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1970 Tour de France

June 26 to July 19

Results, map, stages with running GC, video, photos and history

Map of the 1970 Tour de France

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Quick Facts:


Number of stages 23
Number of riders starting 150
Number of riders finishing   100
Distance 4254 km
Average speed 35.589 km/hr  


Top three finishers 1st Eddy Merckx
2nd Joop Zootemelk
3rd Gösta Pettersson
Yellow jerseys Eddy Merckx, Italo Zilioli, Eddy Merckx  
Best sprinter Walter Godefroot
Best climber Eddy Merckx
Best team Salvarani

Genet Voted Team-Rider Number one
Ocana, voted most elegant rider
Van Impe voted friendliest rider

Complete Final Individual General Classification

1 Eddy Merckx (Faema) 119 hr 31 min 49 sec  
2 Joop Zoetemelk (Mars-Flandria) @ 12 min 41 sec
3 Gösta Pettersson (Ferretti) @ 15min 54sec
4 Martin Van den Bossche (Molteni)   @ 18min 53sec
5 Marinus Wagtmans (Willem II-Gazelle) @ 19min 54sec
6 Lucien Van Impe (Sonolor-Lejeune) @ 20min 34sec
7 Raymond Poulidor (Fagor-Mercier) @ 20min 35sec
8 Antoon Houbrechts (Salvarani) @ 21min 34sec
9 Francisco Galdos (KAS) @ 21min 45sec
10 Georges Pintens (Mann-Grundig) @ 23min 23sec
11 Raymond Delisle (Peugeot-BP) @ 23min 59sec
12 Franco Balmamion (Salvarani) @ 25min 10sec
13 Italo Zilioli (Faema) @ 26min 17sec
14 Joaquim Agostinho (Frimatic-De Gribaldy) @ 26min 52sec
15 Luis Zubero (KAS) @ 28min 11sec
16 Willy Van Neste (Mann-Grundig) @ 29min 17sec
17 Lucien Aimar (Sonolor-Lejeune) @ 29min 22sec
18 Wladimiro Panizza (Salvarani) @ 31min 2sec
19 Johnny Schleck (Bic) @ 32min 19sec
20 Andrés Gandarias (KAS) @ 35min 22sec
21 Jean Dumont (Peugeot-BP) @ 47min 28sec
22 Bernard Vifian (Frimatic-De Gribaldy) @ 50min 05sec
23 Francisco Gabica (KAS) @ 50min 18sec
24 Roger Swerts (Faema) @ 52min 56sec
25 Aurelio Gonzales (KAS) @ 55min 57sec
26 Jan Janssen (Bic) @ 56min 29sec
27 Henri Rabaute (Fagor-Mercier) @ 58min 47sec
28 Primo Mori (Salvarani) @ 59min 39sec
29 Walter Godefroot (Salvarani) @ 1 hr 02 min 36 sec
30 Jos Huysmans (Faema) @ 1hr 5min 24sec
31 Luis Ocana (Bic) @ 1hr 6min 59sec
32 Evert Dolman (Willem II) @ 1hr 10min 19sec
33 Bernard Labourdette (Fagor-Mercier) @ 1hr 11min 22sec
34 Vicente López-Carril (KAS) @ 1hr 12min 21sec
35 Bernard Thévenet (Peugeot-BP) @ 1hr 13min 25sec
36 Thomas Petterson (Ferretti) @ 1hr 13min 28sec
37 Rolf Wolfshohl (Fagor-Mercier) @ 1hr 15min 38sec
38 Edy Schutz (Molteni) @ 1hr 16min 5sec
39 Guerrino Tosello (Molteni) @ 1hr 16min 43sec
40 Alain Vasseur (Bic) @ 1hr 17min 24sec
41 Robert Bouloux (Peugeot-BP) @ 1hr 18min 21sec
42 Pierre Gautier (Frimatic-De Gribaldy) @ 1hr 18min 21sec
43 Ronny De Witte (Mann-Grundig) @ 1hr 19min 56sec
44 Jos Ven der Vleuten (Willem II) @ 1hr 22min 46sec
45 Harry Steevens (Caballero) @ 1hr 23mn 21sec
46 Jozef Spruyt (Faema) @ 1hr 26min 30sec
47 Gérard Vianen (Caballero) @ 1hr 27min 04sec
48 Albert Van Vlierberghe (Ferretti) @ 1hr 31min 05sec
49 Giacinto Santambrogio (Molteni) @ 1hr 33min 53sec
50 Joseph Bruyère (Faema) @ 1hr 34min 12sec
51 Walter Ricci (Sonolor-Lejeune) @ 1hr 35min 59sec
52 Christian Raymond (Peugeot-BP) @ 1hr 36min 27sec
53 Franco Mori (Molteni) @ 1hr 37min 12sec
54 André Poppe (Mann-Grundig) @ 1hr 38min 27sec
55 Mario Anni (Molteni) @ 1hr 38min 49sec
56 José-Antonio Gonzales-Linares (KAS) @ 1hr 39min 01sec
57 Jos De Schoenmaecker (Mann-Grundig) @ 1hr 40min 17sec
58 Jean-Pierre Paranteau (Peugeot-BP) @ 1hr 41min 07sec
59 Mogens Frey (Frimatic-De Gribaldy) @ 1hr 41min 10sec
60 Attilio Benfatto (SCIC) @ 1hr 45min 31sec
61 Maurice Izier (Frimatic-De Gribaldy) @ 1hr 47min 26sec
62 Cyrille Guimard (Fagor-Mercier) @ 1hr 50min 11sec
63 Marino Basso (Molteni) @ 1hr 52min 35sec
64 Jean-Pierre Danguillaume (Peugeot-BP) @ 1hr 52min 01sec
65 Eddy Reyniers (Mann-Grundig) s.t. @ 1hr 55min 12sec
66 Gabriel Mascaro (KAS) @ 1hr 55min 18sec
67 Daniel Van Ryckeghem (Mann-Grundig) @ 1hr 56min 44sec
68 Victor Van Schil (Faema) @ 2 hr 0 min 04 sec
69 Gérard David (Mars-Flandria) @ 2hr 02min 55sec
70 José Catieau (Sonolor-Lejeune) @ 2hr 09min 34sec
71 Pietro Guerra (Salvarani) @ 2hr 10min 07sec
72 Raymond Riotte (Sonolor-Lejeune) @ 2hr 10min 54sec
73 Giancarlo Polidori (SCIC) @ 2hr 11min 57sec
74 Nemesio Jimenez (KAS) @ 2hr 12min 15sec
75 Frans Mintjens (Faema) @ 2hr 13min 15sec
76 Pierre Martelozzo (Peugeot-BP) @ 2hr 19min 59sec
77 Roland Berland (Bic) @ 2hr 20min 28sec
78 Harm Ottenbros (Willem II) @ 2hr 20min 62sec
79 Michel Perin (Fagor-Mercier) @ 2hr 21min 33sec
80 Jan Van Katwijk (Willem II) @ 2hr 22min 08sec
81 Eddy Beugels (Mars-Flandria) @ 2hr 22min 50sec
82 Jean-Pierre Genet (Fagor-Mercier) @ 2hr 26min 22sec
83 Jean-Marie Leblanc (Bic) @ 2hr 28min 03sec
84 Georges Chappe (Fagor-Mercier) @ 2hr 30min 30sec
85 Michel Coulon (Mars-Flandria) @ 2hr 31min 35sec
86 Cees Zoontjens (Caballero) @ 2hr 32min 26sec
87 Etienne Antheunis (Faema) @ 2hr 33min 05sec
88 Pieter Nassen (Mars-Flandria) @ 2hr 33min 17sec
89 Willy In't Ven (Mann-Grundig) @ 2hr 34min 27sec
90 Domingo Perrurena (Fagor-Mercier) @ 2hr 41min 57sec
91 Marc Lievens (Mars-Flandria) @ 2hr 44min 52sec
92 Cees Rentmeester (Caballero) @ 2hr 47min 07sec
93 Romano Tumellero (Ferretti) @ 2hr 50min 40sec
94 René De Bie (Mann-Grundig) @ 2hr 58min 50sec
95 Sylvain Vasseur (Bic) @ 3 hr 02 min 01 sec
96 Luciano Dalla Bona (Salvarani) @ 3hr 19min 56sec
97 Pierre Ghisellini (Frimatic-De Gribaldy) @ 3hr 21min 49sec
98 Jaak De Boever (Mars-Flandria) @ 3hr 29min 47sec
99  Adriano Durante (SCIC) @ 3hr 29min 47sec
100 Frits Hoogerheide (Willem II) @ 3hr 52min 12sec

