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1992 Giro d'Italia

75th edition: May 24- June 14

Results, stages with running GC, map, profile, photos and history

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Map of the 1992 Giro d'Italia

1992 Giro d'Italia Race Profile

Proifle of the 1992 Giro d'Italia

1992 Giro d'Italia profile

1992 Giro Quick Facts:

3,843 kilometer raced at an average speed of 38.09 km/hr

180 starters and 148 classified finishers

Miguel Indurain's (winner of the 1991 Tour de France) announced intention was to ride the Giro conservatively, as training for the Tour. But in the third stage, Indurain and Claudio Chiappucci raced hard, making Indurain's intentions clear. Indurain took the lead in the third stage and never gave it up. He used his normal strategy of containing his adversaries in the mountains and smashing them in the time trials.

1992 Giro d'Italia Complete Final General Classification:

  1. Miguel Indurain (Banesto): 103hr 36min 8sec
  2. Claudio Chiappucci (Carrera) @ 5min 12sec
  3. Franco Chioccioli (GB-MB) @ 7min 16sec
  4. Marco Giovannetti (Gatorade-Chateau d'Ax) @ 8min 1sec
  5. Andrew Hampsten (Motorola) @ 9min 16sec
  6. Franco Vona (GB-MG) @ 11min 12sec
  7. Pavel Tonkov (Lampre) @ 17min 15sec
  8. Luis Herrera (Postobon- Ryalcao) @ 17min 53sec
  9. Roberto Conti (Ariostea) @ 19min 14sec
  10. Bruno Cornillet (Z) @ 20min 3sec
  11. Uwe Ampler (Telekom) @ 21min 12sec
  12. Massimiliano Lelli (Ariostea) @ 21min 50sec
  13. Gianni Faresin (ZG Mobili) @ 26min 5sec
  14. Flavio Giupponi (Marcatone Uno) @ 27min 41sec
  15. Juan-Tomas Martinez (Festina) @ 32min 20sec
  16. Ramon Gonzalez (Festina) @ 33min 46sec
  17. Zenon Jaskula (GB-MG) @ 35min 46sec
  18. Bruno Lealli (Mercatone Uno) @ 43min 18sec
  19. Giorgio Furlan (Ariostea) @ 51min 42sec
  20. Piotr Ugrumov (Seur) @ 56min 40sec
  21. Paolo Botarelli (Jolly Componibili-Club 88) @ 57min 22sec
  22. Fabrice Philippot (Banesto) @ 1hr 1min 29sec
  23. Ivan Gotti (Gatorade-Chateau d'Ax) @ 1hr 1min 36sec
  24. Nelson Rodriguez (ZG-Mobili) @ 1hr 2min 22sec
  25. Dominique Arnould (Castorama) @ 1hr 5min 37sec
  26. Efrain Rico (Postobon-Ryalcao) @ 1hr 6min 44sec
  27. Jens Heppner (Telekom) @ 1hr 8min 44sec
  28. Enrico Zaina (Mercatone Uno) @ 1hr 10min 20sec
  29. Alberto Volpi (Gatorade-Chateau d'Ax) @ 1hr 12min 9sec
  30. Gérard Rué (Castorama) @ 1hr 18min 43sec
  31. Udo Bolts (Telekom) @ 1hr 20min 29sec
  32. Fabian Fuchs (Banesto) @ 1hr 29min 22sec
  33. Philippe Casado (Z) @ 1hr 32min 16sec
  34. Rames Gainetdinov (Festina) @ 1hr 32min 53sec
  35. Olaf Jentzsch (Tulip Computers) @ 1hr 44min 34sec
  36. Josef Holzmann (Telekom) @ 1hr 46min 18sec
  37. Laurent Fignon (Gatorade) @ 1hr 48min 7sec
  38. Armand De Las Cuevas (Banesto) @ 1hr 49min 0sec
  39. Gerardo Moncada (Postobon-Ryalcao) @ 1hr 51min 9sec
  40. Guido Bontempi (Carrera) @ 1hr 54min 2sec
  41. Henry Cardenas (Carrera) @ 1hr 58min 33sec
  42. Giancarlo Perini (Carrera) @ 2hr 4min 13sec
  43. Abelardo Rondon (Gatorade-Chateau d'Ax) @ 2hr 4min 13sec
  44. Urs Zimmermann (Motorola) @ 2hr 5min 53sec
  45. Nico Emonds (Mercatone Uno) @ 2hr 6min 10sec
  46. Acacio Da Silva (Festina) @ 2hr 9min 33sec
  47. Zbigniew Spruch (Lampre) @ 2hr 10min 46sec
  48. Harry Lodge (Tulip Computers) @ 2hr 10min 58sec
  49. Anselmo Fuerte (ONCE) @ 2hr 13min 18sec
  50. Davide Perona (ZG Mobili) @ 2hr 13min 29sec
  51. Luis Espinosa (Postobon-Ryalcao) @ 2hr 16min 48sec
  52. Marcello Siboni (Jolly Componibili-Club 88) @ 2hr 17min 36sec
  53. Laurent Bezault (Z) @ 2hr 22min 57sec
  54. Felice Puttini (ZG Mobili) @ 2hr 24min 30sec
  55. Massimo Ghirotto (Carrera) @ 2hr 24min 51sec
  56. Pascal Richard (Festina) @ 2hr 25min 6sec
  57. Neil Stephens (ONCE) @ 2hr 25min 34sec
  58. Ruben Marin (Postobon-Ryalco) @ 2hr 27min 56sec
  59. Fabrizio Settembrini (Italbonifica-Navigare) @ 2hr 30min 53sec
  60. Marek Szerszynski (Lampre) @ 2hr 31min 48sec
  61. François Simon (Castorama) @ 2hr 37min 25sec
  62. Julio-Cesar Ortegon (Postobon-Ryalco) @ 2hr 38min 52sec
  63. Roberto Gusmeroli (MG-GB) @ 2hr 40min 35sec
  64. Gianuca Bortolami @ 2hr 42min 43sec
  65. Luca Gelfi (MG-GB) @ 2hr 48min 13sec
  66. Davide Bramati (Lampre) @ 2hr 49min 30sec
  67. Viktor Klimov (Seur) @ 2hr 51min 34sec
