr 41min 47sec
  54. Paolo Botarelli (Jolly Componibili-Club 88) @ 1hr 41min 52sec
  55. Gianluca Bortolami (Lampre) @ 1hr 42min 48sec
  56. Carlo Finco (Festina) @ 1hr 45min 33sec
  57. Franco Vona (MG-GB-Technogym) @ 1hr 46min 0sec
  58. Jos Van Aert (Festina) @ 1hr 46min 5sec
  59. Juan José Martinez (Kelme) @ 1hr 49min 45sec
  60. Guido Bontempi (Carrera) @ 1hr 50min 33sec
  61. Vladislav Bobrik (Mecair-Ballan) @ 1hr 50min 33sec
  62. Fabio Roscioli (Carrera) @ 1hr 51min 41sec
  63. Prudencio Indurain (Banesto) @ 1hr 53min 4sec
  64. Mario Chiesa (Carrera) @ 1hr 57min 53sec
  65. Mauro Santaromita (Ariostea) @ 1hr 59min 16sec
  66. Davide Cassani (Ariostea) @ 1hr 59min 27sec
  67. Mario Kummer (Telekom) @ 1hr 59min 41sec
  68. Erik Van Lancker (Festina) @ 2hr 1min 6sec
  69. Massimo Ghirotto (ZG-Mobili) @ 2hr 1min 55sec
  70. Rolf Aldag (Telekom) @ 2hr 3min 9sec
  71. Laurent Desbiens (Castorama) @ 2hr 5min 15sec
  72. José Luis de Santos (Banesto) @ 2hr 5min 28sec
  73. Acacio Da Silva (Lampre) @ 2hr 5min 45sec
  74. Maurizio Nuzzi (Jolly Componibili-Club 88) @ 2hr 7min 18sec
  75. Dario Bottaro (Mecair-Ballan) @ 2hr 7min 33sec
  76. Giancarlo Perini (ZG Mobili) @ 2hr 18min 11sec
  77. Michele Coppolillo (Navigare-Blu Storm) @ 2hr 18minh 18sec
  78. Falk Boden (Festina) @ 2hr 8min 54sec
  79. Carmelo Miranda (Artiach) @ 2hr 9min 49sec
  80. Adriano Baffi (Mercatone Uno) @ 2hr 9min 58sec
  81. Philippe Casado (Gan) @ 2hr 10min 5sec
  82. Flavio Vanzella (MG-GB-Technogym) @ 2hr 11min 19sec
  83. Andrei Teteriouk (Mapei) @ 2hr 12min 6sec
  84. Mariano Piccoli (Mercatone Uno) @ 2hr 12min 6sec
  85. Bruno Thibout (Castorama) @ 2hr 12min 41sec
  86. Francisco Espinosa (Artiach) @ 2hr 13min 38sec
  87. Stefano Colagè (ZG Molbili) @ 2hr 15min 8sec
  88. Fabio Baldato (MG-GB-Technogym) @ 2hr 15min 21sec
  89. Steve Bauer (Motorola) @ 2hr 16min 10sec
  90. Evgeni Berzin (Mecair-Ballan) @ 2hr 17min 19sec
  91. Björn Stenersen (Motorola) @ 2hr 21min 47sec
  92. Christophe Manin (Motorola) @ 2hr 22min 23sec
  93. Giuseppe Petito (Mercatone Uno) @ 2hr 22min 56sec
  94. Marco Zen (Lampre) @ 2hr 23min 32sec
  95. Francis Moreau (Gan) @ 2hr 28min 46sec
  96. Giuseppe Calcaterra (Amore & Vita) @ 2hr 29min 12sec
  97. Christian Henn (Telekom) @ 2hr 30min 0sec
  98. Roberto Caruso (ZG Mobili) @ 2hr 30min 9sec
  99. Maurizio Molinari (Amore & Vita) @ 2hr 30min 23sec
  100. Adri Van der Poel (Mercatone Uno) @ 2hr 30min 34sec
  101. Andrei Tchmil (MG-GB-Technogym) @ 2hr 30min 23sec
  102. Vicente Ridaura (Artiach) @ 2hr 32min 49sec
  103. Angelo Citracca (Navigare-Blue Storm) @ 2hr 32min 53sec
  104. Vincenzo Galati (Amore & Vita) @ 2hr 34min 34sec
  105. José Luis Arrieta (Banesto) @ 2hr 35min 9sec
  106. Endrio Leoni (Jolly Componibili-Club 88) @ 2hr 36min 11sec
  107. Fabio Casartelli (Artiach) @ 2hr 35min 15sec
  108. Youri Manouylov (Festina) @ 2hr 37min 7sec
  109. Dario Nicoletti (Mapei) @ 2hr 37min 12sec
  110. Stefano Allocchio (Lampre) @ 2hr 38min 24sec
  111. Francisco Cabello (Kelme) @ 2hr 38min 42sec
  112. Fabrizio Bontempi (Mapei) @ 2hr 39min 8sec
  113. Asiate Saitov (Kelme) @ 2hr 39min 46sec
  114. Asensio Navarro (Artiach) @ 2hr 41min 30sec
  115. Mario Scirea (Gatorade) @ 2hr 41min 43sec
  116. Americo Neves da Silva (Artiach) @ 2hr 41min 55sec
  117. Dante Rezze (Castorama) @ 2hr 42min 29sec
  118. Fabio Fontanelli (Navigare-Blue Storm) @ 2hr 42min 49sec
  119. Emmanuel Magnien (Castorama) @ 2hr 43min 25sec
  120. Erich Maechler (Jolly Componibili-Club 88) @ 2hr 47min 7sec
  121. Mario Manzoni (Gatorade) @ 2hr 47min 29sec
  122. Lubos Lom (Navigare-Blue Storm) @ 2hr 51min 29sec
  123. Jan Svorada (Lampre) @ 2hr 51min 54sec
  124. Andreas Kappes (Mecair-Ballan) @ 2hr 54min 22sec
  125. Michel Dernies (Motorola) @ 2hr 55min 37sec
  126. Stefano Zanatta (Gatorade) @ 2hr 58min 14sec
  127. Normam Alvis (Motorola) @ 3hr 1min 35sec
  128. Michele Moro (ZG Mobili) @ 3hr 4min 22sec
  129. Steve Larsen (Motorola) @ 3hr 4min 51sec
  130. Riccardo Forconi (Amore & Vita) @ 3hr 5min 52sec
  131. Eros Poli (MG-GB-Technogym) @ 3hr 12min 28sec
  132. Stefano Giraldi (Amore & Vita) @ 3hr 24min 19sec