Points (sprinter) Competition

1 Walter Godefroot (Salvarani) 212 pts  
2 Eddy Merckx (Faema) 207
3 Marino Basso (Molteni) 161
4 Jan Janssen (Bic) 151
5 Cyrille Guimard (Fagor-Mercier) 138
6 Marinus Wagtmans (Willem II) 116
7 Daniel Van Ryckeghem   (Mann-Grundig) 100
8 Harry Steevens (Caballero) 77
9 Luis Ocaña (Bic) 75
10   Mogens Frey (Frimatic-De Gribaldy) 73
11 Joop Zoetemelk (Mars-Flandira) 68
12 Antoon Houbrechts (Salvarani) 65

Team General Classification

1 Salvarani 354hr 22min 56sec  
2 Kas 354hr 24min 10sec
3 Faemino 354hr 32min 41sec
4 Sonolor-Lejeune 354hr 52min 17sec
5 Mann-Grundig 354hr 57min 19sec
6 Peugeot-BP 355hr 04min 31sec
7 Molteni 355hr 08min 31sec
8 Bic 355hr 15min 13sec
9 Fagor-Mercier 355hr 22min 35sec
10   Frimatic 355hr 27min 10sec
11 Willem II-Gazelle 355hr 52min 19sec
12 Ferretti 356hr 21min 11sec
13 Mars-Flandria 357hr 04min 47sec
14 Caballero-Laurens   357hr 57min 10sec
15 SCIC 359hr 22min 18sec

King of the Mountains (Some sources have places 4-9 different)

1 Eddy Merckx (Faema) 128 points  
2 Andrés Gandarias (KAS) 94
3 Martin Van den Bossche (Molteni)  85
4 Lucien Van Impe (Sonolor-Lejeune) 65
5 Primo Mori (Salvarani) 64
6 Gösta Petterson (Ferretti) 59
7 Raymond Delisle (Peugeot-BP)) 57
8 Luis Zubero (KAS) 52
9 Guerrino Tosello (Molteni) 32
10   Antoon Houbrechts (Salvarani) 28
11 Italo Zilioli (Faema) 27
12 Marinus Wagtmans (Willem II) 24


Overall, Points, Mountains

1 Eddy Merckx (Faema) 4 points  
2   Martin Van den Bossche  (Molteni) 21.5
3 Marinus Wagtmans (WillemII) 23
4 Lucien Van Impe (Sonolor-Lejeune) 25.5
5 Joop Zoetemelk (Mars-Flandria) 32.5

Miko "Hot Spot"

1   Cyrille Guimard (Fagr-Mercier) 67 points  
2 Enrico Polidori (SCIC) 48
3 Jaak De Boever  (Mars-Flandria) 22
4 Pieter Nassen (Mars-Flandria) 20


1   Eddy Merckx (Faema) 366 Points  
2 Joaquim Agostinho (Frimatic-De Gribaldy) 340
3 Raymond Delisle (Peugeot-BP) 273
4 Jean-Pierre Danguillaume   (Peugeot-BP) 252

New Rider

1   Mogens Frey (Frimatic-De Gribaldy)   77 points  
2 Joop Zoetemelk (Mars-Flandria) 67
3 Lucien Van Impe (Sonolor-Lejeune) 36

Stage Details, results with running GC

Prologue: Friday, June 26, Individual Time Trial, Limoges, 7.4 km (4.6 miles)
Team winner: Bic

1 Eddy Merckx 9min 57.38sec  
2 Charly Grosskost 10min 1.9 sec
3 Jan Janssen 10min 5.38sec
4 Herman Van Springel 10min 6.1sec
5 Mogens Frey 10min 11.88sec
6 Luis Ocaña 10min 12.85sec
7 Thomas Petterson 10min 16.73sec
8 José-Antonio Gonzales-Linares   10min 17.07sec
9 Joop Zoetemelk 10min 17.08sec
10   Gösta Pettersson 10min 20.32sec
11 Raymond Poulidor 10min 21.88sec
12 Roger De Vlaeminck 10min 23.88sec

Stage 1: Saturday, June 27, Limoges - La Rochelle, 224 km (140 miles)

After this stage:
Team leader: Caballero
GC Leader: Merckx
Points Leader: Merckx

1 Cyrille Guimard 5hr 50min 24sec  
2 Jan Janssen s.t.
3 Eddy Merckx s.t.
4 Daniel Van Ryckeghem s.t.
5 Harm Ottenbros s.t.
6 Leo Duyndam s.t.
7 Cees Zoontjens s.t.
8 Albert Van Vlierberghe s.t.
9 Gérard Vianen s.t.
10   Eddy Peelman s.t.
11 Roger De Vlaeminck   s.t.
12 Nemesio Jimenez s.t.

GC after Stage 1:

  1. Eddy Merckx: 6hr 16sec
  2. Jan Janssen @ 3sec
  3. Charly Grosskost @ 9sec
  4. Herman Van Springel @ 14sec
  5. Cyrille Guimard @ 15sec
  6. Mogens Frey @ 19sec
  7. Luis Ocaña @ 20sec
  8. Thomas Pettersson @ 24sec
  9. José-Anotnio Gonzales-Liares @ 25sec
  10. Joop Zoetemelk s.t.

Stage 2: Sunday, June 28, La Rochelle - Angers, 204 km (127 miles)

After this stage:
Team Leader: Faemino
GC Leader: Zilioli
Points Leader: Janssen

1 Italo Zilioli 4 hr 41 min 19 sec  
2 Georges Van den Berghe @ 1sec
3 Walter Godefroot @ 2sec
4 Roland Berland @ 16sec
5 Eric De Vlaeminck   @ 24sec
6 Roger De Vlaeminck s.t.
7 Harm Ottenbros s.t.
8 Daniel Van Ryckeghem s.t.
9 Jan Serpenti s.t.
10   Pieter Nassen s.t.
11 Adriano Durante s.t.
12 Evert Dolman s.t.

GC after Stage 2:

  1. Italo Zilioli: 10hr 41min 55sec
  2. Eddy Merckx @ 4sec
  3. Jan Janssen @ 7sec
  4. Charly Grosskost @ 13sec
  5. Leo Duyndam @ 21sec
  6. Mogens Frey @ 23sec
  7. Georges Van den Berghe @ 26sec
  8. Herman Van Springel @ 31sec
  9. Cyrille Guimard @ 32sec
  10. Roger De Vlaeminck @ 35sec

Stage 3A: Monday, June 29, Angers Team Time Trial, 10.8 km (6.7 miles)

1   Faemino 13 min 26.7sec  
2 Willem II 13min 39.6sec
3 Molteni 13min 43.1sec
4 Caballero 13min 47.9sec
5 Mars-Flandria   13min 53.1sec
6 Bic 13min 53.2sec

Stage 3B: Monday, June 29, Angers - Rennes, 140 km (87 miles)

After this stage:
Team Leader: Faemino
GC Leader: Zilioli
Points Leader: Guimard

1 Marino Basso 3hr 20min 7sec  
2 Walter Godefroot s.t.
3 Cyrille Guimard s.t.
4 Eddy Peelman s.t.
5 Roger De Vlaeminck   s.t.
6 Daniel Van Ryckeghem s.t.
7 Georges Van den Berghe s.t.
8 Michel Grain s.t.
9 Nemesio Jimenez s.t.
10   Giuseppe Beghetto s.t.
11 Harry Steevens s.t.
12 Ernesto Jotti s.t.

GC after Stage 3B:

  1. Italo Zilioli: 14hr 1min 41sec
  2. Eddy Merckx @ 4sec
  3. Georges Van den Berghe @ 26sec
  4. Jan Janssen @ 27sec
  5. Charly Grosskost @ 33sec
  6. Mogens Frey @ 43sec
  7. Cyrille Guimard @ 47sec
  8. Walter Godefroot @ 49sec
  9. Herman Van Springel @ 51sec
  10. Roger De Vlaeminck @ 55sec

Stage 4: Tuesday, June 30, Rennes - Lisieux, 225 km (140 miles)

Van Springel tried to take a late flier, but was just caught at the line on an uphill finish.

1 Walter Godefroot 5hr 27min 7sec  
2 Roger de Vlaeminck   s.t.
3 Herman Van Springel s.t.
4 Jan Janssen s.t.
5 Eddy Merckx s.t.
6 Italo Zilioli s.t.
7 Raymond Poulidor s.t.
8 Willy Van Neste s.t.
9 Joop Zoetemelk @ 5sec
10   Georges Pintens s.t.
11 Claudio Michelotto s.t.
12 Ronny De Witte s.t.

