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2016 Arnhem-Veenendaal Classic (1.1), Netherlands

31st edition: Friday, August 19, 2016

The Arnhem-Veenendaal Classic podium history | 2015 edition | 2017 edition | Course map

Arnhem - Veenendaal, 198.5 kilometers

Dylan Groenewegen

Dylan Groenewegen is first across the line

The Race: Here's the story from winner Dylan Groenewegen's LottoNL-Jumbo team.

Dylan Groenewegen, profiting from a strong LottoNL-Jumbo lead-out, grabbed his eighth victory of the season today by sprinting ahead in the Arnhem-Veenendaal Classic.

“I saw a very strong team today and Dylan Groenewegen delivered a phenominal final kick,” Sports Director Merijn Zeeman said. “Our race was based on the aim to put Dylan in the right position, but we had to carry the race, as well. We wanted to mark every group of riders that escaped and we succeeded a few times. We were able to control the race eventually with Twan Castelijns and got some support from other teams.

"In the final part of the race, the road was broad and we had a lot of space. We worked on our timing a lot, this season and today, it went well. We came through the final turn as first and second and when Dylan is in shape like this, not many riders are able to beat him in that position.”

Dylan Groenewegen was very laudatory about his team-mates. “I was led out very well,” he added. “That’s why I was able to finish with this difference and that gives me a lot of confidence. A bunch sprint is always chaotic, but the timing was perfect, today. It felt good that we were able to take the lead in the final kilometre. Robert Wagner came through the final turn in first position.

“This was my eighth victory of the season,” Groenewegen continued. “That’s a great feeling. Especially when you win in a way like this, with such a strong team around me. Winning is the most beautiful thing. It went well with our sprint team.”

Complete Results:

198.5 kilometers raced at an average speed od 42.852 km/hr

1 Groenewegen, Dylan LottoNL-Jumbo 4hr 37min 56sec
2 Opie, Chris ONE Pro Cycling s.t.
3 Dehaes, Kenny Wanty-Groupe Gobert s.t.
4 Docker, Mitchell Orica-BikeExchange s.t.
5 Hutarovich, Yauheni Fortuneo-Vital Concept s.t.
6 Godrie, Stan Rabobank Development s.t.
7 Ariesen, Johim Metec-TKH s.t.
8 Markus, Barry Roompot Oranje Peloton s.t.
9 Vermeltfoort, Coen Join's-De Rijke s.t.
10 Duquennoy, Jimmy Wallonie Bruxelles s.t.
11 Zanotti, Marco Parkhotel Valkenburg s.t.
12 Hoorn, Taco van der Join's-De Rijke s.t.
13 Page, Dylan Team Roth s.t.
14 Vereecken, Nicolas An Post-Chainreaction s.t.
15 Jensen, August Coop-Oster Hus s.t.
16 Farazijn, Maxime Topsport Vlaanderen s.t.
17 Wastyn, Emiel An Post-Chainreaction s.t.
18 Rickaert, Jonas Topsport Vlaanderen s.t.
19 Salomein, Jarl Topsport Vlaanderen s.t.
20 Ariesen, Tim SEG Racing Academy s.t.
21 Latham, Christopher Team Wiggins s.t.
22 Calleeuw, Joeri Veranda's Willems s.t.
23 Wagner, Robert LottoNL-Jumbo s.t.
24 Kleijn, Arvid de Cyclingteam Jo Piels s.t.
25 Mareczko, Jakub Wilier Triestina-Southeast s.t.
26 Budding, Martijn Rabobank Development s.t.
27 Gough, Fraser Avanti IsoWhey Sport s.t.
28 Vermeer, Tom Baby Dump Cyclingteam s.t.
29 Asselman, Jesper Roompot Oranje Peloton s.t.
30 Brake, Remco te Parkhotel Valkenburg s.t.
31 Bovenhuis, Jasper An Post-Chainreaction s.t.
32 Bakker, Dennis Parkhotel Valkenburg s.t.
33 Verstraeten, Jari Veranda's Willems s.t.
34 Bol, Jetse Join's-De Rijke s.t.
35 Dufrasne, Jonathan Wallonie Bruxelles s.t.
36 Bosman, Gert-Jan Cyclingteam Jo Piels s.t.
37 Looij, André Roompot Oranje Peloton s.t.
38 Hoem, Bjørn Team Joker-Byggtorget + 00' 06''
39 Lindenburg, Jim Metec-TKH s.t.
40 Sweering, Harry Baby Dump Cyclingteam s.t.
41 Raileanu, Cristian Wilier Triestina-Southeast s.t.
42 Havik, Yoeri Team 3M s.t.
43 Bol, Cees Rabobank Development s.t.
44 Kelly, Jake Team Wiggins s.t.
45 Evensen, Henrik SEG Racing Academy s.t.
46 Mudgway, Luke Avanti IsoWhey Sport s.t.
47 Van Lerberghe, Bert Topsport Vlaanderen s.t.
48 Von Hoff, Steele ONE Pro Cycling s.t.
49 Honkisz, Adrian CCC Sprandi Polkowice s.t.
50 Zhupa, Eugert Wilier Triestina-Southeast s.t.
51 Brun, Frédéric Fortuneo-Vital Concept s.t.
52 O'Loughlin, Michael Team Wiggins + 00' 11''
53 Bugter, Luuc Join's-De Rijke s.t.
54 Lowe, Samuel Team Wiggins s.t.
55 Conti, Samuele Wilier Triestina-Southeast s.t.
56 Chevalier, Olivier Wallonie Bruxelles s.t.
57 Janorschke, Grischa Team Roth s.t.
58 Korevaar, Merijn Rabobank Development s.t.
59 Korsæth, Truls Team Joker-Byggtorget s.t.
60 Txurruka, Amets Orica-BikeExchange s.t.
61 Kurek, Adrian CCC Sprandi Polkowice s.t.
62 Owsian, Łukasz CCC Sprandi Polkowice s.t.
63 Kent-Spark, Oliver An Post-Chainreaction s.t.
64 Janssen, Adriaan Cyclingteam Jo Piels s.t.
65 Van Meirhaeghe, Jef Topsport Vlaanderen s.t.
66 Stroet, Rens te Cyclingteam Jo Piels s.t.
67 Hereijgers, Kobus Join's-De Rijke s.t.
68 Austevoll, Ole André Coop-Oster Hus s.t.
69 Vaccher, Andrea Team Roth s.t.
70 Power, Robert Orica-BikeExchange s.t.
71 Reinders, Elmar Cyclingteam Jo Piels s.t.
72 Plaza, Rubén Orica-BikeExchange s.t.
73 Blikra, Havaard Coop-Oster Hus s.t.
74 Vries, Berden de Roompot Oranje Peloton s.t.
75 Goethem, Brian van Roompot Oranje Peloton s.t.
76 Kerkhof, Tim Roompot Oranje Peloton s.t.
77 Aitcheson, Liam Avanti IsoWhey Sport s.t.
78 Verona, Carlos Orica-BikeExchange s.t.
79 Meijers, Jeroen Rabobank Development s.t.
80 Van Asbroeck, Tom LottoNL-Jumbo s.t.
81 Graziato, Massimo Parkhotel Valkenburg s.t.
82 Eising, Tijmen Metec-TKH + 00' 19''
83 De Pauw, Moreno Topsport Vlaanderen s.t.
84 De Winter, Ludwig Wallonie Bruxelles s.t.
85 Pluciński, Leszek CCC Sprandi Polkowice s.t.
86 Tedeschi, Mirko Wilier Triestina-Southeast s.t.
87 Man, Jaap de Team 3M s.t.
88 Mrożek, Marcin CCC Sprandi Polkowice s.t.
89 Bertazzo, Liam Wilier Triestina-Southeast s.t.
90 Ghyselinck, Jan Veranda's Willems s.t.
91 Berg, Julius van den SEG Racing Academy s.t.
92 Heijden, Maik van der Rabobank Development s.t.
93 Hamelink, Jasper Metec-TKH s.t.
94 Riesebeek, Oscar Metec-TKH s.t.
95 McNally, Mark Wanty-Groupe Gobert s.t.
96 De Troyer, Tim Veranda's Willems s.t.
97 Winden, Dennis van LottoNL-Jumbo s.t.
98 Lake, Sean Avanti IsoWhey Sport + 00' 27''
99 Kruopis, Aidis Veranda's Willems + 00' 38''
100 Zenovich, Matthew Avanti IsoWhey Sport + 00' 44''
101 Ockeloen, Jasper Parkhotel Valkenburg + 00' 46''
102 Toffali, Nicola Team Roth s.t.
103 Biermans, Jenthe Wanty-Groupe Gobert + 00' 55''
104 Veuchelen, Frederik Wanty-Groupe Gobert + 01' 02''
105 Stenuit, Robin Wanty-Groupe Gobert + 01' 11''
106 Kers, Koos Baby Dump Cyclingteam + 01' 13''
107 Borgersen, Reidar Team Joker-Byggtorget s.t.
108 Stien, Adrian Team Joker-Byggtorget s.t.
109 Harrison, Samuel Team Wiggins + 02' 12''
110 Watson, Calvin An Post-Chainreaction s.t.
111 Ploeg, Neil van der Avanti IsoWhey Sport + 03' 07''
112 Meier, Christian Orica-BikeExchange + 03' 57''
113 Zordan, Andrea Team Roth s.t.
114 Cam, Maxime Fortuneo-Vital Concept s.t.
115 Wynants, Maarten LottoNL-Jumbo + 04' 30''
116 Seynaeve, Lander Wanty-Groupe Gobert s.t.
117 Williams, Sam ONE Pro Cycling s.t.
118 Baylis, Tom ONE Pro Cycling s.t.
119 Bideau, Jean-Marc Fortuneo-Vital Concept + 06' 33''
120 Bonnamour, Franck Fortuneo-Vital Concept s.t.
121 Doets, Marco Baby Dump Cyclingteam + 06' 35''
122 Dekker, Sjors Baby Dump Cyclingteam + 06' 36''
123 Mol, Wouter Join's-De Rijke s.t.
124 Kreder, Stefan Metec-TKH s.t.
125 Wilsson, Edvin Team Joker-Byggtorget s.t.
126 Blikra, Erlend Coop-Oster Hus s.t.
127 Barker, Yanto ONE Pro Cycling + 06' 38''
128 Tunset, Anton Coop-Oster Hus + 09' 11''
129 Castelijns, Twan LottoNL-Jumbo + 10' 11''
130 McConvey, Connor An Post-Chainreaction + 20' 14''

Course map:

Arnhem-Veenendaal map