Points Classification:

  1. Adriano Baffi (Mercatone Uno) : 228 points
  2. Maurizio Fondriest (Lampre): 187
  3. Miguel Indurain (Banesto): 167
  4. Fabio Baldato (MG-GB-Technogym): 164
  5. Moreno Argentin (Mecair-Ballan): 141

Climbers' Competition:

  1. Claudio Chiappucci (Carrera): 42 points
  2. Mariano Piccoli (Mercatone Uno): 40
  3. Miguel Indurain (Banesto), Maurizio Fondriest (Lampre): 33
  4. Piotr Ugrumov (Mecair-Ballan): 32

Young Rider:

  1. Pavel Tonkov (Lampre) 98hr 16min 55sec
  2. Wladimir Belli (Lampre) @ 11min 35sec
  3. Francesco Casagrande (Mercatone Uno) @ 1hr 7min 38sec
  4. Kai Hundertmarck (Motorola) @ 1hr 15min 15sec
  5. Vladislav Bobrik (Mecair-Ballan) @ 1hr 43min 22sec

Intergiro Classification

  1. Jan Svorada (Lampre): 53hr 10min 33sec
  2. Stefano Colagè (ZG Mobili) @ 40
  3. Miguel Indurain (Banesto) @ 41
  4. Adriano Baffi (Mercatone Uno)
  5. Piotr Ugrumov (Mecair-Ballan)

Team Classification (time)

  1. Lampre: 294hr 50min 53sec
  2. Carrera @ 2min 24sec
  3. Ariostea @ 6min 47sec
  4. Mecair-Ballan @ 9min 59sec
  5. Mercatone Uno @ 22min 56sec

Team Classification (points)

  1. Ariostea: 531 points
  2. Mercatone Uno: 460
  3. Lampre: 444
  4. Carrera: 417
  5. Mecair-Ballan: 383

1993 Giro stage results with running GC:

Sunday, May 23: Stage 1A, Porto Azzuro - Portoferraio, 85 km

Major ascents: Marciana, Monumento

  1. Moreno Argentin: 2hr 2min 48sec
  2. Marco Saligari @ 34sec
  3. Vladimir Poulnikov s.t.
  4. Massimi Ghirotto s.t.
  5. Bruno Lealli s.t.
  6. Zenon Jaskula s.t.
  7. Davide Cassani s.t.
  8. Adriano Baffi s.t.
  9. Andreas Kappes s.t.
  10. Dimitri Konyshev s.t.