GC after Stage 4:

  1. Italo Zilioli: 19hr 28min 48sec
  2. Eddy Merckx @ 4sec
  3. Jan Janssen @ 27sec
  4. Walter Godefroot @ 29sec
  5. Roger De Vlaeminck @ 45sec
  6. Herman Van Springel @ 46sec
  7. Thomas Pettersson @ 1min 6sec
  8. Raymond Poulidor s.t.
  9. Joop Zoetemelk @ 1min 7sec
  10. Luis Ocaña @ 1min 8sec

Stage 5A: Wednesday, July 1, Lisieux - Rouen, 94.5 km

  1. Walter Godefroot: 2hr 5min 2sec
  2. Daniel Van Rijckeghem s.t.
  3. Roger De Vlaeminck s.t.
  4. Gérard Vianen s.t.
  5. Jan Van Katwijk s.t.
  6. Evert Dolman s.t.
  7. Eddy Merckx s.t.
  8. Cyrille Guimard s.t.
  9. Marino Basso s.t.
  10. Jean Dumont s.t.

GC after Stage 5A:

  1. Italo Zilioli: 21hr 33min 50sec
  2. Eddy Merckx @ 4sec
  3. Walter Godefroot @ 9sec
  4. Jan Janssen @ 27sec
  5. Roger De Vlaeminck @ 40sec
  6. Herman Van Springel @ 46sec
  7. Thomas Pettersson @ 1min 6sec
  8. Raymond Poulidor s.t.
  9. Joop Zoetemelk @ 1min 7sec
  10. Luis Ocaña @ 1min 8sec

Stage 5B: Wednesday, July 1, Rouen - Amiens, 113 km

An hour from Amien, Duyndam broke away with Spruyt on his wheel. Duyndam did all the work and Spuyt came around for the win.

1 Jozef Spruyt 2hr 32min 34sec  
2 Leo Duyndam @ 1sec
3 Roger De Vlaeminck   @ 11sec
4 Eric Leman s.t.
5 Eric De Vlaeminck s.t.
6 Marino Basso s.t.
7 Eddy Merckx s.t.
8 Eddy Peelman s.t.
9 Jan Van Katwijk s.t.
10   Marinus Wagtmans s.t.
11 Walter Godefroot s.t.
12 Joaquim Agostinho s.t.

GC after Stage 5B:

  1. Italo Zilioli: 24hr 6min 35sec
  2. Eddy Merckx @ 4sec
  3. Walter Godefroot @ 9sec
  4. Jan Janssen @ 27sec
  5. Roger De Vlaeminck @ 35sec
  6. Herman Van Springel @ 46sec
  7. Thomas Pettersson @ 1min 6sec
  8. Raymond Poulidor s.t.
  9. Joop Zoetemelk @ 1min 7sec
  10. Luis Ocaña @ 1min 8sec

Stage 6: Thursday, July 2, Amiens - Valenciennes, 137 km (85 miles)

1 Roger De Vlaeminck 3hr 5min 50sec  
2 Harry Stevens 3hr 5min 47sec
3 Jan Janssen 3hr 5min 50sec
4 José-Antonio Gonzales-Linares 3hr 5min 47sec
5 Walter Godefroot 3hr 5min 50sec
6 Martin Van Den Bossche   s.t.
7 Eddy Merckx s.t.
8 Herman Van Springel s.t.
9 Rolf Wolfshohl s.t.
10   Raymond Poulidor s.t.
11 Joop Zoetemelk s.t.
12 Eric Leman s.t.

General Classification at Valenciennes:

1 Eddy Merckx 27hr 12min 29sec  
2 Walter Godefroot @ 5sec
3 Roger De Vlaeminck @ 11sec
4 Jan Janssen @ 18sec
5 Herman Van Springel @ 42sec
6 Italo Zilioli @ 57sec
7 Raymnd Poulidor @ 1min 2sec
8 Joop Zoetemelk @ 1min 3sec
9 José-Antonio Gonzales-Linares   @ 1min 52sec
10   Luis Ocaña @ 1min 54sec
11 Thomas Petterson @ 2min 3sec
12 Georges Pintens @ 2min 8sec

Stage 7A: Friday, July 3, Valenciennes - Forest, 120.5 km (75 miles)

1 Eddy Merckx 2hr 51min 11sec  
2 Lucien Van Impe @ 10sec
3 Antoon Houbrechts @ 20sec
4 Walter Godefroot s.t.
5 Daniel Van Ryckeghem s.t.
6   Martin Van den Bossche   s.t.

GC after Stage 7A:

  1. Eddy Merckx: 30hr 3min 20sec
  2. Walter Godefroot @ 1min 45sec
  3. Roger De Vlaeminck @ 1min 51sec
  4. Jan Janssen @ 1min 58sec
  5. Herman Van Springel @ 2min 22sec
  6. Italo Zilioli @ 2min 37sec
  7. Raymond Poulidor @ 2min 42sec
  8. Joop Zoetemelk @ 2min 43sec
  9. José-Antonio Gonzales-Linares @ 3min 32sec
  10. Luis Ocaña @ 3min 34sec

Stage 7B: Friday, July 3, Forest Individual Time Trial, 7.25 km (4.5 miles)

1 José-Antonio Gonzales-Linares   10min 1.7sec  
2 Eddy Merckx @ 3sec
3 Charly Grosskost @ 5sec
4 Luis Ocaña @ 7sec
5 Joop Zoetemelk @ 9sec
6 Georges Pintens @ 10sec
7 Thomas Pettersson s.t.
8 Joseph Bruyère @ 12sec
9 Herman Van Springel @ 13sec
10   Jan Janssen @ 14sec
11 Martin Van den Bossche @ 16sec
12 Mogens Frey s.t.

General Classification after Stage 7B, Forest Time Trial

1 Eddy Merckx 30hr 13min 34sec  
2 Walter Godefroot @ 2min 7sec
3 Jan Janssen @ 2min 9sec
4 Herman Van Springel @ 2min 32sec
5 Joop Zoetemelk @ 2min 49sec
6 Raymond Poulidor @ 3min 1sec
7 Italo Zilioli @ 3min 4sec
8 José-Antonio Gonzales-Linares @ 3min 29sec
9 Luis Ocaña @ 3min 38sec
10   Georges Pintens @ 3min 55sec
11 Charly Grosskost @ 3min 58sec
12 Martin Van den Bossche   @ 4min 11sec

Stage 8: Saturday, July 4, Ciney - Felsberg, 231.5 km (144 miles)

1 Alain Vasseur 6hr 4min 14sec  
2 Walter Godefroot @ 1min 25sec
3. Marino Basso s.t.
4 Cyrille Guimard s.t.
5 Jan Janssen s.t.
6 Eddy Merckx s.t.
7 Marius Wagtmans   s.t.
8 Harry Steevens s.t.
9 Cees Zoontjens s.t.
10   Mogens Frey s.t.
11 Gérard Vianen s.t.
12 Evert Dolman s.t.

GC after Stage 8:

  1. Eddy Merckx: 36hr 19min 5sec
  2. Walter Godefroot @ 1min 57sec
  3. Jan Janssen @ 2min 9sec
  4. Herman Van Springel @ 2min 32sec
  5. Joop Zoetemelk @ 2min 49sec
  6. Raymond Poulidor @ 3min 1sec
  7. Italo Zilioli @ 3min 4sec
  8. José-Antonio Gonzales-Linares @ 3min 29sec
  9. Luis Ocaña @ 3min 38sec
  10. Georges Pintens @ 3min 55sec

Stage 9: Sunday, July 5, Saarlouis - Mulhouse, 273.5 km (170 miles).

Major ascent: Schlucht

1 Mogens Frey 7hr 44min 14sec  
2 Joaquim Agostinho s.t.
3 Marino Basso @ 3sec
4 Jan Janssen s.t.
5 Harry Steevens s.t.
6 Daniel Van Ryckeghem   s.t.
7 Walter Godefroot s.t.
8 Gérard Vianen s.t.
9 Cyrille Guimard s.t.
10   Marinus Wagtmans s.t.
11 Evert Dolman s.t.
12 Herman Van Springel s.t.

