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2024 GP Sven Nys Cyclocross (C-1)
Baal, Belgium

Monday, January 1, 2024

GP Sven Nys Cyclocross podium history | 2023 edition | Course map

Complete results: Men | Women

Weather at the race city of Baal at 1:40 PM, local time: 8C (47F), partly cloudy, with the wind from the southwest at 24 km/hr (15 mph). There is a 2% chance of rain, growing to 45% at 6:00 PM.

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Race winner Mathieu van der Poel left the very fine Wout van Aert almost two minutes behind. Photo: Belga

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The race: Here is a machine-translation of the race organizer's report.

Even in the mud, there is currently nothing that can be done about Mathieu van der Poel. The world champion said goodbye to the opposition in Baal in the second round and rode solidly to victory. Wout van Aert and Pim Ronhaar flanked the Dutchman on the podium.

The announced match between Wout van Aert and Mathieu van der Poel already took shape from the start. The two eternal rivals sped away, while Tom Pidcock ended up in the chasing far back. Yet someone was still able to join the leaders: Pim Ronhaar fought to follow the two top players. Behind him, Thibau Nys also visibly had a better day in his own backyard.

During the second ascent of the Balenberg, Van der Poel went crazy. At the next passage at the finish he already had a lead of 10 seconds. Pidcock appeared behind Ronhaar, accompanied by Michael Vanthourenhout. Nys and Van der Haar followed almost a minute later.

One man show
It quickly became clear that Van der Poel was signing up for a new one-man show. Behind him, Van Aert and Ronhaar came together for a while, although the Belgian was eventually able to distance himself again. The balance of forces was clear in this way. Van der Haar went solo on his way to fourth place, Vanthourenhout and Nys took up the battle for the last spot in the top 5.

Van der Poel was able to drive to the finish in cruise control, where he cleaned his jersey and greeted the people. Van Aert followed just under 2 minutes, Ronhaar crossed the line just under a minute later. Van der Haar strengthens his leading position in the rankings with fourth place, while Vanthourenhout overtook Nys in the duel for fifth place.

Complete results:

1 Mathieu Van Der Poel Alpecin-Deceuninck 57min 22sec
2 Wout van Aert Tram Visma @ 1min 55sec
3 Pim Ronhaar Baloise Trek Lions 2:44
4 Lars Van Der Haar Baloise Trek Lions 3:31
5 Michael Vanthourenhout Pauwels Sauzen-Bingoal 3:47
6 Thibau Nys Baloise Trek Lions 3:49
7 Emiel Verstrynge Crelan-Corendon 3:59
8 Cameron Mason Cyclocross Reds 4:02
9 Jens Adams Lotto X-Athletes for Hope 4:08
10 Joris Nieuwenhuis Baloise Trek Lions 4:16
11 Felipe Orts Lloret Teka-BH-Gsport 4:58
12 Tom Pidcock INEOS Grenadiers 5:24
13 Toon Vandebosch Crelan-Corendon 8:02
14 Thijs Aerts Circus-Reuz-Technord 8:25
15 Laurens Sweeck Crelan-Corendon 8:35
16 Gilles Mottiez Cross Team Legendre 8:41
17 Lewis Askey ECCG-FDJ 8:50
18 Vincent Baestaens Spits CX Team 9:13
19 Mathijs Wuyts Individual 9:21
20 Sander De Vet Basso Team Flanders 9:38
21 Thomas Mein Hope Factory Racing 9:49
22 Seppe Rombouts RB Zelfbouw UCT 9:57
23 Damien Beton Union Cycliste Pelussin 10:30
24 Arno Van Den Broeck Van Den Plas-Hepa 10:56
25 Zdenek Stybar Deceuninck Quick-Step @ 2 Laps
26 Caleb Swartz Enve Composites 2 Laps
27 Marco Pavan Team Cingolani 3 Laps
28 David Risberg Evolite Cycling Club 3 Laps
29 Florian Hamm RVS Garching 2 Laps
30 Michael Gassner RSV Moosburg 3 Laps
31 Senn De Meyer CT UW Immo Plus-Pessemier NV 3 Laps
32 Florian Anderle RSV Stadtilm 3 Laps
33 Yelle Learts Young Cycling Talen D&D 3 Laps
34 Garry Millburn MAAP Enve 3 Laps
35 Nicola Parenti Bike Academy Racing Team 3 Laps
36 Ryan Kamp Individual 3 Laps
37 Nicholas Lando Competitive Edge Racing 4 Laps
38 Dries Bruynseels Bruvo Dukla Bratislava 4 Laps
39 Felipe Timoteo Nystrom Spencer  Individual 4 Laps
40 William Lezard Magspeed Racing 5 Laps


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Fem van Empel starts the year off with a win. Photo: Belga

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The race: Here's a machine-translation of the race organizer's report.

In Baal, Fem van Empel has won 4 out of 4 in the X²O Badkammres Trophy. Once again she had to deal with a tough Lucinda Brand, until she was able to make the difference in the final round while running. 18-year-old Ava Holmgren finished third.
World champion Fem van Empel immediately took command, but soon saw Lucinda Brand take over. It immediately became clear that the victory would be between the two Dutch ladies. The chase was led by Anna Kay for Sanne Cant and the very young Imogen Wolff. Clara Honsinger, Denise Betsema and Ava Holmgren joined the battle for the final podium spot a little later.
Only after more than 11 minutes did the leaders pass the finish for the first time, the result of the tough conditions. Brand was clearly happy on the muddy course of her team boss Sven Nys, but Van Empel was able to close the first gaps while running. In the background, Betsema was knocked back by sliding in the mud. In this way Cant, Honsinger and Holmgren opened up a gap.

