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1998 Omloop Het Volk ( HC)

This race is now "Omloop Het Nieuwsblad"

52nd edition: February 28, 1998

Omloop Het Nieuwsblad podium history | 1997 edition | 1999 edition

Ghent-Lokeren, 202 km / 39.350 km/hr
187 starters / 82 classified finishers

Peter van Petegem

Peter van Petegem wins his second Omloop Het Volk

The race: It was a very cold February day in Ghent when the race started.

From the gun the attacks went off. And it wasn't just a bunch of no-hopers trying to get a little TV time and a mention in the papers. Peter van Petegem, Johan Museeuw Stuart O'Grady and others were in the mix trying their luck.

With forty kilometers to go there was a break of sevenhigh-quality riders with a one-minute gap on 17 chasers: Andrei Tchmil, Johan Museeuw, Stuart O'Grady, Gianluca Bortolami, Arvis Piziks, Peter van Petegem and Max van Heeswijk

With 25 kilometers to go the seven had enlarged their gap to 1min 25sec. They worked together, probably assuming the time to attack would be the final stretch of cobbles, with 10 km to go.

And that's just what happened. 1997 Het Volk winner Peter van Petegem took off and there was no immediate move to get up to him.

Ultimately there was a poorly organized chase. With 5 kilometers to go, van Petegem still had nearly a half-minute.

The race was van Petegem's. He was losing ground, but still had a 12-second gap on second-place Gianluca Bortolami when he crossed the line.

This was van Petegem's second consecutive Het Volk victory.

Complete Results:

1 Peter Van Petegem  TVM-Farm Frites 5hr 8min
2 Gianluca Bortolami  Festina-Lotus @ 12sec
3 Andrei Tchmil  Lotto-Mobistar 15''
4 Max Van Heeswijk  Rabobank s.t.
5 Johan Museeuw  Mapei-Bricobi s.t.
6 Stuart O'Grady  Gan s.t.
7 Arvis Piziks  Team Home-Jack & Jones s.t.
8 Servais Knaven  TVM-Farm Frites 2'02''
9 Fabio Baldato  Riso Scotti s.t.
10 Henk Vogels  Gan s.t.
11 Ludovic Auger  Big Mat-Auber 93 s.t.
12 Wim Feys  Lotto-Mobistar s.t.
13 Lars Michaelsen  TVM-Farm Frites s.t.
14 Frédéric Guesdon  La Française des Jeux s.t.
15 Tom Desmet  Collstrop-Zeno Protect s.t.
16 Rolf Sørensen  Rabobank s.t.
17 Marc Wauters  Rabobank s.t.
18 Michael-Steen Nielsen  Team Home-Jack & Jones 2'25''
19 Frédéric Moncassin  Crédit Agricole s.t.
20 Mario Aerts  Lotto-Mobistar s.t.
21 Bart Leysen  Mapei-Bricobi s.t.
22 Brian Holm Sørensen  Acceptcard 2'40''
23 Nico Mattan  Mapei-Bricobi s.t.
24 Lauri Aus  Casino s.t.
25 Christophe Agnolutto  Casino s.t.
26 Fabio Sacchi  Polti s.t.
27 Christophe Bassons  Festina-Lotus s.t.
28 Laurent Brochard  Festina-Lotus s.t.
29 Hans De Meester  Tonissteiner-Colnago s.t.
30 Ermanno Brignoli  Riso Scotti s.t.
31 Steven Van Malderghem  Palmans-Ideal s.t.
32 Magnus Bäckstedt  Gan s.t.
33 Cédric Vasseur  Crédit Agricole s.t.
34 Jaan Kirsipuu  Casino s.t.
35 Danny Nelissen  Team Home-Jack & Jones s.t.
36 Philippe Gaumont  Cofidis s.t.
37 Frank Vandenbroucke  Mapei-Bricobi 2'40''
38 Leon Van Bon  Rabobank s.t.
39 Scott Sunderland  Palmans-Ideal 4'00''
40 Johan Capiot  TVM-Farm Frites 5'53''
41 Frank Høj  Palmans-Ideal s.t.
42 Christophe Mengin  La Française des Jeux 9'15''
43 Bruno Boscardin  Festina-Lotus s.t.
44 Filip Meirhaeghe  Home Market-Ville de Charleroi 12'10''
45 Marco Serpellini  Brescialat s.t.
46 Bert Dietz  Telekom s.t.
47 Francis Moreau  Cofidis s.t.
48 Laurent Pillon  Mutuelle de Seine-et-Marne s.t.
49 Johan De Geyter  Palmans-Ideal s.t.
50 Richard Virenque  Festina-Lotus s.t.
51 Laurent Desbiens  Cofidis s.t.
52 Frank Corvers  Palmans-Ideal s.t.
53 Ludovic Capelle  Home Market-Ville de Charleroi s.t.
54 Jens Zemke  Team Nürnberger s.t.
55 Juri Silovs  Team Home-Jack & Jones s.t.
56 Chris Peers  Lotto-Mobistar s.t.
57 Jaime Javier Hernandez Bertran  Festina-Lotus s.t.
58 André Korff  Festina-Lotus s.t.
59 Erwin Thijs  Vlaanderen 2002-Eddy Merckx s.t.
60 Bert Hiemstra  Rabobank s.t.
61 Andreas Klier  Team Nürnberger s.t.
62 Sébastien Demarbaix  Home Market-Ville de Charleroi s.t.
63 Danny Daelman  Collstrop-Zeno Protect s.t.
64 Thierry Marichal  Lotto-Mobistar s.t.
65 Sébastien Hinault  Gan s.t.
66 Hendrik Van Dyck  TVM-Farm Frites s.t.
67 Glenn D'Hollander  Vlaanderen 2002-Eddy Merckx s.t.
68 Alexander Vinokourov  Casino s.t.
69 Steven De Jongh  TVM-Farm Frites s.t.
70 Eric De Clercq  Collstrop-Zeno Protect s.t.
71 Marco Milesi  Brescialat s.t.
72 Maarten Den Bakker  Rabobank s.t.
73 Tristan Hoffman  TVM-Farm Frites s.t.
74 Rossano Brasi  Polti s.t.
75 Enrico Cassani  Polti s.t.
76 Bruno Cenghialta  Riso Scotti s.t.
77 Robbie McEwen  Rabobank s.t.
78 Tom Steels  Mapei-Bricobi s.t.
79 Dirk Müller  Telekom s.t.
80 Laurent Genty  Big Mat-Auber 93 s.t.
81 Ludo Dierckxsens  Lotto-Mobistar s.t.
82 Davy Delme  Tonissteiner-Colnago s.t.