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Volta NXT/Limburg Classic (1.1), Netherlands

Formerly: Hel Van Het Mergelland
Historic results, distances, average speeds

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The race:

The Volta Limburg Classic is a single-day race held in the South Limburg area of The Netherlands in early spring.

The start and finish are currently in Eijsden, just south of Maastricht.

First held in 1973, it was an amateur race through 1992. Originally called Hel Van Den Mergelland, in 2012 it was renamed the Volta Limburg Classic.

Earlier editions wandered into Belgium, but there were difficulties securing the needed permits, particularly in Belgium. In 2009 the organizers started using a 60-km circuit that stays in the Maastricht salient.

In 2024 the race was run as the Volta NXT Classic.

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Here is the podium history of the Volta Limburg Classic since it has been a professional race:


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place


Average Speed

1993 Erwin Thijs Wim Van de Meulenhof Bennie Gosink    
1994 John Van den Akker Rob Compas Paul Konings    
1995 Max van Heeswijk John Van den Akker Harm Jansen    
1996 Lucien de Louw Jan Boven Raymond Meijs    
1997 Raymond Meijs
4hr 44min 39sec
John Talen
@ s.t.
John Van den Akker
@ 2min 1sec
180 km 37.941
1998 Raymond Meijs
4hr 45min 2sec
Ralf Grabsch
@ s.t.
Hans de Meester
@ 3min 30sec
180 km 37.890
1999 Raymond Meijs
4hr 30min 13sec
Michel van Haecke
@ 10sec
Ralf Grabsch
@ 12sec
180 km 41.05
2000 Bert Grabsch
4hr 27min 32sec
Dirk Müller
@ 2sec
David Moncoutié
@ 6sec
181 km 40.590
2001 Race not run
2002 Corey Sweet
4hr 59min 35sec
Thierry de Groote
@ s.t.
Germ Van de Burg
@ s.t.
190.6 km 38.173
2003 Wim van Huffel
4hr 55min 59sec
Nico Sijmens
@ 4sec
Jens Heppner
@ s.t.
191 km 38.779
2004 Allan Johansen
5hr 3min 8sec
David Kopp
@ 8sec
Jens Heppner
@ 21sec
191.8 km 37.963
2005 Nico Sijmens
4hr 45min 52sec
Stefan Schumacher
@ s.t.
Maarten Wijnants
@ s.t.
2006 Mikhaylov Khalilov
5hr 1min 29sec
Martijn Maaskant
@ s.t.
Bert Scheirlinckx
@ 1sec
188.6 km 37.534
2007 Nico Sijmens
4hr 46min 2sec
Sergey Legutin
@ 1sec
Niki Terpstra
@ s.t.
187.5 km 39.331
2008 Tony Martin
4hr 50min 17sec
Adam Hansen
@ s.t.
Pieter Jacobs
@ 6min 52sec
2009 Mauro Finetto
4hr 40min 16sec
Federico Canuti
@ s.t.
Wouter Mol
@ 31sec
190 km 40.675

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2010 Yann Huguet
5hr 9min 7sec
Jos van Emden
@ s.t.
Dominik Klemme
@ 9sec
195 km 37.850
2011 Pim Ligthart
5hr 0min 39sec
Federico Canuti
@ s.t.
Samuel Dumoulin
@ s.t.
196 km 39.115
2012 Pavel Brutt
5hr 2min 0sec
Simon Geschke
@ s.t.
Daniel Schorn
@ s.t.
196 km 38.940
2013 Rüdiger Selig
4hr 55min 46sec
Sonny Colbrelli
@ s.t.
Paul Martens
@ s.t.
196 km 39.864
2014 Moreno Hofland
4hr 46min 41sec
Sonny Colbrelli
@ s.t.
Mauro Finetto
@ s.t.
196 km 41.439
2015 Stefan Küng
5hr 2min 30sec
Maciej Paterski
@ 27sec
Dylan Teuns
@ s.t.
198 km 39.273
2016 Floris Gerts
4hr 56min 29sec
Sonny Colbrelli
@ s.t.
Philippe Gilbert
@ 2sec
198.6 km 40.191
2017 Marco Canola
4hr 45min 26sec
Xandro Meurisse
@ s.t.
Nick Van der Lijke
@ 4sec
198.6 km 41.747
2018 Jan Tratnik
4hr 42min 34sec
Marco Tizza
@ 1sec
Jimmy Janssens
@ s.t.
197.5 km 41.937
2019 Patrick Müller
4hr 53min 11sec
Justin Jules
@ s.t.
Ben Hermans
@ 4sec
198.6 km 40.644
2020 Race cancelled because of coronavirus pandemic
2021 Race postponed because of coronavirus pandemic then cancelled because of flooding
2022 Arnaud De Lie
5hr 4min 26sec
Stefano Oldani
@ 1sec
Loic Vliegen
@ s.t.
195 km 38.432
2023 Kaden Groves
4hr 57min 18sec
Maxim Van Gils
@ s.t.
Pascal Eenkhoorn
@ 1min 32sec
193.4 km 39.031
2024 Timo Kielich
4hr 31min 53sec
Pascal Eenkhoorn
@ 2sec
Henri Uhlig
@ 7sec
190.8 km 42.106


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