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Challenge Illes Balears - Volta Ciclista a Mallorca (1.1)

Winners, podium, distance, average speed

The Challenge Illes Balears is a series of 1.1 races held in early February on the Balearic Islands in the western Mediterranean Sea. While each race is an independent 1.1 ranked competition, there was a usually a General Classification for an overall winner as well and those are the results on the table below. The first edition of the modern Challenge Illes Balears was held in 1992 with 10 Spanish teams attending. In 1995 foreign teams (Telekom, TVM and Porcelanas Santa Clara-Master) competed for the first time.

Currently the competition is a series of independent races with no overall winner. You can click on the year to see the results of each race.

Prior to 1992 there were various races held on the Balearic lslands called the Trofeo Mallorca, GP Isla de Mallorca and Tour (Volta) of Mallorca dating back to 1913.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2021 edition, originally scheduled to run in late January, has been postponed, probably until mid-may.


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place


Average Speed

1992 Javier Murguialday Federico Garcia Fabrice Philipot    
1993 Laurent Jalabert Neil Stephens Federico Echave    
1994 David Garcia Juan Llaneras Angel-Luis Casero    
1995 Alex Zülle Adriano Baffi Angel Edo    
1996 Francisco Cabello
14hr 24min 21sec
Ignacio Garcia Camacho
@ 1min 13sec
Iñigo Cuesta
@ 1min 18sec
545 km 37.832
1997 Laurent Jalabert
16hr 58min 3sec
Francisco Benitez
@ s.t.
Inai Osa
@ 18sec
691 km 40.725
1998 Leon Van Bon
18hr 21min 36sec
Tom Steels
@ 4sec
Wilfried Peeters
@ s.t.
722 km 39.325
1999 José Luis Rebollo
17hr 36min 47sec
Francisco Cabello
@ 26sec
Claus Michael Møller
@ 48sec
701.5 km 39.800
2000 Francisco Cabello
17hr 36min 13sec
Pedro Horillo
@ 15sec
Erik Zabel
@ 17sec
710 km 40.333
2001 Mathew Hayman
19hr 38min 57sec
Francisco Cabello
@ 1min 46sec
Félix Garcia Casas
@ s.t.
748 km 38.068
2002 Francisco Cabello
17hr 28min 12sec
Ivan Gutierrez
@ s.t.
José Luis Rebollo
@ s.t.
715.6 km 40.962
2003 Alejandro Valverde
18hr 10min 7sec
Joaquín Rodriguez
@ s.t.
Francisco Cabello
@ s.t
735.2 km 40.465
2004 Antonio Colom
16hr 30min 31sec
Carlos Garcia
@ s.t.
David Blanco
@ s.t.
701.2 km 42.475
2005 Alejandro Valverde
17hr 26min 13sec
David Muñoz
@ 1min 18sec
Aitor Pérez
@ 1min 21sec
710 km 40.718
2006 David Bernabeu
17hr 20min 5sec
Antonio Colom
@ 7sec
Julian Sánchez
@ 16sec
707.9 km 40.837
2007 Luis León Sánchez
17hr 49min 24sec
Vladimir Gusev
@ 8sec
Ezequiel Mosquera
@ s.t.
708.9 km 39.734
2008 Philippe Gilbert
18hr 17min 37sec
Aitor Perez
@ s.t.
Haimar Zubeldia
@ 3sec
741.1 km 40.511
2009 Antonio Colom
19hr 11min 14sec
Jérôme Pineau
@ 35sec
Edvald Boasson Hagen
@ s.t.
766 km 39.972
2010 Rui Costa        
2011 no overall winner; results for all races
2012 no overall winner; results for all races
2013 no overall winner; results for all races
2014 no overall winner; results for all races
2015 no overall winner; results for all races
2016 no overall winner; results for all races
2017 no overall winner; results for all races
2018 no overall winner; results posted for all races
2019 No overall winner; results posted for all races
2020 No overall winner; results posted for all races
2021 No overall winner; results posted for all races