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1988 World Pro Road Cycling Championships

55th edition: Sunday, August 28, 1988
Renaix/Ronse, Belgium

World Road Cycling Championships podium history | 1989 edition | 1987 edition |

178 riders started, 79 classified finishers.
272 km. Winner's average speed: 38.66 km/hr

The final sprint was between Steve Bauer, Claude Criquielion and Maurizio Fondriest. Criquielion tried to go between Bauer and the barriers and crashed, slowing Bauer and allowing Frondriest to become World Champion. Bauer was disqualified and Criquielion had to walk across the finish line with his destroyed bike. Criquielion later sued Bauer, but the judge threw out the lawsuit.

Maurizio Fondriest become World Champion

Maurizio Fondriest wins the 1988 World Road Championships

Complete Results:

  1. Maurizio Fondriest (Italy) 7hr 2min 11sec
  2. Martial Gayant (France) @ 27sec
  3. Juan Ferandez (Spain) @ 41sec
  4. Harmut Bolts (Germany) s.t.
  5. Mauro Gianetti Switzerland) s.t.
  6. Ronan Pensec (France) s.t.
  7. Davide Cassani (Italy) s.t.
  8. Laurent Fignon (France) s.t.
  9. Janus Kuum (Norway) @ 46sec
  10. Alan Peiper (Australia) @ 55sec
  11. Claude Criquielion (Belgium) @ 1min 0sec
  12. Thomas Wegmuller (Switzerland) @ 1min 12sec
  13. Eddy Planckaert (Belgium) @ 1min 48sec
  14. Stefano Colage (Italy) s.t.
  15. Manuel-Jorge Dominguez (Spain) s.t.
  16. Ron Keifel (USA) s.t.
  17. Rolf Sorensen (Denmark) s.t.
  18. Acacio Da Silva (Portugal) s.t.
  19. Gert-Jan Theunisse (Netherlands) s.t.
  20. Jean-Philippe Vandenbrande (Belgium) s.t.
  21. Jan Nevens (Belgium) s.t.
  22. Moreno Argentin (Italy) s.t.
  23. Enrique Aja (Spain) s.t.
  24. Lars Wahlqvist (Sweden) s.t.
  25. Sean Kelly (Ireland) s.t.
  26. Eric Caritoux (France) s.t.
  27. Brian Holm (Denmark) s.t.
  28. Fabian Fuchs (Sweden) s.t.
  29. Marc Sergeant (Belgium) s.t.
  30. Jean-Claude Colotti (Italy) s.t.
  31. Marc Gomez (France) s.t.
  32. Jérôme Simon (France) s.t.
  33. Phil Anderson (Australia) s.t.
  34. Johnny Weltz (Denmark) s.t.
  35. Alvaro Pino (Spain) s.t.
  36. Atle Kvalsvoll (Norway) s.t.
  37. Dag-Otto Lauritzen (Norway) s.t.
  38. Michel Dernies (Belgium) s.t.
  39. Czeslaw Lang (Poland) s.t.
  40. Peter Winnen (Netherlands) s.t.
  41. Jorg Muller (Switzerland) s.t.
  42. Peter de Clercq (Belgium) s.t.
  43. Helmut Wechselberger (Austria) s.t.
  44. Soren Lilholt (Denmark) s.t.
  45. Massimo Ghirotto (Italy) s.t.
  46. Erich Maechler (Switzerland) s.t.
  47. Olaf Lurvik (Norway) s.t.
  48. Robert Millar (Great Britain) s.t.
  49. Adrie Van der Poel (Netherlands) s.t.
  50. Andreas Kappes (Germany) s.t.
  51. Gilbert Duclos-Lassalle (France) s.t.
  52. Gianni Bugno (Italy) s.t.
  53. Sean Yates (Great Britain) s.t.
  54. Marc Madiot (France) s.t.
  55. Laudelino Cubino (Spain) s.t.
  56. Marino Amadori (Italy) s.t.
  57. Jesus Rodriguez-Magro (Spain) s.t.
  58. Peter Stevenhaagen (Netherlands) s.t.
  59. Giuseppe Saronni (Italy) s.t.
  60. Pedro Delgado (Spain) s.t.
  61. Thierry Marie (France) s.t.
  62. Guido Bontempi (Italy) s.t.
  63. Stephen Hodge (Australia) s.t.
  64. Franco Ballerini (Italy) s.t.
  65. Erik Breukink (Netherlands) s.t.
  66. Bruno Leali (Italy) s.t.
  67. Fons de Wolf (Belgium) s.t.
  68. Rolf Golz (Germany) s.t.
  69. Marino Alonso (Spain) s.t.
  70. Steven Rooks (Netherlands) s.t.
  71. Luc Roosen (Belgium) s.t.
  72. Christophe Lavainne (France) s.t.
  73. Charly Mottet (France) s.t.
  74. Marino Lejaretta (Spain) s.t.
  75. Stephen Roche (Ireland) s.t.
  76. Jens Viggerby (Denmark) s.t.
  77. Edwig van Hooydonck (Belgium) s.t.
  78. Deno Davie (Great Britain) @ 8min 32sec
  79. Edgar Corredor (Colombia) @ 8min 58sec