  68. Giuseppe Petito (Mercatone Uno) @ 2hr 52min 40sec
  69. Germano Pierdomenico (Mercatone Uno) @ 2hr 53min 36sec
  70. Mauro Gianetti (Festina) @ 2hr 53min 39sec
  71. Alessandro Gianelli (Carrera) @ 2hr 53min 46sec
  72. Javier Aldanondo (ONCE) @ 2hr 55min 17sec
  73. Thomas Davy (Castorama) @ 2hr 55min 52sec
  74. Peter Farazijn (Telekom) @ 2hr 59min 59sec
  75. Mauro Santaromita (Gatorade-Chateau d'Ax) @ 2hr 59min 7sec
  76. Flavio Vanzella (MG-GB) @ 2hr 59min 42sec
  77. Javier Luquin (Banesto) @ 3hr 0min 17sec
  78. José Urea (Seur) @ 3hr 1min 24sec
  79. Massimio Podenzana (Italbonifica-Navigare) @ 3hr 2min 4sec
  80. Jose-Ramon Uriarte (Banesto) @ 3hr 4min 19sec
  81. Christian Henn (Telekom) @ 3hr 4min 57sec
  82. Pedro Diaz-Zabala (ONCE) @ 3hr 6min 59sec
  83. Andrea Ferrigato (Ariostea) @ 3hr 10min 39sec
  84. Michel Dernies (Motorola) @ 3hr 13min 14sec
  85. Mario Mantovan (ZG Mobili) @ 3hr 15min 0sec
  86. Brian Holm (Tulip Computers) @ 3hr 15min 49sec
  87. Sean Yates (Motorola)@ 3hr 17min 1sec
  88. Maximilian Sciandri (Motorola) @ 3hr 17min 58sec
  89. Maurizio Piovani (Lampre) @ 3hr 19min 29sec
  90. Therry Gouvenou (Z) 3hr 28min 48sec
  91. Lubos Lom (Italbonifica-Navigare) @ 3hr 22min 35sec
  92. Steve Bauer (Motorola) @ 3hr 22min 41sec
  93. Remigius Lupeikis (Postobon-Ryalcao) @ 3hr 24min 41sec
  94. Rodolfo Massi (Jolly Componibili-Club 88) @ 3hr 27min 52sec
  95. Fabio Roscioli (Carrera) @ 3hr 28min 52sec
  96. Jonas Romanovas (Postobon-Ryalcao) @ 3hr 28min 32sec
  97. Marco Lietti (Ariostea) @ 3hr 28min 54sec
  98. Marco Scaligari (Ariostea) @ 3hr 30min 23sec
  99. Silvio Martinello (Mercatone Uno) @ 3hr 31min 43sec
  100. Angelo Canzonieri (Mercatone Uno) @ 3hr 32min 56sec
  101. Bjarne Riis (Ariostea) @ 3hr 38min 36sec
  102. Stefano Zanini (Italbonifica-Navigare) @ 3hr 29min 17sec
  103. Luis-Maria Diaz de Otazu (ONCE) @ 3hr 39min 33sec
  104. Jacky Durand (Castorama) @ 3hr 44min 33sec
  105. Davide Cassini (Ariostea) @ 3hr 40min 52sec
  106. Christophe Capelle (Z) @ 3hr 42min 33sec
  107. Pascal Lance (Z) @ 3hr 44min 33sec
  108. Salvatore Criscione (Jolly Componibili-Club 88) @ 3hr 47min 12sec
  109. Søren Lilholt (Tulip Computers) @ 3hr 49min 5sec
  110. Ivan Alemany (Seur) @ 3hr 49min 9sec
  111. Juan Valbuena (Festina) @ 3hr 49min 31sec
  112. Eddy Seigneur (Z) @ 3hr 53min 56sec
  113. Adriano Baffi (Ariostea) @ 3hr 55min 13sec
  114. Stefan Zanatta (Gatorade-Chateau d'Ax) @ 3hr 55min 47sec
  115. Malcom Elliott (Seur) @ 3hr 57min 20sec
  116. Brian Walton (Motorola) @ 3hr 58min 39sec
  117. Fabio Convalle (Amore & Vita-Fanini) @ 3hr 59min 40sec
  118. Giovanni Fidanza (Gatorade-Chateau d'Ax) @ 3hr 59min 54sec
  119. Diego Trepin (ZG Mobili) @ 4hr 1min 16sec
  120. Alessio Di Basco (Amore & Vita-Fanini) @ 4hr 2min 38sec
  121. Andreas Kappes (Telekom) @ 4hr 4min 59sec
  122. Jan Svorada (Lampre) @ 4hr 5min 32sec
  123. Rudy Rogiers (Tulip Computers) @ 4hr 6min 38sec
  124. Jan Schur (Motorola) @ 4hr 7min 19sec
  125. Gianluigi Barsotelli (Amore & Vita-Fanini) @ 4hr 9min 40sec
  126. Mario Cipollini (MG-GB) @ 4hr 10min 2sec
  127. Thierry Marie (Castorama) @ 4hr 11min 12sec
  128. Francesco Cesarini (MG-GB) @ 4hr 11min 45sec
  129. Daniel Steiger (Jolly Componibili-Club 88) @ 4hr 13min 28sec
  130. Alan Peiper (Tulip Computers) @ 4hr 15min 9sec
  131. José-Luis Santamaria (Banesto) @ 4hr 15min 24sec
  132. Prudencio Indurain (Banesto) @ 4hr 15min 26sec
  133. Stefano Cattai (Jolly Componibili) @ 4hr 17min 24sec
  134. Johan Lammerts (Z) @ 4hr 17min 27sec
  135. Giovanni Strazzer (ZG Mobili) @ 4hr 20min 54sec
  136. Fabrizio Bontempi (Lampre) @ 4hr 21min 11sec
  137. Dario Nicoletti (Lampre) @ 4hr 23min 32sec
  138. Giuseppe Calcaterra (Amore & Vita-Fanini) @ 4hr 25min 55sec
  139. Dario Mariuzzo (Jolly Componibili-Club 88) @ 4hr 26min 56sec
  140. Massino Strazzer (Jolly Componibili-Club 88) @ 4hr 27min 57sec
  141. Stefano Giraldi (Amore & Vita-Fanini) @ 4hr 30min 33sec
  142. Fabiano Fontanelli (Italbonifica-Navigare) @ 4hr 31min 2sec
  143. Norman Alvis (Motorola) @ 4hr 31min 22sec
  144. Bernd Groene (Telekom) @ 4hr 33min 53sec
  145. Markus Schleicher (Telekom) @ 4hr 34min 28sec
  146. José-Luis Villanueva (ONCE) @ 4hr 35min 45sec
  147. Maurizio Molinari (Amore & Vita-Fanini) @ 4hr 39min 42sec
  148. Eros Poli (MG-GB) @ 4hr 40min 37sec

