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95th Paris - Roubaix (World Cup)
Sunday, April 13, 1997

Paris-Roubaix podium history | 1996 edition | 1998 edition

266.5 km. 177 starters, 75 classified finishers, another two riders finished outside the time limit.

Frédéric Guesdon and Andrei Tchmil were away, but were caught by six others with about a kilometer to go, among them favorite Johan Musseuw (who suffered two flats in the last 40 kms). Guesdon jumped on the final corner of the Roubaix velodrome sprint to win the 95th Paris-Roubaix.

Frederic Guesdon win 1997 Pairs-Roubiax

Complete Results:

  1. Frédéric Guesdon (FDJ) 6hr 38min 10sec. 266.5 km raced at 40.16 km/hr
  2. Jo Planckaert (Lotto-Mobistar) s.t.
  3. Johan Museeuw (Mapei-GB) s.t.
  4. Andrei Tchmil (Lotto-Mobistar) s.t.
  5. Davide Casarotto (Scrigno-Gaerne) s.t.
  6. Rolf Sorensen (Rabobank) s.t.
  7. Marc Wauters (Lotto-Mobistar) s.t.
  8. Frédéric Moncassin (GAN) s.t.
  9. Rolf Aldag (Telekom) @ 14sec
  10. Henk Vogels (GAN) @ 25sec
  11. Stefano Zanini (Mapei-GB) s.t.
  12. Christophe Capelle (Cofidis) s.t.
  13. Johan Capiot (TVM-Farm Frites) s.t.
  14. Jaan Kirsipuu (Casino) s.t.
  15. Fabio Baldato (MG-Technogym) s.t.
  16. Stuart O'Grady (GAN) s.t.
  17. Christophe Mengin (FDJ) s.t.
  18. Aart Vierhouten (Rabobank) s.t.
  19. Andrea Tafi (Mapei-GB) s.t.
  20. Jacky Durand (Casino) s.t.
  21. Phillipe Gaumont (Cofidis) s.t.
  22. Laurent Desbiens (Cofidis) s.t.
  23. Francis Moreau (Cofidis) s.t.
  24. Franco Ballerini (Mapei-GB) s.t.
  25. Peter Farazijn (Lotto-Mobistar) s.t.
  26. Ludwig Willems (Lotto-Mobistar) s.t.
  27. Wim Feys (Lotto-Mobistar) s.t.
  28. Peter Van Petegem (TVM-Farm Frites) @ 2min 15sec
  29. Leon Van Bon (Rabobank) @ 5min 28sec
  30. Servais Knaven (TVM-Farm Frites) s.t.
  31. Hendrik Van dyck (TVM-Farm Frites) s.t.
  32. Maximilian Sciandri (FDJ) s.t.
  33. Bart Leysen (Mapei-GB) @ 7min 41sec
  34. Denis Zanette (AKI-Safi) @ 7min 54sec
  35. Arvis Piziks (Rabobank) s.t.
  36. François Lemarchand (GAN) s.t.
  37. Bert Dietz (Telekom) s.t.
  38. Max Van Heeswijk (Rabobank) s.t.
  39. Jan Koerts (Rabobank) s.t.
  40. Emmanuel Magnien (Festina) s.t.
  41. Erik Zabel (Telekom) s.t.
  42. Marco Milesi (Brescialat) s.t.
  43. Frankie Andreu (Cofidis) s.t.
  44. Fabio Roscioli (Asics) s.t.
  45. Erik Dekker (Rabobank) s.t.
  46. Bruno Thibaut (Cofidis) s.t.
  47. Mario Scirea (Saeco) s.t.
  48. Dario Nicoletti (MG-Technogym) s.t.
  49. Nicola Loda (MG-Technogym) @ 12min 55sec
  50. Viatcheslav Ekimov (US Postal) s.t.
  51. Zbigniew Spruch (Mapei-GB) s.t.
  52. Brian Holm (Telekom) s.t.
  53. Thierry Gouvenou (Big Mat-Auber 93) s.t.
  54. Eros Poli (GAN) @ 15min 38sec
  55. Jurgen Werner (Refin-Mobilvetta) s.t.
  56. Stéphane Barth (Casino) @ 17min 35sec
  57. Sebatien Medan (Festina) s.t.
  58. Michele Zamboni (Brescialat) s.t.
  59. George Hincapie (US Postal) s.t.
  60. Viatcheslav Djavanian (Roslotto-ZG Mobili) s.t.
  61. Laurent Pillon (La Mutuelle) s.t.
  62. Nico Eeckhout (Lotto-Mobistar) s.t.
  63. Louis De Konig (TVM-Farm Frites) s.t.
  64. Michael Lafis (Telekom) s.t.
  65. Pavel Padrnos (Roslotto-ZG Mobili) s.t.
  66. Tom Steels (Mapei-GB) s.t.
  67. Dario Pieri (Scrigno-Gaerne) s.t.
  68. Steven De Jongh (TVM-Farm Frites) @ 30min 11sec
  69. Marek Lesniewski (Big Mat-Auber 93) s.t.
  70. Mario Kummer (Telekom) s.t.
  71. Ruben Galvan (Kelme) s.t.
  72. Matteo Tossato (MG-Technogym) s.t.
  73. Kai Hundertmarck (Telekom) s.t.
  74. Francesco Arazzi (Brescialat) s.t.
  75. Claude Lamour (La Mutuelle) s.t.