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1952 Paris - Roubaix

50th edition: Sunday, April 13, 1952

Paris-Roubaix podium history | 1953 edition | 1951 edition

245 km. Unknown number of starters and 95 classified finishers, no time splits after 28th place. Ten riders were awarded twelfth place.

Rik van Steenbergen performed a legendary bridge up to Fausto Coppi, Jacques Dupont and Ferdy Kübler. Soon it was just van Steenbergen and Coppi. Coppi attacked over and over again, knowing van Steenbergen would prevail in a sprint. The arrived at the Roubaix velodrome together, where the Belgian prevailed. Van Steenbergen said he was at the end of is tether and if Coppi had attacked once more, Van Steenbergen would have been dropped. Coppi regretted not going solo earlier to stay out of the reach of the powerful van Steenbergen, who had now won his second Paris-Roubaix in four years.

Rik van Steenbergen

Rik van Steenbergen (center) in a undated photo

Complete Known Results:

  1. Rik van Steenbergen: 5hr 50min 31sec. 41.94 km/hr
  2. Fausto Coppi (Bianchi-Pirelli) s.t.
  3. André Mahé (Terrot-Wolber) @ 11sec
  4. Ferdy Kübler @ 57sec
  5. Jacques Dupont (Dilecta-Wolber) s.t.
  6. Désiré Keteleer @ 1min 4sec
  7. Louison Bobet (Stella-Huret) @ 1min 23sec
  8. Robert Varnajo (Gitane-Hutchinson) s.t.
  9. Loretto Petrucci (Bianchi-Pirelli) s.t.
  10. Antonin Rolland (Terrot-Hutchinson) s.t.
  11. Maurice Bloome s.t.
  12. André Declerck s.t.
  13. Roger Decock (Bertin-d'Alessandro)s.t.
  14. Boudewijn Devos s.t.
  15. Albert Dolhats (La Perle-Hutchinson) s.t.
  16. Bernard Gauthier (Mercier-Hutchinson) s.t.
  17. Ettore Milano (Bianchi-Pirelli) s.t.
  18. André Rosseel (Terrot-Hutchinson) s.t.
  19. Albéric "Briek" Schotte (Alcyon-Dunlop) s.t.
  20. Donato Zampini s.t.
  21. Josef de Feyter s.t.
  22. Raymond Impanis @ 2min 38sec
  23. Valère Ollivier @ 3min 4sec
  24. Renzo Soldani (Legnano) @ 3min 17sec
  25. Constant "Stan" Ockers (Peugeot-Dunlop) s.t.
  26. Jean Bobet (Stella-Huret) s.t.
  27. Marcel Rijckaert (Mercier-Hutchinson) @ 3min 47sec
  28. André Darrigade (La Perle-Hutchinson)
  29. Raoul Rémy
  30. Jean Storms
  31. Georges Meunier (La Perle-Hutchinson)
  32. Liéven Lerno
  33. Ange Le Strat (La Perle-Hutchinson)
  34. Jacques Renaud (Mercier-F. Pélissier)
  35. Alfredo Martini (Welter-Ursus)
  36. Raphaël Glorieux (Mercier-Hutchinson)
  37. Lucien Matthijs
  38. Louis Déprez (Mercier-Hutchinson)
  39. Hein Van Breenen
  40. Lode Anthonis
  41. Louis Caput (Delangle-Wolber)
  42. Félix Bermudez
  43. Basile Wambeke
  44. Hugo Koblet
  45. Jean Robic (Colomb-Dunlop)
  46. Guido De Santi
  47. Giuseppe Minardi (Legnano)
  48. Jean Carle (Dilecta-Wolber)
  49. Alain Moineau (Mercier-Hutchinson)
  50. Eugène Telotte (Mercier-F. Pélissier)
  51. Donato Piazza
  52. Charles Joly
  53. Guy Lapébie
  54. Gilbert Bauvin
  55. Emile Baffert
  56. Attilio Lambertini
  57. Serge Blusson
  58. Jean Baldassari
  59. Jozef Schils
  60. Jean-Marie Cieleska
  61. Raphaël Géminiani
  62. Noël Lajoie
  63. Vittorio Seghezzi
  64. Albert Dubuisson
  65. Florent Methieu
  66. Maurice Quentin
  67. Alfos Wouters
  68. Alois Van Steenkiste
  69. Pierre Brambilla
  70. Antonin Canavese
  71. Nello Lauredi
  72. Roger Peiremans
  73. Jean Chateau
  74. Hans Dekkers
  75. Lucien Teisseire
  76. Gérard Buyl
  77. Pierre Gaudot
  78. Stanislaus Bober
  79. Henk Faanhof
  80. Fritz Schaer
  81. Fernand Tricot
  82. Marcel Dussault
  83. Fiorenzo Crippa
  84. Marcel Buysse
  85. Frans Gielen
  86. Franco Giacchero
  87. Gilbert Vermote
  88. Jacques Geus
  89. Stefano Gaggero
  90. Jean Dacquay
  91. Gilbert Regnard
  92. Virgilio Salimbeni
  93. Roger Huet
  94. Louis Viola
  95. Georges Ramaloulux