Points Classification:

  1. Mario Cipollini (GB-MG): 236 points
  2. Miguel Indurain (Banesto): 208
  3. Maximilian Sciandri (Motorola): 177
  4. Claudio Chiappucci (Carrera): 171
  5. Franco Chioccioli (GB-MG): 148

Climbers' Competition:

  1. Claudio Chiappucci (Carrera): 76 points
  2. Roberto Conti (Ariostea): 45
  3. Miguel Indurain (Banesto): 35
  4. Giorgio Furlan (Ariostea): 31
  5. Giuseppe Calcaterra (Amore & Vita-Fanini): 23

Young Rider:

  1. Pavel Tonkov (Lampre) 103hr 53min 23sec
  2. Ivan Gotti (Gatorade-Chateau d'Ax) @ 44min 21sec
  3. Armand de las Cuevas (Banesto) @ 1hr 31min 43sec
  4. Davide Perona (ZG Mobili) @ 1hr 56min 14sec
  5. Ruben Marin (Postobon-Ryalcao) @ 2hr 10min 41sec

Team Classification:

  1. GB-MG: 311hr 31min 55sec
  2. Ariostea @ 22min 34sec
  3. Gatorade-Chateau d'Ax s.t.
  4. Mercatone Uno @ 52min 13sec
  5. Banesto @ 56min 15sec

1992 Giro stage results with running GC:

Some sites call the opening Genova time trial a prologue. The official Giro d'Italia guide book calls it stage 1, which we do here as well.

Sunday, May 24: Stage 1, Genova 8 km individual time trial (cronometro)

  1. Thierry Marie: 9min 59sec
  2. Miguel Indurain @ 3sec
  3. Julio-Cesar Ortegon @ 10sec
  4. Juan Llaneras s.t.
  5. Laurent Bezault @ 13sec
  6. Jacky Durand @ 14sec
  7. Yvon Ledanois s.t.
  8. Adriano Baffi @ 15sec
  9. Guido Bontempi s.t.
  10. Franco Chioccioli s.t.

Monday, May 25: Stage 2, Genova - Uliveto Terme, 198 km

Major ascents: Passo Ruta di Camogli, Passo del Bracco

  1. Endrio Leoni: 4hr 48min 13sec
  2. Mario Cipollini s.t.
  3. Fabiano Fontanelli s.t.
  4. Maximilian Sciandri s.t.
  5. Silvio Martinello s.t.
  6. Djamolidine Abdoujaparov s.t.
  7. François Simon s.t.
  8. Giovanni Strazzer s.t.
  9. Bruno Risi s.t.
  10. Christian Henn s.t.

