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2021 Giro del Veneto (1.1), Italy

84th edition: Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Giro del Veneto podium history | 2012 edition (race not held 2013 - 2020) | 2022 edition | Map & profile | Photos

Cittadella - Padova, 168.8 km

Xamdro Meurisse

Xandro Meurisse wins in Padua.

Weather at the finish city of Padova at 2:30 PM, local time: 18C (65F), fair, with the wind from the east at 14 km/hr (9 mph). There is just a 1% chance of rain.

Tour de France: 2021

The race: Here's the report from second-place Matteo Trentin's UAE Team Emirates.

Matteo Trentin edged closer to victory at the Giro del Veneto, coming away with a second place behind Xandro Meurisse (Alpecin-Fenix) in a well-timed late escape at the end of the 168km from Cittadella to Padova.

Trentin along with Meurisse and Jhonathan Restrepo (Androni) moved off the front with -6km to go and build a narrow lead on the chasing bunch of 25 riders behind, with the remaining members of the Emirati team working together to disrupt the chase.

Missing from the chase was Marc Hirschi, who was involved in a crash while on the attack with Alexey Lutsenko (Astana). The Swiss rider slid out while cornering on a descent but would remount and finish the race without any serious injury.

Trentin’s second place was backed up by Alessandro Covi who was close behind in 5th spot.

Trentin:”I think as a team we executed the tactics almost perfectly, just a pity Marc crashed in the downhill. After that myself, Ulissi, Covi and Formolo took it in turns to go on the attack and I managed to get up the road and finished second, again. It’s frustrating as it’s second time this week, but we’ll give it another go on Sunday.”

On Sunday the team will tackle the final race of their 2021 calendar at the Veneto Classic.

Bill & Carol McGann's book The Story of the Tour de France. 2021: the Little Cannibal Dominates is available as an audiobook here.

Complete results:


