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Rund um Köln (1.1), Germany

Tour of Cologne

The Rund um Köln (English: Tour of Cologne), a single-day bicycle race, is one of cycling's oldest and the second-oldest bicycle race in Germany (the Rund um die Hainleite is slightly older). The first edition was held in 1908.

For much of its history (1908-1995) the Rund um Köln was solely an amateur race, with the exceptions of 1910 (separate races for amateurs and professionals) and 1911 and 1990 (just pros).

Cycling's doping scandals has engendered a strong antipathy towards professional cycling in the German media, causing several of the races sponsor's to back out in 2008 and creating severe difficulties for the organizers. The 2009 edition had the riders competing as national teams rather than their usual trade teams.

Over the years it's standing on the race calender has been upgraded by the UCI and was ranked HC in 2007, but in 2009 it was reclassed as 1.1.

Historically the Rund um Köln has been held on Easter Monday, but starting in 2015 it will be run on the second Sunday in June.

Recent podium history:


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place


Average Speed

1995 Eric Dekker Frans Massen Fausto Dotti    
1996 Erik Zabel Tom Steels Johna Capiot    
1997 Frank Vandenbroucke Artur Babaitsev Ludo Dierckxens    
1998 Race cancelled because of snow
1999 Jans Heppner Raymond Meijs Kai Hundertmark    
2000 Steffen Wesemann Hendrik Van Dyck Jens Heppner    
2001 Gianmatteo Fagnini Bert Grabsch Torsten Schmidt    
2002 Peter Wrolich Kai Hundertmark Christian Werner    
2003 Jan Ullrich Danilo Hondo Peter Wrolich    
2004 Erik Zabel Danilo Hondo Kirk O'Bee    
2005 David Kopp Stefan Schumacher David Canada    
2006 Christian Knees
4hr 52min 43sec
David Kopp
@ 5sec
Kai Reus
@ 8sec
202.8 km 41.569 km/hr
2007 Juan José Haedo
4hr 50min 9sec
Graeme Brown
@ s.t.
Alessandro Petacchi
@ s.t.
203.2 km 40.019 km/hr
2008 Race cancelled because of snow
2009 Martin Pedersen
5hr 0min 40sec
Eric Baumann
@ s.t.
Mathias Belka
@ s.t.
205.1 km 40.929
2010 Juan José Haedo
4hr 56min 8sec
André Greipel
@ s.t.
Enrico Rossi
@ s.t.
197.9 km 40.097
2011 Michael Matthews
4hr 50min 50sec
Marcel Kittel
@ s.t.
Giacomo Nizzolo
@ s.t.
203.5 km 41.983
2012 Jan Barta
5hr 5min 58sec
Gediminas Bagdonas
@ 2min 2sec
Tomasz Marczynski
@ s.t.
196.7 km 38.574
2013 Sébastien Delfosse
4hr 41min 17sec
Pieter Jacobs
@ s.t.
Georg Preidler
@ s.t.
192.6 km 41.083
2014 Sam Bennett
4hr 39min 28sec
Barry Markus
@ s.t.
Gerald Ciolek
@ s.t.
192.6 km 41.350
2015 Tom Boonen
4hr 26min 9sec
Edward Theuns
@ s.t.
Andreas Schillinger
@ s.t.
196.0 km 44.34
2016 Dylan Groenewegen
4hr 42min 45sec
André Greipel
@ s.t.
Nikias Arndt
@ s.t.
205.8 km 43.67
2017 Gregor Mühlberger
4hr 51min 39sec
Mads Würtz Schmidt
@ 1sec
Fabian Lienhard
@ s.t.
206.3 km 42.441 km/hr
2018 Sam Bennett
4hr 53min 17sec
Mihkel Raim
@ s.t.
Szymon Sajnok
@ s.t.
207.7 km 42.49 km/hr
2019 Baptiste Planckaert
4hr 54min 59sec
Christoph Pfingsten
@ s.t.
Lionel Taminiaux
@ 1min 26sec
206.6 km 42.023 km/hr
2020 Race cancelled
2021 Race cancelled