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1993 Paris - Roubaix

91st edition: Sunday, April 11, 1993

Paris-Roubaix podium history | 1994 edition | 1992 edition

267.5 km. 137 starters, 69 classified finishers.

Gilbert Duclos-Lassalle beats Franco Ballerini in the 1993 Paris Roubaix

Gilbert Duclos-Lassalle (right) beats Franco Ballerini

The Race: Twenty riders coalesced into a powerful lead group after the Wallers-Arenberg sector of cobbles. After several others made fruitless attempts to escape, Franco Ballerini, closely watched and followed by Gilbert Duclos-Lassalle, broke away. The pair hammered their way to the velodrome. In the sprint Ballerini was moving faster, but a look at the photo finish picture showed he had passed Duclos-Lassalle after the line. Late in his career Duclos-Lassale had won Paris-Roubaix two years in a row.

Complete Results:

  1. Gilbert Duclos-Lassalle (Gan): 6hr 25min 20sec. 41.650 km/hr
  2. Franco Ballerini (GB-MG) s.t.
  3. Olaf Ludwig (Telekom) @ 2min 9sec
  4. Johan Museeuw (GB-MG) s.t.
  5. Adri Van Der Poel (Mercatone Uno) s.t.
  6. Edwig Van Hooydonck (Wordperfect) s.t.
  7. Marc Sergent (Histor-Novemail) s.t.
  8. Sean Yates (Motorola) s.t.
  9. Benjamin Van Itterbeeck (Collstrop) s.t.
  10. Wilfried Nelissen (Histor-Novemail) @ 3min 50sec
  11. Frédéric Moncassin (Wordperfect) s.t.
  12. Rolf Aldag (Telekom) @ 3min 54sec
  13. Johan Capiot (TVM) @ 3min 58sec
  14. Hendrik Redant (Collstrop) @ 4min 12sec
  15. Massimo Ghirotto (ZG Mobili) s.t.
  16. Jelle Nijdam (Wordperfect) s.t.
  17. Nico Verhoeven (Histor-Novemail) s.t.
  18. Herman Frison (Lotto) s.t.
  19. Frans Massen (Wordperfect) s.t.
  20. Dirk De Wolf (Gatorade) s.t.
  21. Pello Ruiz-Cabestany (Gatorade) s.t.
  22. Wilfried Peeters (GB-MG) s.t.
  23. Steve Bauer (Motorola) s.t.
  24. Bjorn Stenersen (Motorola) @ 6min 59sec
  25. Dominique Arnould (Castorama) s.t.
  26. Laurent Jalabert (ONCE) @ 7min 39sec
  27. François Simon (Castorama) s.t.
  28. Marc Bouillon (Collstrop) s.t.
  29. Pascal Chanteur (Chazal) s.t.
  30. Thomas Bay (Motorola) s.t.
  31. Herminio Diaz-Zabala (ONCE) s.t.
  32. Francis Moreau (Gan) s.t.
  33. Rik Van Slycke (Lotto) s.t.
  34. Bart Leysen (Lotto) s.t.s.t.
  35. Andrei Tchmil (GB-MG) s.t.
  36. Wiebren Veenstra (Subaru-Montgomery) s.t.
  37. Johan Verstrepen (Collstrop) s.t.
  38. Thierry Marie (Festina) @ 8min 44sec
  39. Paolo Fornaciari (Mercatone Uno) @ 9min 3sec
  40. Marc Van Orsouw (Telekom) @ 9min 27sec
  41. Peter Farazijn (Lotto) s.t.
  42. Dimitri Neliubin (Histor-Novemail) @ 10min 6sec
  43. Uwe Raab (Telekom) @ 10min 24sec
  44. Jacky Durand (Castorama) @ 10min 30sec
  45. Christophe Capelle (Gan) @ 10min 34sec
  46. Mario De Clercq (Lotto) s.t.
  47. Peter De Clercq (Lotto) s.t.
  48. Greg Moens (Motorola) s.t.
  49. Peter Van Petegem (Lotto) s.t.
  50. Laurent Debiens (Castorama) s.t.
  51. Wilco Zuyderwijk (Wordperfect) @ 14min 20sec
  52. Cesary Zamana (Subaru-Montgomery) s.t.
  53. Brian Holm (Telekom) s.t.
  54. Yvon Madiot (Subaru-Montgomery) s.t.
  55. Nate Reiss (Subaru-Montgomery) @ 17min 54sec
  56. Johnny Weltz (ONCE) s.t.
  57. Stephen Hodge (ONCE) s.t.
  58. Chris Peers (Collstrop) s.t.
  59. Jean-Claude Colotti (Gan) @ 20min 7sec
  60. François Lemarchand (Gan) s.t.
  61. Tom Desmet (Lotto) s.t.
  62. Danny Daelman (Wordperfect) @ 20min 3sec
  63. Thierry Bourguignon (Castorama) @ 21min 25sec
  64. Marcel Wust (Histor-Novemail) s.t.
  65. Romes Gainetdinov (Festina) s.t.
  66. Salvatore Criscione (Jolly Componibili) s.t.
  67. Bruno Boscardin (Gatorade) s.t.
  68. John Van Der Akker (ZG-Mobili) @ 24min 19sec