GC after Stage 9:

  1. Eddy Merckx: 44hr 3min22sec
  2. Walter Godefroot @ 1min 57sec
  3. Jan Janssen @ 2min 9sec
  4. Herman Van Springel @ 2min 32sec
  5. Joop Zoetemelk @ 2min 49sec
  6. Raymond Poulidor @ 3min 1sec
  7. Italo Zilioli @ 3min 4sec
  8. José-Anotnio Gonzales-Linares @ 3min 29sec
  9. Luis Ocaña @ 3min 38sec
  10. Georges Pintens @ 3min 55sec

Stage 10: Monday, July 6, Belfort - Divone Les Bains, 236.5 km (147 miles)

Major ascent: Les Rousses

1 Eddy Merckx 5hr 52min 36sec  
2 Guerrino Tosello s.t.
3 Geurges Pintens s.t.
4 Joop Zoetemelk @ 2sec
5 Francisco Galdos @ 2min 41sec
6 Johnny Schleck s.t.
7 Evert Dolman s.t.
8 Jos Van Der Vleuten   s.t.
9 Gösta Petterson s.t.
10   Marinus Wagtmans s.t.
11 Bernard Labourdette s.t.
12 Georges Van Den Berghe @ 5min 30sec

GC after Stage 10:

  1. Eddy Merckx: 49hr 55min 58sec
  2. Joop Zoetemelk @ 2min 51sec
  3. Georges Pintens @ 3min 55sec
  4. Gösta Pettersson @ 7min 44sec
  5. Herman Van Springel @ 8min 2sec
  6. Raymond Poulidor @ 8min 31sec
  7. Italo Zilioli @ 8min 34sec
  8. Marinus Wagtmans @ 9min 18sec
  9. Francisco Galdos @ 9min 33sec
  10. Martin Van den Bossche @ 9min 41sec

Stage 11A: Tuesday, July 7, Divonne les Bains Individual Time Trial, 9.3 km (5.8 miles)

1 Eddy Merckx 10min 35.69sec  
2 José-Antonio Gonzales-Linares   @ 9sec
3 Charly Grosskost s.t.
4 Joop Zoetemelk s.t.
5 Mogens Frey @ 13sec
6 Gösta Pettersson s.t.
7 Luis Ocaña @ 20sec
8 Thomas Pettersson s.t.
9 Raymond Poulidor @ 25sec
10   Herman Van Springel @ 26sec
11 Joaquim Agostinho @ 28sec
12 Gérard Vianen s.t.

After Divone Les Bains:

Points: Godefroot
Team: Faemino

General Classifcation after Stage 11A:

1 Eddy Merckx 50hr 6min 33sec  
2 Joop Zoetemelk @ 3min
3 Georges Pintens @ 4min 24sec
4 Gösta Pettersson @ 7min 57sec
5 Herman Van Springel @ 8min 28sec
6 Raymond Poulidor @ 8min 56sec
7 Italo Zilioli @ 9min 14sec
8 Francisco Galdos @ 10min 13sec
9 Marinus Wagtmans @ 10min 14sec
10   Walter Godefroot   @ 10min 19sec
11 Martin Van den Bossche s.t.
12 Jos Van der Vleuten @ 10min 41sec

Stage 11B: Tuesday, July 7, Divon les Baines - Thonon les Bains, 139.5 km. (87 miles)

Major Ascents: Les Mouilles, Col de Cou

1 Marino Basso 3hr 42min 43sec  
2 Jan Janssen s.t.
3 Walter Godefroot s.t.
4 Cyrille Guimard s.t.
5 Daniel Van Ryckeghem s.t.
6 Marinus Wagtmans s.t.
7 Willy Van Neste s.t.
8 Albert Van Vlierberghe   s.t.
9 Evert Dolman s.t.
10   Christian Raymond s.t.
11 Victor Nuelant s.t.
12 Romano Tumellero s.t.

GC after Stage 11B:

  1. Eddy Merckx: 53hr 49min 16sec
  2. Joop Zoetemelk @ 3min
  3. Georges Pintens @ 4min 24sec
  4. Gösta Pettersson @ 7min 57sec
  5. Herman Van Springel @ 8min 28sec
  6. Raymond Poulidor @ 8min 56sec
  7. Italo Zilioli @ 9min 14sec
  8. Marinus Wagtmans @ 10min 14sec
  9. Walter Godefroot 2 10min 19sec
  10. Martin Van den Bossche s.t.

Stage 12: Wednesday, July 8, Thonon les Bains - Grenoble, 193 km (120 miles)

Major ascents: Leschaux, Plainpalais, Granier, Cucheron, Porte

1 Eddy Merckx 6hr 1min 49sec  
2 Luis Zubero @ 1min 35sec
3 Silvano Schiavon @ 2min 7sec
4 Antoon Houbrechts s.t.
5 Gösta Pettersson s.t.
6 Marinus Wagtmans s.t.
7 Andrés Gandarias @ 2min 36sec
8 Francisco Galdos @ 2min 45sec
9 Herman Van Springel @ 3min 1sec
10   Jan Janssen s.t.
11 Martin Van den Bossche   s.t.
12 Lucien Aimar s.t.

After stage 12:

Points: Godefroot
Mountains: Merckx
Team: Faemino

GC after Grenoble

1 Eddy Merckx 59hr 51min 5sec  
2 Joop Zoetemelk @ 6min 1sec
3 Gösta Pettersson @ 10min 4sec
4 Herman Van Springel @ 11min 29sec
5 Raymond Poulidor @ 11min 57sec
6 Italo Zilioli @ 12min 15sec
7 Marinus Wagtmans @ 12min 21sec
8 Francisco Galdos @ 12min 58sec
9 Georges Pintens @ 13min 5sec
10   Martin Van den Bossche   @ 13min 20sec
11 Lucien Van Impe @ 14min 1sec
12 Luis Zubero @ 14min 18sec

Stage 13: Thursday, July 9, Grenoble - Gap, 195.5 km (120 miles)

Major ascents: Laffrey, Lholme, Noyer, Festre, Sentinelle

1 Primo Mori 5hr 52min 16sec  
2 Marinus Wagtmans   @ 1min 17sec
3 Walter Godefroot @ 2min 30sec
4 Eddy Merckx s.t.
5 Luis Zubero s.t.
6 Lucien Van Impe s.t.
7 Alain Vasseur @ 3min 8sec
8 Pierre Gautier s.t.
9 Lucien Aimar s.t.
10   Franco Mori s.t.
11 Evert Dolman s.t.
12 Walter Ricci s.t.

After this stage:

GC Leader: Merckx
Points: Godefroot
Mountains: Gandarias
Team: Faemino

GC after Stage 13:

  1. Eddy Merckx: 65hr 34min 51sec
  2. Joop Zoetemelk @ 6min 39sec
  3. Gösta Pettersson @ 10min 42sec
  4. Marinus Wagtmans @ 11min 8sec
  5. Herman Van Sprngel @ 12min 7sec
  6. Raymond Poulidor @ 12min 35sec
  7. Italo Zilioli @ 12min 53sec
  8. Francisco Galdos @ 13min 36sec
  9. Georges Pintens @ 13min 55sec
  10. Herman Van den Bossche @ 13min 58sec

Stage 14: Friday, July 10, Gap - Mont Ventoux, 170 km (106 miles)

Major ascents: St. Jean, Macuegne and hilltop finish at Mt Ventoux

1 Eddy Merckx 5hr 47min 44sec  
2 Martin Van Den Bossche   @ 1mn 11sec
3 Lucien Van Impe s.t.
4 Marinus Wagtmans @ 1min 21sec
5 Bernard Thévenet @ 1min 25sec
6 Raymond Delisle @ 1min 31sec
7 Antoon Houbrechts s.t.
8 Raymond Poulidor s.t.
9 Gösta Pettersson @ 1min 39sec
10   Francisco Galdos s.t.
11 Willy Van Neste @ 1min 58sec
12 Georges Pintens @ 2min 20sec

After this stage:

GC Leader: Merckx
Points: Merckx
Mountains: Merckx
Team: Kas

GC after Stage 14:

  1. Eddy Merckx: 71hr 33min 35sec
  2. Joop Zoetemelk @ 9min 26sec
  3. Gösta Pettersson @ 12min 21sec
  4. Marinus Wagtmans @ 12min 29sec
  5. Raymond Poulidor @ 14min 6sec
  6. Martin Van den Bossche @ 15min 9sec
  7. Lucien van Impe @ 15min 12sec
  8. Francisco Galdos @ 15min 15sec
  9. Georges Pintens @ 16min 15sec
  10. Antoon Houbrechts @ 15min 33sec

Stage 15: Saturday, July 11, Carpentras - Montpellier, 144.5 km (88 miles)

1 Narinus Wagtmans   3hr 53min 58sec  
2 Marino Basso s.t.
3 Pieter Nassen s.t.
4 Evert Dolman s.t.
5 Cyrille Guimard s.t.
6   Rolf Wolfshohl s.t.
7 Georges Van Den Berghe s.t.
8 Cees Zootjens s.t.
9 Attilio Benfatto s.t.
10 Harry Stevens s.t.

