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2023 Veneto Classic (1.1), Italy

3rd edition: Sunday, October 15, 2023

Veneto Classic podium history | Race map & profile | 2022 edition | Start list

Mel (Belluno) - Bassano del Grappa, 196.25 km

Davide Formolo takes a solo win in Bassano del Grappa

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Weather at the finish city of Bassano del Grappa at 1:40 PM, local time: 22C (71F), mostly cloudy, with the wind from the east at 8 km/hr (5 mph). There is a 16% chance of rain.

The race: Here's the report from winner Davide Formolo's UAE team Emirates.

UAE Team Emirates had the perfect end to the European calendar with victory in the Veneto Classic in Italy.

Formolo, who hails from nearby Verona had the dream scenario as he crossed the line with his hands raised to celebrate his second win of the season after taking the Coppa Agostoni in September. The win marks the record 56th triumph of the year for the squad.

Formolo: “In the end I went all-in on the last climb. I was always in the front throughout the race, paying attention to the moves that were going up the road, and then I emptied myself for the final part. I spoke with Hirschi with 10km to go and he told me to attack and he would follow anyone that tried to come across.It’s a beautiful end to the season and to do it close to my home roads is a real pleasure.”

Marc Hirschi continued his sensational end-of-season form to take 2nd, beating Filippo Zanna (Jayco-Alula) in the sprint to fill the podium spots.

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Melanoma: It started with a freckle Schwab Cycles South Salem Cycleworks frames

Complete results:

196.25 kilometers raced at an average speed of 43.587 km/hr

1 Davide Formolo UAE Team Emirates 4hr 30min 9sec
2 Marc Hirschi UAE Team Emirates @ 14sec
3 Filippo Zana Jayco-AlUla 0:16
4 Andrea Vendrame Ag2r-Citroën 0:29
5 Andreas Kron Lotto Dstny s.t.
6 Samuele Battistella Astana Qazaqstan s.t.
7 Florian Vermeersch Lotto Dstny 0:45
8 Torstein Træen Uno-X 0:47
9 Axel Laurance Alpecin-Deceuninck 0:53
10 Filippo Fiorelli Green Project-Bardiani-CSF s.t.
11 Vincenzo Albanese EOLO-Kometa 0:54
12 Corbin Strong Israel-Premier Tech s.t.
13 Walter Calzoni Q36.5 Pro Cycling s.t.
14 Gianluca Brambilla Q36.5 Pro Cycling s.t.
15 Franck Bonnamour Ag2r-Citroën s.t.
16 Kévin Vauquelin Arkéa-Samsic 0:56
17 Davide Piganzoli EOLO-Kometa 0:58
18 Amanuel Gebreigzabhier Lidl-Trek s.t.
19 Nicola Conci Alpecin-Deceuninck s.t.
20 Rafal Majka UAE Team Emirates s.t.
21 Stefano Oldani Alpecin-Deceuninck 1:31
22 Jacopo Mosca Lidl-Trek 1:32
23 Diego Sevilla EOLO-Kometa s.t.
24 Luca Covili Green Project-Bardiani-CSF 1:35
25 Alex Tolio Green Project-Bardiani-CSF s.t.
26 Jakob Fuglsang Israel-Premier Tech 1:37
27 Martin Marcellusi Green Project-Bardiani-CSF s.t.
28 Natnael Tesfazion Lidl-Trek s.t.
29 Davide De Cassan EOLO-Kometa s.t.
30 Gianmarco Garofoli Astana Qazaqstan s.t.
31 Alejandro Osorio GW-Shimano-Sidermec 1:41
32 Anthony Delaplace Arkéa-Samsic 1:42
33 Sebastien Reichenbach Tudor Pro Cycling 1:46
34 Tobias Halland Johannessen Uno-X 2:08
35 Michael Matthews Jayco-AlUla 2:31
36 Kristian Sbaragli Alpecin-Deceuninck 2:32
37 Dorian Godon Ag2r-Citroën 3:15
38 Brent Van Moer Lotto Dstny 3:19
39 Anthon Charmig Uno-X 4:46
40 Jonas Abrahamsen Uno-X 5:06
41 Krists Neilands Israel-Premier Tech s.t.
42 Jacob Eriksson Tudor Pro Cycling s.t.
43 Milan Menten Lotto Dstny 5:14
44 Luca Mozzato Arkéa-Samsic s.t.
45 Matteo Trentin UAE Team Emirates s.t.
46 Simon Guglielmi Arkéa-Samsic 5:16
47 Benoît Cosnefroy Ag2r-Citroën 5:17
48 Marco Frigo Israel-Premier Tech 6:49
49 Erik Fetter EOLO-Kometa s.t.
50 Giacomo Garavaglia Work Service-Vitalcare-Dynatek 7:32
51 Santiago Umba GW-Shimano-Sidermec 7:33
52 Simon Pellaud Tudor Pro Cycling 7:42
53 Riccardo Lucca Green Project-Bardiani-CSF s.t.
54 Michael Belleri Biesse-Carrera 8:12
55 Giacomo Villa Biesse-Carrera s.t.
56 Andrea D'Amato Biesse-Carrera s.t.
57 Nils Brun Tudor Pro Cycling s.t.
58 Kevin Bonaldo Work Service-Vitalcare-Dynatek s.t.
59 Arjen Livyns Lotto Dstny s.t.
60 Pier Elis Belletta Biesse-Carrera 10:25
61 Reto Hollenstein Israel-Premier Tech 10:29
62 Carlo Favretto General Store-Essegibi-F.Ili Curia s.t.
63 Davide Gabburo Green Project-Bardiani-CSF s.t.
64 Tsgabu Grmay Jayco-AlUla s.t.
65 Martin López Astana Qazaqstan s.t.
66 Valentin Paret-Peintre Ag2r-Citroën s.t.
67 Jimmy Janssens Alpecin-Deceuninck s.t.
68 Francesco Carollo MG.K Vis-Colors for Peace s.t.
69 Welay Berhe Jayco-AlUla 11:16
70 Joey Rosskopf Q36.5 Pro Cycling 15:59


