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2017 Paris-Bourges (1.1), France

67th edition: Thursday, October 5, 2017

Paris-Bourges podium history | 2016 edition | 2018 edition

Gien - Bourges, 190.3 km (Gien is about 65 kilometers south of Paris)

Rudy Barbier

Rudy Barbier wins 2017 Paris-Bourges

The race: Winner Rudy Barbier's Ag2r team sent me this short race note.

Rudy Barbier - “I really did not want to finish the season without winning a race. This victory is a real relief. The team was relaxed the entire day, and in the final, I was really escorted to the line in an easy chair. Benoît (Cosnefroy), Oliver (Naesen) and Julien (Duval) all did a crazy job of work, and I was in a perfect position with 250 meters to go. All I had to do was finish the job. We had a great team on paper starting the race, and so all we had to do was make it happen. We enjoy racing together, and today was a victory for my friends. I will finish my season on Sunday at the Paris-Tours, without any pressure, and everyone is telling me I have everything to gain.”   


Thursday, Rudy Barbier took his first victory in the AG2R LA MONDIALE jersey. This is our team's 17th win of the year. 

Complete Results:

190.3 kilometers raced at an average speed of 41.580 km/hr

1 Barbier, Rudy Ag2r-La Mondiale 4hr 34min 36sec
2 Sarreau, Marc FDJ s.t.
3 Lecroq, Jérémy Roubaix-Lille Métropole s.t.
4 Jules, Justin WB Veranclassic s.t.
5 Laporte, Christophe Cofidis s.t.
6 Fonseca, Armindo Fortuneo-Oscaro s.t.
7 Devriendt, Tom Wanty-Groupe Gobert s.t.
8 Dupont, Timothy Veranda's Willems-Crelan s.t.
9 Zabel, Rick Katusha-Alpecin s.t.
10 Pasqualon, Andrea Wanty-Groupe Gobert s.t.
11 Jans, Roy WB Veranclassic s.t.
12 Manzin, Lorrenzo FDJ s.t.
13 Masson, Christophe WB Veranclassic s.t.
14 Bouhanni, Nacer Cofidis s.t.
15 Salomein, Jarl Sport Vlaanderen-Baloise s.t.
16 Boudat, Thomas Direct Energie s.t.
17 Touzé, Damien HP BTP-Auber 93 s.t.
18 Lienhard, Fabian Team Vorarlberg s.t.
19 Toffali, Nicola 0711/Cycling s.t.
20 Stüssi, Colin Roth-Akros s.t.
21 Le Cunff, Kévin HP BTP-Auber 93 s.t.
22 Jaun, Lukas Roth-Akros s.t.
23 Raileanu, Cristian Differdange-Losch s.t.
24 Sprengers, Thomas Sport Vlaanderen-Baloise s.t.
25 Martinez, Yannick Delko-Marseille Provence s.t.
26 Deltombe, Kevin Sport Vlaanderen-Baloise s.t.
27 Madrazo, Ángel Delko-Marseille Provence s.t.
28 Havik, Piotr Katusha-Alpecin s.t.
29 Hollenstein, Reto Katusha-Alpecin s.t.
30 Thalmann, Roland Roth-Akros s.t.
31 Schelling, Patrick Team Vorarlberg s.t.
32 Devolder, Stijn Veranda's Willems-Crelan s.t.
33 Tulik, Angélo Direct Energie s.t.
34 Friesecke, Gian Team Vorarlberg s.t.
35 Alaphilippe, Bryan Armée de Terre s.t.
36 Smukulis, Gatis Delko-Marseille Provence s.t.
37 Duval, Julien Ag2r-La Mondiale @ 9sec
38 Turgis, Jimmy Cofidis s.t.
39 Vermeer, Tom Differdange-Losch s.t.
40 Teasdale, Joshua Differdange-Losch s.t.
41 Jäger, Patrick Team Vorarlberg s.t.
42 Raymackers, Cedric Differdange-Losch s.t.
43 Biermans, Jenthe Katusha-Alpecin s.t.
44 Combaud, Romain Delko-Marseille Provence s.t.
45 Le Roux, Romain Armée de Terre s.t.
46 Bagües, Aritz Euskadi Basque Country s.t.
47 Gonzalez, Aitor Euskadi Basque Country s.t.
48 Rusnac, Maxim Differdange-Losch s.t.