GC after Stage 15:

  1. Eddy Merckx: 75hr 27min 33sec
  2. Joop Zoetemelk @ 9min 26sec
  3. Marinus Wagtmans @ 12min 9sec
  4. Gösta Pettersson @ 12min 21sec
  5. Raymond Poulidor @ 14min 6sec
  6. Martin Van den Bossche @ 15min 9sec
  7. Lucien van Impe @ 15min 12sec
  8. Francisco Galdos @ 15min 15sec
  9. Georges Pintens @ 16min 15sec
  10. Antoon Houbrechts @ 17min 33sec

Stage 16: Sunday, July 12, Montpellier - Toulouse, 257.5 km (160 miles)

1 Albert Van Vlierberghe 8hr 21min 12sec  
2 Attilio Benfatto s.t.
3 Mogens Frey @ 44sec
4 Raymond Riotte s.t.
5 Pietro Guerra s.t.
6 Jos Huysmans s.t.
7 Harm Ottenbros s.t.
8 Joseph Bruyère s.t.
9 Jos Van der Vleuten   s.t.
10   Aurelio Gonzales s.t.
11 Walter Godefroot @ 1min 3sec
12 Georges Van den Berghe s.t.

After this stage:

GC: Merckx
Points: Godefroot
Mountains: Merckx
Team: Kas

GC after Stage 16:

  1. Eddy Merckx: 83hr 49min 48sec
  2. Joop zoetemelk @ 9min 26sec
  3. Marinus Wagtmans @ 12min 9sec
  4. Gösta Pettersson @ 12min 21sec
  5. Raymond Poulidor @ 14min 6sec
  6. Martin Van den Bossche @ 15min 9sec
  7. Lucien van Impe @ 15min 12sec
  8. Francisco Galdos @ 15min 15sec
  9. Georges Pintens @ 16min 15sec
  10. Antoon Houbrechts @ 17min 33sec

Stage 17: Monday, July 13, Toulouse - Saint Gaudens, 193 km (120 miles)

1 Luis Ocaña 5 hr 20 min 47 sec  
2 Cyrille Guimard 5 hr 2min 22sec
3 Marino Basso s.t.
4 Walter Godefroot s.t.
5 Harry Steevens s.t.
6 Daniel Van Ryckeghem s.t.
7 Gérard Vianen s.t.
8 Evert Dolman s.t.
9 Marinus Wagtmans s.t.
10   Albert Van Vlierberghe   s.t.
11 Eddy Merckx s.t.
12 Johnny Schleck s.t.

GC after Stage 17:

  1. Eddy Merckx: 89hr 12min 57sec
  2. Joop Zoetemelk @ 9min 26sec
  3. Marinus Wagtmans @ 12min 9sec
  4. Gösta Pettersson @ 12min 21sec
  5. Raymond Poulidor @ 14min 6sec
  6. Martin Van den Bossche @ 15min 9sec
  7. Lucien van Impe @ 15min 12sec
  8. Francisco Galdos @ 15min 15sec
  9. Georges Pintens @ 16min 15sec
  10. Antoon Houbrechts @ 17min 33sec

Stage 18: Tuesday, July 14, Saint Gaudens - La Mongie, 137 km (85 miles)

Major ascents: Menté, Peyresourde, Aspin, finish at La Mongie

1 Bernard Thévenet 4hr 49min 36sec  
2 Martin Van Den Bossche   @ 49sec
3 Lucien Van Impe @ 55sec
4 Eddy Merckx @ 1min 6sec
5 Antoon Houbrechts @ 1min 35sec
6 Joop Zoetemelk @ 1min 37sec
7 Silvano Schiavon @ 1min 49sec
8 Francisco Galdos @ 1min 52sec
9 Aurelio Gonzales @ 2min 2sec
10   Gösta Pettersson @ 2min 6sec
11 Luis Ocaña @ 2min 19sec
12 Italo Zilioli @ 2min 41sec
After this stage:

GC: Merckx
Points: Merckx
Mountains: Merckx
Team GC: Kas

GC after Stage 18:

  1. Eddy Merckx: 94hr 3min 39sec
  2. Joop Zoetemelk @ 9min 57sec
  3. Gösta Pettersson @ 13min 21sec
  4. Marinus Wagtmans @ 14min 2sec
  5. Martin Van den Bossche @ 14min 52sec
  6. Lucien van Impe @ 15min 1sec
  7. Francisco Galdos @ 16min 19sec
  8. Raymond Poulidor @ 16min 57sec
  9. Antoon Houbrechts @ 18min 2sec
  10. Georges Pintens @ 18min 33sec

Stage 19: Wednesday, July 15, Bagneres de Bigorre - Mourenx, 186.6 km (116 miles)

Major ascents: Tourmalet, Aubisque

1 Christian Raymond 5 hr 27 min 25 sec  
2 Walter Godefroot @ 1min 1sec
3 Josef Huysmans s.t.
4 Aurelio Gonzales s.t.
5 Robert Bouloux s.t.
6 André Poppe s.t.
7 Harry Steevens @ 2min 27sec
8 Ronny De Witte s.t.
9 Gérard Vianen s.t.
10   Jean-Pierre Danguillaume   s.t.
11 Marino Basso s.t.
12 Franco Balmamion s.t.

After this stage:

GC: Merckx
Points: Godefroot
Mountains: Merckx
Team GC: Kas

GC after Stage 19:

  1. Eddy Merckx: 99hr 33min 31sec
  2. Joop Zoetemelk @ 9min 57sec
  3. Gösta Pettersson @ 13min 21sec
  4. Marinus Wagtmans @ 14min 2sec
  5. Martin Van den Bossche @ 14min 52sec
  6. Lucien van Impe @ 15min 1sec
  7. Francisco Galdos @ 16min 19sec
  8. Raymond Poulidor @ 16min 57sec
  9. Antoon Houbrechts @ 18min 2sec
  10. Georges Pintens @ 18min 33sec

Stage 20A: Thursday, July 16, Morenx - Bordeaux, 236.5 km (147 miles)

1 Rolf Wolfshohl 6 hr 26 min 49 sec  
2 Franco Mori s.t.
3 Eddy Beugels s.t.
4 Nemesio Jimenez s.t.
5 Luciano Della Bona s.t.
6 Jozef Huysmans s.t.
7 Vicente López-Carril   s.t.
8 Johnny Schleck s.t.
9 Gilbert Bellone s.t.
10   Eddy Reyniers s.t.
11 Michel Perin s.t.
12 Jean-Pierre Parenteau s.t.

GC after Stage 20A:

  1. Eddy Merckx: 106hr 3min 30sec
  2. Joop Zoetemelk @ 9min 57sec
  3. Gösta Pettersson @ 13mn 21sec
  4. Marinus Wagtmans @ 14min 2sec
  5. Martin Van den Bossche @ 14min 52sec
  6. Lucien van Impe @ 15min 1sec
  7. Francisco Galdos @ 16min 19sec
  8. Raymond Poulidor @ 16min 57sec
  9. Antoon Houbrechts @ 18min 2sec
  10. Raymond Delisle @ 18min 7sec

Stage 20B: Thursday, July 16, Bordeaux Individual Time Trial, 8.25 km (5.12 miles)

1 Eddy Merckx 10min 32.64sec  
2 Thomas Petterson @ 12sec
3 Luis Ocaña @ 13sec
4 Mogens Frey @ 15sec
5 Antoon Houbrechts @ 17sec
6 Joop Zoetemelk s.t.
7 José-Antonio Gonzales-Linares   s.t.
8 Gösta Petterson @ 18sec
9 Joaquim Agostinho @ 19sec
10   Martin Van den Bossche @ 21sec
11 Georges Pintens @ 26sec
12 Eddy Schutz @ 27sec

GC after stage 20B:

  1. Eddy Merckx: 106hr 14min 2sec
  2. Joop Zoetemelk @ 10min 14sec
  3. Gösta Pettersson @ 13min 39sec
  4. Marinus Wagtmans @ 15min
  5. Martin Van den Bossche @ 15min 13sec
  6. Lucien van Impe @ 15min 30sec
  7. Francisco Galdos @ 17min
  8. Raymond Poulidor @ 17min 27sec
  9. Antoon Houbrechts @ 18min 19sec
  10. Georges Pintens @ 18min 59sec

Stage 21: Friday, July 17, Ruffec - Tours, 193 km (120 miles)

1 Marino Basso 5hr 24min 55sec
2 Jan Janssen s.t.
3 Walter Godefroot s.t.
4 Jozef Huysmans s.t.
5 Daniel Van Ryckeghem   s.t.
6 Cyrille Guimard s.t.
7 Adriano Durante s.t.
8 Attilio Benfatto s.t.
9 Cees Rentmeester s.t.
10   Joseph Bruyère s.t.
11 Rolf Wolfshohl s.t.
12 Marinus Wagtmans s.t.

