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Il Giro di Sicilia (2.1)
(Tour of Sicily)

Winners, podium, distance, average speed

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The race:

The Tour of Sicily is an ancient race, first being held in 1907. That first edition was won by Carlo Galetti, who went on to win the second and third runnings of the Giro d'Italia in 1910 and 1911.

Interestingly, The Tour of Sicily is history's second oldest stage race. Only the Tour de France is older, having been first run in 1903. The Tour of Italy (Giro d'Italia) wasn't started until 1909.

The Tour of Sicily has a spotty organizational history, with big gaps between some editions. Until 2019, the last time the race was held was in 1977, won by a young Giuseppe Sarroni.

The 1973 and 1974 editions were one-day races.

1958 had both a single-day race and a six-stage edition.

The race was revived in 2019 thanks to an agreement between the Region of Sicily and RCS Sport, the organizers of the Giro d'Italia.

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Complete Podium history:


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place


Average Speed

1907 Carlo Galetti
17 points
Luigi Ganna
24 points
Umberto Zoffoli
26 points
1,100 km  
1908 Carlo Galetti Pierino Albini Ernesto Azzini    
1909-1925 Race not held
1926 Domenico Caratozzolo Francesco Gambino Giovanni-Battista Gilli    
1927-1928 Race not held
1929 Niccola Mammina Leonida Frascarelli Albino Binda    
1930-1931 Race not held
1932 Nicola Mammina Attilio Pavesi Antonio Nicolosi    
1933-1935 Race not held
1936 Francesco Patti Ernesto Zuppa Alfredo Mazzochetti    
Race not held
1939 Remo Cerasa
37hr 6min 52sec
Francesco Patti
@ 1min 21sec
Giovanni Corrieri
@ 2min 3sec
1,160.8 km 31.276 km/hr
1940-1947 Race not held
1948 Francesco Patti Marcello Spadolini Vitaliano Lazzerini    
1949 Dino Rossi Sergio Pagliazi Angelo Fumagali    
1950 Donato Zampini
35hr 0min 5sec
Giacomo Zampieri
@ 4min 30sec
Arrigo Padovan
@ 6min 20sec
1,199.7 km 34.276 km/hr
1951 Primo Volpi
34hr 0min 46sec
Francesco Patti
@ 2min 47sec
Ugo Fondelli
@ 4min 44sec
1,161.7 km 34.154 km/hr
1952 Race not held
1953 Elio Brasola Pietro Guidici Luigi Mastroianni    
1954 Ugo Massocco
35hr 19min 56sec
Livio Isotti
@ 1min 25sec
Giovanni Roma
@ 1min 45sec
1,181 km 33.436 km/hr
1955 Gilberto Dall'Agata
31hr 41min 11sec
Franco Franchi
@ s.t.
Renzo Accordi
@ 42sec
1,067 km 33.674 km/hr
1956 Pierre Polo
31hr 31min 54sec
Luciano Ciancola
@ 21sec
Walter Serena
@ 1min 21sec
1,070 km 33.934 km/hr
1957 Alberto Emiliozzi
30hr 50min 57sec
Alfredo Sabbadin
@ 2min 3sec
Giuseppe Cainero
@ 4min 13sec
1,115 km 36.144 km/hr
1958 Carlo Azzini
29hr 44min 29sec
Gianbattista Milesi
@ 10sec
Antonio Catalano
@ 5min 57sec
1,017 km 34.195 km/hr
1958 Diego Ronchini
7hr 23min
Noé Conti
@ 1 length
Mario Mori
@ 4min 35sec
260 km 35.214 km/hr
1959 Loris Guernieri
27hr 43min 51sec
Federico Galeaz
@ 1sec
Noè Conti
@ 27sec
998 km 35.989 km/hr
1960 Giorgio Tinazzi
28hr 29min 28sec
Aurelio Cestari
@ 16sec
Idrio Bui
@ 2min 10sec
1,018.1 km 36.351 km/hr
1961-1972 Race not held
1973 Enrico Maggioni
5hr 50min 47sec
Michele Dancelli
@ 3min 34sec

Enrico Paolini
@ s.t.

206 km 35.235 km/hr
1974 Roger de Vlaeminck
4hr 35min 16sec
Patrick Sercu
@ s.t.
Marino Basso
@ s.t.
185 km 40.325 km/hr
Race not held
1977 Giuseppe Saronni
13hr 34min 23sec
Pierino Gavazzi Carmelo Barone 509 km 37.501 km/hr


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Schwab Cycles South Salem Cycleworks frames
1978- 2018 Race not held
2019 Brandon McNulty
18hr 7min 24sec
Guillaume Martin
@ 42sec
Fausto Masnada
@ 56sec
715 km 39.452
2020 Race cancelled because of Coronavirus pandemic
2021 Vincenzo Nibali
18hr 9min 50sec
Alejandro Valverde
@ 46sec
Alessandro Covi
@ 49sec
712 km 39.199
2022 Damiano Caruso
17hr 3min 9sec
Alexander Cepeda
@ 29sec
Louis Meintjes
@ s.t.
662 km 38.821


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