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1969 World Pro Road Cycling Championships

36th edition: Sunday, August 10, 1969
Zolder, Belgium

World Road Cycling Championships podium history | 1970 edition | 1968 edition

Paris–Roubaix: The Inside Story

93 riders started, 62 classified finishers.
30 laps of 8.762 km totalling 262.86km. Winner's average speed: 41.10 km/hr

Harm Ottenbros

Complete Results:

  1. Harm Ottenbros (Netherlands) 6hr 23min 44sec
  2. Julien Stevens (Belgium) s.t.
  3. Michele Dancelli (Italy) @ 2min 18sec
  4. Guido Reybrouck (Belgium) @ 2min 21sec
  5. Roger Swerts (Belgium) s.t.
  6. Jan Harins (Netherlands) s.t.
  7. José Catieau (France) s.t.
  8. Enrico Paolini (Italy) s.t.
  9. Gerben Karstens (Netherlands) s.t.
  10. Rolf Wolfshohl (Germany) s.t.
  11. Evert Dolman (Netherlands) s.t.
  12. Bernard Guyot (France) s.t.
  13. Jaak Frijters (Netherlands) s.t.
  14. Roger de Vlaeminck (Belgium) s.t.
  15. Joaquim Agostinho (Protugal) s.t.
  16. Davide Boifava (Italy) s.t.
  17. Gergorio San Miguel (Spain) s.t.
  18. Fernando Mendes (Spain) s.t.
  19. Walter Godefroot (Belgium) s.t.
  20. Winfried Boelke (Germany) s.t.
  21. Willy Spuhler (Switzerland) s.t.
  22. Henrique Santos (Portugal) s.t.
  23. Herman van Springel (Belgium) @ 4min 35sec
  24. Rik van Looy (Belgium) s.t.
  25. Harry Steevens (Netherlands) s.t.
  26. Marinus Wagtmans (Netherlands) s.t.
  27. Colin Lewis (Great Britain) s.t.
  28. Joseph Spruyt (Belgium) s.t.
  29. Hans Junkermann (Germany) s.t.
  30. Kurt Rub (Switzerland) s.t.
  31. Raymond Delisle (France) s.t.
  32. Bill Lawrie (Australia) s.t.
  33. Dino Zandegù (Italy) s.t.
  34. Willem Du Bois (Netherlands) s.t.
  35. Roland Berland (France) s.t.
  36. Mariano Diaz (Spain) s.t.
  37. Vito Taccone (Italy) s.t.
  38. Dieter Puschel (Germany) s.t.
  39. Bernard Vifian (Switzerland) s.t.
  40. Jacques Anquetil (France) s.t.
  41. Rudi Altig (Germany) s.t.
  42. Erwinn Thalmann (Switzerland) s.t.
  43. Charly Walsh (Australia) @ 7min 20sec
  44. Eric Leman (Belgium) @ 7min 35sec
  45. Graeme Gilmore (Australia) s.t.
  46. José Antonio Momene (Spain) s.t.
  47. José Manuel Lopez Rodriguez (Spain) s.t.
  48. Roger Gilson (Luxembourg) s.t.
  49. Jiri Daler (Czekoslovakia) s.t.
  50. Sigi Renz (Germany) s.t.
  51. Johnny Schleck (Luxembourg) s.t.
  52. Antonio Graca (Portugal) s.t.
  53. Christian Raymond (France) s.t.
  54. Peter Abt (Switzerland) s.t.
  55. Marino Basso (Italy) s.t.
  56. Raymond Poulidor (France) s.t.
  57. Ramon Saez (Spain) s.t.
  58. Wilfried Peffgen (Germany) s.t.
  59. Paul Kochli (Switzerland) s.t.
  60. Wes Mason (Great Britain) s.t.
  61. Vittorio Adorni (Italy) s.t.
  62. Luciano Armani (Italy) s.t.