After this stage:

Overall leader: Merckx
Points: Godefroot
Team: Kas

GC after Stage 21:

  1. Eddy Merckx: 111hr 38min 57sec
  2. Joop Zoetemelk @ 10min 14sec
  3. Gösta Pettersson @ 13min 39sec
  4. Marinus Wagtmans @ 15min
  5. Martin Van den Bossche @ 15min 13sec
  6. Lucien van Impe @ 15min 30sec
  7. Francisco Galdos @ 17min
  8. Raymond Poulidor @ 17min 27sec
  9. Antoon Houbrechts @ 18min 19sec
  10. Georges Pintens @ 18min 59sec

Stage 22: Saturday, July 18, Tours - Versailles, 241 km (150 miles)

1 Jean-Pierre Danguillaume   6hr 43min 13sec  
2 Jan Janssen s.t.
3 Pietro Guerra s.t.
4 Marino Basso s.t.
5 Cyrille Guimard s.t.
6 Johnny Schleck s.t.
7 Marinus Wagtmans s.t.
8 Jozef Huysmans s.t.
9 Mogens Frey s.t.
10   Romano Tumellero s.t.
11 Robert Bouloux s.t.
12 Jaak De Boever s.t.

After this stage:

Overall Leader: Merckx
Points: Godefroot
Team: Salvarani

GC after Stage 22:

  1. Eddy Merckx: 118hr 22min 10sec
  2. Joop Zoetemelk @ 10min 14sec
  3. Gösta Pettersson @ 13min 39sec
  4. Marinus Wagtmans @ 15min
  5. Martin Van den Bossche @ 15min 13sec
  6. Lucien van Impe @ 15min 30sec
  7. Francisco Galdos @ 17min
  8. Raymond Poulidor @ 17min 27sec
  9. Antoon Houbrechts @ 18min 19sec
  10. Georges Pintens @ 18min 59sec

Stage 23: Sunday, July 19, Versailles - Paris Individual Time Trial, 54 km (33.5 miles)

1 Eddy Merckx 1hr 9min 39sec  
2 Luis Ocaña @ 1min 47sec
3 Gösta Pettersson @ 2min 15sec
4 Joop Zoetemelk @ 2min 37sec
5 Thomas Pettersson @ 2min 38sec
6 José-Antonio Gonzales-Linares   @ 3min 5sec
7 Raymond Poulidor @ 3min 8sec
8 Mogens Frey @ 3min 13sec
9 Antoon Houbrechts @ 3min 15sec
10   Joaquim Agostinho @ 3min 26sec
11 Harry Steevens s.t.
12 Martin Van den Bossche @ 3min 40sec

Complete 1970 Tour de France General Classification

Full Starting Team Roster with Racing Numbers


Dirextor Sportif: Guillaume Driessens
Assistant D.S. Marino Vigna

1. Eddy Merckx (Bel)
2. Etienne Antheunis (Bel)
3. Joseph Bruyere (Bel)
4. Joseph Huysmans (bel)
5. Frans Mintjens (Bel)
6. Joseph Spruyt (Bel)
7. Roger Swerts (Bel)
8. G. Van Den Bergh (Bel)
9. Victor Van Schil (Bel)
10. Italo Zilioli (Ita)

Peugeot- BP Michelin

All Peugeot team riders are French
Director Sportif: Gaston Plaud
Assistant D.D. Robert Naye

11. Robert Bouloux
12. Jean-Pierre Danguillaume
13. Raymond Delisle
14. Jean Dumont
15. Desire Letort
16. Pierre Martellozzo
17. Jean-Pierre Parnteau
18. Roger Pingeon
19. Christian Raymond
20. Bernard Thevenet

Fagor - Mercier - Hutchinson

Director Sportif: Louis Caput

21. Georges Chappe (Fra)
22. Jean-Pierre Genet (Fra)
23. Cyrille Guimard (Fra)
24. Bernard Labourdette (Fra)
25. Eddy Peelman (Bel)
26. Michel Perin (Fra)
27. Domingo Perurena (Sp)
28. Raymond Poulidor (Fra)
29. Henri Rabaute (Fra
30. Rolf Wolfshohl (Austria)


Director Sportif: Luciano Pezzi
Assistant D.S. Arnaldo Pambianco

31. Franco Balmanion (Ita)
32. Cipriano Chemello (Ita)
33. Luciano Dalla Bona (Ita)
34. Walter Godefroot (Bel)
35. Pietro Guerra (Ita)
36. Tony Houbrechts (Bel)
37. Vittorio Marcelli (Ita)
38. Primo Mori (Ita)
39. Wldimiro Panizza (Ita)
40. Silvano Schiavon (Ita)


All KAS riders are Spanish
Director Sportif: Dalmacio Langarica

41. Francisco Gabica
42. Francisco Galdos
43. Andres Gandarias
44. Aurelio Gonzalez
45. J.-A. Gonzales-Linares
46. Nemesio Jimenez
47. Vicente Lopez-Carril
48. Gabriel Mascaro
49. Jose-Luis Uribezubia
50. Luis Zubero

Willem II - Gazelle

Director Sportif: Tom Vissers
Assistant D.S. Mathieu Joris

51. Evert Dolman (NL)
52. Frits Hoogerheide (NL)
53. Victor Nuelant (Bel)
54. Harm Ottenbros (NL)
55. Rene Pijnen (NL)
56. Edouard Sels (Bel)
57. Jan Serpenti (NL)
58. J. Van Der Vleuten (NL)
59. Jan Van Katwijk (NL)
60. Riny Wagtmans (NL)


Director Sportif : Giorgio Albani
Assistant D.S. Marino Fontana

61. Mario Anni (Ita)
62. Marino Basso (Ita)
63. Davide Boifava (Ita)
64. Cario Chiappano (Ita)
65. Franco Mori (Ita)
66. Arthuro Peccielan (Ita)
67. Giacinto Santambrogio (Ita)
68. Edy Schutz (Lux)
69. Guerrrino Tosello (Ita)
70. Martin Van Den Bossche (Bel)

Frimatic - De Gribaldy

Director Sportif: Jean De Gribaldy
Assistsnt D.S.: Guy Caradec

71. Joaquim Agostinho (Por)
72. Regis Delepine (fra)
73. Mogens Frey (Den)
74. Pierre Gautier (Fra)
75. Pierre Ghisellini (fra)
76. Michel Gran (Fra)
77. Rene Grelin (Fra)
78. Maurice Izier (Fra)
79. Jean Vidament (Fra)
80. Bernard Vifian (Switz)


Director Sportif: Maurice De Mauer
Assistant D.S. Gerard Morin

81. Roland Berland (Fra)
82. Jean-Claude genty (Fra)
83. Charly Grosskost (Fra)
84. Jan Janssen (NL)
85. Jean-Marie Leblanc (Fra)
86. Anatole Novak (Fra)
87. Luis Ocana (Sp)
88. Johnny Schleck (Lux)
89. Alain Vasseur (Fra)
90. Sylvain Vasseur (Fra)

Sonolor - Lejeune

Director Sportif: Jean Stablinski
Assistant D.S. Edouard Delberghe

91. Stephen Abrahamian (Fra)
92. Lucian Aimar (Fra)
93. Gilbert Bellone (Fra)
94. Jose Catieau (Fra)
95. Bernard Guyot (Fra)
96. Barry Hoban (UK)
97. Walter Ricci (Fra)
98. Raymond Riotte (Fra)
99. Jean-Claude Theilliere (Fra)
100. Lucien Van Impe (Bel)

Mann - Grundig

All Mann-Grundig riders are Belgian
Director Sportif: Frans Cools
Assistant D.S. Eric Gemoets

101. Rene De Bie
102. Jos de Schoenmaeker
103. Ronald De Witte
104. Willy In't'ven
105. Georges Pintens
106. Andre Poppe
107. Eddy Reyniers
108. Willy Van Neste
109. Daniel Van Ryckeghem
110. Herman Van Springel

