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1961 La Flèche Wallonne

25th Edition: May 16, 1961

La Flèche Wallonne podium history | 1960 edition | 1962 edition

Liege - Charleroi,
193 km, 39.56 km/hr
144 starters, 53 classified finishers

Willy Vannitsen wins a stage in the 1962 Tour de France

1961 Flèche Wallone winner Willy Vannitsen wins the 10th stage of the 1962 Tour de France

Complete results:

1 Willy Vannitsen (Baratti-Milano) 4hr 52min 43sec
2 Jean Graczyk (Helyett-Fynsec) s.t.
3 Frans Aerenhouts (Mercier-Hutchinson-BP) s.t.
4 Maurice Meuleman s.t.
5 Rolf Wolfshohl (Rapha-Gitane-Dunlop) s.t.
6 Jacques Anquetil (Helyett-Fynsec) s.t.
7 Willy Van Den Berghen (Mercier-Hutchinson-BP) s.t.
8 Armand Desmet (Faema) s.t.
9 Hans Junkermann (Torpedo) s.t.
10 Francesco Miele (Pelforth-Sauvage-Lejeune) s.t.
11 Frans De Mulder (Sinalco) s.t.
12 Eddy Pauwels (Dr. Mann) @ 20sec
13 Edgard Sorgeloos (Faema) @ 3min 51sec
14 Louis Proost (Faema) s.t.
15 Fernand Delort (Rapha-Gitane-Dunlop) s.t.
16 Edouard Delberghe (Helyett-Fynsec) s.t.
17 Joseph Groussard (Alcyon-Leroux) s.t.
18 Elio Gerussi (Alcyon-Leroux) s.t.
19 Claude Valdois (Peugeot) s.t.
20 Philippe Gaudrillet (Peugeot) 4'08"
21 Guillaume Van Tongerloo (Faema) s.t.
22 José Thumas (Pelforth-Sauvage-Lejeune) 4'11"
23 Rik Van Steenbergen (Solo-Terrot-Van Steenbergen) 4'25"
24 André Darrigade (Alcyon-Leroux) 4'30"
25 André Bar (Peugeot) s.t.
26 Emile Daems (Philco) s.t.
27 Joseph Bosmans (Wiel's) s.t.
28 Raymond Impanis (Faema) s.t.
29 Arnould Flecy (Pelforth-Sauvage-Lejeune) s.t.
30 Georges Mortiers (Solo-Terrot-Van Steenbergen) s.t.
31 Petrus Oellibrandt (Dr. Mann) s.t.
32 Jozef Planckaert (Wiel's) s.t.
33 Camille Le Menn (Peugeot) s.t.
34 Giuseppe 'Pino' Cerami (Peugeot) s.t.
35 Robert Duveau (Dr. Mann) s.t.
36 Brian Robinson (Rapha-Gitane-Dunlop) s.t.
37 Emile Van Den Boer s.t.
38 Pierre Ruby (Peugeot) s.t.
39 Gustave Van Vaerenbergh s.t.
40 Seamus Elliott (Helyett-Fynsec) s.t.
41 Romain Van Wynsberghe (Wiel's) s.t.
42 Marcel Janssens (Dr. Mann) s.t.
43 Rik Van Looy (Faema) s.t.
44 Jean Stablinski (Helyett-Fynsec) s.t.
45 Gustave Desmet 2 s.t.
46 Jan Adriaensens (Sinalco) s.t.
47 Lode Troonbeeckx (Dr. Mann) s.t.
48 Joseph Schils (Mercier-Hutchinson-BP) s.t.
49 René Vanderveken (Solo-Terrot-Van Steenbergen) s.t.
50 Ezio Pizzoglio (Baratti-Milano) s.t.
51 Marcel Rohrbach (Peugeot) 6'13"
52 Friedhelm Fischerkeller 7'10"
53 Willy Schroeders (Faema) 7'50"