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1946 Milano - San Remo

37th edition: Tuesday, March 19, 1946

Podium History of Milano-San Remo | 1943 edition | 1947 edition |

293 km. 115 starters, 63 classified finishers

Five riders were awarded a tie for eighth place. Results after 31st place should be considered unreliable.

Fausto Coppi's fourteen-minute victory in the 1946 Milano-San-Remo is legendary. For this, the first big race after the war, Coppi prepared meticulously. On race day his superiority was stunning. Half-way into the race Coppi escaped with several other riders. On the unpaved Turchino Pass he dropped Lucien Teisseire, the last man able to hold his wheel. Coppi emerged from the pass's unlit tunnel alone and drove on to his largest-ever single-day race winning margin. It was also the largest Milan-San Remo winning margin since Eugène Christophe's 1910 victory in horrific, frozen conditions.

Coppi had been off the front for 147 kilometers. Extraordinary.

Fauto Coppi

Fausto Coppi

Complete Results:

  1. Fausto Coppi (Bianchi) 8hr 9min. 39.6 km/hr
  2. Lucien Teisseire (Ray-Dunlop) @ 14min
  3. Mario Ricci (Legnano) @ 18min 30sec
  4. Gino Bartali (Legnano) s.t.
  5. Severino Canavesi (Bianchi) s.t.
  6. Vito Ortelli (Benotto-Superga) s.t.
  7. Adolfo Leoni (Bianchi) s.t.
  8. Osvaldo Bailo s.t.
    Salvatore Crippa s.t.
    Emilio Croci-Torti s.t.
    Nedo Logli (Welter) s.t.
    Valeriano Zanazzi s.t.
  9. Luigi Zanazzi (Legnano) @ 18min 38sec
  10. Mario Fazio s.t.
  11. Egidio Marangoni s.t.
  12. Aldo Ronconi (Benotto-Superga) s.t.
  13. Guido Lelli (Benotto-Superga) s.t.
  14. Glauco Servadei (Bianchi) @ 20min
  15. Michele Motta (Welter) s.t.
  16. Giordano Cottur (Wilier-Triestina) s.t.
  17. Fermo Camellini (Olmo-Fulgor) s.t.
  18. Sergio Maggini (Benotto-Superga) s.t.
  19. Ernst Kuhn (Allegro) s.t.
  20. Primo Volpi s.t.
  21. Luigi Augusto Introzzi s.t.
  22. Giulio Bresci s.t.
  23. Gelsomino Locatelli (Welter) s.t.
  24. Aldo Baito s.t.
  25. Mario De Benedetti (Olmo-Fulgor) s.t.
  26. Giovanni De Stefanis (Bianchi) @ 26min
  27. Vincenzo Colombo (Azzini-Freni Universal) @ 28min
  28. Ezio Cecchi @ ?min
  29. Telmino Caselatto
  30. Hans Maag
  31. Serse Coppi
  32. Renzo Zanazzi
  33. Carlos Moscardini
  34. Ubaldo Pugnaloni
  35. Giovanni Ballarino
  36. Domenico Pedrali
  37. Carlo Rebella
  38. Pietro Ferrari
  39. Enea Antonili
  40. Alfredo Martini
  41. Luigi Malabrocca
  42. Giovannni Bardelli
  43. Giuseppe Magni
  44. Enzo Coppini
  45. Quirino Toccacelli
  46. Giuseppe Tacca
  47. Remo Sala
  48. Aimone Landi
  49. Aldemiro Dragomanni
  50. Antonio Giauna
  51. Luigi Costa
  52. Carlo Omari
  53. Giuseppe Carraro
  54. Antonio Di Leo
  55. Bruno Pasquini
  56. Paolo Robiani
  57. Amilcare Amisano
  58. Sesto Fellini
  59. Giordano Nicolosi