Mars - Flandria

Director Sportif: Brik Schotte
Assistant D.S. Noel Fore

111. Eddy Beugels (NL)
112. Michel Coulon (Bel)
113. Gerard David (Bel)
114. Jacques De Boever (Bel)
115. Eric De Claeminck (Bel)
116. Roger De Vlaeminck (Bel)
117. Eric Leman (Bel)
118. Marc Lievans (Bel)
119. Pieter Nassen (Bel)
120. Joop Zoetemelk (NL)

Caballero - Laurens

All Caballero riders are Dutch
Director Sportif: Gerrit Peters

121. Henk Benjamins
122. Arie Den Hartog
123. Leo Duyndam
124. Huub Harings
125. Lees Rentmeeser
126. Wim Schepers
127. Harry Steevens
128. Gerard Vianen
129. Adri Wouters
130. Lees Zoontjens


Director Sportif: Alfredo Martini

131. Giuseppe Beghetto (Ita)
132. Eraldo Bocci (Ita)
133. Franco Cortinovis (Ita)
134. Gösta Pettersson (Sweden)
135. Thomas Pettersson (Sweden)
136. Renato Rota (Ita)
137. Pietro Tamiazzo (Ita)
138. Romano Tumellero (Ita)
139. A. Van Vlierberghe (Bel)
140. Loris Vignolini (Ita)


All SCIC riders are Italian
Director Sportif: Eraldo Giganti

141. Luciano Armani
142. Attilio Benfatto
143. Constantino Conti
144. Adriano Durante
145. Ernesto Jotti
146. Claudio Michelotto
147. Enrico Paolini
148. Giancarlo Polidori
149. Ambrogio Portaluppi
150. Paolo Zini

The Story of the 1970 Tour de France:

This excerpt is from "The Story of the Tour de France", Volume 2. If you enjoy it we hope you will consider purchasing the book, either print or electronic. The Amazon link here will make either purchase easy.

Lévitan continued to look for more money. The 1970 Tour was about 250 kilometers longer than the year before but now those 4,369 kilometers were, counting the Prologue, divided into 29 stages. 5 days had 2 stages and, like 1969, there were no rest days. In addition to looking for revenue from cities wanting to be a start or finish point, the Tour created a new competition, which of course required a new sponsor. This time a special jersey was to be awarded to the best young rider. Even little things were not beyond the Tour in its hunt for lucre. Merckx's racing number was "51" to give publicity to a candy called "Pastis 51".

The 1970 edition was clockwise, starting in Limoges, almost in the geographical center of France. From there it went to La Rochelle on the western coast and circled northward to Brittany, eastward to Normandy and then into Belgium. It scraped the edge of Germany on the way south to the Alps, then the Pyrenees before heading back up to Paris. It was a punishing schedule but the smoldering riders wouldn't erupt into rebellion until 1978.

The public could be forgiven if they expected Merckx to repeat his 1969 Tour victory. His spring had been magnificent. Riding for Faemino, he won the Het Volk, Paris Roubaix, Paris–Nice and the Giro d'Italia. He came to the Tour sporting his new Belgian Road Champion's jersey, the only one the great man was ever able to win.

Yet, Merckx said that he was never again the rider he was in 1969. Late in the 1969 season he had a terrible crash in a derny-paced race on the velodrome in Blois, France. It was at night, under the lights. The electricity went out momentarily and both Merckx and his derny pacer crashed. The driver, Ferdinand Wambst, died and Merckx suffered a cracked vertebra. Merckx said he never healed correctly and that he always suffered back pains after the crash. Occasionally you can see photographs and movies of Merckx adjusting his saddle in the middle of a race, sometimes on the fly, as he tried to find some relief from the pain. Merckx said that before the crash, climbing was a pleasure. After it, he was always in pain.

He may have lost a little of his edge, but it didn't show in the Prologue time trial. Merckx won it.

It was the second stage from La Rochelle to Angers that is so interesting and sheds some light on Merckx's psychology and his need to win.

Local boy Roland Berland on Luis Ocaña's BIC team took off, wanting to give a little greeting to his wife, who was waiting up the road. This is a common practice among professional riders, a courtesy usually freely given. Instead of a solo trip up the road to get a quick kiss Berland found himself in the company of 7 others, including Rolf Wolfshohl and Ernesto Jotti. After a few kilometers 2 lieutenants from Merckx's Faemino squad, Italo Zilioli and Georges Vandenberghe, as well as Walter Godefroot of Salvarani bridged the gap. Because they were protecting Merckx's lead, the 2 Faeminos didn't do any work in the break. This was especially prudent since Godefroot and Wolfsholhl were 2 of the best riders in the world.

BIC's director Maurice de Meur drove up to the break and told Berland not to work too hard because that would give the freeloading Faeminos a gift of a likely stage win.

Then, Faemino's director, Guillaume Driessens, drove up to his 2 riders in the break and gave them surprising directions. He told them to pour on the gas and take the breakaway home.

Italo Zilioli, one of the Faemino breakaways, was an almost frighteningly slender rider who looked too frail to compete in sports. His lanky body earned him the nickname "Coppino" (Little Coppi). Yet, he had extraordinary power in those skinny limbs and was one of the finest stage racers of his age, having come in second in the Giro 3 times. Merckx knew what he was doing when he asked Zilioli, whose career seemed to be in its twilight, to join his team.

The break with the 2 Merckx domestiques along with Godefroot and the others leaped ahead of the field and managed to gain a gap of 6 minutes on the peloton.

The peloton reacted. The pack was strung out as the chase was engaged. But who was leading the pack?

Eddy Merckx.

He was chasing the lead group which was riding at the express direction of Merckx's team director. It was Driessen's plan to do the usual, let another member of his team take the lead and take the pressure of defending the jersey off of Merckx's shoulders. It's an old strategy. With the ensuing high speeds, Delepine, Jotti and Wolfshohl were dropped from the break. Zilioli kept hammering away with his team captain chasing. The gap fell under the pressure of the chase. The peloton spit out riders who couldn't stand the pace set by Merckx and the other teams.

At 4 kilometers to go, the gap was still 35 seconds.

Because of a crash, the 2 breakaway Faeminos were alone together with Godefroot and Berland 250 meters behind.

Zilioli won the stage with a furiously chasing Godefroot only 2 seconds behind the winning pair. The De Vlaeminck brothers, Eric and Roger led in the field containing Merckx 24 seconds later. Italo Zilioli was in yellow, 4 seconds ahead of Merckx.

When Merckx was asked why he had chased down his own teammates, he said he wanted to get away from Roger Pingeon and Raymond Poulidor who were having mechanical trouble. I think he wanted to keep the jersey from start to finish and had no intention of letting Zilioli borrow "his" Yellow Jersey.

Merckx also complained that with a team time trial coming up, his 2 men should not be working that hard. Driessens countered that the effect was to make the other teams with no riders in the break work hard and furthermore he was the boss of the team, not Merckx.

Perhaps Driessens was right. Faemino won the team time trial by over a minute.

On the sixth stage, Merckx got into a breakaway and took the lead back from Zilioli.

Stage 6: Merckx dishes out some big hurt on the pavé.

There was another telling incident in this sixth stage. Zilioli was still the Yellow Jersey. When he suffered a flat tire, not one Faemino rider stayed to help him. They were all up front helping Merckx. Zilioli, leading the Tour de France in the fabled Yellow Jersey, was on his own. He was a domestique of Merckx first, the Yellow Jersey second.

The General Classification after stage 6:

1. Eddy Merckx
2. Walter Godefroot @ 5 seconds
3. Roger De Vlaeminck @ 11 seconds
4. Jan Janssen @ 18 seconds
5. Herman van Springel @ 42 seconds
6. Italo Zilioli @ 57 seconds
7. Raymond Poulidor @ 1 minute 2 seconds
8. Joop Zoetemelk @ 1 minute 3 seconds

The Tour was now in the Brussels suburb of Forest in Belgium. The afternoon's short time trial produced a surprise. The champion of Spain, Jose Gonzales-Linares, beat Merckx by 3 seconds on the 7.2-kilometer course. Merckx had the Yellow, but he was denied the victory on his Belgian home turf.

The ninth stage, from Saarluis in Germany to Mulhouse back in France, produced a strange day of racing. On the Grand Ballon, the final ascent of the day, Mogens Frey and Joaquim Agostinho—both members of the same Frimatic team—broke away. Frey had escaped earlier and Agostinho had bridged up to him. They descended together and for a while traded pace, relaying each other during the final 20 kilometers. Then Frey stopped working and just sat on Agostinho's wheel. The team manager drove up and told Frey to work. Perhaps the Dane did not understand any French. In any case, Frey refused to help and stayed glued to Agostinho's wheel, keeping his nose out of the wind.