Sunday, May 23: Stage 1B, Portoferraio 9 km individual time trial (cronometro)

  1. Maurizio Fondriest: 10min 38sec
  2. Miguel Indurain @ 2sec
  3. Eddy Seigneur @ 5sec
  4. Gianni Bugno @ 8sec
  5. Moreno Argentin @ 10sec
  6. Claudio Chiappucci @ 11sec
  7. Francis Moreau s.t.
  8. Luca Gelfi @ 14sec
  9. Massimiliano Lelli @ 18sec
  10. Francesco Casagrande s.t.

GC after Stage 1B:

  1. Moreno Argentin: 2hr 13min 24sec
  2. Maurizio Fondriest @ 36sec
  3. Miguel Indurain @ 38sec

Monday, May 24: Stage 2, Grosseto - Rieti, 224 km

Major ascent: Passo di Castelfranco

  1. Adriano Baffi: 5hr 52min 54sec
  2. Marco Saligari s.t.
  3. Dimitri Konyshev s.t.
  4. Massimo Ghirotto s.t.
  5. Kai Hundertmarck s.t.
  6. Juan Carlos Gonzalez s.t.
  7. Laurent Madouas s.t.
  8. Maurizio Fondriest s.t.
  9. Bruno Cenghialta s.t.
  10. Aleksandr Shefer s.t.

GC after Stage 2:

  1. Moreno Argentin: 8hr 6min 18sec
  2. Maurizio Fondriest @ 36sec
  3. Miguel Indurain @ 38sec

Tuesday, May 25: Stage 3, Rieti - Scanno, 153 km

Major ascent: Sella di Corno

  1. Piotr Ugrumov: 4hr 5min 47sec
  2. Enrico Zaina @ 2sec
  3. Luc Leblanc @ 5sec
  4. Stephen Roche @ 7sec
  5. Santos Hernandez s.t.
  6. Roberto Conti @ 10sec
  7. Franco Chioccioli @ 14sec
  8. Gianni Bugno @ 19sec
  9. Massimiliano Lelli s.t.
  10. Maurizio Fondriest s.t.

GC after Stage 3:

  1. Moreno Argentin: 12hr 12min 24sec
  2. Piotr Ugrumov @ 26sec
  3. Maurizio Fondriuest @ 38sec

Wednesday, May 26: Stage 4, Lago di Scanno - Marcianise, 179 km

Major ascents: Valico di Monte Godi, Rionero Sannitico, Valico di Macerone

  1. Fabio Baldato: 4hr 39min 16sec
  2. Mario Manzoni s.t.
  3. Endrio Leoni s.t.
  4. Fabio Roscioli s.t.
  5. Adriano Baffi s.t.
  6. Fabio Casartelli s.t.
  7. Laurent Brochard s.t.
  8. Marco Saligari s.t.
  9. Fabiano Fontanelli s.t.
  10. Asiate Saitov s.t.

GC after Stage 4:

  1. Moreno Argentin: 16hr 51min 40sec
  2. Piotr Ugrumov @ 26sec
  3. Maurizio Fondriest @ 35sec

Thursday, May 27: Stage 5, Paestum - Terme Luigiane, 210 km

Major ascent: Montano Antilia

  1. Dimitri Konyshev: 5hr 38min 53sec
  2. Stefano Della santa @ 2sec
  3. Flavio Giupponi @ 3sec
  4. Maurizio Fondriest s.t.
  5. Luc Leblanc @ 4sec
  6. Giorgio Furlan s.t.
  7. Adriano Baffi s.t.
  8. Massmiliano Lelli s.t.
  9. Gianni Bugno s.t.
  10. Miguel Indurain s.t.

GC after Stage 5:

  1. Moreno Argentin: 22hr 30min 37sec
  2. Piotr Ugrumov @ 26sec
  3. Maurizio Fondriest @ 35sec

Friday, May 28: Stage 6, Villafranca Tirrena - Messina, 130 km

Major ascents: Portella San Rizzo x 2

  1. Guido Bontempi: 3hr 6min 44sec
  2. Adriano Baffi s.t.
  3. Gianni Bugno s.t.
  4. Massimo Ghirotto s.t.
  5. Dimitri Konyshev s.t.
  6. Laurent Brochard s.t.
  7. Franco Chioccioli s.t.
  8. Maurizio Fondriest s.t.
  9. Udo Bölts s.t.
  10. Marco Saligari s.t.

