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Herald Sun Tour (2.1)

Winners, podium, distance, average speed

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The race:

The Herald Sun Tour is a professional Stage race held in Melbourne and around the state of Victoria in southeast Australia.

It is currently held in early February and has four stages.

The first edition was held in 1952 was was a six-stage competition. It gets it name from the race's promoter The Herald Sun, a Melbourne newspaper.

The race has moved around the calender over the years, with the promoters and the UCI disagreeing over when it should be held. Currently it is conducted in February.

My apologies, but I do not have statistical information on early editions of the race.

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Melanoma: It started with a freckle Schwab Cycles South Salem Cycleworks frames

Podium History:


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place


Average Speed

1952 Keith Rowley Max Rowley Jack Hoobin    
1953 Basil Halsall Hec Sutherland Reginald Arnold    
1954 Hec Sutherland Cesare Pivato Eddie Smith    
1955 Alan Geddes Eddie Smith Hec Sutherland    
1956 George Goodwin Peter Panton Peter Anthony    
1957 Russell Mockridge George Goodwin Jack McDonough    
1958 John Young Peter Panton Ron Murray    
1959 Peter Panton Vin Beasley Bill Knevitt    
1960 Peter Panton
50hr 5min 56sec
John Young
@ 40sec
Bill Knevitt
@ 3min 15sec
1734.5 km 36.621 km/hr
1961 John Young John McDonough Vic Roberts    
1962 Bill Knewitt Klaus Steifler Peter Panton    
1963 William Lawrie Peter Panton Bill Knevitt    
1964 Barry Waddell John Young Robert Panter    
1965 Barry Waddell Graham Rowley Ian Grindlay    
1966 Barry Waddell Graeme Gilmore Glen Birmingham    
1967 Barry Waddell Bob Whetters Robert Panter    
1968 Barry Waddell Ian Stringer Keith Oliver    
1969 Keith Oliver Graham McVilly Ken Evans    
1970 Trevor Williamson Graham McVilly Ken Evans    
1971 Graham McVilly Ken Evans Frank Atkins    
1972 Ken Evans Vic Adams Kerry Gawley    
1973 Graham McVilly
52hr 41min 48sec
Ken Evans
@ 1min 46sec
Fran Atkins
@ 7min 15sec
1871 km 35.505 km/hr
1974 Graham McVilly
52hr 6min 9sec
Ken Evans
@ 2min 14sec
John Knight
@ 5min 15sec
1920 km 36.850 km/hr
1975 John Trevorrow
50hr 18min 8sec
Donald Allan
@ 2min 10sec
Don Wilson
@ 2min 40sec
1940 km 38.823 km/hr
1976 Peter Besanko
46hr 42min 47sec
Wayne Roberts
@ 38sec
Tony McCaig
@ 1min 27sec
1812 km 38.790
1977 John Trevorrow Terry Stacey Terry Hammond    
1978 Terry Hammond
51hr 20min 40sec
Clyde Sefton
@ 1min 20sec
Ken Evans
@ 3min 43sec
1900 km 37.005 km/hr
1979 John Trevorrow
65hr 39min 4sec
Terry Hammond
@ 1min 33sec
Peter Besanko@ 2min 57sec 2314 km 35.247 km/hr
1980 David Allan
58hr 3min 21sec
Terry Stacey
@ 3min 1sec
Tony McCaig
@ 3min 12sec
2145 km 36.947 km/hr
1981 Clyde Sefton
51hr 7min 6sec
Peter Besanko
@ 1min 29sec
Murray Hall
@ 4min 30sec
2060 km 40.299 km/hr
1982 Terry Hammond
54hr 9min 59sec
Clyde Sefton
@ 3min 40sec
Tony McCaig
@ 3min 23sec
1942 km 35.852 km/hr
1983 Shane Sutton
42hr 43min 43sec
Terry Hammond
@ 3min 24sec
Eric Vande Perre
@ 3min 6sec
1760 km 41.190 km/hr
1984 Gary Sutton
47hr 26min 43sec
Peter Besanko
@ 5min 7sec
Gery Verlinden
@ 5mi 9sec
1841 km 38.803 km/hr
1985 Malcom Elliott
34hr 29min 34sec
Jan Bogaert
@ 15sec
William Tackaert
@ 47sec
1400 km 40.588 km/hr
1986 Neil Stephens
38hr 15min 17sec
Alan Peiper
@ 21sec
Malcom Elliott
@ 46sec
1420 km 37.120 km/hr
1987 Stefano Tomasini
48hr 39min 53sec
Neil Stephens
@ 30sec
Gary Trowell
@ 2min 15sec
1660 km 34.111 km/hr
1988 Adri Van der Poel
43hr 20min 23sec
Neil Stephens
@ 1min 7sec
Stefano Tomasini
@ 2min 22sec
1653 km 38.141 km/hr
1989 Marcel Arntz
42hr 11min 10sec
Stephen Hodge
@ 35sec
Udo Bölts
@ 1min 11sec
1474 km 34.940 km/hr
1990 Udo Bölts
44hr 41min 11sec
John Clay
@ 21sec
Neil Stephens
@ 1min 23sec
1646 km 36.834
1991 Michael Engelman
42hr 40min 49sec
John Talen
@ 1min 59sec
Udo Bölts
@ 2min 11sec
1605 km 37.605 km/hr
1992 Bart Bowen
37hr 40min 9sec
Dick Dekker
@ 4min 20sec
Roland Le Clerc
@ 5min 10sec
1431 km 37.989 km/hr
1993 Dave Mann
34hr 30min 18sec
Brian Walton
@ 1min 22sec
Undo Bölts
@ 2min 6sec
1374 km 39.820 km/hr
1994 Christian Henn
33hr 43min 53sec
Daniele Nardello
@ 37sec
Marcel Wust
@ 7min 24sec
1301 km 38.569 km/hr
1995 Andy Bishop
29hr 18min 59sec
Scott Mercier
@ 34sec
Henk Vogels
@ 2min 12awx
1165 km 39.739 km/hr
1996 Scott Moninger
32hr 57min 33sec
Stephen Hodge
@ 34sec
Henk Vogels
@ 3min 17sec
1309 km 39.716 km/hr
1997 Norm Alvis
33hr 15min 2sec
Trent Klasna
@ 5min 55sec
Scott McGrory
@ 6min 20sec
1320 km 39.699 km/hr
1998 Alessandro Pozzi
33hr 34min 33sec
Tristan Priem
@ 58sec
Jaroslav Bilek
@ 1min 47sec
1336 km 39.791 km/hr
1999 Michael Blaudzun
32hr 33min 55sec
Tomas Konecny
@ 1min 25sec
Jan Hruska
@ 2min 59sec
1296 km 39.770 km/hr
2000 Eugen Wacker
33hr 28min 28sec
Scott Moninger
@ 1min 35sec
Andy de Smet
@ 2min 0sec
1318 km 39.373 km/hr
2001 Peter Wrolich
32hr 59min 26sec
Zbigniew Piatek
@ 1min 11sec
Remigius Lupeikis
@ 4min 31sec
1349.9 km
40.917 km/hr
2002 Baden Cooke
26hr 3min 41sec
Alan Iacuone
@ 1min 24sec
Jonas Ljungblad
@ 1min 43sec
34.449 km/hr
2003 Tim Johnson
28hr 51min 29sec
Luke Roberts
@ 33sec
Scott Guyton
@ 34sec
2004 Jonas Ljungblad
26hr 39min 55sec
David McKenzie
@ 1min 30sec
Ben Brooks
@ 1min 51sec
1110.7 km 41.63
2005 Simon Gerrans
15hr 52min 1sec
Dominique Perras
@ 14sec
David McCann
@ 39sec
676.9 km 42.661 km/hr
2006 Simon Gerrans
20hr 33min 1sec
Chris Jongewaard
@ 5sec
David McCann
@ 14sec
819.8 km 39.892 km/hr
2007 Matthew Wilson
17hr 52min 47sec
Steve Morabito
@ 3sec
Trent Lowe
@ 14sec
2008 Stuart O'Grady
14hr 20min 49sec
Lars Ytting Bak
@ 17sec
Benjamin Day
@ 23sec
583.2 km 40.649 km/hr
2009 Bradley Wiggins
15hr 51min 27sec
Chris Sutton
@ 11sec
Jonathan Cantwell
@ 20sec
662 km 41.746 km/hr
2010 Race not held
2011 Nathan Haas
16hr 39min 39sec
Jack Bobridge
@ 17sec
Jonas Aaen Jorgensen
@ 26sec
676.6 km 40.610 km/hr
2012 Race not held


