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2023 Grand Prix Pino Cerami (1.2) Belgium

54th Edition: September 30, 2023

GP Pino Cerami podium history | 2019 edition (race not run 2020-2022)

Mons - Frameries, 152.6 km

James Fouche beats Lars Boven & Marius Macé to the line. Photo: Claude Brissez

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Melanoma: It started with a freckle Schwab Cycles South Salem Cycleworks frames

Weather at the finish city of Frameries at 1:20 PM, local time: 18C (65F), partly cloudy, with the wind from the southwest at 6 km/hr (4 mph). There is just a 1% chance of rain.

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152.6 kilometers raced at an average speed of 45.818 km/hr

1 James Fouche Bolton Equities-Black Spoke 3hr 19min 50sec
2 Lars Boven Jumbo-Visma Development s.t.
3 Marius Macé SCO Dijon-Team Material s.t.
4 Abram Stockman TDT-Unibet @ 2sec
5 Rory Townsend Bolton Equities-Black Spoke s.t.
6 Markus Pajur Tartu2024 Cycling Team s.t.
7 Davide Bomboi TDT-Unibet s.t.
8 Coen Vermeltfoort VolkerWessels Cycling Team s.t.
9 Jago Willems Lotto Dstny Development s.t.
10 Axel Huens Circus-ReUz-Technord s.t.
11 Luca De Meester Bingoal-WB Development s.t.
12 Sébastien Van Poppel Mini Discar Cycling Team s.t.
13 Jesse Kramer Jumbo-Visma Development s.t.
14 Colby Simmons Jumbo-Visma Development s.t.
15 Quentin Bezza SCO Dijon-Team Material s.t.
16 Brent Cle Scorpions Racing Team s.t.
17 Thibau Dhooge Mini Discar Cycling Team s.t.
18 Justin Ducret SCO Dijon-Team Material s.t.
19 Dylan Vandenstorme Circus-ReUz-Technord s.t.
20 Mats Omloop Mini Discar Cycling Team s.t.
21 Yentl Vandevelde TDT-Unibet s.t.
22 Gari Lagnet SCO Dijon-Team Material s.t.
23 Mark Stewart Bolton Equities-Black Spoke s.t.
24 Owen Geleijn Jumbo-Visma Development s.t.
25 Axandre Van Petegem Jumbo-Visma Development s.t.
26 Harry Tanfield TDT-Unibet s.t.
27 Jacob Scott Bolton Equities-Black Spoke s.t.
28 Tristan Scherpenbergh s.t.
29 Marc Clauss Storck-Metropol Cycling s.t.
30 Obie Vidts Circus-ReUz-Technord s.t.
31 Glen Van Nuffelen Ferei-CCN Metalac s.t.
32 Wessel Mouris Scorpions Racing Team s.t.
33 Kévin Avoine SCO Dijon-Team Material s.t.
34 Robbe De Weert Urbano-Vulsteke CT s.t.
35 Thimo Willems VolkerWessels Cycling Team s.t.
36 Victor Broex Metec-SOLARWATT s.t.
37 Casper Van Der Woude Metec-SOLARWATT s.t.
38 Dario Belletta Jumbo-Visma Development s.t.
39 Roman Duckert Storck-Metropol Cycling s.t.
40 Alfred Grenaae Uno-X DARE Development s.t.
41 Quentin Bourg SCO Dijon-Team Material s.t.
42 Bakke Christophersen Cedrik Team Coop-Repsol s.t.
43 Marvin Tasset Mini Discar Cycling Team s.t.
44 Joshua Giddings Lotto Dstny Development s.t.
45 Wouter Toussaint TDT-Unibet s.t.
46 Anton Stensby Team Coop-Repsol s.t.
47 Milan De Meester Urbano-Vulsteke CT s.t.
48 Axel Van Der Tuuk Metec-SOLARWATT s.t.
49 Baptiste Poulard SCO Dijon-Team Material s.t.
50 Arne Peters Allinq Continental s.t.
51 Tom Portsmouth Bingoal-WB Development s.t.
52 Hartthijs De Vries TDT-Unibet 0:13
53 Gianluca Pollefliet Lotto Dstny Development s.t.
54 Ryan Christensen Bolton Equities-Black Spoke s.t.
55 Magnus Wæhre Team Coop-Repsol 0:15
56 Finn Dunton Embark Spirit-BSS Rotor s.t.
57 Dan Gardner Bolton Equities-Black Spoke s.t.
58 Tim Rex Circus-ReUz-Technord 0:19
59 Nils Verheyen Urbano-Vulsteke CT s.t.
60 Thomas Nennen Bingoal-WB Development 0:22
61 Campo Schmitz Storck-Metropol Cycling s.t.
62 Jomantas Venckus Tartu2024 Cycling Team s.t.
63 Koller Løland Sakarias Uno-X DARE Development 0:23
64 Carl-Frederik Bevort Uno-X DARE Development s.t.
65 Paul Wright Bolton Equities-Black Spoke s.t.
66 Magnus Brynsrud Uno-X DARE Development s.t.
67 Jarne Van De Paar Lotto Dstny Development 0:26
68 Morten Nørtoft Jumbo-Visma Development s.t.
69 Robin Lowik Allinq Continental s.t.
70 Hugo Delattre ESEG Douai 0:28
71 Jules Praet Entente Cycliste de Wallonie 0:42
72 Alessio Delle Vedove Circus-ReUz-Technord s.t.
73 Tim Marsman Metec-SOLARWATT s.t.
74 Rokas Adomaitis Tartu2024 Cycling Team 0:49
75 Roel Van Sintmaartensdijk Circus-ReUz-Technord s.t.
76 Thibaut Bernard Bingoal-WB Development 0:57
77 Hidde Van Veenendaal Metec-SOLARWATT 1:25
78 Jasper Haest VolkerWessels Cycling Team s.t.
79 Sacha Prestianni Circus-ReUz-Technord s.t.
80 Timo De Jong VolkerWessels Cycling Team s.t.
81 Johannes Kulset Uno-X DARE Development 2:43


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