GC after Stage 6:

  1. Moreno Argentin: 25hr 37min 21sec
  2. Piotr Ugrumov @ 26sec
  3. Maurizio Fondriest @ 35sec

Saturday, May 29: Stage 7, Capo d'Orlando - Agrigento, 240 km

Major ascents: Colle del Contrasto, Enna

  1. Bjarne Riis: 6hr 55min 19sec
  2. Michele Coppolillo s.t.
  3. Giancarlo Perini @ 3sec
  4. Fabio Baldato, Endrio Leoni (tie) @ 1min 21sec
  5. Adriano Baffi s.t.
  6. Mario Manzoni s.t.
  7. Uwe Raab s.t.
  8. Maurizio Molinari s.t.
  9. Bruno Risi s.t.

GC after Stage 7:

  1. Moreno Argentin: 32min 34min 1sec
  2. Piotr Ugrumov @ 26sec
  3. Maurizio Fondriest @ 35sec

Sunday, May 30: Stage 8, Agrigento - Palermo, 140 km

Major ascent: Roccapalumba

  1. Adriano Baffi: 3hr 28min 35sec
  2. Endrio Leoni s.t.
  3. Fabio Baldato s.t.
  4. Stefano Allocchio s.t.
  5. Mario Manzoni s.t.
  6. Jan Svorada s.t.
  7. Uwe Raab s.t.
  8. Kai Hundertmarck s.t.
  9. Americo Neves da Silva s.t.
  10. Fabio Casartelli s.t.

GC after Stage 8:

  1. Moreno Argentin: 36hr 2min 36sec
  2. Piotr Ugrumov @ 26sec
  3. Maurizio Fondriest @ 35sec

Monday, May 31: Stage 9, Montelibretti - Fabriano, 216 km

Major Ascents: Forca dell'Areone, Valico Monte Moro, Collegiglioni

  1. Giorgio Furlan: 5hr 38min 14sec
  2. Mario Chiesa s.t.
  3. Enrico Zaina s.t.
  4. Mario Manzoni @ 7sec
  5. Fabio Baldato s.t.
  6. Endrio Leoni s.t.
  7. Adriano Baffi s.t.
  8. Juan Carlos Gonzalez s.t.
  9. Falk Boden s.t.
  10. Kai Hundertmarck s.t.

GC after Stage 9:

  1. Moreno Argentin: 41hr 40min 57sec
  2. Piotr Ugrumov @ 26sec
  3. Maruizio Fondriest @ 35sec

Tuesday, June 1: Stage 10, Senigallia 28 km individual time trial (cronometro)

  1. Miguel Indurain: 35min 16sec
  2. Armand de las Cuevas @ 52sec
  3. Maurizio Fondriest @ 57sec
  4. Moreno Argentin @ 1min 0sec
  5. Luca Gelfi @ 1min 1sec
  6. Piotr Ugrumov @ 1min 5sec
  7. Claudio Chiappucci @ 1min 14sec
  8. Zenon Jaskula @ 1min 28sec
  9. Massimiliano Lelli @ 1min 31sec
  10. Franco Chioccioli @ 1min 42sec
  11. Laurent Brochard s.t.
  12. Pavel Tonkov s.t.
  13. Laurent Bezault @ 1min 46sec
  14. Giancarlo Perini s.t.
  15. Stephen Roche @ 1min 53sec

GC after Stage 10:

  1. Miguel Indurain: 42hr 16min 51sec
  2. Moreno Argentin @ 22sec
  3. Piotr Ugrumov @ 53sec

Wednesday, June 2: Stage 11, Senigallia - Dozza, 184 km

  1. Fabiano Fontanelli: 4hr 17min 42sec
  2. Dario Bottaro @ 1sec
  3. Valerio Tebaldi @ 4sec
  4. Mario Manzoni @ 6sec
  5. Laurent Pillon s.t.
  6. Fabio Casartelli @ 8sec
  7. Stefano Allocchio s.t.
  8. Gialuca Bortlami s.t.
  9. Fabio Roscioli s.t.
  10. Bruno Leali s.t.

