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Volta a Portugal (2.1), Portugal

Winners, podium, distance, average speed

Cycling's World Championships

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The Volta a Portugal (Tour of Portugal) is a 2.1 UCI ranked stage race held in Portugal. First run in 1927, it is one of the oldest stage races currently run.

The Volta a Portugal was a three-week race from 1940 through 1980. The 1958 edition, for example, had 23 stages and was 3,355 km long.

Since then its length has been reduced. First to two weeks and starting in 2005, the race usually consists of ten stages plus a prologue. That makes it the longest stage race currently run with the exception of the three Grand Tours.

In both 1960 and 1973 Joaquim Agostinho was declassified from first place for dope positives. In 2009 Nuño Ribeiro suffered the same fate for the same offense.

In 2005 the race was classified "HC". In 2010 the UCI re-ranked it as "2.1".

The Volta a Portugal is currently part of the UCI Europe Tour.

The race occupies a difficult place in the race calender, between the Tour de France and the Vuelta a España, meaning the important teams cannot participate.

Because of this we will not be reporting complete results for each stage and will only post the final podium.

Complete Podium History:


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place


Average Speed

1927 Augusto Carvalho Manuel Nunes Abreu Quirino Oliveira    
1928 - 1930: Race not held
1931 José Maria Nicolau Alfredo Trindade João Francisco    
1932 Alfredo Trindade
91hr 31min 38sec
José Maria Nicolau
@ 3min 8sec
Carlos Domingos Leal
@ 16min 45sec