GC after Stage 2:

  1. Thierry Marie: 4hr 58min 12sec
  2. Miguel Indurain @ 3sec
  3. Julio-Cesar Ortegon @ 10sec

Tuesday, May 26: Stage 3, Uliveto Terme - Arezzo, 174 km

Major ascent: Foce di Scopetone

  1. Maximilian Sciandri: 4hr 29min 50sec
  2. Massimiliano Lelli s.t.
  3. Yvon Ledanois s.t.
  4. Claudio Chiappucci s.t.
  5. Giorgio Furlan s.t.
  6. Laurent Fignon s.t.
  7. Nico Emonds s.t.
  8. Neil Stephens s.t.
  9. Armand De Las Cuevas s.t.
  10. Albeto Volpi s.t.

GC after Stage 3:

  1. Miguel Indurain: 9hr 28min 5sec
  2. Yvon Ledanois @ 7sec
  3. Laurent Becault @ 10sec

Wednesday, May 27: Stage 4, Arezzo - Sansepolcro 38 km individual time trial (cronometro)

Major ascent: Screggia

  1. Miguel Indurain: 49min 32sec
  2. Armand de las Cuevas @ 32sec
  3. Laurent Bezault @ 34sec
  4. Claudio Chiappucci @ 1min 9sec
  5. Julio-Cesar Ortegon @ 1min 21sec
  6. Marco Giovannetti @ 1min 45sec
  7. Neil Stephens @ 1mi 55sec
  8. Zenon Jaskula s.t.
  9. Daniel Steiger @ 2min 3sec
  10. Stefano Della Santa @ 2min 10sec

GC after Stage 4

  1. Miguel Indurain: 10hr 17min 37sec
  2. Laurent Bezault @ 44sec
  3. Armand de las Cuevas @ 48sec

Thursday, May 28: Stage 5, Sensepolcro - Porto Sant'Elpidio, 198 km

Major ascent: Macerata

  1. Mario Cipollini: 5hr 4min 29sec
  2. Adriano Baffi s.t.
  3. Massimo Strazzer s.t.
  4. Maximilian Sciandri s.t.
  5. Stefano Allocchio s.t.
  6. Giovanni Strazzer s.t.
  7. François Simon s.t.
  8. Hans Kindberg s.t.
  9. Remigius Lupeikis s.t.
  10. Fabio Roscioli s.t.

GC after Stage 5:

  1. Miguel Indurain: 15hr 22min 6sec
  2. Laurent Bezault @ 44sec
  3. Armand de las Cuevas @ 48sec

Friday, May 29: Stage 6, Porto Sant'Elpidio - Sulmona, 223 km

Major ascents: La Maieletta, Valico Macera Piane, Passo San Leonardo

  1. Franco Vona: 6hr 23min 9sec
  2. Roberto Conti s.t.
  3. Giorgio Furlan @ 8sec
  4. Gianni Faresin s.t.
  5. Luis Herrera s.t.
  6. Armand de las Cuevas s.t.
  7. Claudio Chiappucci s.t.
  8. Dominique Arnould s.t.
  9. Miguel Indurain s.t.
  10. Zenon Jaskula s.t.

GC after Stage 6:

  1. Miguel Indurain: 21hr 47min 48sec
  2. Giorgio Furlan @ 30sec
  3. Armand de las Cuevas @ 48sec

Saturday, May 30: Stage 7, Roccasaro - Melfi, 232 km

Major ascents: Rionero Sannitico, Valico del Macerone, Santuario Madonna del Buon Consiglio

  1. Guido Bontempi: 6hr 33min 26sec
  2. Giuseppe Petito @ 3sec
  3. Angelo Pierdomenico @ 56sec
  4. Franco Chioccioli s.t.
  5. Paolo Botarelli s.t.
  6. Maximilian Sciandri s.t.
  7. Fabio Bordonali s.t.
  8. Claudio Chiappucci s.t.
  9. Enrico Zaina s.t.
  10. Nico Emonds s.t.

GC after Stage 7:

  1. Miguel Indurain: 28hr 22min 10sec
  2. Giorgio Furlan @ 30sec
  3. Roberto Conti @ 59sec

Sunday, May 31: Stage 8, Melfi - Aversa, 184 km

Major ascent: Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi

  1. Mario Cipollini: 5hr 11min 59sec
  2. Endrio Leoni s.t.
  3. Djamolidine Abdoujaparov s.t.
  4. Adriano Baffi st.
  5. Giovanni Fidanza s.t.
  6. Maximilian Sciandri s.t.
  7. François Simon s.t.
  8. Stefano Allocchio s.t.
  9. Alessio Di Basco s.t.
  10. Roberto Pagnin s.t.