GC after Stage 11:

  1. Bruno Leali: 46hr 37min 57sec
  2. Miguel Indurain @ 6sec
  3. Marco Giovannetti @ 13sec

Thursday, June 3: Stage 12, Dozza - Asiago, 239 km

Major ascent: Fontanelle

  1. Dimitri Konyshev: 6hr 25min 9sec
  2. Maurizio Fondriest s.t.
  3. Enrico Zaina s.t.
  4. Franco Chioccioli s.t.
  5. Luca Gelfi s.t.
  6. Vladimir Poulnikov s.t.
  7. Giorgio Furlan s.t.
  8. Laurent Brochard s.t.
  9. Marco Pantani s.t.
  10. Fabio Bordonali s.t.

GC after Stage 12:

  1. Bruno Leali: 53hr 3min 50sec
  2. Miguel Indurain @ 6sec
  3. Maurizio Fondriest @ 15sec

Friday, June 4: Stage 13, Asiago - Corvara in Badia, 220 km

Major ascents: Passo di Vazzena, Passo di Eores, Passo delle Erbe

  1. Moreno Argentin: 6hr 13min 40sec
  2. Massimiliano Lelli s.t.
  3. Gianni Bugno s.t.
  4. Miguel Indurain s.t.
  5. Maurizio Fondriest s.t.
  6. Bruno Leali s.t.
  7. Vladimir Poulnikov s.t.
  8. Giorgio Furlan s.t.
  9. Andrew Hampsten s.t.
  10. Claudio Chiappucci s.t.

GC after Stage 13:

  1. Bruno Leali: 59hr 17min 30sec
  2. Miguel Indurain @ 6sec
  3. Moreno Argentin @ 7sec

Saturday, June 5: Stage 14, Corvara in Badia - Corvara in Badia, 245 km

Major ascents: Passo di Constalunga, Passo Pordoi, Passo di Fedaia, Passo Pordoi, Passo di Campolongo

  1. Claudio Chiappucci: 7hr 27min 34sec
  2. Miguel Indurain @ 1sec
  3. Vladimir Poulnikov s.t.
  4. Pavel Tonkov s.t.
  5. Massimiliano Lelli s.t.
  6. Piotr Ugrumov @ 20sec
  7. Nelson Rodriguez @ 3min 10sec
  8. Maurizio Fondriest @ 3min 10sec
  9. Andrew Hampsten @ 3min 48sec
  10. Flavio Giupponi @ 4min 53sec
  11. Stephen Roche s.t.
  12. Roberto Conti @ 5min 44sec
  13. Marco Pantani @ 5min 58sec
  14. Thierry Bourguignon @ 6min 0sec
  15. Luc Leblanc s.t.

GC after Stage 14:

  1. Miguel Indurain: 66hr 45min 3sec
  2. Piotr Ugrumov @ 49sec
  3. Claudio Chiappucci @ 1min 18sec

Sunday, June 6: Stage 15, Corvara in Badia - Lumezzane, 263 km

Major ascents: Passo di Gardena, Andalo, Colle San Eusebio, Lumezzane

  1. Davide Cassani: 7hr 22min 4sec
  2. Moreno Argentin @ 46sec
  3. Flavio Giupponi @ 48sec
  4. Piotr Ugrumov s.t.
  5. Maurizio Fondriest s.t.
  6. Miguel Indurain s.t.
  7. Claudio Chiappucci s.t.
  8. Luis Filipe Moreno @ 53sec
  9. Laurent Brochard @ 59sec
  10. Pavel Tonkov s.t.

GC after Stage 15:

  1. Miguel Indurain: 74hr 7min 55sec
  2. Piotr Ugrumov @ 49sec
  3. Claudio Chiappucci @ 1min 18sec

Monday, June 7: Stage 16, Lumezzane - Borgo Val di Taro, 181 km

  1. Fabio Baldato: 4hr 27min 40sec
  2. Maurizio Fondriest s.t.
  3. Fabiano Fontanelli s.t.
  4. Andreas Kappes s.t.
  5. Endrio Leoni s.t.
  6. Dimitri Konyshev s.t.
  7. Stefano Zanata s.t.
  8. Emmanuel Magnien s.t.
  9. Andrei Teteriouk s.t.
  10. Bruno Cenghialta s.t.

GC after Stage 16:

  1. Miguel Indurain: 78hr 35min 55sec
  2. Piotr Ugrumov @ 49sec
  3. Claudio Chiappucci @ 1min 18sec

Tuesday, June 8: Stage 17, Varazze - Chianale, 223 km

Major ascents: Colle di Melogno, Colle dei Giovetti, Chianale

  1. Marco Saligari: 6hr 7min 0sec
  2. Gianluca Bortolami @ 1min 12sec
  3. Mauroi Santaromita @ 1min 14sec
  4. Adriano Baffi @ 3min 40sec
  5. Laurent Desbiens @ 5min 6sec
  6. Maurizio Fondriest @ 9min 16sec
  7. Piotr Ugrumov s.t.
  8. Massimiliano Lelli s.t.
  9. Claudio Chiappucci s.t.
  10. Miguel Indurain s.t.

