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Tro-Bro Léon (1.Pro), France

Winners, placings, distance and average speed

The Tro-Bro Léon is a single-day professional bicycle race held northwest France, in the Finistère department, which is in Brittany.

Because of its challenging course with dirt, cobblestone and gravel sectors, it is called Le Petit Paris-Roubaix or The Hell of the West. Recent editions have had about 30 kilometers of unpaved road.

"Tro-Bro Léon" means "around the country of Léon" in the ancient Breton language.

Tro-Bro Léon was an amateur race from its inception in 1984 through 1998. In 1999 it was opened to professionals as a 1.5 race. In 2000 it was ranked 1.4 and in 2002, it was reclassified as 1.3 and in 2005 it was made a 1.1 race and part of the UCI Europe Tour. It is currently ranked 1.Pro and is part of the year-long Coupe de France competition.

Complete professional podium history:


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place


Average Speed

1999 Jean-Michel Thilloy
4hr 13min 51sec
Ludovic Capelle
@ s.t.
Ludovic Auger
@ s.t.
177.6 km 41.977
2000 Jo Planckaert
4hr 36min 16sec
Samuel Sanchez
@ s.t.
Ludovic Capelle
@ s.t.
180.6 km 39.222
2001 Jacky Durand
4hr 44min 33sec
Erwin Thijs
@ 2sec
Eddy Lembo
@ 7sec
188.8 km 39.810
2002 Baden Cooke
4hr 30min 13sec
Walter Bénéteau
@ 2sec
Sébastien Hinault
@ 32sec
184.3 km 40.922
2003 Baden Cooke
4hr 30min 13sec
Walter Bénéteau
@ 2sec
Sébastien Hinault
@ 32sec
184.3 km 40.922
2004 Samuel Dumoulin
5hr 2min 26sec
Christophe Mengin
@ 2sec
Bert Scheirlinckx
@ 5sec
195.2 km 38.725
2005 Tristan Valentin
5hr 2min 32sec
Cédric Coutouly
@ 30sec
Mikhail Timochine
@ s.t.
192.2 km 38.118
2006 Mark Renshaw
4hr 46min 54sec
Alexandr Usov
@ 1sec
Jean-Patrick Nazon
@ s.t.
191.7 km 40.090
2007 Saïd Haddou
4hr 44min 28sec
Sébastien Chavanel
@ s.t.
Christophe Diguet
@ s.t.
186.6 km 39.358
2008 Frédéric Guesdon
4hr 27min 18sec
Maxim Gourov
@ 1sec
Julien Belgy
@ 45sec
193.1 km 41.781
2009 Saïd Haddou
4hr 56min 35sec
Stéphane Bonsergent
@ s.t.
Lilian Jégou
@ s.t.
202.7 km 41.007
2010 Jérémy Roy
4hr 58min 26sec
Renaud Dion
@ 3sec
Lloyd Mondory
@ 5sec
205 km 41.215
2011 Vincent Jérôme
4hr 58min 7sec
Will Routley
@ 1sec
Arnold Jeannesson
@ 20sec
206.4 km 41.541
2012 Ryan Roth
5hr 16min 40sec
Benoît Jarrier
@ 13sec
Guillaume Boivin
@ 37sec
206.4 km 39.107
2013 Francis Mourey
5hr 12min 43sec
Johan Le Bon
@ 58sec
Anthony Geslin
@ 1min 16sec
203.8 km 39.102
2014 Adrien Petit
4hr 56min 15sec
Flavien Dassonville
@ 3sec
Cédric Pineau
@ 27sec
202.9 km 41.094
2015 Alexandre Geniez
5hr 7min 10sec
Benoit Jarrier
@ s.t.
Florian Senechal
@ s.t.
204.4 km 39.926
2016 Martin Mortensen
4hr 50min 36sec
Peter Williams
@ s.t.
Florian Vachon
@ s.t.
203.3 km 41.975 km/hr
2017 Damien Gaudin
4hr 50min 22sec
Frederik Backaert
@ 2sec
Benjamin Giraud
@ 7sec
203.9 km 42.133 km/hr
2018 Christophe Laporte
5hr 12min 7sec
Damien Gaudin
@ 4sec
Jelle Mannaerts
@ 16sec
203.2 km 39.062 km/hr
2019 Andrea Vendrame
5hr 0min 20sec
Baptiste Planckaert
@ s.t.
Emil Vinjebo
@ s.t.
205.4 km 41.034 km/hr
2020 Race cancelled because of Coronavirus pandemic
2021 Connor Swift
5hr 18min 38sec
Piet Allegaert
@ s.t.
Baptiste Planckaert
@ s.t.
207 km 38.979 km/hr