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Vuelta Ciclista a la Region de Murcia (2.1)

Winners, podium, distance, average speed

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The race:

Murcia is a region in southeast Spain, on the Mediterranean coast. The Vuelta Ciclista a la Region de Murcia is an early February race that formerly had 5 stages.

For many professionals the Vuelta a Murcia is the season's first race. The Vuelta a Murcia can conflict with the Pro Tour ranked Paris–Nice stage race that is often scheduled at about the same time.

The 2010 edition created a firestorm when the promoter, out of pique over Italy's banning Spanish rider Alejandro Valverde from riding in Italy, refused to allow Italian teams in his race. Race boss Paco Guzman was later forced by the UCI to withdraw his ban. No Italian teams chose to ride the Murcia Tour anyway, making the ruckus moot. Many other high-powered squads chose to ride, including Lance Armstrong and Radio Shack and Denis Menchov with Rabobank.

From 2013 - 2018 the Vuelta de Murcia was run as a single day race. In 2019 & 2020 the race again had two stages.

The 2021 & later editions were again single-day races.

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Complete podium history:


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place


Average Speed

1985 José Recio
19hr 45min 12sec
Jesus Blanco Villar
@ 17sec
Pedro Delgado
@ 20sec
778.5 km 39.411
1986 Miguel Induráin
17hr 32min 19sec
Pello Ruiz Cabestany
@ 6sec
Jaime Vilamajo
@ 7sec
717.5 km 40.910
1987 Pello Ruiz Cabestany
18hr 56min 23sec
Carlos Hernández
@ 1sec
Mariano Sanchez
@ 2sec
774.6 km 40.898
1988 Carlos Hernández
20hr 3min 40sec
William Palacio
@ 19sec
Juan-Tomas Martinez @ 59sec 822 km 40.975
1989 Manuel Alonso
19hr 6min
Silvano Contini
@ 59sec
Victor Gonzalo
@ 1min 23sec
846 km 44.293
1990 Tom Cordes
21hr 46min 23sec
Santos Hernandez
@ 11sec
Eduardo Chozas
@ ?
848 km 38.947
1991 José-Luis Villanueva
22hr 27min 59sec
Claudio Chiappucci
@ 3sec
Julian Gorospe
@ 4sec
878 km 39.081
1992 Alvaro Mejia
19hr 43min 59sec
Antonio Martin
@ 10sec
Melchior Mauri
@ 13sec
783.4 km 39.700
1993 Carlos Gararreta
20hr 28min 16sec
Laudelino Cubino
@ 2sec
Eddy Bouwmans
@ 12sec
774.3 km 37.824
1994 Melchior Mauri
17hr 52min 2sec
Aitor Garmendia
@ 23sec
Herminio Diaz Zabala
@ 31sec
693.1 km 38.792
1995 Adriano Baffi
20hr 18min 46sec
Erik Breukink
@ 39sec
Maurizio Fondriest
@ 43sec
735.4 km 36.204
1996 Melchior Mauri
19hr 50min 43sec
Wladimir Belli
@ 27sec
Rodolfo Massi
@ 1min 1sec
752.3 km 37.908
1997 Juan Carlos Dominguez
18hr 44min 23sec
Ignacio Garcia Camacho
@ 8sec
Santos González
@ 24sec
788.2 km 42.060
1998 Alberto Elli
16hr 35min 3sec
Alexandre Vinokourov
@ 41sec
Marco Pantani
@ s.t.
650.1 km 39.200
1999 Marco Pantani
17hr 54min 32sec
Javier Pascual Rodriguez
@ 24sec
Beat Zberg
@ 42sec
669 km 37.356
2000 David Cañada
18hr 9min 31sec
Javier Pascual Llorente
@ 51sec
José Alberto Martinez
@ 1min 10sec
711.1 km 39.160
2001 Aitor González
15hr 52min 40sec
Javier Pascual Llorente
@ 25sec
Mikel Zarrabeitia
@ 36sec
640.1 km 40.314