GC after Stage 17:

  1. Miguel Indurain: 84hr 51min 51sec
  2. Piotr Ugrumov @ 49sec
  3. Claudio Chiappucci @ 1min 18sec

Wednesday, June 9: Stage 18, Sampeyre - Fossano, 150 km

Major ascent: Colle Isasca

  1. Adriano Baffi: 3hr 22min 0sec
  2. Jan Svorada s.t.
  3. Fabio Baldato s.t.
  4. Fabiano Fontanelli s.t.
  5. Fabio Casartelli s.t.
  6. Mario Manzoni s.t.
  7. Maurizio fondriest s.t.
  8. Endrio Leoni s.t.
  9. Falk Boden s.t.
  10. Steve Bauer s.t.

GC after Stage 18:

  1. Miguel Indurain: 88hr 13min 51sec
  2. Piotr Ugrumov @ 49sec
  3. Claudio Chiappucci @ 1min 18sec

Thursday, June 10: Stage 19, Pinerolo - Sestriere 55 km individual time trial (cronometro)

Major ascent: Sestriere

  1. Miguel Indurain: 1hr 36min 29sec
  2. Piotr Ugrumov @ 45sec
  3. Moreno Argentin @ 2min 17sec
  4. Zenon Jaskula @ 2min 48sec
  5. Flavio Vanzella @ 3min 37sec
  6. Carlo Finco @ 3min 43sec
  7. Massimiliano Lelli @ 3min 52sec
  8. Pavel Tonkov @ 3min 55sec
  9. Cladio Chiappucci @ 4min 15sec
  10. Rolf Aldag @ 4min 24sec
  11. Franco Chioccioli @ 4min 49sec
  12. Franco Vona @ 5min 16sec
  13. Mario Chiesa @ 5min 24sec
  14. Giancarlo Perini @ 5min 48sec
  15. Fabio Casartelli @ 6min 5sec

GC after Stage 19

  1. Miguel Indurain: 89hr 50min 20sec
  2. Piotr Ugrumov @ 1min 34sec
  3. Claudio Chiappucci @ 5min 33sec

Friday, June 11: Stage 20, Torino - Santuario di Oropa, 162 km

Major ascents: Valico di Bielmonte, Oropa

  1. Massimo Ghirotto: 4hr 18min 19sec
  2. Marco Giovannetti @ 21sec
  3. Laurent Madouas @ 47sec
  4. Abelardo Rondon @ 57sec
  5. Piotr Ugrumov @ 1min 52sec
  6. Stephen Roche @ 1min 56sec
  7. Moreno Argentin @ 2min 1sec
  8. Claudio Chiappucci @ 2min 22sec
  9. Pavel Tonkov @ 2min 25sec
  10. Miguel Indurain @ 2min 28sec
  11. Wladimir Belli @ 2min 31sec
  12. Massimiliano Lelli @ 2min 56sec
  13. Zenon Jaskula @ 3min 15sec
  14. Flavio Giupponi @ 3min 17sec
  15. Enrico Zaina @ 3min 30sec

GC after Stage 20:

  1. Miguel Indurain: 94hr 11min 7sec
  2. Piotr Ugrumov @ 58sec
  3. Claudio Chiappucci @ 5min 27sec

Saturday, June 12: 21st and Final Stage, Biella - Milano, 166 km

  1. Fabio Baldato: 3hr 58min 37sec
  2. Endrio Leoni s.t.
  3. Mario Manzoni s.t.
  4. Adriano Baffi s.t.
  5. Stefano Allocchio s.t.
  6. Emmanuel Magnien s.t.
  7. Steve Bauer s.t.
  8. Andreas Kappes s.t.
  9. Dimitri Konyshev s.t.
  10. Jan Svorada s.t.

1993 Giro d'Italia Complete Final General Classification

The Story of the 1993 Giro d'Italia

This excerpt is from "The Story of the Giro d'Italia", Volume 2. If you enjoy it we hope you will consider purchasing the book, either print or electronic. The Amazon link here will make either purchase easy.

This Giro had a good helping of foreign teams: Telekom from Germany; Motorola from the U.S.; Kelme, a Spanish team mostly made up of Colombians; GAN from France; Festina, registered in Andorra but with riders from all over; Artiach and Banesto from Spain. They would be competing in what was regarded as one of the hillier Giri in recent history.

