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2005 Challenge Illes Balears - Volta Ciclista a Mallorca (1.1)

February 6 - February 10

Challenge Illes Balears podium history

The Challenge Illes Balears is a series of five 1.1 races held in early February on the Balearic Islands in the western Mediterranean sea. While each race is an independent 1.1 ranked competition, there is a General Classification for an overall winner as well.


Thursday, February 10: Trofeo Calvia (1.1), 148.3 km. 5th and final stage of the Mallorca Challenge omnium series with Alejandro Valverde the overall winner.

1. Antonio Colom (Illes Balears) 3hr 52min
2. Jose Antonio Pecharroman (Quick Step) @ 2sec
3. David de la Fuente (Saunier Duval) s.t.
4. Alejandro Valverde (Illes Balears) @ 9sec
5. Aitor Perez (Spiuk) s.t.

Final General Classification:

1. Alejandro Valverde (Illes Balears). 710 km ridden at an average speed of 40.718 km/hr
2. David Munoz (Comunidad Valenciana) @ 1min 18sec
3. Aitor Perez (Spiuk) @ 1min 21sec
4. Riccardo Serrano (Kaiku) s.t.
5. Adolfo Garcia (Comunidad Valenciana) @ 1min 38sec
6. Toni Tauler (Illes Balears) @ 2min 42sec
7. Angel Gomez (Saunier Duval) @ 2min 43sec
8. Luis Pasamontes (Relax) @ 3min 3sec
9. Rolf Aldag (T-Mobile) @ 3min 15sec
10. Ezequiel Mosquera (Kaiku) @ 3min 20sec
11. Marc Lotz (Quick Step) @ 3min 41sec
12. Antonio Olmo (Comunidad Valenciana) @ 4min 29sec
13. Jose Luis Martinez (Comunidad Valenciana) @ 4min 50sec
14. Toni Colom (Illes Balears) @ 9min 48sec
15. Erik Zabel (T-Mobile) @ 9min 49sec
16. Javier Cherro (Comunidad Valenciana) @ 16min 55sec
17. Carlos Castano (Andalucia) @ 18min 56sec
18. Xavier Florencio (Relax) @ 19min 30sec
19. David De La Fuente (Saunier Duval) @ 21min 36sec
20. Jaume Rovira (Andalucia) @ 21min 43sec

Wednesday, February 9: Trofeo Soller (1.1), 150.6 km. Stage 4 of the Mallorca Challenge omnium. Alejandro Valverde leads the series.

1. Alejandro Valverde (Illes Balears) 3hr 59min 5sec
2. Ricardo Serrano (Kaiku) s.t.
3. Aitor Perez (Spiuk) s.t.
4. Adolfo Garcia (Comunidad Valenciana) s.t.
5. Iker Camano (Euskadi) s.t.

Tuesday, February 8: Trofeo Manacor (1.1), 165.4 km. This is the third stage of the Mallorca Challenge.

1. Alejandro Valverde (Illes Balears) 4hr 20min 48sec
2. Ronald Mutsaars (Rabobank) @ 42sec
3. Steven De Jongh (Rabobank) @ 56min
4. David Munoz (Comunidad Valenciana) @ 1min 18sec
5. Rolf Aldag (T-Mobile) @ 1min 19sec

Monday, February 7: Trofeo Alcudia (1.1) 163.1 km.

1. Oscar Freire (Rabobank) 3hr 41min 12sec
2. Isaac Galvez (Illes Balears) s.t.
3. Dimitri De Fauw (Quick Step) s.t.
4. Erik Zabel (T-Mobile) s.t.
Sunday, February 6: Trofeo Mallorca (1.1), 82.5 km
1. Oscar Freire (Rabobank) 1 hr 32min 59sec
2. Isaac Galvez (Illes Balears) s.t.
3. Vicente Reynes (Illes Balears) s.t.
4. Dimitri De Fauw (Quick Step) s.t.
5. Erik Zabel (T-Mobile) s.t.