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1993 E3 Prijs Harelbeke (1.1), Belgium

36th edition: Saturday, March 27, 1993
Complete Results

E3 Prijs Harelbeke podium history | 1992 edition | 1994 edition

Mario Cipollini

1993 E3 Winner Mario Cipollini shown a few months later racing in the Tour de France. Sirotti photo

Complete Results:

208 kilometers raced at an average speed of 41.683 km/hr

200 riders signed up, 194 started and there were 152 classified finishers

1 Mario Cipollini GB-MG 4hr 59min 24sec
2 Olaf Ludwig Telekom s.t.
3 Jelle Nijdam Wordperfect s.t.
4 Eric Vanderaerden Wordperfect s.t.
5 Michel Zanoli Van Griensven-Elro Snacks s.t.
6 Adriano Baffi Mercatone Uno s.t.
7 Nico Verhoeven Novemail-Histor s.t.
8 Michel Van Haecke Lotto-Caloi s.t.
9 Alain Van den Bossche TVM-Bison s.t.
10 Uwe Raab Telekom s.t.
11 Patrick Deneut La William-Duvel s.t.
12 Eddy Schurer TVM-Bison s.t.
13 François Simon Castorama-Maxisport s.t.
14 Peter Pieters Jolly Componibili-Club 88 s.t.
15 Wiebren Veenstra Subaru-Montgomery s.t.
16 Jean-Pierre Heynderickx Collstrop-Assur Carpets s.t.
17 Massimiliano Sciandri Motorola s.t.
18 Giovanni Fidanza Gatorade s.t.
19 Michele Bartoli Mercatone Uno s.t.
20 Johan Museeuw GB-MG s.t.
21 Massimo Strazzer Jolly Componibili-Club 88 s.t.
22 Stefano Zanatta Gatorade s.t.
23 Djamolidine Abdujaparov Lampre-Polti s.t.
24 Dimitri Konychev Jolly Componibili-Club 88 s.t.
25 Frank Corvers Collstrop-Assur Carpets s.t.
26 Christophe Capelle GAN s.t.
27 Raimund Lehnert Subaru-Montgomery s.t.
28 Christian Henn Telekom s.t.
29 Chris Peers Collstrop-Assur Carpets s.t.
30 Silvio Martinello Mercatone Uno s.t.
31 Gianluca Pierobon Mecair-Ballan s.t.
32 Patrick Van Roosbroeck La William-Duvel s.t.
33 Zbigniew Spruch Lampre-Polti s.t.
34 Mario De Clercq Lotto-Caloi s.t.
35 Rolf Sørensen Carrera Jean-Tassoni s.t.
36 Brian Holm Telekom s.t.
37 Peter Naessens Willy Naessens s.t.
38 Jan Bogaert Willy Naessens s.t.
39 John Talen TVM-Bison s.t.
40 Niko Eeckhout Collstrop-Assur Carpets s.t.
41 Wilco Zuijderwijk Wordperfect s.t.
42 Michel Dernies Motorola s.t.
43 Andreas Kappes Mecair-Ballan s.t.
44 Mario Scirea Gatorade s.t.
45 John Van den Akker ZG Mobili s.t.
46 Hendrik Redant Collstrop-Assur Carpets s.t.
47 Dag-Otto Lauritzen TVM-Bison s.t.
48 Jacques Hanegraaf Telekom s.t.
49 Marc Van Orsouw Telekom s.t.
50 Jan Goessens Collstrop-Assur Carpets s.t.
51 Bart Leysen Lotto-Caloi s.t.
52 Peter Van Petegem Lotto-Caloi s.t.
53 Peter De Clercq Lotto-Caloi s.t.
54 Björn Stenersen Motorola s.t.
55 Fabio Bordonali Mercatone Uno s.t.
56 Hervé Meyvisch Carrera Jean-Tassoni s.t.
57 Dario Bottaro Mecair-Ballan s.t.
58 Maarten Den Bakker TVM-Bison s.t.
59 Hans De Clercq Willy Naessens s.t.
60 Pascal Chanteur Chazal-Vetta-MBK s.t.
61 Danny Daelman Wordperfect s.t.
62 Andrea Tafi Carrera Jean-Tassoni s.t.
63 Dimitri Nelyubin Novemail-Histor s.t.
64 Nicolas Aubier GAN s.t.
65 Oleg Kozlitine Chazal-Vetta-MBK s.t.
66 Guy Nulens Novemail-Histor s.t.
67 Louis De Koning Wordperfect s.t.
68 Greg Moens Motorola s.t.
69 Danny In't Ven Collstrop-Assur Carpets s.t.
