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Tour de Langkawi (HC)

Winners, podium, distance, average speed

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The race:

The Tour de Langkawi, held in Malaysia, is Asia's biggest race. Falling in late January to early April, the race attracts a few top-tier European teams along with lower ranked Continental and National teams.

The teams Gianni Savio manages (in 2021 it was Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec) do very well in the Tour de Langkawi. As of 2009, he had managed riders to 4 victories.

Starting in 2005 the race has had severe financial problems, culminating with a near-cancellation of the 2007 edition. The Malaysian government helped with some of the promoter's debts, allowing the race to continue. As part of the settlement, promotional rights to the race were awarded to the Malaysian National Cycling Federation.

As of 2012, only Paolo Lanfranchi and José Serpa have been able to win the Tour de Langkawi twice.

In 2022 the race was moved to October.

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1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place


Average Speed

1996 Damian McDonald
34hr 21min 22sec
Chris Newton
@ 9sec
Brett Dennis
@ 12sec
1361.8 km 39.644
1997 Luca Scinto
35hr 44min 25sec
Jens Voigt
@ 2min 24sec
Alberto Elli
@ 2min 29sec
1538.1 km 43.033
1998 Gabriele Missaglia
45hr 12min 50sec
Giuliano Figueras
@ 26sec
Nicklas Axelsson
@ 1min 25sec
1846 km 40.828
1999 Paolo Lanfranchi
46hr 56min 18sec
Serguei Ivanov
@ 26sec
Alan Iacuone
@ 2min 27sec
1902.8 km 40.543
2000 Chris Horner
38hr 34min 39sec
Julio Perez Cuapio
@ 27sec
Fortunato Baliani
@ 29sec
1606 km 41.630
2001 Paolo Lanfranchi
42hr 59min 23sec
Paolo Bettini
@ 44sec
Chris Wherry
@ 1min 57sec
1574.1 km 36.613
2002 Hernan Dario Munoz
30hr 3min 31sec
Robert Hunter
@ 36sec
David George
@ 1min 52sec
1310.6 km 43.614
2003 Tom Danielson
31hr 54min 9sec
Hernan Dario Munoz
@ 9sec
Freddy Gonzalez
@ 1min 44sec
1343.5 km 42.128
2004 Freddy Gonzalez
28hr 52min 52sec
Ryan Cox
@ 48sec
Dave Bruylandts
@ 1min 54sec
1250.9 km 43.316
2005 Ryan Cox
30hr 18min 18sec
José Rujano
@ 18sec
Tiaan Kannemeyer
@ 1min 34sec
1282.6 km 42.336
2006 David George
26hr 43min 55sec
Francesco Bellotti
@ 1min 52sec
Gabriele Missaglia
@ 1min 56sec
1165.1 km 43.584
2007 Anthony Charteau
32hr 32min 14sec
José Serpa
@ 1min 2sec
Walter Pedraza
@ 1min 34sec
1372.3 km 42.176
2008 Ruslan Ivanov
31hr 20min 28sec
Matthieu Sprick
@ 29sec
Gustavo Cesar
@ 32sec
1377.4 km 43.948
2009 José Serpa
24hr 22min 12sec
Jai Crawford
@ 27sec
Jackson Rodriguez
@ 47sec
1031.7 km 42.334
2010 José Rujano
24hr 7min 58sec
Hyo Suk Gong
@ 2min 7sec
Hossein Askari
@ 2min 39sec
1013.9 km 41.976
2011 Jonathan Monsalve
30hr 8min 57sec
Libardo Nino Corredor
@ 5sec
Emanuele Sella
@ 24sec
1315.4 km 43.616
2012 José Serpa
32hr 55min 31sec
José Rujano
Victor Nino Corridor
@ 1min 3sec
1413.4 43.01
2013 Julian Arrendondo
34hr 53min 7sec
Pieter Weening
@ 1min 15sec
Sergio Pardilla
@ 2min 10sec
1469.7 km 42.19
2014 Mirsamad Pourseyedigolakhour
35hr 7min 16sec
Merhawi Kudus
@ 8sec
Isaac Bolivar
@ 11sec
1495.9 km 42.64
2015 Youcef Reguigui
28hr 12min 4sec
Valerio Agnoli
@ 9sec
Sebastian Henao
@ 10sec
1,193.1 km 42.65


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Schwab Cycles South Salem Cycleworks frames
2016 Reinardt Janse van Rensburg
28hr 31min 21sec
Daniel Jaramillo
@ 18sec
Miguel Angel Lopez
@ 19sec
1,178.0 km 41.31
2017 Ryan Gibbons
29hr 4min 57sec
Cameron Bayly
@ 33sec
Alberto Cecchin
@ 35sec
1,220.2 km 42.01
2018 Artem Ovechkin
32hr 6min 45sec
Lukasz Owsian
@ 27sec
Benjamin Dyball
@ 32sec
1,347.4 km 41.96
2019 Benjamin Dyball
29hr 15min 53sec
Keegan Swirbul
@ 50sec
Vadim Pronskiy
@ 1min 5sec
1,226.1 km 41.897 km/hr
2020 Danilo Celano
26hr 39min 58sec
Yevgeniy Federov
@ 26sec
Artem Ovechkin
@ 35sec
1,135.3 km 42.575 km/hr
2021 Race cancelled because of Covid-19 pandemic
2022 Ivan Sosa
25hr 54min 0sec
Hugh Carthy
@ 23sec
Torstein Traeen
@ 1min 47sec
1,096.9 km 42.351


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