GC after Stage 8:

  1. Miguel Indurain: 33hr 34min 9sec
  2. Giorgio Furlan @ 30sec
  3. Roberto Conti @ 59sec

Monday, June 1: Stage 9, Aversa - Latina, 165 km

Major ascent: Cantoniera di Itri

  1. Guido Bontempi: 3hr 48min 0sec
  2. Giovanni Fidanza s.t.
  3. Bernd Groene s.t.
  4. Jens Heppner s.t.
  5. Thierry Marie s.t.
  6. Davide Perona s.t.
  7. Brian Holm s.t.
  8. Zenon Jaskula s.t.
  9. Eddy Seigneur s.t.
  10. Luc Roosen s.t.

GC after Stage 9:

  1. Miguel Indurain: 37hr 21min 19sec
  2. Giorgio Furlan @ 30sec
  3. Roberto Conti @ 59sec

Tuesday, June 2: Stage 10, Latina - Monte Terminillo, 196 km

Major ascents: Passo di Castelfranco, Monte Terminillo

  1. Luis Herrera: 5hr 49min 46sec
  2. Flavio Giuppone @ 2sec
  3. Andrew Hampsten s.t.
  4. Marco Giovannetti s.t.
  5. Miguel Indurains.t.
  6. Roberto Conti s.t.
  7. Claudio Chiappucci @ 30sec
  8. Gianni Faresin s.t.
  9. Franco Vona s.t.
  10. Laurent Fignon @ 35sec

GC after Stage 10:

  1. Miguel Indurain: 43hr 11min 7sec
  2. Roberto Conti @ 59sec
  3. Claudio Chiappucci @ 1min 56sec

Wednesday, June 3: Stage 11, Montepulciano - Imola, 233 km

Major ascents: Passo del Muraglione, Passo del Trebbio

  1. Roberto Pagnin: 5hr 59min 19sec
  2. Marco Lietti s.t.
  3. Franco Chioccioli s.t.
  4. Sean Yates @ 2min 6sec
  5. Rames Gainetdinov s.t.
  6. Massimiliano Lelli @ 2min 24sec
  7. Maximilian Sciandri s.t.
  8. Enrico Zaina s.t.
  9. Zenon Jaskula s.t.
  10. Fabio Bordonali s.t.

GC after Stage 11:

  1. Miguel Indurain: 49hr 12min 50sec
  2. Roberto Conti @ 59sec
  3. Claudio Chiappucci @ 1min 56sec

Thursday, June 4: Stage 12, Imola - Bassano del Grappa, 214 km

Major ascents: Salita della Rosina

  1. Endio Leoni: 5hr 4min 10sec
  2. Mario Cipollini s.t.
  3. Adriano Baffi s.t.
  4. François Simon s.t.
  5. Maximilian Sciandri s.t.
  6. Zbigniew Spruch s.t.
  7. Alessio Di Basco s.t.
  8. Christian Henn s.t.
  9. Giuseppe Petito s.t.
  10. Piotr Ugrumov s.t.

GC after Stage 12:

  1. Miguel Indurain: 54hr 17min 0sec
  2. Roberto Conti @ 59sec
  3. Luis Herrera @ 2min 16sec

Friday, June 5: Stage 13, Bassano del Grappa - Corvara Alta Badia, 204 km

Major ascents: Forcella Staulanza, Passo di Giau, Passo di Valparola

  1. Franco Vona: 6hr 29min 4sec
  2. Miguel Indurain @ 3sec
  3. Claudio Chiappucci s.t.
  4. Marco Giovannetti s.t.
  5. Franco Chioccioli @ 12sec
  6. Bruno Cornillet s.t.
  7. Flavio Giupponi s.t.
  8. Massimiliano Lelli @ 17sec
  9. Andrew Hampsten @ 37sec
  10. Leonardo Sierra @ 52sec

GC after Stage 13:

  1. Miguel Indurain: 60hr 45min 59sec
  2. Roberto Conti @ 1min 59sec
  3. Claudio Chiappucci @ 2min 20sec

Saturday, June 6: Stage 14, Corvara Alta Badia - Monte Bondone, 205 km

Major ascents: Passo Campolongo, Passo Pordoi, Monte Bondone x 2

  1. Giorgio Furlan: 6hr 26min 33sec
  2. Franco Chioccioli @ 4min 19sec
  3. Claudio Chiappucci @ 4min 25sec
  4. Marco Giovannetti s.t.
  5. Miguel Indurain s.t.
  6. Flavio Giupponi s.t.
  7. Roberto Conti s.t.
  8. Andrew Hampsten s.t.
  9. Franco Vona @ 4min 37sec
  10. Pavel Topnkov @ 4min 49sec

GC after Stage 14:

  1. Miguel Indurain: 67hr 16min 55sec
  2. Roberto Conti @ 2min 1sec
  3. Claudio Chiappucci @ 2min 14sec

Sunday, June 7: Stage 15, Riva del Garda - Palazzolo sull'Oglio, 171 km (circuito della Franciacorta)

Major ascent: Molina di Ledro

  1. François Simon: 4hr 10min 41sec
  2. Bruno Leali s.t.
  3. Massimo Ghirotto s.t.
  4. Neil Stephens s.t.
  5. Christian Henn s.t.
  6. Maximilian Sciandri @ 27sec
  7. Guido Bontempi @ 29sec
  8. Fabrizio Settembrini @ 1min 26sec
  9. Giovanni Fidanza s.t.
  10. Jan Svorada @ 4min 28sec