168.8 kilometers raced at an average speed of 43.248 km/hr

1 Xandro Meurisse Alpecin-Fenix 3hr 54min 11sec
2 Matteo Trentin UAE Team Emirates s.t.
3 Alberto Dainese Nazionale Italiana s.t.
4 Simone Consonni Cofidis s.t.
5 Alessandro Covi UAE Team Emirates s.t.
6 Vincenzo Albanese Eola-Kometa s.t.
7 Jhonatan Restrepo Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec s.t.
8 Andrea Pasqualon Intermarché-Wanty-Gobert s.t.
9 Simone Velasco Gazprom-RusVelo s.t.
10 Davide Orrico Vini Zabù s.t.
11 Giovanni Carboni Bardiani-CSF-Faizanè s.t.
12 Luca Chirico Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec s.t.
13 Kristian Sbaragli Alpecin-Fenix s.t.
14 Davide Gabburo Bardiani-CSF-Faizanè s.t.
15 Marco Tizza Amore & Vita s.t.
16 Mattia Bais Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec s.t.
17 Alexey Lutsenko Astana-Premier Tech s.t.
18 Odd Christian Eiking Intermarché-Wanty-Gobert s.t.
19 Simone Ravanelli Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec s.t.
20 Alex Tolio Zalf-Euromobil-Désiré s.t.
21 Simone Petilli Intermarché-Wanty-Gobert s.t.
22 Andrea Garosio Bardiani-CSF-Faizanè s.t.
23 Ben Tulett Alpecin-Fenix s.t.
24 Diego Ulissi UAE Team Emirates s.t.
25 Davide Formolo UAE Team Emirates s.t.
26 Cristian Scaroni Gazprom-RusVelo @ 6sec
27 Lorenzo Fortunato Eola-Kometa s.t.
28 Andrea Piccolo Nazionale Italiana 0:35
29 Kevin Colleoni Nazionale Italiana 0:42
30 Lorenzo Rota Intermarché-Wanty-Gobert 2:30
31 Elia Viviani Cofidis 4:28
32 Fernando Barcelo Cofidis s.t.
33 Nicola Venchiarutti Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec s.t.
34 Jonas Rapp Hrinkow Advarics s.t.
35 Kevin Bonaldo Team Qhubeka s.t.
36 Davide Bais Eola-Kometa s.t.
37 Marco Canola Gazprom-RusVelo s.t.
38 Enrico Battaglin Bardiani-CSF-Faizanè s.t.
39 Davide Baldaccini Nazionale Italiana s.t.
40 Stijn Daemen Intermarché-Wanty-Gobert s.t.
41 Alex Raimondi Nazionale Italiana s.t.
42 Thomas Champion Cofidis s.t.
43 Filippo Fiorelli Bardiani-CSF-Faizanè s.t.
44 Francesco Gavazzi Eola-Kometa s.t.
45 Riccardo Lucca General Store-Essegibi s.t.
46 Jan Bakelants Intermarché-Wanty-Gobert s.t.
47 Rodrigo Contreras Astana-Premier Tech s.t.
48 Marc Hirschi UAE Team Emirates s.t.
49 Antonio Puppio Team Qhubeka s.t.
50 Petr Vakoc Alpecin-Fenix s.t.
51 Samuele Battistella Astana-Premier Tech s.t.
52 Riccardo Verza Zalf-Euromobil-Désiré s.t.
53 Federico Burchio Work Service-Marchiol-Dynatek 8:47
54 Emil Vinjebo Team Qhubeka s.t.
55 Lorenzo Visintainer General Store-Essegibi s.t.
56 Michael Konczer Hrinkow Advarics s.t.
57 Paolo Toto Amore & Vita s.t.
58 Francesco di Felice MG.K vis-VPM s.t.
59 Mattia Guasco Team Qhubeka s.t.
60 Petr Rikunov Gazprom-RusVelo s.t.
61 Giovanni Bortoluzzi Work Service-Marchiol-Dynatek s.t.
62 Thomas Pesenti Beltrami TSA-Tre Colli s.t.
63 Francesco Zandri Work Service-Marchiol-Dynatek s.t.
64 Davide de Pretto Beltrami TSA-Tre Colli s.t.
65 Luca Cretti Beltrami TSA-Tre Colli s.t.
66 Stefano di Benedetto Work Service-Marchiol-Dynatek s.t.
67 Jacopo Cortese MG.K vis-VPM s.t.
68 Riccardo Stacchiotti Vini Zabù s.t.
69 Alexander Cepeda Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec s.t.
70 Mattia Bevilacqua Vini Zabù s.t.
71 Floris de Tier Alpecin-Fenix s.t.
72 Ivan Rovny Gazprom-RusVelo s.t.
73 Attilio Viviani Cofidis s.t.
74 Luca Mozzato Nazionale Italiana s.t.
75 Edoardo Zardini Vini Zabù s.t.
76 Erik Fetter Eola-Kometa s.t.
77 Paul Double MG.K vis-VPM s.t.
78 Jimmy Janssens Alpecin-Fenix s.t.
79 Marco Frapporti Vini Zabù s.t.
80 Fabio Felline Astana-Premier Tech s.t.
81 Samuele Zoccarato Bardiani-CSF-Faizanè s.t.
82 Fabio Sabatini Cofidis 11:52
83 Nathan Haas Cofidis s.t.
84 Davide Martinelli Astana-Premier Tech s.t.
85 Damiano Cima Gazprom-RusVelo s.t.
86 Luka Pajek Hrinkow Advarics s.t.
87 Manuele Boaro Astana-Premier Tech s.t.
88 Luca Coati Team Qhubeka s.t.
89 Giacomo Garavaglia Work Service-Marchiol-Dynatek s.t.
90 Alessio Acco Zalf-Euromobil-Désiré s.t.
91 Nicholas Agostini General Store-Essegibi s.t.
92 Riccardo Minali Intermarché-Wanty-Gobert s.t.
93 Stefan Kolb Hrinkow Advarics s.t.
94 Matteo Zurlo Zalf-Euromobil-Désiré s.t.
95 Pavel Kochetkov Gazprom-RusVelo s.t.
96 Timon Loderer Hrinkow Advarics s.t.
97 Samuele Zambelli Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec s.t.
98 Andrea Ghislanzoni MG.K vis-VPM s.t.
99 Marvin Hammerschmid Hrinkow Advarics s.t.
100 Sven Bystrom UAE Team Emirates s.t.
101 Alexandr Riabushenko UAE Team Emirates s.t.
102 Mattia Pinazzi Nazionale Italiana s.t.
103 Riccardo Tosin General Store-Essegibi s.t.
104 Edward Ravasi Eola-Kometa s.t.
105 Marco Grendene Beltrami TSA-Tre Colli s.t.
106 Samuele Rivi Eola-Kometa s.t.
107 Lorenzo Milesi Beltrami TSA-Tre Colli s.t.
108 Simone Bevilacqua Vini Zabù s.t.
109 Daniel Pearson Vini Zabù s.t.
110 Christian Pase Work Service-Marchiol-Dynatek 11:56
111 Francesco Carollo MG.K vis-VPM s.t.

Giro del Veneto map & profile:

2021 Giro del Veneto map

Map of the 2021 Giro del Veneto

2021 Giro del Veneto profile

Profile of the 2021 Giro del Veneto

2021 Giro del Veneto photos by Fotoreporter Sirotti:

Matteo Trentin

Matteo Trentin before the race start.

Vini Zabu

The Vini Zabu team is presented as part of the starting ceremonies.


In the start city of Cittadella, the peloton awaits the signal to start the race.


The peloton leaves the fortified city of Cittadella.


A lovely day in Veneto.


A big pack makes it way through an Italian town.


The day's breakaway tries its luck.

Xandro Meurisse and Matteo Trentin

Xandro Meurisse & Matteo Trentin duke it out for the win.

Xandro Meurisse

Xandro Meurisse takes the race.

Xandro Meurisse

Winner Xandro Meurisse just after the race finish.


The podium, from left: Matteo Trentin (2nd), Xandro Meurisse (1st) & Alberto Dainese (3rd).