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2014 Tour du Haut Var (2.1), France

46th edition: February 22 - February 23, 2014

Tour du Haut Var podium history| 2013 edition | 2015 edition |

Stage 1 | Stage 2 |

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Sunday, February 23: 2nd and Final Stage, Draguignan - Draguignan, 203.4 km

Stage 2 finish

Results: Photos | Stage 2 map |

  1. Amaël Moinard (BMC) 5hr 23min 30sec. 37.725 km/hr
  2. Carlos Betancur (Ag2r) s.t.
  3. Emilien Viennet (FDJ) @ 10sec
  4. Cadel Evans (BMC) @ 12sec
  5. Arimindo Fonseca (Bretagne-Séché Environnement) s.t.
  6. Egoitz Garcia (Cofidis) s.t.
  7. Reinhardt Janse Van Rensburg (Giant-Shimano) s.t.
  8. Andrey Amador (Movistar) s.t.
  9. Mark Christian (Raleigh) s.t.
  10. Miguel Angel Rubiano (Colombia) s.t.
  11. Michel Kreder (Wanty-Greoup Gobert) s.t.
  12. Jérôme Pineau (IAM Cycling) s.t.
  13. Salvatore Puccio (Sky) s.t.
  14. Mikael Cherel (Ag2r) s.t.
  15. Samuel Dumoulin (Ag2r) s.t.
  16. Jarlinson Pantano (Colombia) s.t.
  17. Alexis Vuillermoz (Ag2r) s.t.
  18. Jimmy Turgis (Roubaix-Lille Métropole) s.t.
  19. Sylvain Chavanel (IAM Cycling) s.t.
  20. Cyril Gautier (Europcar) s.t.
  21. Nathan Earle (Sky) s.t.
  22. Jonathan Dumeaux (IAM Cycling) s.t.
  23. Sébastien Reichenbach (IAM Cycling) s.t.
  24. Stéphane Rossetto (Big Mat-Auber 93) s.t.
  25. Brent Bookwalter (BMC) s.t.
  26. John Gadret (Movistar) s.t.
  27. Eduardo Sepulveda (Bretagne-Séché Environnement) s.t.
  28. Rémy Di Gregorio (La Pomme Marseille 13) s.t.
  29. Sebastian Henao (Sky) s.t.
  30. Igor Anton (Movistar) s.t.

Final GC after Stage 2: 352.5 km raced at an average speed of 38.772 km/hr

  1. Carlos Betancur (Ag2r) 9hr 5min 30sec
  2. Samuel Dumoulin (Ag2r) @ 12sec
  3. Amaël Moinard (BMC) s.t.
  4. Armindo Foinseca (Bretagne-Séché Environnement) @ 15sec
  5. Cadel Evans (BMC) s.t.
  6. Mikael Cherel (Ag2r) s.t.
  7. Cyril Gautier (Europcar) s.t.
  8. Emilien Viennet (FDJ) @ 16sec
  9. Jérôme Pineau (IAM Cycling) @ 18sec
  10. Andrey Amador (Movistar) s.t.
  11. Miguel Angel Rubiano (Colombia) s.t.
  12. Nathan Earle (Sky) s.t.
  13. Sébastien Reichenbach (IAM Cycling) s.t.
  14. Jonathan Fumeaux (IAM Cycling) s.t.
  15. John Gadret (Movistar) s.t.
  16. Michel Kreder (Wanty-Groupe Gobert) @ 21sec
  17. Alexis Vuillermoz (Ag2r) s.t.
  18. Mark Christian (Raleigh) s.t.
  19. Sylvain Chavanel (IAM Cycling) s.t.
  20. Jimmy Turgis (Roubaix-Lille Métropole) s.t.
  21. Eduardo Sepulveda (Bretagne-Séché Environnement) s.t.
  22. Stéphane Rossetto (Big Mat-Auber 93) s.t.
  23. Igor Anton (Movistar) s.t.
  24. Matthieu Boulo (Raleigh) s.t.
  25. Egoitz Garcia (Cofidis) @ 24se
  26. Reinhardt Janse Van Rensburg (Giant-Shimano) s.t.
  27. Salvatore Puccio (Sky) s.t.
  28. Jarlinson Pantano (Colombia) s.t.
  29. Rémy di Gregorio (La Pomme Marseille 13) s.t.
  30. Brice Feillu (Bretagne-Séché Environnement) s.t.
  31. Julien Antomarchi (La Pomme AMrseille 13) s.t.
  32. Sebastian Henao (Sky) s.t.
  33. Brent Bookwalter (BM) s.t.
  34. Pierrick Fedrigo (FDJ) @ 28sec
  35. Fabio Andres Duarte (Colombia) @ 44sec
  36. Stefan Denifl (IAM Cycling) @ 1min 5sec
  37. Samuel Sanchez (BMC) @ 1min 42sec
  38. John Degenkolb) @ 2min 47sec
  39. Maxcime Vantomme (Roubaix-Lille Métropole) @ 2min 50sec
  40. Francisco José Ventoso (Movistar) s.t.
  41. FLorian Guillou (Bretagne-Séché Environnement) @ 2min 55sec
  42. Anthony Geslin (FDJ) @ 2min 56sec
  43. Clément Koretzky (Bretagne-Séché Environnement) @ 2min 59sec
  44. Benoit Jarrier (Bretagne-Séché Environnement) @ 3min 9sec
  45. Angelo Tulik (Europcar) @ 3min 10sec
  46. Domingos Andé Maciel Goncalves (La Pomme Marseille 13) s.t.
  47. Bryan Naulleau (Europcar) s.t.
  48. Dayer Uberney Quintana (Movistar) @ 3min 11sec
  49. Patrick Schelling (IAM Cycling) @ 3min 13sec
  50. Steven Tronet (Big Mat-Auber 93) @ 3min 25sec