1933 Alfredo Trindade
93hr 10min 22sec
Ezequiel Lino
@ 43min 1sec
Cesar Luis
@ 1hr 7min 12sec
2,523.1 km 27.080
1934 José Maria Nicolau
66hr 31min 18sec
Ezequiel Lino
@ 18min 16sec
Adelino Aguiar Da Cunha
@ 24min 33sec
1,838 km 27.630
1935 Luis Cesar
70hr 6min 44sec
José Marguès
@ 17min 2sec
Filipe De Melo
@ 43min 45sec
2,093.4 km 29.858
1936 - 1937: Race not held
1938 José Albuquerque
77hr 58min 11sec
Filipe De Melo
@ 10min 0sec
Joaquim Fernandes
@ 14min 40sec
2,330 km 29.833
1939 Joaquim Fernandes
80hr 0min 31sec
António Bartolomeu
@ 5min 9sec
Joaquim Martins De Aguiar
@ 5min 53sec
2,575 km 32.184
1940 José Albuquerque
59hr 9min 27sec
Joaquim Agular Martins
@ 3min 3sec
Amaro Aguair Da Cunha
@ 6min 49sec
1,755 km 29.667
1941 Francisco Inacio José Martins Aniceto Bruno    
1942 - 1945: Race not held
1946 José Martins Fernando Moreira João Rebelo    
1947 José Martins João Rebelo Imperio Dos Santos    
1948 Fernando Moreira Emilio Rodriguez João Rebelo    
1949 Dias Dos Santos Attilio Lambertini Joachim Sa    
1950 Dias Dos Santos Mario Fazio Moreira De Sa    
1951 Antonio Alves Barbosa Manolo Rodriguez Emilio Rodriguez    
1952 Moreira De Sa Emilio Rodriguez Manolo Rodriguez    
1953 - 1954: Race not held
1955 José Manuel Ribeiro Da Silva
75hr 50min 33sec
Joaquim Sousa Santos
@ 2min 6sec
Antonio Alves Barbosa
@ 5min 6sec
2,487 km 32.792
1956 Antonio Alves Barbosa
78hr 35min 23sec
José Manuel Ribeiro Da Silva
@ 7min 46sec
João Marcelino
@ 15min 59sec
2,579 km 32.816
1957 José Manuel Ribeiro Da Silva
80hr 22min 51sec
Joaquim Sousa Santos
@ 6min 45sec
Agostino Ferreira
@ 7min 23sec
2,695 km 33.528
1958 Antonio Alves Barbosa
99hr 48min 6sec
José Sousa Cardoso
@ 9min 44sec
José Carlos Carvalho
@ 25min 7sec
3,355 km 33.617
1959 José Carlos Carvalho
74hr 4min 21sec
Jorge Corvo
@ 5sec
Aquiles Dos Santos
@ 4min 4sec
2,647 km 35.735
1960 José Sousa Cardosa
74hr 1min 4sec
Antonio Baptista
@ 3min 5sec
Antonio Gomez del Moral
@ 3min 58sec
2585.6 km 34.932
1961 Mario Silva
70hr 55min 42sec
Augusto Marcaletti
@ 57sec
Alberto Carvalho
@ 3min 25sec
2,626 km 36.796
1962 José Pacheco
71hr 20min 37sec
João Peixto Alves
@ 1min 44sec
Jorge Corvo
@ 1min 49sec
2,582 km 36.191
1963 João Roque
62hr 31min 54sec
Jorge Corvo
@ 25sec
João Peixto Alves
@ 3min 23sec
2,319 km 37.085
1964 Joaquim Leao
61hr 13min 24sec
Jorge Corvo
@ 44sec
João Roque
@ 3min 22sec
2,352 km 38.417
1965 João Peixto Alves
73hr 31min 42sec
João Roque
@ 1min 37sec
Mario Silva
@ 2min 32sec
2,627 km 35.728
1966 Francisco Valada
64hr 38min 36sec
João Peixto Alves
@ 32sec
Sergio Pascoa
@ 40sec
2,340 km 36.199
1967 Antoine Houbrechts
62hr 40min 14sec
João Henrique Dos Santos
@ 1min 7sec
Manuel Correia
@ 2min 37sec
2,355 km 37.577
1968 Americo Silva
64hr 13min 21sec
Joaquim Agostinho
@ 57sec
Leonel Miranda
@ 1min 15sec
2356.25 km 36.689
1969 Joaquim Andrade
73hr 50min 16sec
Fernando Mendes
@ 1min 14sec
Mario Silva
@ 2min 3sec
2,609 km 35.334
1970 Joaquim Agostinho
59hr 4min 39sec
Firmino Bernardino
@ 6min 59sec
José Florencio
@ 9min 56sec
2,214.4 km 37.483
1971 Joaquim Agostinho
60hr 47min 5sec
Firmino Bernardino
@ 11min 5sec
Fernando Mendes
@ 12min 59sec
2,326.2 km 38.269
1972 Joaquim Agostinho
65hr 11min 17sec
José Martins
@ 5min 46sec
José Luis Galdamez
@ 6min 24sec
2,412.5 km 37.008
1973 Jesus Manzaneque Fernando Mendes José Martins    
1974 Fernando Mendes Dinis Silva Antonio Martins    
1975 Race not held
1976 Firmino Bernardino Anotnio Fernandes Floriano Mendes    
1977 Adelino Teixera Joaquim Sousa Santos Joaquim Andrade    
1978 Belmiro Silva Armindo Lucio Luis Teixera    
1979 Joaquim Sousa Santos Belmiro Silva Fernando Fernandes    
1980 Francisco Mirando Luis Vargues Belmiro Silva    
1981 Manuel Zeferino Venceslau Fernandes Fernando Fernandes    