When it came time for the sprint Agostinho, thinking it would be a show sprint that his teammate Frey wouldn't contest, started to wind it out. To Agostinho's astonishment Frey started to come around him. Furious, Agostinho rode his bike to the side of the road to force Frey to go the long way around. Frey kept coming so Agostinho put his hands out to try to block him. Angry and desperate he finally grabbed Frey's jersey and managed to cross the line first.

The band at the finish line played the Portuguese national anthem in celebration of Agostinho's victory. Agostinho was sure of both his win and the force of justice and did a victory lap. The race jury didn't think that was how a race should be won and awarded the stage to Frey, relegating Agostinho to second.

Agostinho said that Frey had made signs (they didn't speak a common language) that Frey would not contest the sprint and felt cheated by Frey's cheap attempt to win the stage. Later Frey explained that he had broken away first and that Agostinho had no business bridging up to him, potentially bringing other riders along. Team owner De Gribaldy, unhappy with the mess, made the 2 share the same hotel room that night.

As one of the transition stages before the Alps, stage 10 traveled south through the limestone highlands of the French Jura in baking heat. Displaying his usual aggression, Merckx won the stage in a 4-man break. The result was to put all of the contenders except Zoetemelk (who was with Merckx) another 3 minutes back. Since Merckx had done so much of the work in the break his superiority was clear to all. Both Zoetemelk and Poulidor effectively capitulated in the press, Zoetemelk saying he would work to defend his second place.

Stage 10: The winning break with, from left to right, Joop Zoetemelk, Georges Pintens and Eddy Merckx. Guerrino Tosello's shadow can be seen just behind Zoetemelk's. Merckx won the stage.

The eleventh stage time trial was another short, flat one of only 8.8 kilometers. Merckx reversed the finish of the earlier chrono and showed that the previous day's efforts had diminished neither his strength nor his desire to win when he beat Gonzales-Linares by 9 seconds. Before the start of stage 12, which took the Tour into the Chartreuse and signaled the beginning of the serious climbing here was the General Classification:

1. Eddy Merckx
2. Joop Zoetemelk @ 3 minutes
3. Georges Pintens @ 4 minutes 24 seconds
4. Gosta Petterson @ 7 minutes 57 seconds
5. Herman van Springel @ 8 minutes 28 seconds
6. Raymond Poulidor @ 8 minutes 56 seconds
7. Italo Zilioli @ 9 minutes 14 seconds

Through the Alps Merckx increased his lead, first by winning stage 12 with its 5 tough climbs, then leaving most of his competition over 3 minutes behind when he came in fourth in stage 13. Merckx's lead over second-place Zoetemelk was now 6 minutes, 39 seconds.

Stage 12: Merckx alone on the crest of the Cucheron

Stage 14 was a tough 170-kilometer ride from Gap to the top of Mount Ventoux. This was the Tour's first visit to the "Giant of Provence" since 1967, the tragic year of Tom Simpson's death. It was also Merckx's first race up the legendary slopes. Back in June he had expressed his feeling that Mount Ventoux was not a particularly difficult ascent.

It was a terribly hot day which, as in 1967, boded ill for the racers who would climb up the unprotected roads of the mountain. The stage was started late so that the riders could avoid the worst heat of the day. The Tour wanted no more Tom Simpsons.

Merckx attacked early on the climb and only Agostinho could go with him. Halfway up the mountain Merckx had about a 1-minute lead on a chase group of Poulidor, Aimar, Zilioli and Zoetemelk. 10 kilometers from the top Merckx dropped Agostinho (who claimed derailleur trouble and said he could have stayed with the Belgian) and was now out on the steep slopes alone. When he passed the monument to Simpson Merckx took off his cycling cap and made a sign of the cross. With just a half-kilometer to go Merckx cracked. Merckx could barely turn the cranks as he struggled to complete the final few meters. The man did have his limits. He won the stage followed by his former teammate Vandenbossche who came in over a minute later. The rest of the best came in starting at about 1 minute, 30 seconds. While answering questions from reporters Merckx's head slumped and he collapsed. Vandenbossche was also on the edge of foundering from the effort. Oxygen from an ambulance was brought in order to revive them. As the easiest and quickest way off the mountain Merckx rode in the ambulance down to Carpentras where the next day's stage would start. Merckx later wrote that he was hyper-oxygenated and that the rescue efforts almost caused a catastrophe. Merckx's Mount Ventoux win was his sixth stage win so far this Tour.

After the Alps and Mount Ventoux, the General Classification stood thus:

1. Eddy Merckx
2. Joop Zoetemelk @ 9 minutes 26 seconds
3. Gosta Petterson @ 12 minutes 21 seconds
4. Rini Wagtmans @ 12 minutes 29 seconds
5. Raymond Poulidor @ 14 minutes 6 seconds

Merckx didn't win either of the Pyrenean stages. The first was a mammoth day that took in the Col de Menté, the Peyresourde, the Aspin and a final ascent to La Mongie, a ski station about 300 meters below the summit of the Tourmalet. The effects of his velodrome crash the previous autumn seemed to have badly affected Merckx that day. He could never get comfortable (he was also suffering from stomach troubles) and changed his bike a couple of times. Bernard Thévenet, 22 years old and riding in his first Tour, went clear with 8 kilometers to go on the final ascent to La Mongie. He held the gap and won the stage. Merckx was dropped but none of the 3 riders in front of him, Thévenet, van Impe or Vandenbossche were threats to his overall position. Even when he was having a bad day Merckx was extending his lead.

The next day the riders climbed all the way to the top of the Tourmalet. Spanish rider Andres Gandarias escaped but because the road was wet from fog he took the descent with care, allowing Merckx and a couple of other riders to make contact. With the Aubisque facing the quartet and then another 90 kilometers of descent and rolling roads to the finish Merckx decided to take it a little easier. Other riders joined them to make a big group that broke up towards the end with no effect upon the standings.

After the Pyrenees:

1. Eddy Merckx
2. Joop Zoetemelk @ 9 minutes 57 seconds
3. Gosta Petterson @ 13 minutes 21 seconds
4. Rini Wagtmans @ 14 minutes 2 seconds
5. Martin Vandenbossche @ 14 minutes 52 seconds

There were 2 time trials left. Stage 20b in Bordeaux was another Merckx victory, in which he beat the other Petterson brother, Tomas, by 12 seconds. The final time trial from Versailles to Paris put the icing on the Merckx victory cake. Luis Ocaña, who had been thought to be a serious challenger to Merckx, suffered from bronchitis for the first 2 weeks of the Tour and was riding on courage and determination. In the final week he recovered enough to win a stage and get second to Merckx in the final time trial, losing 1 minute, 47 seconds over the 54-kilometer course.

For his 1970 Tour confirmation, Merckx had won 8 stages.

Final 1970 Tour de France General Classification:

1. Eddy Merckx (Faema-Faemino): 119 hours 31 minutes 49 seconds
2. Joop Zoetemelk (Mars-Flandria) @ 12 minutes 41 seconds
3. Gosta Petterson (Ferretti) @ 15 minutes 54 seconds
4. Martin Vandenbossche (Molteni) @ 18 minutes 53 seconds
5. Marinus "Rini" Wagtmans (Willem II) @ 19 minutes 54 seconds
6. Lucien van Impe (Sonolor) @ 20 minutes 34 seconds
7. Raymond Poulidor (Fagor-Mercier) @ 20 minutes 35 seconds
13. Italo Zilioli (Faemino) @ 26 minutes 17 seconds

Climbers' competition:

1. Eddy Merckx: 128 points
2. Andres Gandarias: 94 points
3. Martin Vandenbossche: 85 points

Points competition:

1. Walter Godefroot: 212 points
2. Eddy Merckx: 207 points
3. Marino Basso: 161 points

The gap to second place was "only" about 13 minutes compared to the huge 18 minutes he had inflicted the year before. Although Merckx said he was nervous the entire Tour, feeling as Magne had almost 2 generations ago that the race wasn't won until the last pedal crank was turned, he rode the 1970 Tour differently. He wasn't consumed with the rage that had propelled him to tyrannical excess in 1969. British writer J. B. Wadley noted that after the Mount Ventoux stage Merckx had basically ceased his offensive efforts. If he had been so inclined he could have easily taken more time out of Tour freshman Joop Zoetemelk. By winning the 1970 Giro and Tour, Merckx joined the very exclusive same-year Giro-Tour club. The only other members at the time were Coppi and Anquetil.

Video of Eddy Merckx on Mt. Ventoux, stage 14