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1936 Paris - Roubaix

37th edition: Sunday, April 12, 1936

Paris-Roubaix podium history | 1937 edition | 1935 edition

262 km. 155 starters and 40 classified finishers.

Rainy. Not having a good sprint, three-time winner Gaston Rebry needed to wear down the group of thirteen leaders. He reduced them to three: Georges Speicher, Romain Maes and himself, of whom Speicher had the best finish. On the racetrack Maes astonished all by crossing the line first. But the judges saw it differently and unjustly awarded the race to Georges Speicher. We know the decision to be wrong because a photo has survived clearly showing Maes winning the sprint.

1936 Paris-Roubaix finish

Romain Maes (left) crosses the line before Speicher (right), but the judges didn't see it that way.

Complete Results:

  1. Georges Speicher (Alcyon-Dunlop) 7hr 15min 1sec. 36.136 km/hr
  2. Romain Maes (Labor-Dunlop) s.t.
  3. Gaston Rebry s.t.
  4. Romain Gijssels (Dilecta-Wolber) @ 1min 30sec
  5. Giulio "Jules" Rossi (Alcyon-Dunlop) s.t.
  6. Jean Wauters (Helyett) s.t.
  7. Frans Bonduel (Dilecta-Wolber) @ 3min 1sec
  8. Emiel Van de Pitte s.t.
  9. Sylvain Grysolle (Dilecta-Wolber) @ 6min 34sec
  10. Léon Level (Helyett) s.t.
  11. Maurice Archambaud sw.t.
  12. Emile Decroix @ 6min 36sec
  13. André Verlinden @ 7min 43sec
  14. Albert Hendrickx (Alcyon-Dunlop) @ 7min 47sec
  15. Gustave Danneels (Alcyon-Dunlop) @ 8min 36sec
  16. Sylvère Maes s.t.
  17. Karel Kaers @ 10min 9sec
  18. Albert Billiet (Dilcta-Wolber) s.t.
  19. Alfons Deloor (Colin-Wolber) s.t.
  20. Adrien Buttafocchi (Helyett) @ 10min 11sec
  21. Emile Bruneau (Dilecta-Wolber) @ 12min 35sec
  22. Antonin Magne (Frane Sport-Wolber) s.t.
  23. Léon Louyet s.t.
  24. Arthur Debruyckere @ 12min 44sec
  25. Louis Noens @ 12min 52sec
  26. Maurice Lelau s.t.
  27. Arsène Mersch (Dilecta-Wolber) s.t.
  28. Omer Verbeke s.t.
  29. Albert Van Schendel (France Sport-Wolber) s.t.
  30. Lucien Weiss (Terrot) @ 13min 54sec
  31. Alfons Schepers (Dilecta-Wolber) @ 15min 14sec
  32. Charly Van Bulcke s.t.
  33. Albert Perikel (Génial Lucifer-Hutchinson) @ 17min 12sec
  34. Adolphe Braeckeveldt s.t.
  35. Léo Amberg (Colin-Wolber) s.t.
  36. Georges Christiaens s.t.
  37. Joseph Soffieti s.t.
  38. Louis Bocken (Helyett) s.t.
  39. Sylvain Marcaillou (France Sport-Wolber) s.t.
  40. Dante Franzil (Mercier-Hutchinson) s.t.