GC after Stage 15:

  1. Miguel Indurain: 71hr 34min 40sec
  2. Roberto Conti @ 2min 1sec
  3. Claudio Chiappucci @ 2min 14sec

Monday, June 8: Stage 16, Palazzolo sull'Oglio - Sondrio, 166 km

Major ascent: Aprica, Valico di Triangia

  1. Marco Saligari: 4hr 7min 13sec
  2. Gérard Rué @ 52sec
  3. Franco Chioccioli @ 53sec
  4. Miguel Indurain s.t.
  5. Andrew Hampsten s.t.
  6. Claudio Chappucci s.t.
  7. Franco Vona s.t.
  8. Massimo Ghirotto @ 1min 33sec
  9. Juan Tomas Martinez s.t.
  10. Pavel Tonkov s.t.

GC after Stage 16:

  1. Miguel Indurain: 75hr 42min 48sec
  2. Claudio Chiappucci @ 2min 14sec
  3. Roberto Conti @ 3min 7sec

Tuesday, June 9: Stage 17, Sondrio - Vercelli, 203 km

  1. Mario Cipollini: 5hr 15min 36sec
  2. Adriano Baffi s.t.
  3. Giovanni Fidanza s.t.
  4. Silvio Martinello s.t.
  5. Giovanni Strazzer s.t.
  6. Jan Svorada s.t.
  7. Massimo Strazzer s.t.
  8. Raimondo Vairetti s.t.
  9. Steve Bauer s.t.
  10. Zbigniew Spruch s.t.

GC after Stage 17:

  1. Miguel Indurain: 80hr 58min 24sec
  2. Claudio Chiappucci @ 2min 14sec
  3. Roberto Conti @ 3min 7sec

Wednesday, June 10: Stage 18, Vercelli - Monviso (Pian del Re), 200 km

Major ascents: Coletta di Cumiana, Pian del Re

  1. Marco Giovannetti @ 5hr 13min 19sec
  2. Massimiliano Lelli @ 8sec
  3. Miguel Indurain @ 19sec
  4. Claudio Chiappucci s.t.
  5. Franco Vona s.t.
  6. Andrew Hampsten s.t.
  7. Franco Chioccioli @ 23sec
  8. Fabrice Philipot @ 32sec
  9. Luis Herrera @ 36sec
  10. Roberto Conti @ 43sec
  11. Giorgio Furlan @ 53sec
  12. Bruno Cornillet @ 57sec
  13. Uwe Ampler @ 1min 9sec
  14. Pavel Tonkov s.t.
  15. Ivan Gotti @ 1min 30sec

GC after Stage 18:

  1. Miguel Indurain: 86hr 36min 58sec
  2. Claudio Chiappucci @ 2min 18sec
  3. Franco Vona @ 3min 14sec

Thursday, June 11: Stage 19, Saluzzo - Pila, 260 km

Major ascents: Col de St. Pantaleon, Champemière, Pila

  1. Udo Bolts: 7hr 21min 11sec
  2. Ramon Gonzalez @ 1min 38sec
  3. Franco Chioccioli @ 1min 54sec
  4. Claudio Chiappucci s.t.
  5. Miguel Indurain s.t.
  6. Pavel Tonkov s.t.
  7. Marco Giovannetti s.t.
  8. Franco Vona @ 2min 18sec
  9. Andrew Hampsten @ 2min 33sec
  10. Uwe Ampler @ 2min 56sec
  11. Gianni Faresin @ 3min 56sec
  12. Paolo Botarelli @ 3min 59sec
  13. Luis Herrera @ 4min 14sec
  14. Bruno Cornillet @ 4min 18sec
  15. Rames Gainetdinov @ 4min 58sec

GC after Stage 19:

  1. Miguel Indurain: 94hr 0min 3sec
  2. Claudio Chiappucci @ 2min 18sec
  3. Franco Chioccioli @ 3min 31sec

Friday, June 12: Stage 20, St. Vincent - Verbania, 201 km

Major ascents: Croce Serra, Passo della Colma, Alpe Segletta, Pian di Sole

  1. Franco Chioccioli: 5hr 52min 31sec
  2. Claudio Chiappucci s.t.
  3. Massimiliano Lelli s.t.
  4. Miguel Indurain s.t.
  5. Massimo Ghirotto @ 17sec
  6. Marco Giovannetti s.t.
  7. Pavel Tonkov s.t.
  8. Roberto Conti s.t.
  9. Andrew Hampsten s.t.
  10. Luis Herrera s.t.

GC after stage 20:

  1. Miguel Indurain: 99hr 52min 34sec
  2. Claudio Chiappucci @ 2min 10sec
  3. Franco Chioccioli @ 3min 19sec

Saturday, June 13: stage 21, Verbania - Vigevano, 92 km

  1. Mario Cipollini: 2hr 24min 34sec
  2. Alessio Di Basco s.t.
  3. Maximilian Sciandri s.t.
  4. François Simon s.t.
  5. Giovanni Fidanza s.t.
  6. Massimo Strazzer s.t.
  7. Jan Svorada s.t.
  8. Silvio Martinello s.t.
  9. Adriano Baffi s.t.
  10. Giovanni Strazzer s.t.

