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1966 Paris - Roubaix

64th edition: Sunday, April 17, 1966

Paris-Roubaix podium history | 1967 edition | 1965 edition

262.5 km. 134 starters, 58 classified finishers

Felice Gimondi

Felice Gimondi

Very cold rain. Despite a stellar field of Belgians (Merckx, van Looy, Godefroot, Sels, Planckaert, Foré, etc.) Felice Gimondi was able to escape with about 35 kilometers to go. Knowing he would be crushed in a sprint finish, he quickly built a substantial lead that turned out to be impervious to the Belgian chase.

A kind reader who was at the finish said that Gimondi was able to take a shower before the awards ceremony while Jan Jansen & Gustave Desmet had "mud blankets".

Complete results:

Raymond Poulidor came in 17th, but was disqualified for an illegal bike change

  1. Felice Gimondi (Salvarani) 6hr 59min 26sec. 37.546 km/hr
  2. Jan Janssen (Pelforth-Sauvage-Lejeune) @ 4min 8sec
  3. Gustave Desmet (Wiel's-Greone Leeuw-Gancia) s.t.
  4. Willy Planckaert (Romeo-Smiths) s.t.
  5. Josef Huysmans (Mann-Grundig) s.t.
  6. Rudi Altig (Molteni) s.t.
  7. Willy Bocklant (Mann-Grundig) s.t.
  8. Arthur de Cabooter (Wiel's-Greone Leeuw-Gancia) s.t.
  9. Rik van Looy (Solo-Superia) s.t.
  10. Gerben Karstens (Televizier-Batavus) s.t.
  11. Bernard Vanderkerckhove (Ford France) s.t.
  12. Jo De Roo (Televizier-Batavus) @ 4min 22sec
  13. Adriano Durante (Salvarani) s.t.
  14. Guido De Rosso (Molteni) s.t.
  15. Eddy Merckx (Peugeot-BP-Michelin) s.t.
  16. Michel Grain (Ford France-Hutchinson) s.t.
  17. Frans Brands (Romeo-Smiths) @ 4min 56sec
  18. Jaak de Boever (Wiel's-Greone Leeuw-Gancia) s.t.
  19. Jean Graczyk (Ford France-Hutchinson) s.t.
  20. Walter Godefroot (Wiel's-Greone Leeuw-Gancia) s.t.
  21. Edouard Delberghe (Pelforth-Sauvage-Lejeune) @ 5min 16sec
  22. Jozef Spruyt (Mercier-BP-Hutchinson) @ 5min 31sec
  23. Yvo Molenaers (Romeo-Smiths) @ 6min 13sec
  24. Michele Dancelli (Molteni) @ 6min 28sec
  25. Gilbert Desmet (Romeo-Smiths) s.t.
  26. Gianni Motta (Molteni) s.t.
  27. Lucien Aimar (Ford France-Hutchinson) @ 7min 7sec
  28. Georges Vandenberghe (Romeo-Smiths) @ 10min 2sec
  29. Huub Zilverberg (Televizier-Batavus) @ 10min 16sec
  30. Peter Post (Solo-Superia) s.t.
  31. André Foucher (Pelforth-Sauvage-Lejeune) s.t.
  32. Georges Vanconingsloo (Peugeot-BP-Michelin) s.t.
  33. Edward Sels (Solo-Superia) s.t.
  34. Jean-Claude Annaert (Ford France-Hutchinson) @ 10min 57sec
  35. Alain Le Grevès (Kamome-Dilecta-Dunlop) s.t.
  36. Julien Stevens (Solo-Superia) s.t.
  37. Jean-Pierre Genêt (Mercier-BP-Hutchinson) @ 13min 48sec
  38. Francis Bazire (Peugeot-BP-Michelin) @ 14min 15sec
  39. Johnny Schleck (Pelforth-Sauvage-Lejeune) @ 14min 55sec
  40. Anatole Novak (Ford France-Hutchinson) s.t.
  41. Arie Den Hartog (Ford France-Hutchinson) s.t.
  42. Roger Milliot (Pelforth-Sauvage-Lejeune) s.t.
  43. Jos Van der Vleuten (Televizier-Batavus) @ 15min 44sec
  44. Rudi Zollinger (Tigra-Meltina-De Gribaldy) s.t.
  45. Vincent Denson (Ford France-Hutchinson) @ 16min 5sec
  46. Bruno Fantinato (Salvarani) @ 16min 7sec
  47. Piet Braspennincx (Pelforth-Sauvage-Lejeune) @ 16min 50sec
  48. Albertus Geldermans (Molteni) s.t.
  49. Roger Baguet (Solo-Superia) @ 17min 35sec
  50. Willi Altig (Molteni) @ 21min 15sec
  51. Vittorio Pesenti (Salvarani) @ 21min 46sec
  52. Bastiaan Maliepaard (Televizier-Batavus) s.t.
  53. Daniel Labrouille (Pelforth-Sauvage-Lejeune) s.t.
  54. Daniel Salmon (Kamome-Dilecta-Dunlop) @ 29min 17sec
  55. Jozef Timmerman (Wiel's-Greone Leeuw-Gancia) s.t.
  56. Albert Herger (Tigra-Meltina-De Gribaldy) s.t.
  57. André Messelis (Mann-Grundig) s.t.
  58. Henk Nijdam (Televizier-Batavus) s.t.