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1982 Gent - Wevelgem,

Ghent - Wevelgem (English), Gand - Wevelgem (French)

44th edition, April 7, 1982

Gent - Wevelgem podium history | 1981 edition | 1983 edition

255 km / 40.80 km/hr
234 starters, 62 classified finishers

Frank Hoste

Winner Frank Hoste

Complete Results

1 Frank Hoste (TI-Raleigh-Campagnolo) 6hr 15min
2 Eddy Vanhaerens (Safir-Marc) @ 12sec
3 Fons De Wolf (Vermeer-Thijs) s.t.
4 Eddy Planckaert (Splendor-Wickes) s.t.
5 Jan Bogaert (Europ Decor) s.t.
6 Johan Van Der Velde (TI-Raleigh-Campagnolo) s.t.
7 Phil Anderson (Peugeot-Shell-Michelin) s.t.
8 Silvano Contini (Bianchi-Piaggio) s.t.
9 Henk Lubberding (TI-Raleigh-Campagnolo) s.t.
10 Gregor Braun (Capri Sonne) s.t.
11 Hans Langerijs (B & S-Elro Snacks) @ 1min 4sec
12 Greg LeMond (Renault-Elf) @ 1min 40sec
13 Stefan Mutter (Puch-Eurotex) s.t.
14 Gilbert Duclos-Lassalle (Peugeot-Shell-Michelin) s.t.
15 René Bittinger (Sem-France Loire-Campagnolo) s.t.
16 John Herety (Coop-Mercier) s.t.
17 Jan Jonkers (Beckers Snacks-Zeisner-Polyfoon) s.t.
18 Sean Kelly (Sem-France Loire-Campagnolo) s.t.
19 Ronny Van Holen (Safir-Marc) s.t.
20 Jean-Luc Vandenbroucke (La Redoute-Motobecane) s.t.
21 René Martens (DAF Trucks-Teve Blad) s.t.
22 Roger De Vlaeminck (DAF Trucks-Teve Blad) s.t.
23 Ad Wijnands (TI-Raleigh-Campagnolo) s.t.
24 Jonathan Boyer (Sem-France Loire-Campagnolo) @ 2min 33sec
25 Pol Verschuere (Vermeer-Thijs) @ 3min 34sec
26 Wayne Hildred (Mavic-Clemenso) s.t.
27 Patrick Onnockx (Beckers Snacks-Zeisner-Polyfoon) s.t.
28 Ludo Frijns (Boule d'Or-Sunair) @ 5min 9sec
29 Leo Van Thielen (Europ Decor) s.t.
30 Patrick Vermeulen (Masta-Puch-Marc) @ 5min 14sec
31 William Tackaert (DAF Trucks-Teve Blad) s.t.
32 Götz Heine (Kotter's-Bibione) s.t.
33 Valerio Piva (Bianchi-Piaggio) s.t.
34 Marc Goossens (Kotter's-Bibione) s.t.
35 Bert Oosterbosch (DAF Trucks-Teve Blad) s.t.
36 Eric Van De Wiele (Capri Sonne) s.t.
37 Ludo Peeters (TI-Raleigh-Campagnolo) s.t.
38 Tommy Prim (Bianchi-Piaggio) s.t.
39 Frédéric Vichot (Coop-Mercier) @ 5min 24sec
40 Beat Breu (Cilo-Aufina) s.t.
41 Eric McKenzie (Capri Sonne) @ 8min 5sec
42 Gerhard Zadrobilek (Puch-Eurotex) s.t.
43 Gottfried 'Gody' Schmutz (Royal-Wrengler) s.t.
44 Bert Pronk (Kotter's-Bibione) s.t.
45 Benny Van Der Auwera (Masta-Puch-Marc) s.t.
46 Jean-Marie Grezet (Cilo-Aufina) s.t.
47 Willem Peeters (Safir-Marc) s.t.
48 Léo Van Vliet (TI-Raleigh-Campagnolo) s.t.
49 Erich Maechler (Royal-Wrengler) s.t.
50 Maurice Le Guilloux (Renault-Elf) s.t.
51 Claes Goransson (Coop-Mercier) s.t.
52 Aad Van Den Hoek (TI-Raleigh-Campagnolo) s.t.
53 Kim Andersen (Coop-Mercier) s.t.
54 Hubert Linard (Peugeot-Shell-Michelin) s.t.
55 Roger De Cnijf (Vermeer-Thijs) s.t.
56 Régis Clère (Coop-Mercier) s.t.
57 Graham Jones (Peugeot-Shell-Michelin) s.t.
58 Ronan Onghena (Sem-France Loire-Campagnolo) s.t.
59 Alessandro Pozzi (Bianchi-Piaggio) s.t.
60 Gerrie Van Gerwen (DAF Trucks-Teve Blad) s.t.
61 Shane Sutton (Mavic-Clemenso) s.t.
62 Jack Van Hooydonck (Beckers Snacks-Zeisner-Polyfoon) s.t.