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1914 Paris - Roubaix

19th edition: Sunday, April 12, 1914

Paris-Roubaix podium history | 1913 edition | 1919 edition

274 km. 153 starters and 79 classified finishers. I do not have time splits, except that we know the first seven riders came into the Roubaix velodrome together, hence I've given them "same time". Beyond that I have only the final official finishing order.

Beautiful weather. It took a long time to wear down the peloton. There were still 50 riders together at Arras and with ten kilometers to got there were 21 riders at the front. Charles Crupelandt was the fastest of the seven survivors who made to to the velodrome together, making 1914 his second Paris-Roubaix win.

Complete known Results:

  1. Charles Crupelandt (La Française-Hutchinson) 9hr 2min. 30.30 km/hr
  2. Louis Luguet (Automoto) s.t.
  3. Louis Mottiat (Alcyon-Soly) s.t.
  4. Oscar Egg (Peugeot-Lion) s.t.
  5. Jean Rossius (Alcyon-Soly) s.t.
  6. Cyrille Van Houwaert (La Française-Hutchinson) s.t.
  7. Pierre Van de Velde s.t.
  8. Dieudonné Gauthy (Alcyon-Soly)
  9. Emile Aerts
  10. Emile Georget (Peugeot-Wolber)
  11. Gustave Garrigou (Peugeot-Wolber)
  12. Auguste Diericks
  13. Auguste Benoit (JB Louvet-Continental)
  14. Pierre Vugé (La Française-Hutchinson)
  15. Georges Passerieu
  16. Louis Trousselier (Automoto-Continental)
  17. Alfons Lauwers
  18. Charles Guyot (Peugeot-Wolber)
  19. Maurice Léturgie (Automoto-Continental)
  20. Marcel Baumler (Peugeot-Wolber)
  21. Charles Haidon (Alcyon-Soly)
  22. Alfred Steux
  23. Vincenzo Borgarello
  24. François Faber (Peugeot-Wolber)
  25. Cyrille Aubert
  26. Maurits Moritz
  27. Ali Nefati
  28. Joseph Cassiers
  29. Jacques Coomens
  30. Léon Despontin
  31. Paul Deman (Alcyon-Soly)
  32. Eugène Christophe (Peugeot-Wolber)
  33. Arthur Maertens
  34. Ivor "Snowy" Munro
  35. Raymond Harguet
  36. Alfons Spiessens (JB Louvet-Continental)
  37. Léon Scieur (Thomann-Soly)
  38. Firmin Lambot (Peugeot-Wolber)
  39. Georges Tribouillard (La Française-Hutchinson)
  40. Paul Duboc
  41. Paul Hostein
  42. Emile Wirtz (Alleluia-Continental)
  43. Hector Tiberghien (Delage-Continental)
  44. Ernest Paul (Delage-Continental)
  45. Hector Heusghem (Peugeot-Wolber)
  46. Joseph Van Daele
  47. Georges Monseur (La Française-Hutchinson)
  48. Auguste Sabatier
  49. Marcel Godiver
  50. Albert De Belder
  51. Giuseppe Santhià
  52. Sadi Bricourt
  53. Molle Walmer
  54. Joseph Verdickt
  55. Marius Auriaux
  56. Charles Cruchon
  57. Charles Snell
  58. Hubert Noel
  59. Charles Rémy
  60. Lucien Petit-Breton
  61. René Cottrel
  62. Maurice Laliaert
  63. Alois Verstraeten
  64. George Bell
  65. Maurice Hugentobler
  66. Pierre Everaerts
  67. Paul Coppens
  68. Jean Morel
  69. Gaston Degy
  70. Constant Van Reeth
  71. Auguste Rossignol
  72. Gaston Van Waesberghe
  73. Edouard Léonard
  74. Charles Charron
  75. Charles Desmeets
  76. Jules Deloffre
  77. Marcel Allain
  78. A. Lavannier
  79. Ernest Tobler