GC after Stage 21:

  1. Miguel Indurain: 102hr 17min 8sec
  2. Claudio Chiappucci @ 2min 10sec
  3. Franco Chioccioli @ 3min 19sec

Sunday, June 14: 22nd and Final Stage, Vigevano - Milano 66 km individual time trial (cronometro)

  1. Miguel Indurain: 1hr 19min 0sec
  2. Guido Bontempi @ 2min 46sec
  3. Laurent Bezault @ 2min 51sec
  4. Nico Emonds @ 2min53sec
  5. Claudio Chiappucci @ 3min 2sec
  6. Zenon Jaskula @ 3min 20sec
  7. Laurent Fignon @ 3min 29sec
  8. Gérard Rué @ 3min 36sec
  9. Viktor Klimov @ 3min 40sec
  10. Giancarlo Perini @ 3min 46sec
  11. Gianluca Bortolami @ 3min 55sec
  12. Franco Chioccioli @ 3min 57sec
  13. Marco Giovannetti @ 4min 1sec
  14. Julio-Cesar Ortegon @ 4min 9sec
  15. Piotr Ugrumov @ 4min 21sec

1992 Giro d'Italia Complete Final General Classification

The Story of the 1992 Giro d'Italia

This excerpt is from "The Story of the Giro d'Italia", Volume 2. If you enjoy it we hope you will consider purchasing the book, either print or electronic. The Amazon link here will make either purchase easy.

Something strange was afoot. Some riders from a few teams, specifically Spanish and Italian squads, seemed to display an inexplicable superiority over other riders and teams that should have been on the same level. Greg LeMond said that in 1990 his “Z” team was among the most powerful in the world. Yet, in a remarkable turnabout, the same “Z” riders could not keep up with the best teams in 1991 Tour. A new drug had entered the pharmacopoeia of the competitive cyclist, EPO. Without EPO, it was nearly impossible for a racing cyclist of the 1990s to compete effectively, so great was EPO’s performance improvement.

Hematocrit is the measure of the percentage of blood volume occupied by red blood cells, which the body uses to feed oxygen to the muscles. Normal men of European descent have a hematocrit in the low- to mid-40s. It declines slightly as a response to the effects of training. It does not increase during a stage race, as many racers accused of its use would assert over the next decade—it goes down. Exceptional people exceed these hematocrit values by a significant amount. Damiano Cunego, winner of the 2004 Giro, through a twist of genetic fate, is said to have a natural hematocrit of about 53.

To improve their performances, endurance athletes took to using synthetic EPO (erythopoietin), a drug mimicking the natural EPO the body makes to signal the body to produce red blood cells, thus raising their hematocrits. This is not without danger, because as the hematocrit rises, so does the blood’s viscosity. By the early- to mid-1990s endurance athletes were dying in their sleep because their lower resting heart rates couldn’t shove the red sludge through their blood vessels. In the early 1990s at least a dozen bicycle racers died in their sleep. Writer Jean-François Quinet put the number of dead athletes much higher, estimating that 80 riders (both amateurs and pros used the drug) perished as a consequence of EPO abuse.

I spoke to a mechanic who traveled with a top-flight Spanish pro team in the mid-1990s. What he saw frightened him. The racers slept with heart-rate monitors hooked up to alarms. If a sleeping rider’s pulse fell below a certain rate, the alarm went off, the rider was awakened, given aspirin and a saline injection to thin the blood and put on a trainer to get his heart rate up and blood flowing. This was clearly dangerous stuff at the doses racers were using and everyone knew it, but it had a gigantic payoff to the talented and lucky user. As La Gazzetta put it, there was a change in the hierarchy of some teams: the doctor was now more important than the director.

Nearly all of the top riders of the 1990s had accusations of EPO use leveled at them. Some have confessed and more than a few have had health problems ever since.
* * *
Miguel Induráin entered the Giro with the clear plan of riding conservatively, using it as training for the Tour. Fignon resigned himself to racing in the lesser capacity of road captain and advisor to Bugno’s Gatorade squad. Fignon was entered with teammates Giovannetti, Alberto Volpi and rising hope Ivan Gotti. Bugno took a pass on the May race to concentrate on preparing for the Tour.
Chioccioli hoped to repeat his dominating 1991 performance and Chiappucci, nicknamed “The Devil”, had followed up his second place in the Giro with third in the Tour, winning the climbers’ prize along the way.

Prologue specialist Thierry Marie was first in the 8-kilometer opening individual time trial in Genoa, beating Induráin by 3 seconds. The Spaniard’s supposed low-key ambitions were betrayed when he voiced disappointment at not having taken the maglia rosa at the gun. That must have frightened the other competitors who were hoping the ’91 Tour winner was just in Italy for a training ride and espresso.

Two stages later, the pretense was over as Chiappucci and Induráin, fighting for supremacy in the Giro’s first stages, blasted over the Scopetone, a climb just outside Arezzo where the stage finished. Maximilian Sciandri won the stage, but in the havoc of the climb, Marie was dropped, making Induráin the Pink Jersey.