Bugno’s 1992 had been creditable with a third in the Tour and a second consecutive World Championship, but the days when he could win almost at will seemed to have passed.

That ability was present in the returning Giro champion, Induráin, who had followed up his 1992 Giro win with a commanding Tour victory, putting him in the elite club of Giro/Tour winners Coppi, Merckx, Hinault and Roche. Induráin caught a lot of grief from his countrymen for taking a pass on the Vuelta to again ride the Giro. But at the time, the Giro was still ridden what might be called Italian style, with the riders going at a moderate tempo until the last hour, which was raced all out; perfect training for the Tour. Greg LeMond was also hoping the Giro might again bring him to top form.

The first day of racing was on the island of Elba, off the coast of Tuscany, where Napoleon had been sent for his first exile. It was a split-stage day with the first half an 85-kilometer road race to Portoferraio. Moreno Argentin left a small breakaway on the final climb and soloed in with a 34-second advantage on the field. What was most interesting about the stage was that once it was clear that Argentin’s break was looking good, Induráin had his team start bringing it back. Induráin was already riding the Giro as if he were the leader.

The afternoon 9-kilometer time trial was won by Maurizio Fondriest with Induráin only two seconds slower.

Muarizio Fondriest winning Stage 1B

Fondriest riding to victory in stage 1B

The General Classification:
1. Moreno Argentin
2. Maurizio Fondriest @ 36 seconds
3. Miguel Induráin @ 38 seconds
4. Eddy Seigneur @ 41 seconds
5. Gianni Bugno @ 44 seconds

Upon landing in the Tuscan coastal city of Grosseto, the Giro headed southeast. By the end of the third stage with its uphill finish in the small town of Scanno, the race was due east of Rome. Argentin’s Mecair team pulled a smart move. Rather than putting the team at the front to ride tempo all day to police the pack, Piotr Ugrumov was sent to join a break. The gambit was successful. Ugrumov jetted from the escape to a solo win. Induráin was forced to put his team to work controlling the break while Argentin’s Mecair riders sat in and enjoyed the ride, not needing to chase down their own teammate. Ugrumov was now in second place.

As the race headed south for three days of racing in Sicily under a terrible baking sun, the top of the leaderboard didn’t change. The race transferred to Montelibretti, near Rome, for a race to Fabriano in Le Marche. Again, no changes to the important standings nor any meaningful action.

That would end with the stage ten 28-kilometer individual time trial in Senigallia. Induráin simply smashed the other hopefuls, beating Argentin by a minute while Ugrumov lost 65 seconds. Bugno’s performance was poor enough to effectively remove him from contention.

The General Classification stood thus:
1. Miguel Induráin
2. Moreno Argentin @ 22 seconds
3. Piotr Ugrumov @ 53 seconds
4. Maurizio Fondriest @ 54 seconds

The next day’s stage went from the Adriatic coast to the hilltop town of Dozza, near Imola, and was ridden in a terrible downpour. A fuga di bidone was allowed to get a sizable gap; Fabiano Fontanelli led in the first of the scattered breaks 3 minutes 29 seconds ahead of the Induráin group. That led to a slightly reordered General Classification because some of the members of the break were not far down in time.
1. Bruno Leali
2. Miguel Induráin @ 6 seconds
3. Marco Giovannetti @ 13 seconds
4. Moreno Argentin @ 29 seconds
5. Piotr Ugrumov @ 1 minute 0 seconds

Leali and his Mercatone Uno team had their hands full defending the Pink Jersey. Stage twelve went to Asiago with a second-category climb in the way, and as soon as the racing started, so did the attacks, and they kept coming and coming. A small group did escape, but despite all of the day’s action, the contenders finished together.

After the stage, Stephen Roche said that there were two races, one for the maglia rosa, which was already partly conceded to Induráin, and one for the first Italian, something that is usually true of any national tour with a dominant foreigner. Some observers thought Induráin looked less than his usually all-powerful self, but to this writer he looked the same, not bothering to waste a single watt and content to let Leali’s Mercatone Uno squad do all the work of controlling the race.

Stage thirteen might not give him that luxury. It was the first Dolomite stage with two hard passes near the end of the day, the Passo di Eores and the Passo delle Erbe before arriving in Corvara.