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2002 Victor Hugo Peña
16hr 49min 36sec
Jan Hruska
@ 5sec
Oscar Camenzind
@ 10sec
703.8 km 41.826
2003 Javier Pascual Llorente
15hr 58min 18sec
Jan Hruska
@ 17sec
Haimar Zubeldia
@ 23sec
656.4 km 41.100
2004 Alejandro Valverde
15hr 49min 31sec
José Ivan Gutierrez
@ 5sec
Cadel Evans
@ 9sec
656.7 km 41.497
2005 Koldo Gil
15hr 53min 8sec
Antonio Colom
@ 30sec
Damiano Cunego
@ 59sec
642.7 km 40.458
2006 Santos González
15hr 33min 2sec
José Ivan Gutierrez
@ 3sec
David Bernabeu
@ 27sec
641.2 km 41.233
2007 Alejandro Valverde
11hr 45min 41sec
Angel Vicioso
@ 35sec
Manuel Lloret
@ 52sec
486.5 km 39.966
2008 Alejandro Valverde
16hr 29min 1sec
Stefano Garzelli
@ 2sec
Alberto Contador
@ 6sec
653.8 km 39.663
2009 Denis Menchov
14hr 55min 6sec
Ruben Plaza
@ 20sec
Pieter Weening
@ 35sec
606.9 km 40.681
2010 Frantisek Rabon
16hr 1min 24sec
Denis Menchov
@ 38sec
Bradley Wiggins
@ 53sec
630.4 km 39.343
2011 Alberto Contador
9hr 27min 18sec
Jerome Coppel
1st place
Denis Menchov
2nd place
374.3 km 39.588
2012 Nairo Quintana
5hr 6min 10sec
Jonathan Tiernan-Locke
@ 6sec
Wouter Poels
@ 9sec
205.1 km 40.194
2013 Daniel Navarro
4hr 40min 32sec
Bauke Mollema
@ s.t.
Alejandro Valverde
@ s.t.
182.5 km 39.033
2014 Alejandro Valverde
5hr 6min 53sec
Tiago Machado
@ 3sec
Davide Rebellin
@ s.t.
190.8 km 37.304
2015 Rein Taaramae
5hr 11min 38sec
Bauke Mollema
@ 10sec
Zdenek Stybar
@ s.t.
190.8 km 35.735 km/hr
2016 Philippe Gilbert
5hr 2min 19sec
Alejandro Valverde @ s.t. Ilnur Zakarin
@ s.t.
199.3 km 39.555
2017 Alejandro Valverde
4hr 3min 8sec
Jhonatan Restrepo
@ 2min 10sec
Patrick Konrad
@ s.t.
182.7 km 45.086 km/hr
2018 Luis Leon Sanchez
5hr 6min 34sec
Alejandro Valverde
@ 15sec
Philippe Gilbert
@ 2min 15sec
208.3 km 40.768 km/hr
2019 Luis Leon Sanchez
8hr 29min 38sec
Alejandro Valverde
@ s.t.
Pello Bilbao
@ 10sec
366.1 km 43.102 km/hr
2020 Xandro Meurisse
8hr 45min 55sec
Josef Cerny
@ 11sec
Lennard Kamna
@ 17sec
357.2 km 40.752 km/hr
2021 Antonio Soto
4hr 42min 19sec
Angel Madrazo
@ 31sec
Gonzalo Serrano
@ s.t.
192.4 km 40.809 km/hr
2022 Alessandro Covi
4hr 34min 50sec
Matteo Trentin
@ 1sec
Matis Louvel
@ s.t.
183.2 km 39.995 km/hr
2023 Ben Turner
4hr 24min 5sec
Simon Clarke
@ s.t.
Jordi Meeus
@ s.t.
2024 Ben O'Connor
4hr 50min 59sec
Jan Tratnik
@ 58sec
Tim Wellens
@ 59sec
198.7 km 40.971


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