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1992 Giro di Lombardia results
(Tour of Lombardy)

86th edition: Saturday, October 17, 1992

Giro di Lombardia podium history | 1993 edition | 1991 edition |

171 starters, 65 classified finishers
Monza - Monza, 241 km
Winner's average speed: 39.31 km/hr

Tony Rominger wins the 1992 Giro di Lombardia

Tony Rominger wins the 1992 Giro di Lombardia

Complete Results:

  1. Tony Rominger (Clas-Cajastur) 6hr 7min 50sec
  2. Claudio Chiappucci (Carrera) @ 41sec
  3. Davide Cassani (Ariostea) @ 2min 50sec
  4. Raul Alcala (PDM) @ 5min 15sec
  5. Rolf Sörensen (Ariostea) @ 6min 53sec
  6. Beat Zberg (Helvetia) @ 7min 22sec
  7. Udo Bölts (Telekom) s.t.
  8. Bo Hamburger (TVM-Sanyo) @ 7min 32sec
  9. Davide Rebellin (GB-MG) @ 7min 44sec
  10. Stephen Hodge (ONCE) s.t.
  11. Laurent Madouas (Castorama) s.t.
  12. Viatcheslav Ekimov (Panasonic) @ 7min 56sec
  13. Alex Zülle (ONCE) s.t.
  14. Pavel Tonkov (Lampre) s.t.
  15. Massimiliano Lelli (Ariostea) s.t.
  16. Andy Hampsten (Motorola) s.t.
  17. Gert-Jan Theunisse (TVM-Sanyo) s.t.
  18. Stephen Roche (Carrera) s.t.
  19. Erik Breukink (PDM) s.t.
  20. Gianni Bugno (Gatorade) @ 8min 1sec
  21. Rolf Aldag (Helvetia) @ 18min 6sec
  22. Giovanni Fidanza (Gatorade) @ 28min 34sec
  23. Rob Mulders (Buckler) s.t.
  24. Laurent Pillon (GB-MG) s.t.
  25. Andy Bishop (Motorola) s.t.
  26. Frank Van den Abeele (Lotto) s.t.
  27. Andrei Tchmil (GB-MG) s.t.
  28. Louis de Koning (Panasonic) s.t.
  29. Laurent Brochard (Castorama) s.t.
  30. Philippe Bouvatier (Castorama) s.t.
  31. Olaf Jentzsch (Tulip Computers) s.t.
  32. Erik Dekker (Buckler) s.t.
  33. Marc Siemons (TVM-Sanyo) s.t.
  34. Mauro Gianetti (Festina) s.t.
  35. Maurizio Fondriest (Panasonic) s.t.
  36. Fabrizio Bontempi (Lampre) s.t.
  37. Sean Yates (Motorola) s.t.
  38. Norman Alvis (Motorola) s.t.
  39. Simone Biasci (Mercatone Uno) s.t.
  40. Massimo Podenzana (Italbonifica-Navigare) s.t.
  41. Andrea Chiurato (Gatorade) s.t.
  42. Manuel Jorge Dominguez Diaz (Clas-Cajastur) s.t.
  43. Jean-Claude Leclercq (Helvetia) s.t.
  44. Alberto Volpi (Gatorade) s.t.
  45. Stefano Cattai (Jolly Componibili) s.t.
  46. Mario Kummer (PDM) s.t.
  47. Marc van Orsouw (Panasonic) s.t.
  48. José-Roberto Sierra Aguerro (Clas-Cajastur) s.t.
  49. Wladimir Belli (Lampre) s.t.
  50. Marek Szerszynski (Lampre) s.t.
  51. Thomas Wegmüller (Festina) s.t.
  52. Maarten den Bakker (PDM) s.t.
  53. Martin Early (PDM) s.t.
  54. Fernando Escartin (Clas-Cajastur) s.t.
  55. Christian Henn (Telekom) s.t.
  56. Marc Wauters (Lotto) s.t.
  57. Dominik Krieger (Helvetia) s.t.
  58. Sean Kelly (Festina) s.t.
  59. Luc Roosen (Tulip Computers) s.t.
  60. Johnny Weltz (ONCE) s.t.
  61. Dimitri Zhdanov (Panasonic) s.t.
  62. Thierry Bourguignon (Castorama) s.t.
  63. Oscar Pellicioli (Gatorade) s.t.
  64. Davide Bramati (Lampre) s.t.