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2016 Rund um Köln (1.1), Germany

(Tour of Cologne)

100th Edition: Sunday, June 12, 2016

Rund um Köln podium history | 2015 edition | 2017 edition | Race profile

Köln - Köln, 205.8 km

Dylan Groenewegen

Dylan Groenewegen wins the 2016 Rund um Köln

The Race: Here's the report from LottoNL-Jumbo.

Paris–Roubaix: The Inside Story

LottoNL-Jumbo's Dylan Groenewegen sprinted to win the 100th edition of Rund um Köln today in Germany. After 205.8 kilometres, he topped Germans André Greipel (Lotto-Soudal) and Nikias Arndt (Giant-Alpecin).

After the peloton caught the early break, American Taylor Phinney tried to escape in the final. LottoNL-Jumbo and Lotto-Soudal worked for a bunch sprint, and Groenewegen was put perfect in position by his team-mates and won by a bike length.

"It was a great day for me, and for the team,” Groenewegen said. "Such sprints give you a lot of confidence, we worked hard on the lead-out train. At six kilometres to go, we began the lead-out and in the last hundred metres, I went all out. I was put into place perfectly. The sprint was actually perfect, this is something that we worked on all year, to deliver these sprints. We have great photo now, with me next to Greipel on the podium."

“Like last week in Belgium, this was one of those days were everything went according to plan,” said Sports Director Nico Verhoeven. "In the last metres, the team put Dylan perfect in position so could begin his sprint ideally. Then beating Greipel, that’s absolutely beautiful.”

Early in the race, a break-away went with not one LottoNL-Jumbo rider involved. That was according to plan. "As soon as you send a rider to join, the other teams will do the same and you get a very different situation,” Verhoeven added. “When the group was away, we knew it was going to be a controlled race."

The difference to the leaders never went more than four minutes. "We did not lead the chase always, but we had a rider in front of the peloton at all times."

Complete Results:

205.8 kilometers raced at an average speed of 43.67 km/hr

1 Groenewegen, Dylan LottoNL-Jumbo 4hr 42min 45sec
2 Greipel, André Lotto-Soudal s.t.
3 Arndt, Nikias Giant-Alpecin s.t.
4 Sbaragli, Kristian Dimension Data s.t.
5 Renshaw, Mark Dimension Data s.t.
6 Ciolek, Gerald Stölting Service Group s.t.
7 Ackermann, Pascal Rad Net Rose s.t.
8 Bauhaus, Phil Bora-Argon 18 s.t.
9 Vanspeybrouck, Pieter Topsport Vlaanderen s.t.
10 Von Hoff, Steele One Pro Cycling s.t.
11 Krieger, Alexander Leopard Pro Cycling s.t.
12 Duque, Leonardo Delko Marseille Provence s.t.
13 Zabel, Rick BMC s.t.
14 Van Lerberghe, Bert Topsport Vlaanderen s.t.
15 Thwaites, Scott Bora-Argon 18 s.t.
16 Meijers, Jeroen Rabobank Development s.t.
17 Holler, Nikodemus Stradalli-Bike Aid s.t.
18 De Buyst, Jasper Lotto-Soudal s.t.
19 Schelling, Patrick Vorarlberg s.t.
20 Grosser, Aaron Team Sauerland NRW s.t.
21 Gunst, Davy Rabobank Development s.t.
22 Müller, Robert Heizomat s.t.
23 Pfingsten, Christoph Bora-Argon 18 s.t.
24 Wagner, Robert LottoNL-Jumbo s.t.
25 Hunt, Joshua One Pro Cycling s.t.
26 Frahm, Jasper LKT Team Brandenburg s.t.
27 Jäger, Patrick Vorarlberg s.t.
28 Der, Zsolt Vorarlberg s.t.
29 Mathis, Marco Rad Net Rose s.t.
30 Tusveld, Martijn Rabobank Development s.t.
31 Preidler, Georg Giant-Alpecin s.t.
32 McCormick, Hayden One Pro Cycling s.t.
33 Van Hoecke, Gijs Topsport Vlaanderen s.t.
34 Velits, Peter BMC s.t.
35 Selig, Rüdiger Bora-Argon 18 s.t.
36 Fußnegger, Moritz Christina Jewelry s.t.
37 Hrinkow, Dominik Hrinkow Advarics s.t.
38 Rosskopf, Joey BMC s.t.
39 Gerdemann, Linus Stölting Service Group s.t.
40 Farazijn, Maxime Topsport Vlaanderen s.t.
41 Eisel, Bernhard Dimension Data s.t.
42 Vanmarcke, Sep LottoNL-Jumbo + 00' 13''
43 De Backer, Bert Giant-Alpecin s.t.
44 Kanter, Max LKT Team Brandenburg s.t.
45 Maas, Jan Rabobank Development s.t.
46 Haller, Patrick Rad Net Rose s.t.
47 Lenderink, Peter Rabobank Development s.t.
48 Vingerling, Michael Team 3M s.t.
49 Wegmann, Fabian Stölting Service Group s.t.
50 Lietaer, Eliot Topsport Vlaanderen s.t.
51 Roosen, Timo LottoNL-Jumbo s.t.
52 Šiškevičius, Evaldas Delko Marseille Provence s.t.
53 Kirsch, Alex Stölting Service Group s.t.
54 Nõmmela, Aksel Leopard Pro Cycling s.t.
55 Meisen, Marcel Team Kuota-Lotto s.t.
56 Kämna, Lennard Stölting Service Group s.t.
57 Meier, Alexander Hrinkow Advarics s.t.
58 Tschernoster, Jan Rad Net Rose s.t.
59 Winter, Nicolas Vorarlberg s.t.
60 Declercq, Tim Topsport Vlaanderen s.t.
61 Dongen, Ricardo van Team 3M s.t.
62 Drücker, Jempy BMC + 00' 20''
63 Gerts, Floris BMC s.t.
64 Mager, Christian Stölting Service Group s.t.
65 Sieberg, Marcel Lotto-Soudal + 00' 25''
66 Andersen, Søren Giant-Alpecin + 00' 28''
67 De Bie, Sean Lotto-Soudal + 00' 30''
68 Bichlmann, Daniel Stradalli-Bike Aid + 00' 32''
69 Janssen, Dick Team 3M s.t.
70 Vogt, Mario Rad Net Rose s.t.
71 Intra, Felix Team Sauerland NRW s.t.
72 Pacher, Quentin Delko Marseille Provence s.t.
73 Foti, Carmelo Leopard Pro Cycling s.t.
74 Winter, Laurin Heizomat s.t.
75 Rapp, Jonas Heizomat s.t.
76 Wouters, Sieben Rabobank Development s.t.
77 Vliegen, Loïc BMC + 00' 34''
78 Reutter, Sven Stölting Service Group s.t.
79 Lübbers, Dorian Heizomat s.t.
80 Koep, Thomas Stölting Service Group s.t.
81 Mortensen, Martin One Pro Cycling s.t.
82 Herklotz, Silvio Bora-Argon 18 s.t.
83 Hupond, Thierry Delko Marseille Provence s.t.
84 Degreve, Martijn Team 3M s.t.
85 Hofstede, Lennard Rabobank Development + 00' 37''
86 Stamsnijder, Tom Giant-Alpecin s.t.
87 Bouwmans, Dylan Rabobank Development s.t.
88 Schillinger, Andreas Bora-Argon 18 s.t.
89 Knaup, Tobias Team Kuota-Lotto s.t.
90 Freienstein, Raphael Team Kuota-Lotto + 00' 43''
91 Zijl, Melvin van Team 3M + 00' 01''
92 Nowak, Florian Christina Jewelry + 01' 02''
93 Meiler, Lukas Vorarlberg s.t.
94 Müller, Nathan Heizomat s.t.
95 Wynants, Maarten LottoNL-Jumbo s.t.
96 Walscheid, Max Giant-Alpecin + 01' 05''
97 Retschke, Robert Team Kuota-Lotto s.t.
98 Vandenbak, Laurent Leopard Pro Cycling s.t.
99 Dombrowski, Frederik Team Kuota-Lotto s.t.
100 Smith, Dion One Pro Cycling + 01' 07''
101 Venter, Jaco Dimension Data s.t.
102 Stork, Florian Team Sauerland NRW + 01' 20''
103 Leinau, Joann Team Sauerland NRW s.t.
104 Hansen, Adam Lotto-Soudal + 01' 23''
105 Van Meirhaeghe, Jef Topsport Vlaanderen + 01' 25''
106 Pöstlberger, Lukas Bora-Argon 18 + 01' 26''
107 Schwarzmann, Michael Bora-Argon 18 s.t.
108 Weinzheimer, Richard Team Kuota-Lotto + 01' 43''
109 Härtig, Jonas Team Sauerland NRW s.t.
110 Leezer, Tom LottoNL-Jumbo + 01' 48''
111 Emden, Jos van LottoNL-Jumbo + 02' 04''
112 Tjallingii, Maarten LottoNL-Jumbo s.t.
113 Koretzky, Clément Vorarlberg + 02' 10''
114 Laas, Martin Delko Marseille Provence s.t.
115 Treubel, Pascal Heizomat s.t.
116 Huppertz, Joshua Team Kuota-Lotto + 03' 08''
117 Phinney, Taylor BMC + 03' 13''
118 Kessler, Robert LKT Team Brandenburg s.t.
119 Senni, Manuel BMC + 03' 32''
120 Benetseder, Josef Hrinkow Advarics s.t.
121 Soballa, Carl LKT Team Brandenburg s.t.
122 De Vos, Gertjan Team 3M s.t.
123 Liß, Lucas Rad Net Rose s.t.
124 Stritzinger, Joshua Christina Jewelry s.t.
125 Schulze, Julian Christina Jewelry + 03' 36''
126 Olesen, Patrick Leopard Pro Cycling + 03' 47''

Rund um Köln race profile:

Race profile