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2023 Veneto Classic map & profile:

2023 Veneto Classic map

2023 Veneto Classic profile

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Start list with back numbers, October 14, 2023.

1 Marc Hirschi
4 Jan Christen
5 Davide Formolo
6 Rafal Majka
7 Matteo Trentin
11 Benoît Cosnefroy
12 Franck Bonnamour
13 Dorian Godon
14 Valentin Paret-Peintre
15 Valentin Retailleau
16 Andrea Vendrame
17 Jordan Labrosse
21 Kristian Sbaragli
22 Axel Laurance
23 Jimmy Janssens
24 Alex Bogna
25 Nicola Conci
26 Jason Osborne
27 Stefano Oldani
31 Simone Velasco
32 Leonardo Basso
33 Samuele Battistella
34 Manuele Boaro
35 Gianmarco Garofoli
36 Martin López
37 Cristian Scaroni
41 Nils Aebersold
42 Amanuel Gebreigzabhier
43 Jacopo Mosca
44 Martin Pedersen
45 Natnael Tesfazion
46 Torn Teutenberg Tim
51 Luca Mozzato
52 Jenthe Biermans
53 Anthony Delaplace
54 Clément Champoussin
55 Simon Guglielmi
56 Matis Louvel
57 Kévin Vauquelin
61 Welay Berhe
64 Tsgabu Grmay
65 Michael Matthews
66 Matteo Sobrero
67 Filippo Zana
71 Vincenzo Albanese
72 Erik Fetter
73 Francesco Gavazzi
74 Andrea Garosio
75 Davide Piganzoli
76 Davide De Cassan
77 Diego Sevilla
81 Luca Covili
82 Filippo Fiorelli
83 Riccardo Lucca
84 Alessandro Pinarello
85 Alex Tolio
86 Davide Gabburo
87 Martin Marcellusi
91 Frederik Frison
92 Andreas Kron
93 Arjen Livyns
94 Milan Menten
95 Florian Vermeersch
96 Brent Van Moer
101 Marco Frigo
102 Jakob Fuglsang
103 Krists Neilands
104 Reto Hollenstein
105 Domenico Pozzovivo
106 Nick Schultz
107 Corbin Strong
111 Gianluca Brambilla
112 Walter Calzoni
113 Marcel Camprubí
114 Corey Davis
115 Tom Devriendt
116 Mark Donovan
117 Joey Rosskopf
121 Nils Brun
122 Aloïs Charrin
123 Jacob Eriksson
124 Alexander Kamp
125 Simon Pellaud
126 Sebastien Reichenbach
131 Jonas Abrahamsen
132 Martin Urianstad Bugge
133 Fredrik Dversnes
134 Ådne Holter
135 Tobias Halland Johannessen
136 Anthon Charmig
137 Torstein Træen
141 Alessandro Bisolti
142 Jhonatan Guatibonza
143 Andrés Mancipe
144 Alejandro Osorio
145 Jeferson Ruiz
146 Filippo Tagliani
147 Santiago Umba
151 Paul Rudys
152 Liam Bertazzo
153 Filippo Fortin
154 Felix Meo
156 Moritz Malcharek
161 Nicoló Arrighetti
162 Michael Belleri
163 Elis Belletta Pier
164 Andrea D'Amato
165 Anders Foldager
166 Francesco Galimberti
167 Giacomo Villa
171 Michele Berasi
172 Tommaso Bergagna
173 Lorenzo Peschi
174 Filippo D'Aiuto
175 Carlo Favretto
176 Omar Dal Cappello
177 Kevin Pezzo Rosola
181 Davide Bauce
182 Francesco Carollo
183 Mattia Di Felice
184 Ben Granger
185 Matthew Kingston
186 Edoardo Martinelli
187 Anthoni Silenzi
191 Kevin Bonaldo
192 Manuel Capra
193 Giacomo Garavaglia
194 Samuele Mion
195 Danilo Pase Christian
196 Nicola Venchiarutti
197 Daniel Zanta