Miguel Indurain after stage three in the pink jersey

Miguel Indurain in pink after stage 3

Professional racers ride close together, much closer than amateur racing cyclists or enthusiasts on club rides. Because of this, they are constantly on the alert for trouble. Fignon explained that crashes in the pro peloton can involve a large portion of the pack if they can’t hear brakes being applied up ahead, and that is a common occurrence because the television helicopters like to fly low to get good pictures. The din of the rotors makes it impossible to hear what is going on and if a crash has occurred up ahead, the riders in the back can’t hear the brakes and the sound of the crashing bikes, and keep pedaling at race speed right into the catastrophe. During this third stage Induráin was so bothered by the television helicopter that he rode over to the race director’s car to complain about the danger.

The next day’s 38-kilometer time trial was Induráin’s. Of the competitors, the closest was Chiappucci, more than a minute slower. The form that had won the Tour the year before was present at the 1992 Giro.

Migue Iindurain wins the stage 4 time trial

Indurain wins the stage 4 time trial

Heading south, the race went through the Apennines over roads that weren’t challenging enough for anyone to mount an assault on the Pink Jersey, that opportunity presenting itself in stage nine, with a finish at the top of the Terminillo. The first serious attack came from the Latvian rider Piotr Ugrumov. Then Roberto Conti shot up the road and got a good gap, which he managed to keep for a while. Meanwhile Induráin, a bigger rider (6'2", 176 pounds or 1.88 meters, 79.8 kilograms) who didn’t change speed quickly on climbs, was getting his engine going. Finally, he came roaring up to Conti with Chiappucci, Hampsten, Giovannetti and Herrera hanging on to his wheel for dear life. Fignon couldn’t stay with him, neither could Chioccioli, whose short time in the sun as the master rider was over. With a kilometer to go, the Spaniard was still pulling his train up the mountain. Herrera, no danger in the General Classification, took off for the finish, but Chiappucci had to let the Induráin group go and gave up 30 seconds.

After a transfer back to Tuscany, it took two stages to bring the Giro to Bassano del Grappa and the Dolomites. Stage twelve went over the Staulanza, Giau and Falzarego passes, and at this point Induráin saw no point in wasting energy in offensive climbing. When an attack went off, he would slowly climb up to the attacker’s wheel. Chioccioli and Chiappucci (who seemed to have formed an alliance in an effort to destabilize the Spaniard) knew they had to gain time in the mountains because they were completely helpless in time trials against their powerful opponent. But with each acceleration, Induráin would calmly and easily close the gap with a pedaling cadence that was high for such a big man. Franco Vona won the stage with Induráin and Chiappucci together just three seconds behind.

The next day, with the Campolongo, Pordoi and Bondone ascents, it was more of the same. Induráin had things under control as few racers in cycling history ever have.

Mario Cipollini wins stage 17 of the 1992 Giro d'Italia

Mario Cipollini wins stage 17

The third to last stage, with its four major rated climbs, was the last chance for Chiappucci and Chioccioli to take the Giro. Chiappucci was the first over almost all of the climbs and Chioccioli, displaying terrific form, hammered away. But Induráin was not to be dropped. Content to ride defensively, he continually marked his attackers. Chioccioli at least got a stage victory to show for his trouble while Induráin, Chiappucci and Lelli finished right with him in Verbania.
The three days in the Alps changed nothing. It was almost as if Induráin were deciding who would be allowed to win a stage: Giovannetti got the seventeenth, Udo Bölts won the next one and the unrelenting Chioccioli was victor in the nineteenth stage. Always, the maglia rosa was right next to any challengers to his supremacy.

The final stage was a 66-kilometer time trial into Milan. Of course Induráin won it, catching Chiappucci just meters before the finish. Induráin biographer Javier Gárcia Sánchez said that the gratuitous catch was intended to give Chiappucci a psychological blow for the upcoming Tour de France. If that had been his intention, it was a waste of energy; in the Tour Chiappucci was undaunted. His unsuccessful attempt to unseat Induráin with a brave and brilliant ride in the Tour’s Sestriere stage has become the stuff of legends.

This was Laurent Fignon’s final Giro ride. He finished 37th and went on to earn 23rd in the Tour, winning a single stage. He retired from racing the following year and in 2010 died after a brave fight against cancer.

Final 1992 Giro d’Italia General Classification:
1. Miguel Induráin (Banesto): 103 hours 36 minutes 8 seconds
2. Claudio Chiappucci (Carrera Jeans-Tassoni) @ 5 minutes 12 seconds
3. Franco Chioccioli (MG-Bianchi) @ 7 minutes 16 seconds
4. Marco Giovannetti (Gatorade-Chateau d’Ax) @ 8 minutes 1 second
5. Andy Hampsten (Motorola) @ 9 minutes 16 seconds

Climbers’ Competition:
1. Claudio Chiappucci (Carrera Jeans-Tassoni): 76 points
2. Roberto Conti (Ariostea): 45
3. Miguel Induráin (Banesto): 35

Points Competition:
1. Mario Cipollini (MG-Bianchi): 236 points
2. Miguel Induráin (Banesto): 208
3. Maximilian Sciandri (Motorola): 177