On the Eores a couple of small groups escaped and halfway up Andy Hampsten jumped, with Ugrumov and Massimiliano Lelli coming along for company. The three stayed together with Hampsten doing the lion’s share of the work and Lelli doing none. Further back, seeing that Ugrumov was the virtual Pink Jersey, Mercatone Uno worked like dogs to minimize the gap. Throughout most of the stage Leali remained glued like a limpet to Induráin.

After the Erbe, the Hampsten trio still had over a minute. Induráin’s Banesto riders threw their weight into the chase and then finally Induráin and Leali started working the front, there being no sense in toying with a threat like Ugrumov. As the break closed in on the finish at Corvara, Gianni Bugno jumped away from the chasers and bridged the gap to the lead trio. The pack caught the break just at the line allowing Argentin to win a second stage. Confounding the experts, Leali kept his lead for another day.

If Leali thought defending the lead in stage thirteen had been difficult, stage fourteen looked even more daunting. The day’s racing served up several category one climbs, generally the hardest rating in the Giro: the Costalunga, two ascents of the Pordoi, the Marmolada and the Campolongo. Moreover, the day was brutally long at 245 kilometers.

Several riders, including Bugno—under intense pressure from the press to perform some sort of epic exploit—escaped before the Marmolada. On that almost interminable climb, the Spaniard looked for no help while setting such a hot pace that by the time his small group went over the top all the escapees had been reeled in and the few riders who remained with him looked to be holding on like grim death. Bugno had gone too deep for too long on the Marmolada and by the time he reached the crest he was pedaling squares with exhaustion written on his face.

On the second crossing of the Pordoi, Induráin had Lelli, Poulnikov, Chiappucci, Pavel Tonkov and Ugrumov with him. Thirty-two seconds back, Hampsten was in a small group with Fondriest, who was desperate to get back on terms with the leaders. Through the rain they chased, but at the top of the Pordoi the gap had grown from 32 seconds to over a minute. In trouble, Leali crested over four minutes after Induráin.

The Induráin group stayed away with Chiappucci winning the sprint after 7 hours 27 minutes of hard racing. Ugrumov was gapped at the end by 20 seconds and Induráin was back in pink.
1. Miguel Induráin
2. Piotr Ugrumov @ 49 seconds
3. Claudio Chiappucci @ 1 minute 18 seconds
4. Massimiliano Lelli @ 1 minute 38 seconds

The Giro headed out of the Dolomites and turned west. On the eighteenth stage, a young rider on Chiappucci’s squad named Marco Pantani abandoned his first Giro.

Miguel Indurain in pionk with Claudi Chiappucci

Indurain in pink with Claudio Chiappucci (in green jersey) on his wheel.

There were no mighty Alpine stages scheduled, but stage nineteen was a 55-kilometer uphill time trial to Sestriere. This was one of the last two chances to upset Induráin and it was on his own turf, a race against the clock.

True to form, Induráin won the stage and extended his lead. Ugrumov, showing that he deserved second place in the General Classification, was second in the time trial.

Ugrumov wasn’t giving up. The penultimate stage had a ten-kilometer climb to its hilltop finish at Oropa. Ugrumov attacked and attacked, trying to bludgeon the Spaniard into submission, and each time Induráin closed the gap. Induráin detested these constant accelerations and looked to be tiring. Finally Ugrumov let loose another bolt of speed and Induráin could not resist. He had cracked. As Induráin slowed, Chiappucci and several riders who had been dropped sped by. Ugrumov dug deep, trying to erase the 94-second gap that separated him from the Pink Jersey. But at the top, he fell short by 58 seconds.That made two Giri in a row for the Spaniard.

Final 1993 Giro d’Italia General Classification:
1. Miguel Induráin (Banesto) 98 hours 9 minutes 44 seconds
2. Piotr Ugrumov (Mecair-Ballan) @ 58 seconds
3. Claudio Chiappucci (Carrera Jeans-Tassoni) @ 5 minutes 27 seconds
4. Massimiliano Lelli (Ariostea) @ 6 minutes 9 seconds
5. Pavel Tonkov (Lampre-Polti) @ 7 minutes 11 seconds

Climbers’ Competition:
1. Claudio Chiappucci (Carrera Jeans-Tassoni): 42 points
2. Mariano Piccoli (Mercatone Uno-Medeghini): 40
3. Miguel Induráin (Banesto): 33

Points Competition:
1. Adriano Baffi (Mercatone Uno-Medeghini): 228 points
2. Maurizio Fondriest (Lampre-Polti): 187
3. Miguel Induráin (Banesto): 167