70 Marc Sergeant Novemail-Histor s.t.
71 Jan Svorada Lampre-Polti s.t.
72 Sean Kelly Festina-Lotus s.t.
73 Guido Bontempi Carrera Jean-Tassoni s.t.
74 Alexander Gontchenkov Lampre-Polti s.t.
75 Marc Dierickx Trident-Schick s.t.
76 Andrea Peron Gatorade s.t.
77 Herman Frison Lotto-Caloi s.t.
78 Peter Farazijn Lotto-Caloi s.t.
79 Steve Bauer Motorola s.t.
80 Gilbert Duclos-Lassalle GAN s.t.
81 Frankie Andreu Motorola s.t.
82 Bruno Boscardin Gatorade s.t.
83 Fabio Roscioli Carrera Jean-Tassoni s.t.
84 Thierry Gouvenou GAN s.t.
85 Gianluca Gorini Jolly Componibili-Club 88 s.t.
86 François Lemarchand GAN s.t.
87 Jacky Durand Castorama-Maxisport s.t.
88 Heinz Imboden Mecair-Ballan s.t.
89 Thierry Marie Festina-Lotus s.t.
90 Franco Ballerini GB-MG s.t.
91 Dirk De Wolf Gatorade s.t.
92 Falk Boden Festina-Lotus s.t.
93 Giuseppe Petito Mercatone Uno s.t.
94 Moreno Argentin Mecair-Ballan s.t.
95 Patrick De Wael La William-Duvel s.t.
96 Marco Zen Lampre-Polti s.t.
97 Dirk Demol GB-MG s.t.
98 Greg LeMond GAN s.t.
99 Jans Koerts Festina-Lotus s.t.
100 Wilfried Peeters GB-MG s.t.
101 Laurent Desbiens Castorama-Maxisport s.t.
102 Felice Puttini Mecair-Ballan s.t.
103 Carlo Bomans GB-MG s.t.
104 Sean Yates Motorola s.t.
105 Eros Poli GB-MG s.t.
106 Andrei Tchmil GB-MG s.t.
107 Gianluca Bortolami Lampre-Polti s.t.
108 Marco Lietti Lampre-Polti s.t.
109 Sammie Moreels Wordperfect @ 1min 0sec
110 Pascal Elaut Willy Naessens 2'44"
111 Hans De Meester Willy Naessens 9'55"
112 Sean Way Saxon-Breitex s.t.
113 Radomir Simunek Saxon-Breitex s.t.
114 Jocelyn Jolidon Saxon-Breitex s.t.
115 Rudy Vingerhoets CB Sport s.t.
116 Nigel Perry Varta-Elk s.t.
117 Thomas Davy Castorama-Maxisport s.t.
118 Thomas Wegmuller Festina-Lotus s.t.
119 Salvatore Criscione Jolly Componibili-Club 88 s.t.
120 Nicolas Coudray Saxon-Breitex s.t.
121 Dirk Friel Saxon-Breitex s.t.
122 Jerry Cooman Trident-Schick s.t.
123 Peter De Frenne Trident-Schick s.t.
124 Erwin Biets Collstrop-Assur Carpets s.t.
125 Wim Omloop La William-Duvel s.t.
126 Paolo Fornaciari Mercatone Uno s.t.
127 Pierre Herinne Lotto-Caloi s.t.
128 Philip De Baets Trident-Schick s.t.
129 Kurt Verleden Willy Naessens s.t.
130 Erich Maechler Jolly Componibili-Club 88 s.t.
131 Peter Van Brecht Saxon-Breitex s.t.
132 Gianvito Martinelli Mecair-Ballan s.t.
133 René Foucachon Chazal-Vetta-MBK s.t.
134 Philippe Bouvatier Castorama-Maxisport s.t.
135 Nicola Minali Mecair-Ballan s.t.
136 Kees Hopmans Van Griensen-Elro Snacks s.t.
137 Dick Dekker Van Griensen-Elro Snacks s.t.
138 Bruno Thibout Castorama-Maxisport s.t.
139 Erik Zabel Telekom s.t.
140 Christian Chaubet Chazal-Vetta-MBK s.t.
141 Jean-Pierre Delphis Chazal-Vetta-MBK s.t.
142 Thomas Fleischer Subaru Montgomery s.t.
143 Nate Reiss Subaru-Montgomery s.t.
144 Philippe Casado GAN s.t.
145 Mario Chiesa Carrera Jean-Tassoni s.t.
146 Remo Rossi Carrera Jean-Tassoni s.t.
147 Marco Artunghi Carrera Jean-Tassoni s.t.
148 Patrick Roelandt Willy Naessens s.t.
149 Daniel Hirs Saxon-Breitex s.t.
150 Endrio Leoni Jolly Componibili-Club 88 s.t.
151 Jaan Kirsipuu Chazal-Vetta-MBK s.t.
152 Marcel Wust Novemail-Histor s.t.