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Neugent Cycling Wheels Peaks Coaching: work with a coach!
2013 Calvin Watson
10hr 16min 55sec
Aaron Donnelly
@ 37sec
Joshua Atkins
@ 1min 18sec
392.1 km 38.134
2014 Simon Clarke
10hr 59min 17sec
Cameron Wurf
@ 8sec
Jack Haig
@ 11sec
437.6 km 39.825
2015 Cameron Meyer
12hr 30min 55sec
Patrick Bevin
@ 11sec
Joseph Cooper
@ 19sec
534.9 km 42.740
2016 Chris Froome
12hr 53min 0sec
Peter Kennaugh
@ 29sec
Damien Howson
@ 1min 1sec
540.4 km 41.946
2017 Damien Howson
15hr 25min 13sec
Jai Hindley
@ 38sec
Kenny Elissonde
@ 53sec
2018 Esteban Chaves
18hr 34min 9sec
Cameron Meyer
@ 26sec
Damien Howson
@ 39sec
742.2 km 39.997
2019 Dylan van Baarle
13hr 24min 38sec
Nick Schultz
@ 24sec
Michael Woods
@ 1min 52sec
588.5 km 43.883
2020 Jai Hindley
14hr 50min 23sec
Sebastian Berwick
@ 17sec
Damien Howsen
@ 36sec
612.1 km 41.247
2021 Race cancelled because of Covid-19 pandemic
2022 Race cancelled because of Covid-19 pandemic
2023 Race cancelled because of organizational difficulties


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