49 Lizarralde, Eneko Euskadi Basque Country s.t.
50 Leveau, Jérémy Roubaix-Lille Métropole s.t.
51 Vachon, Florian Fortuneo-Oscaro s.t.
52 González, Adrián Euskadi Basque Country s.t.
53 Txoperena, Beñat Euskadi Basque Country s.t.
54 Menut, David HP BTP-Auber 93 s.t.
55 Lüscher, Damien Roth-Akros s.t.
56 Steels, Stijn Sport Vlaanderen-Baloise s.t.
57 Delfosse, Sébastien WB Veranclassic s.t.
58 Naesen, Oliver Ag2r-La Mondiale s.t.
59 Bagdonas, Gediminas Ag2r-La Mondiale s.t.
60 Meiler, Lukas Team Vorarlberg s.t.
61 Ista, Kevyn WB Veranclassic s.t.
62 McNally, Mark Wanty-Groupe Gobert s.t.
63 Mørkøv, Michael Katusha-Alpecin s.t.
64 Pichon, Laurent Fortuneo-Oscaro s.t.
65 Cosnefroy, Benoît Ag2r-La Mondiale s.t.
66 Thill, Tom Differdange-Losch s.t.
67 Feillu, Brice Fortuneo-Oscaro s.t.
68 Raibaud, Jimmy Armée de Terre s.t.
69 Denz, Nico Ag2r-La Mondiale s.t.
70 Pichot, Alexandre Direct Energie s.t.
71 Fernández, Delio Delko-Marseille Provence s.t.
72 Liepiņš, Emīls Delko-Marseille Provence s.t.
73 Jakin, Alo HP BTP-Auber 93 s.t.
74 Ferasse, Thibault Armée de Terre s.t.
75 Meurisse, Xandro Wanty-Groupe Gobert s.t.
76 Cardis, Romain Direct Energie s.t.
77 Pijourlet, Louis Roubaix-Lille Métropole s.t.
78 Delaplace, Anthony Fortuneo-Oscaro s.t.
79 Antomarchi, Julien Roubaix-Lille Métropole s.t.
80 Baillifard, Valentin Roth-Akros s.t.
81 Van Melsen, Kevin Wanty-Groupe Gobert s.t.
82 Gouault, Pierre HP BTP-Auber 93 s.t.
83 Prodhomme, Nicolas HP BTP-Auber 93 s.t.
84 Burgaudeau, Mathieu Direct Energie s.t.
85 Vandenbergh, Stijn Ag2r-La Mondiale s.t.
86 Duijn, Huub Veranda's Willems-Crelan s.t.
87 Bouet, Maxime Fortuneo-Oscaro s.t.
88 Le Gac, Olivier FDJ + 00' 20''
89 Jeannesson, Arnold Fortuneo-Oscaro s.t.
90 Kneisky, Morgan Armée de Terre s.t.
91 Joly, Thomas Roubaix-Lille Métropole s.t.
92 Habeaux, Gregory WB Veranclassic s.t.
93 Turgis, Anthony Cofidis + 00' 31''
94 Soupe, Geoffrey Cofidis + 00' 36''
95 Vantomme, Maxime WB Veranclassic + 00' 44''
96 Gaudin, Damien Armée de Terre + 00' 46''
97 Claeys, Dimitri Cofidis + 00' 48''
98 Kuznetsov, Vyatcheslav Katusha-Alpecin + 00' 55''
99 Backaert, Frederik Wanty-Groupe Gobert + 01' 07''
100 Pineau, Cédric FDJ + 01' 11''
101 Vaugrenard, Benoît FDJ s.t.
102 Réza, Kévin FDJ s.t.
103 Goolaerts, Michael Veranda's Willems-Crelan s.t.
104 Gène, Yohann Direct Energie s.t.
105 Konovalovas, Ignatas FDJ + 01' 59''
106 Vanspeybrouck, Pieter Wanty-Groupe Gobert + 02' 19''
107 Thomas, Benjamin Armée de Terre + 02' 33''
108 Honig, Reinier Team Vorarlberg + 02' 35''
109 Baldo, Nicolas HP BTP-Auber 93 + 03' 06''
110 Lemoine, Cyril Cofidis s.t.
111 Campistrous, Romain Armée de Terre + 03' 56''
112 De Bondt, Dries Veranda's Willems-Crelan + 04' 21''
113 Chavanel, Sylvain Direct Energie + 07' 16''
114 Olaberria, Pello Euskadi Basque Country + 16' 28''
115 Hamm, Henrik 0711/Cycling s.t.
116 Hügger, Jan 0711/Cycling s.t.
117 Ballet, Alexandre 0711/Cycling s.t.
118 Zurita, Francesc Team Vorarlberg s.t.
119 Udondo, Gotzon Euskadi Basque Country s.t.
120 Van Keirsbulck, Guillaume Wanty-Groupe Gobert s.t.
121 Barrenetxea, Ander Euskadi Basque Country s.t.
122 Cordeel, Sander Veranda's Willems-Crelan s.t.
123 Wörner, Max 0711/Cycling s.t.
124 Centrone, Ivan Differdange-Losch + 18' 27''