1982 Marco Chagas Adelino Teixera Manuel Zeferino    
1983 Marco Chagas Antonio Pinto Belmiro Silva    
1984 Venceslau Fernandes Manuel Zeferino Manuel Cunha    
1985 Marco Chagas Eduardo Correria Venceslau Fernandes    
1986 Marco Chagas Benedito Ferreira Antonio Pinto    
1987 Manuel Cunha Manuel Neves Fernando Fernandes    
1988 Cayn Theakston Jorge Silva Joaquim Gomes    
1989 Joaquim Gomes Cassio Freitas Antonio Alves    
1990 Fernando Carvalho Joaquim Gomes Jorge Silva    
1991 Jorge Silva Orlando Rodrigues Vicente Ridaura    
1992 Cassio Freitas Quintino Rodrigues Manuel Abreu    
1993 Joaquim Gomes Vitor Gamito Luis Espinosa    
1994 Orlando Rodrigues Vitor Gamito Joaquim Gomes    
1995 Orlando Rodrigues Quintino Rodrigues Delmino Pereira    
1996 Massimiliano Lelli
51hr 59min 3sec
Vitor Gamito
@ 3min 9sec
Manuel Abreu Campos
@ 3min 12sec
2,123.2 km 40.84
1997 Zenon Jaskula
50hr 55min 58sec
Wladimir Belli
@ 57sec
Joaquim Augusto Gomes
@ 1min 22sec
2,065.8 km 40.56
1998 Marco Serpellini
51hr 50min 33sec
Orlando Rodrigues
@ 3min 29sec
Wladimir Belli
@ 3min 58sec
2,181.5 km 42.08
1999 David Plaza
53hr 36min 35sec
Vitor Gamito
@ 9sec
Mechor Mauri
@ 16sec
2,220 km 41.41
2000 Vitor Gamito
57hr 28min 6sec
Claus-Michael Møller
@ 3hr 51min
Andrei Zintchenko
@ 3min 57sec
2,319.2 km 41.81
2001 Fabian Jeker
50hr 51min 58sec
Andrei Zintchenko
@ 1min 40sec
Juan Miguel Mercado
@ 2min 43sec
2,018.6 km 39.68
2002 Claus-Michael Møller
47hr 51min 33sec
Joan Horrach
@ 5sec
Rui Sousa
@ 1min 28sec
1,951.5 km 40.78
2003 Nuño Ribeiro
41hr 29min 59sec
Claus-Michael Møller
@ 1min 34sec
Rui Lavarinhas
@ 2min 18sec
1,669.1 km 40.22
2004 David Bernabeu
38hr 56min 2sec
David Arroyo
@ 3min 28sec
Nuño Ribeiro
@ 2min 40sec
1,506.9 km 38.7
2005 Vladimir Efimkin
39hr 29min 39sec
Candido Bardosa
@ 34sec
Adolfo Garcia Quesada
@ 3min 25sec
1,597.8 km 40.456
2006 David Blanco
38hr 33min 54sec
Hector Guerra
@ 1min 8sec
Candido Barbosa
@ 1min 50sec
1,544.6 km 40.051
2007 Xavier Tondo
40hr 25min 56sec
Candido Barbosa
@ 56sec
Hector Guerra
@ 1min 31sec
1,599.7 km 36.564
2008 David Blanco
39hr 39min 45sec
Hector Guerra
@ 26sec
Ruben Plaza
@ 3min 59sec
1,588.2 km 39.975
2009 Nuño Ribeiro
41hr 10min 22sec
David Blanco
@ 1min 24sec
David Bernabeu
@ 1min 36sec
1,601 km 38.885
2010 David Blanco
40hr 23hr 1sec
David Bernabeu
@ 37sec
Sergio Pardilla
@ 1min 49sec
1,568.8 km 38.847
2011 Ricardo Mestre
42hr 34min 44sec
André Fernando Cardoso
@ 1min 31sec
Rui Miguel Sousa
@ 2min 24sec
1,626.4 km 38.197
2012 David Blanco
41hr 30min 6sec
Hugo Sabido
@ 22sec
Rui Miguel Sousa
@ 57sec
1,605.6 km 38.688
2013 Alejandro Manuel Marque
43hr 2min 20sec
Gustavo Cesar
@ 4sec
Rui Miguel Sousa
@ 50sec
1,607.2 km 37.343
2014 Gustavo Veloso
42hr 40min 23sec
Rui Miguel Sousa
@ 1min 45sec
Delio Fernandez
@ 2min 38sec
1,613.4 km 37.808
2015 Gustavo Veloso
40hr 0min 39sec
Jóni Brandao
@ 2min 12sec
Alejandro Marque
@ 2min 19sec
1,550.7 km 38.76
2016 Rui Vinhas
40hr 57min 56sec
Gustavo Veloso
@ 1min 31sec
Daniel Silva
@ 2min 49sec
1,618.7 km 39.51
2017 Raul Alarcon
41hr 46min 14sec
Amaro Antunes
@ 1min 23sec
Vicente Garcia
@ 5min 25sec
1,626.7 km 38.944 km/hr
2018 Raul Alacaon
41hr 15min 32sec
Joni Brandao
@ 1min 3sec
Vincente Garcia
@ 1min 14sec
1,561.7 km 37.851 km/hr
2019 João Rodrigues
40hr 57min 4sec
Joni Brandao
@ 27sec
Gustavo Cesar
@ 1min 8sec
1,531.3 km 37.393 km/hr
2020 Amaro Antunes
29hr 28min 57sec
Gustavo Cesar
@ 42sec
Frederico Figueiredo
@ 52sec
1,183.9 km 40.156 km/hr
2021 Amaro Antunes
39hr 39min 33sec
Mauricio Moreira
@ 10sec
Alejandro Marque
@ 1min 23sec
1,568.6 km 39.552 km/hr
2022 Mauricio Moreira
38hr 38min 31sec
Federico Figueiredo
@ 1min 9sec
Antonio Carvalho
@ 2min 35sec
2023 Colin Stussi
40hr 59min 26sec
Txomin Juaristi
@ 1min 4sec
Antonio Carvalho
@ 1min 7sec