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2002 Giro del Trentino (2.2)

April 25 - April 28

Podium history of the Giro del Trentino

Major pre-Giro tune-up, and one of the last real chances to shine before the Tour Wild Card selections. Scheduled to ride: Casagrande, Garzelli, Gotti, Simoni, Savoldelli, Tonkov, Pantani, Figueras, Perez-Cuapio, Fredy Gonzalez, McCauley.

Sunday, April 28: Stage 4, Fondo Val Di Non - Lienz, Austria 196.8 km. This stage should be the scene of yet another hard-fought shootout. Near the end, at km 176, there is a 1st category climb, and at km 186, there is a 2nd cat climb, then at drop down to the finish.

1. Felix Cardenas (Cage Magliere) 5hr 18min 23sec
2. Michele Scarponi (Aqua & Sapone) s.t.
3. Andrei Teteriouk (CCC-Polsat) @ 3sec
4. Renzo Mazzoleni (Colpack) s.t.
5. Stefano Garzelli (Mapei) s.t.

Final GC after Stage 4. It's clear that the Giro contenders are peaking for their May appointment in Italy. Frigo has recoverd from his illness and we'll be able see what kind of form he has when he rides the Swiss Romandie Tour starting the 30th. This is going to be a fantastic Giro.

1. Francesco Casagrande (Fassa Bortolo) 18hr 3min 6sec. 695.6 km ridden at an average speed of 38.534 km/hr
2. Julio Perez-Cuapio (Panaria) @ 28sec
3. Gilberto Simoni (Saeco) @ 45sec
4. Peter Luttenberger (Tacconi) @ 53sec
5. Stefano Garzelli (Mapei) @ 56sec
6. Tadej Valjavec (Fassa Bortolo) @ 1mn 2sec
7. Faat Zakirov (Panaria) s.t.
8. Andrei Teteriouk (CCC) @ 1min 10sec
9. Gerhard Trampusch (Mapei) @ 1min 21sec
10. Massimo Codol (Lampre) @ 1min 26sec
11. Michele Scarponi (Acqua & Sapone) s.t.
12. Hernan Buenahora (Cage Magliere) @ 1min 42sec
13. Massimiliano Gentili (Acqua & Sapone) @ 1min 47sec
14. Ruggero Borghi (Tacconi Sport) @ 2min5sec
15. Denis Lunghi (Colpack) @ 3min 3sec
16. Steve De Wolf (Domo-Farm Frites) @ 3min 7sec
17. Cezary Zamana (CCC) @ 3min 37sec
18. Damiano Cunego (Saeco) @ 3min 47sec
19. Marco Fertonani (Phonak) @ 3min 53sec
20. Daniele De Paoli (Alessio) @ 4min 18sec

Saturday, April 27: Stage 3, Foresta Lagundo - Coredo Val Di Non, 156.3 km.It looks like another hard day at the office. There's a 2nd category climb to the finish.

1. Juan Manuel Garate (Lampre) 3hr 46min 2sec
2. Stefano Garzelli (Mapei) @ 28sec
3. Francesco Casagrande (Fassa Bortolo) s.t.
4. Peter Luttenberger (Tacconi) s.t.
5. Giuliano Figueras (Panaria) @ 30sec
7. Gilberto Simoni (Saeco) s.t.

GC after Stage 3:

1. Francesco Casagrande (Fassa Bortolo) 12hr 44min 40sec
2. Julio Perez-Cuapio (Panaria) @28sec
3. Gilberto Simoni (Saeco) @ 45sec
4. Peter Luttenberger (Tacconi) @ 53sec
5. Stefano Garzelli @ 56sec

Friday, April 26: Stage 2, Arco - Lagundo Velloi, 176.5 km. Starting a bit south of Trent, the race heads almost due north through the Adige River Valley on the Brenner Pass route. This one is challenging with the category 1 Mendola Pass, category 2 Palade Pass and a hill-top category 1 finish.

1. Francesco Casagrande (Fassa Bortolo) 4hr 44min 47sec
2. Julio Perez-Cuapio (Panaria) @23sec
3. Gilberto Simoni (Saeco) @ 38sec
4. Peter Luttenberger (Tacconi) @ 47sec
5. Stefano Garzelli (Mapei) @ 53sec

GC after Stage 2:

1. Francesco Casagrande (Fassa Bortolo) 8hr 48min 11sec
2. Julio Perez-Cuapio (Panaria) @ 25sec
3. Gilberto Simoni (Saeco) @ 42sec
4. Peter Luttenberger (Tacconi) @ 52sec
5. Stefano Garzelli (Mapei) @ 58sec

Thursday, April 25: Stage 1, Arco - Arco, 166 km. This is an out-and-back route in the hills just west of Trent. There is 1 2nd category climb that is both on the way out and on the return. It's about 4%. Only the way out climb is rated. There is also the unrated 4.8% Stenico climb.

1. Marco Zanotti (Fassa Botolo) 4hr 23min 8sec
2. Denis Zanette (Fassa Bortolo) s.t.
3. Alexander Usov (Phonak) s.t.
4. Matteo Carrara (Colpack) s.t.
5. Massimiliano Gentili (Aqua Sapone) @ 1sec