Fatigue struck the riders. Van Empel stumbled in the mud, Cant was just able to keep himself upright on the giant washboard. Yet nothing had been decided when Erwin Vervecken rang the bell for the final round. 18-year-old Ava Holmgren had opened a gap towards the final podium spot at a considerable distance from the leaders.
It was a razor-sharp duel for victory. Brand made a few slips and was unable to pass Van Empel downhill. She was then put under pressure by the world champion on a long running stretch. That turned out to be the decisive moment. Van Empel put the finishing touches on her after a few bad days. Holmgren was very happy with her podium finish. With Cant, Honsinger and the Swiss Alessandra Keller, three national champions just missed the podium.

Complete results:

1 Fem van Empel Tram Visma 47min 12sec
2 Lucinda Brand Baloise Trek Lions @ 25sec
3 Ava Holmgren Hardwood Next 3:15
4 Sanne Cant Crelan-Corendon 3:59
5 Clara Honsinger EF Education-Tibco-SVB 4:13
6 Alessandra Keller RMC Obwalden 4:55
7 Denise Betsema Pauwels Sauzen-Bingoal 5:00
8 Anna Kay Cyclocross Reds 6:08
9 Isabella Holmgren Cycling Canada 6:51
10 Rafaelle Carrier Canada 7:34
11 Fleur Moors Baloise Trek Lions 7:36
12 Lore De Schepper AG Insurance-Soudal NXTG 7:43
13 Imogen Wolff Trinity Racing 7:51
14 Julie De Wilde Fenix-Deceuninck 8:49
15 Vida Lopez De San Roman USA National Team 9:20
16 Barbora Jerabkova Brilon Racing Team 9:28
17 Xan Crees Spectra Cannondale-DAS 9:39
18 Jana Dobbelaere Duolar-Chevalmeire 10:07
19 Millie Couzens Fenix-Deceuninck 10:11
20 Elena Day Spectra Cannondale-DAS 10:14
21 Camille Devigne AWOL Oshea 10:23
22 Sterre Vervloet Lotto Dstny Ladies 10:47
23 Carlotta Borello ASD DP66 11:20
24 Rachel Lev-Tov Boulder Junior Cycling 11:30
25 Lily Rose Marois  Canada 11:33
26 Fauve Bastiaenssen Lotto Dstny Ladies 11:40
27 Daniela Hezinová Sportraces Cycling Tea 11:57
28 Lizzy Gunsalus CCB Womens Cycling s.t.
29 Ella Brenneman CXD Trek Bikes 12:18
30 Adèle Hurteloup Proximus-Cyclis-Alphamotorhomes 12:20
31 Alice Colling Evo Devo Cycling s.t.
32 Tereza Vanicková Brilon Racing Team 12:32
33 Keira Bond Cxd Trek Bikes 12:49
34 Xenna De Bruyckere ACROG-Tormans 13:03
35 Nico Knoll Canada 13:25
36 Kiona Crabbé Proximus-Cyclis-Alphamotorhomes @ 1 lap
37 Lauren Zoerner USA Cycling Mudfund Development 1 Lap
38 Suzanne Verhoeven De Ceuster-Bonache 1 Lap
39 Alyssa Sarkisov USA National Team 1 Lap
40 Lidia Cusack USA National Team 1 Lap
41 Christiane Bilodeau Cycling Canada 1 Lap
42 Tessa Zwaenepoel Proximus-Cyclis-Alphamotorhomes 1 Lap
43 Esther Wong Shibden Cycling Club 1 Lap
44 Lotte Baele De Ceuster-Bonache 1 Lap
45 Lea Bonnafous Albi Velo Sport Leroy Merlin 1 Lap
46 Cahill Rylie Boulder Junior cycling 1 Lap
47 Maude Ruelland Canada 1 Lap
48 Anna Hrdinová Sportraces Cycling Team 1 Lap
49 Madeleine Pollock Devo Team 1 Lap
50 Finley Aspholm Eurocrossacademy 1 Lap
51 Jorja Bond Eurocrossacademy 1 Lap
52 Madeline Moorhouse Smith Shibden Cycling Club 1 Lap
53 Asia Zontone A.S.D Jams Bike Team Buja 1 Lap
54 Maria Larkin Donkey Label Racing-FK Law 2 Laps
55 Lyllie Sonnemann USA National Team 2 Laps
56 Ellen Davis Eurocrossacademy 2 Laps
57 Emily De Cuyper ASD Womens Cycling Project 2 Laps
58 Marie Fay St Onge  Stimulus-Orbea 2 Laps
59 Mia De Martin Canada 2 Laps
60 Bridget Wilson Eurocrossacademy 2 Laps
61 Sterre Hendrickx DD-Group-Multum Accountants 2 Laps
62 Katherine Sarkisov CXD Trek Bikes 2 Laps
63 Fiona Morris Alpine Cycling Club 2 Laps
64 Beatrix Kiehlmann Royal Albert CC 2 Laps
65 Esther Schollaert Shanaya Baloise WB Ladies 2 Laps
66 Aislin Hallahan Stimulus-Orbea 2 Laps
67 Erika Oda Snel Cyclocross Team 2 Laps


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