Igor Anton at the start

Igor Anton at the start

Cadel Evans

Cadel Evans

Carlos Betancur

Carlos Betancur

Thor Hushovd

Thor Hushovd

Giant Shimano

Giant-Shimano riders stay close to John Degenkolb (green Jersey)

Stage wiiner Ameal Moinard

Stage winner Amaël Moinard

Carlos Betancur

Final overall winner Carlos Betancur

Stage map

Stage 2 map

Stage 2 map

Saturday, February 22: Stage 1, Le Cannet des Maures - La Croix Valmers, 149.1 km

Stage 1 finish

Results: Photos | Stage Map |

  1. Carlos Betancur (Ag2r) 3hr 42min 0sec. 40.297 km/hr
  2. John Degenkolb (Giant-Shimano) s.t.
  3. Samuel Dumoulin (Ag2r) s.t.
  4. Armindo Fonseca (Bretagne-Séché Environnement) @ 3sec
  5. Mikael Cherel (Ag2r) s.t.
  6. Cyril Gautier (Europcar) s.t.
  7. Francisco José Ventoso (Movistar) s.t.
  8. Cadel Evans (BMC) s.t.
  9. Maxime Vantomme (Roubiaix-Lille Métropole) s.t.
  10. Jérôme Pineau (IAM Cycling) @ 6sec
  11. Nathan Earle (Sky) s.t.
  12. Sébastien Reichenbach (IAM Cycling) s.t.
  13. John Gadret (Movistar) s.t.
  14. Miguel Angel Rubiano (Colombia) s.t.
  15. Jonathan Fumeaux (IAM Cycling) s.t.
  16. Andrey Amador (Movistar) s.t.
  17. Maxime Bouet (Ag2r) s.t.
  18. Emilien Viennet (FDJ) s.t.
  19. Alexis Vuillermox (Ag2r) @ 9sec
  20. Michel Kreder (Wanty-Groupe Gobert) s.t.
  21. Angelo Tulik (Europcar) s.t.
  22. Eduardo Sepulveda (Bretagne-Séché Environnement) s.t.
  23. Matthieu Boulo (Raleigh) s.t.
  24. Domingos André Maciel Goncalves (La Pomme Marseille 13) s.t.
  25. Sylvain Chavanel (IAM Cycling) s.t.
  26. Igor Anton (Movistar) s.t.
  27. Anthony Geslin (FDJ) s.t.
  28. Mark Christian (Raleigh) s.t.
  29. Jimmy Turgis (Roubaix-Lille Métropole) s.t.
  30. Bryan Naulleau (Europcar) s.t.

GC after Stage 1: same as stage results


Samuel Sanchez and Cadel evans at the start

Samuel Sanchez and Cadel Evans at the start

Wanty-Groupe Gobert

Wanty-Groupe Gobert is presented before the start.


Roubaix-Lille Métropole


FDJ waiting to race.

Before the start

Kristof Goddaert is remembered before the start.

Sylvain Chavanel

IAM Cycling rider Sylvain Chavanel


Giant-Shimano leads

Thomas Vaubourziex

Thomas Vaubourzeix tried his luck at escaping.

Carlos Betancur

Stage winner Carlos Betancur

Stage 1 map:

Stage 1 map

Stage 1 map